Friday, July 1, 2016

Heterosexual Pride Day - Does Society Need One?

Transgender Military in the West - Note Canadian Flag

If things keep trending in the current direction, yes, we WILL need to have a "Heterosexual Pride Day".    Humanity is being spliced, diced and minced into ever smaller "interest groups" and "stakeholders".  All the better for the controllers.  Pit one side against the the makes for an interesting diversion...from real and pressing issues.

Today we hear that the US Military has removed barriers to military troops coming out as transsexuals.  Well, why the hell not?  Female troops have traditionally been the subject of discrimination and harassment.  Perhaps now that their numbers are being shored up by hybrid females...the climate will be more welcoming [sarc]. I'm all for this long as it applies to the most famous transsexual in the US military....whistle blower Chelsea Manning.  She has suffered so long and has been under forced imprisonment [for 35 years] as a male that this true American Hero needs a break.  

Chelsea Manning - sentenced to 35 years
for revealing US war crimes during the
(acknowledged by US) illegal invasion of Iraq

One might ask...What has brought this dramatic turnaround in social consciousness?  Why have transsexuals been at the center of media focus during the past, say, eight years or so?  Well, it might have something to do with the current president, Barack Obama.  The media has been dancing around this guy for years...flirting with the idea that he "might be gay".  Witness the most recent silliness around the "Bromance" between Obama and Canada's Dauphin Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.  BTW, if I read or hear the word "bromance" one more time I'm gonna barf!

Yes, Obama has set the stage for a sexual revolution of sorts....

Michelle Obama and partner

but it has always been alluded to...never publicly disclosed....with the notable exception of the tragically deceased celebrity/comedienne Joan Rivers.  She did disclose that Michelle Obama was a "tranny" but suffered an untimely death just two weeks later...before she could repeat or elaborate on her shocking disclosure. 

US First Lady, Michelle Obama

So, while the transgenders come out of the shadows and enjoy some time in the will it affect heterosexuals?  Will we wilt in the shade...suffering loss of confidence at our boring "normalcy"?  Perhaps we, too, will need a parade to bolster our spirits.  

Or, perhaps humans will grow up and put sexuality where it the privacy of our homes and bedrooms.  We will show respect for all, but with an understanding of what "normal" is and an encouragement towards a "normal" society.  Now, "normal" has taken on an almost pejorative connotation. As Camille Paglia has warned.....sexual orientation is fluid and can change....and a society moving towards open and predominant homosexuality has, historically, signified cultural collapse.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

UPDATED: US "Justice" System just Jumped the Shark

UPDATED:  July 1, 2016 As a result of the uproar caused by US AG Loretta Lynch meeting Bill Clinton "privately" while his wife is under FBI investigation...US Attorney General Loretta Lynch has "stepped aside" from the investigation into the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal...and presumably the other legal issues surrounding the Democratic Presidential Candidate.

Jumping the Shark

Jumping the Shark is an expression denoting something going waaaaaaay over the top and off the richter scale of believability. Just recently I did a post expressing grave concerns about the US Justice System...using the case of Freddie Gray's killers as an example.

In this case, the credibility of the entire US System of Justice was blown out of the water by the meeting between the US Attorney General and former US President and husband of current US Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Monday, June 27, 2016. Could THIS be what the Turkey false flag was meant (in part) to distract from? Folks, this is HUGE!  Hillary Clinton is under active investigation by the FBI for numerous allegedly criminal acts....including involvement in the government actions leading up to the murder of US Ambassador Christopher Stevens. She is also being investigated for breaking government confidentiality policies by putting government e-mails on her private server..and Hillary's husband, Bill Clinton, meets "privately" with the AG on the Attorney General's plane?!

This is what's known as a CONFLICT OF INTEREST - on the part of the top law enforcement official in the United States!?!

