Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Stew Peters breaks yet another Bombshell--Canadian Patrick King forces Alberta HELLth Officer to admit Sars-Cov-2 DOES NOT EXIST!

Stew Peters interviewing Patrick King
H/T Northerntruthseeker and SW

Freedom fighter Court Victory! Ends Masking, Shots, Quarantine in Alberta!

Pay careful attention to what Patrick King says they said to him when he won "The science doesn't matter" This is exactly what they believe.  Only their greed for power and control matters.  The science never mattered during the post 9/11 period and they got away with it...that emboldened them to do this CovID HOAX caper.  This, therefore, is the challenge before sentient humanity now...forcing them in the courts to accept that "the science HAS to matter" as Patrick King said.

Note also what Patrick King says about his 17-year-old son being "double vaxxed".  Listen to the pain in his voice when he reveals that.  I know that pain.  RAH knows that pain...so many of us now have had our hearts completely broken by these demons.  

When you take away/mutilate our children...then you stir up the most primal rage known on this planet.  And they've done it.


FreakedOut said...

OUTSTANDING Stew Peters show!
Every report he did was very enlightening, and a special shout out to Patrick King for an awesome job taking on the government/HELLth Goons!!
I also Hope he finds his way to possible remedies for detoxing the COVID jabs his 17 year old son took.

Karmellis said...

Greetings to our most brave and excellent Greencrow!

I had actually found this article elsewhere and was thinking I should mention it here only to see you beat me to it. I watched the video from start to finish. Very interesting watch, for sure, but I have some concerns related to what is said and what is not said:

- Has an actual government order been issued to lift all the established restrictions in Alberta? I don't recall seeing or hearing anything during the interview that this has happened, leading me to wonder if I missed something glaring obvious or the article title was misleading.

- How he managed to find a judge that wasn't in on the take was nothing short of amazing. Granted the judicial system did play games with him and drag this out, it still looks like this is somthing they allowed to carry through. I don't find it impossible, but it makes me wonder if this is a setup for something far more sinister, like Australia 2.0...?

- Unless Richard King is a setup for something more diabolical, his life is in serious jeopardy. That he was able to get the courts to acknowledge the failings of a government would definitely put him on someone's hit list. They do not take defeat at all, especially our obscenity that pretends to be a prime minister; EVERYTHING has to be about it. They torched Dr. Hoffe's village to get at him (and missed). They lit up and shot up a town in Nova Scotia to force a gun grab through the government (and bypass legal process to do it). I refuse to put it past this fauZ government to stage a false flag to get at him.

- They have been caught flat-footed with having no evidence that this exists, this will suddenly become a top priority to manufacture out-of-nowhere, spontaneous crap. The court case is not 100% done, which means he'll be back in court to finish challenging the government and their narrative. This is when the government will have their chance to prove he is full of b.s. with their spontaneous evidence. Our newZ will report the government side of this, no matter how sketchy or false their 'evidence' is, giving them the chance to push their people-killing agenda. I think it's possible he's being setup to for this double-down.

Like it was said in the interview, our newZ won't report about this (obviously).

I would prefer to hope that this is all on the true and clear and would prefer to view this as great news, but the cautious side of me also knows we have been lied to far too often; There is no such thing as a plot 'too' sinister so long as the goal involves killing us all though indirect means.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous(X) here:

Intriguing development.

So,if I interpret this correctly, Mr King has set in motion the Scamdemic/Plandemic house -of- cards to collapse,based in zero evidence that the Covid virus ever existed.

Given Chief Health Officer Dr Deena Henshaw effectively lied and her name is listed on the Health Order legal documents, she should be up on numerous criminal charges, which should be fraud and numerous other crimes leading to untimely deaths, people permanently injured, businesses impacted if not outright destroyed....its a looonngggg list.

The Alberta change re Covid policy had my own spidey senses going, it seemed too weird and out of the blue. Now I see why...they are shitting their pants behind the scenes.

Other question is why did it take a humble citizen to achieve this...again, WHERE are our Lawyers and Doctors....this should be humiliating to them and their profession.

Mr. Kings victory is applicable everywhere, subject to some legal fine tuning. I can't the PerpZ wriggling out of this.

Nuremberg 2.0 baby !!!

greencrow said...

Hi FreakedOut

I really felt for Patrick King that his 17 year old child was hoodwinked into taking the graphene oxide toxin. The whistleblower spanish nurse whose video testimony I published yesterday said that the nurses and doctors were choosing to give people the placebo instead of the vaxZine so as not to have their deaths/illnesses on their conscience. Let us hope that mercifulness is going on globally. Let us hope that RAH and my children also got the placebo along with Patrick Kings. In the alternative...let us hope that someone gets to these innocent victims with some of the de-tox strategies that you have brought to this blog. Thanks again for that.

greencrow said...

Hi Karmellis

I appreciate your healthy skepticism. The perpZ no doubt have several plan B,C,D's etc to head off Mr. King's legal challenge...successful so far.

I mean, they've been known to blow up entire buildings to destroy evidence of wrongdoing [see, eg., The Oklahoma Bld., Building 7 WTC and the Pentagon] I am still waiting to hear what crimes were covered up in the Florida apartment explosion.

The information that Patrick King brought out in the courtroom is not new. We've all known that there was no research paper proving that Sars Cov 2 existed. Other investigators have done FOI requests of all the research labs in all the countries and have turned up nada. What is new is that he managed to get past first base legally with this information. But there are still many more innings of this ball game to go.

And it might get "called" due to rain...or some other "Act of God"...if you catch my drift.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous [X]

You bring up a good point...where are all our lawyers and doctors? There are so few lawyers fighting this most important legal war in human history...that we can count them on the fingers of our hands.

There is another group of public servants even more MIA...the military. A commenter asked where our military is during this crisis a few days ago and I meant to respond to her on that point. Our military should be locating the rat holes that the PerpZ do their weather mod out of and where they have their other weapons of mass destruction.

This is the most egregious aspect of this crisis. Canada is under a mortal attack and there are ABSOLUTELY NO MILITARY COMING TO OUR DEFENSE!!!!!!