Here is what Donald Trump had to say:

Republican candidate Trump, who was holding a town hall meeting in Manchester, New Hampshire, on Thursday, told conservative radio talk show host Mike Gallagher that the meeting was proof of his charge that the U.S. political system is "rigged" in favor of political elites.
"You see a thing like this. Even in terms of judgment. How bad a judgment is it for him or her to do this. Who would do this?" Trump said.
Lynch, appointed to her position by Obama more than a year ago, said she did not discuss the email investigation or other pending matters before the Justice Department with Bill Clinton.
"When I was landing at the airport, I did see President Clinton at the Phoenix airport as I was leaving and he spoke to myself and my husband on the plane," Lynch told reporters on Tuesday.
"Our conversation was a great deal about grandchildren. It was primarily social and about our travels. He mentioned the golf he played in Phoenix and he mentioned travels he had to West Virginia ... But there was no discussion of any matter pending for the Department or any matter pending before any other body," Lynch said.
Back in the day when the rule of law was enforced and meant something....a flagrant act like this would result in immediate resignation of the Attorney General....possible charges against her....and additional charges laid against the accused--and the person acting on the behalf of the person under investigation (Bill)--including charges of attempted corruption!

And this individual is still running for President of the United States?  C'mon people....what does she have to do!? The Report on the Benghazi affair must be far worse than we are being told (and it's frigging awful) if Bill risked everything to try and do something.

Websites under attack?


I just spent half an hour trying to browse through the blog: without success.  The screen kept freezing.  I don't know whether it's because I refuse to "upgrade" to Windows 10*or because Mike Rivero's website is making too much money with advertising...or is posting some very "truthy" material. Whatever.

It brought to mind an interesting report I read the other day that might be the answer to the questions posed above and/or the questions I've been asking recently about the purpose of "spam". In the report, I found out a possible answer to my question about why spam the comments section.  Here it is.  According to the link, bloggers can test whether they have any spam on their blog that is "blacklisted".  Unfortunately, I am one of the worst in the "techie" department.  I still can't upload videos made by me onto my blog or do any other complex maneuvers....such as customize my web design (like I would like to but without using the "templates" provided by Blogger).

Simply put...and I may be misinterpreting or leaving something out here: Google is desperate to track and control all the traffic on the internet. It has devised various and sundry stealth methods to do this.  One of the methods is to spam the comments sections and then "blacklist" the spam sources. So, if I have some spam on my site that is blacklisted...then traffic is prevented from coming to my site.  I see where Jim Stone is complaining about having his website traffic reduced by 35% in a somewhat similar fashion.
"......on my end I can still see that approximately 35 percent of the people trying to access this site (worldwide) are being blocked by web filtering."

Now, I think there could be another [tiny, borderless] entity that might be interested in putting "blacklisted" spam onto comments forums...perhaps the target(s) of some of the "truth bombs" perchance?

Like I say....I am a total Luddite when it comes to computer technology.  So Google, or whoever, can play cat and mouse with my blog to their heart's content.  I just have to sit back and take note of it.

*NOTE: Microsoft is saying that the last day for a "free" upgrade to Windows 10 is July 29, 2016. Coinkydinkally, the "license' for Blogger (on the Reuters licensing system?!) also expires as of the end of July.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Who is trying to kill Turkey? And Why?!

UPDATE:  June 30, 2016 - Today's post on the Ataturk False Flag by Scott Creighton is so good I will post a link here.

Scott Creighton's entry into the ISIS
beheading photo contest
ISIS is the new Gladio 2.0 villain
Ataturk Airport is the latest False Flag attack?

Strategy of Tension

American Everyman blogger Scott Creighton has an excellent take on the bombing yesterday at the Ataturk Airport in Istanbul.  He submits that it is another Gladio 2.0 attack on European countries that has been going on for years and in the past few years has morphed into the ISIS phase.

The latest attack in Turkey yesterday has a lot of the hallmarks of these false flags....the limited evidence of violence or two symbolic videos and iconic photos, as I have posted below:

Ataturk Airport, Turkey from WeAreChange

Iconic Kalashnikov Rifle highlighted in JM$M in attempt to frame....WHO?!

But the question is why all the recent focus on Turkey? Who is trying to kill Turkey?  And Why?!  Here are some recent attacks on Turkey:

From the BBC:

20167 June, Istanbul: Car bomb kills seven police officers and four civilians. Claimed by Kurdish militant group TAK
19 March, Istanbul: Suicide bomb kills four people in shopping street. IS blamed.
13 March, Ankara: Car bomb kills 34. Claimed by TAK.
17 February, Ankara: 29 killed in attack on military busses. Claimed by TAK
12 January, Istanbul: 11 Germans killed by Syrian bomber in tourist area

201523 December, Istanbul: Bomb kills cleaner at Istanbul's Sabiha Gokcen airport. Claimed by TAK
10 October, Ankara: More than 100 killed at peace rally outside railway station. Claimed by IS
20 July, Suruc, near Syrian border: 34 people killed in bombing in Kurdish town. IS blamed

Security concerns and a Russian boycott over last year's downing of a Russian military jet on the Turkey-Syria border have hit the Turkish tourist sector this year.
More than 61 million passengers travelled through Ataturk airport in 2015.
A US state department travel warning for Turkey, originally published in March and updated on Monday, urges US citizens to "exercise heightened vigilance and caution when visiting public access areas, especially those heavily frequented by tourists."

Clearly, some powerful entity is trying to create "order out of chaos" and perhaps as blogger Penny for your Thoughts has said today... escalate the region into a "no Fly Zone" between Syria and Turkey.  I don't think a "No Fly" zone will (excuse the pun) "fly" with Russia. The main goal of the entire Russian project in Syria was to retain their access to the air and naval transportation routes.

Location, Location, Location 

Northerntruthseeker sees the Ataturk Airport attack as a warning to Turkey not to make nice (i.e., apologize for the Russian jet shoot down) to Russia without permission of the overlords.  He also says that ISIS has claimed responsibility and, as we know, ISIS is a proxy for USrael.  Nothing spells out the motive more clearly than the map of the region below. Turkey is smack, dab in the middle of Israel's proposed pipeline route. Turkey is thus located within the perimeter of permanent chaos....that extends for thousands of kilometers out, in a toxic 360 degree radius, around the tiny, borderless entity.

Turkey/Israeli Pipeline Route

The news reports and video scenes at Ataturk Airport yesterday brought back memories of my trip to Turkey almost exactly one year ago. Little did we know that in a matter of weeks...Turkey would be one of the most unsafe tourist destinations in the world. We loved our time in Istanbul and the ancient ruins of Ephesus. I felt very safe in our little hotel suite, tucked away against the hillside in the Sultanahmet tourist district overlooking the Bosporus Straight. Later, I even wrote one of my all time favourite posts about the "The Dogs of Aksakal", complete with photos I took. Ataturk Airport is a sprawling state of the art airport located some distance from downtown Istanbul. With huge windows letting in lots of light, it was one of the more pleasant airports to have to spend time waiting in.

Istanbul was a wonderful city to visit. There are so many world class historic sites that days are crammed full of activity and the senses overwhelmed at the beauty and culture. The Blue Mosque...St. Sophia's...the underground Cistern....the huge Spice Market.  We had a young Turkish man, Gengis, as our guide.  He was highly efficient and organized, very polite, kind and full of useful information. When I thanked and complimented Gengis at the end of our stay....he said that he had already made an application for a green card to move his family to the United States to live and was waiting to hear.  I felt sad when hearing this and said that, while the United States would no doubt benefit from having such a talented and hard working citizen, his homeland, Turkey, would suffer a loss that would (incrementally, with the exodus of such quality citizens) leave it seriously weakened in the future. I genuinely felt sorry for Turkey at that moment.

I wonder today where that young man is.  Did he make it to the US?  Is he still working in Istanbul? In such a damaged tourist can he support his family?  Whether he's in the US or in Turkey he must feel devastated at what's going on in his country.  The question remains:  Who thinks they can destroy a country?  That is the real question.  No country in the world is safe when this mindset is allowed to prevail.

Monday, June 27, 2016

CawRANT Events #27

CawRANT Events #27

Generally, I do a CawRANT Events every second Monday. Here it is Monday evening--and still no CawRant. So I will do an abbreviated version and it will have to do. It's very hot and muggy here on the West Coast. I'm not feeling 100% and so had a very quiet day.  I did manage, however, to post a few updates on my Greencrow Creative Resources Arts and Crafts Page. Some more photos of my basswood Green Man...and a fun mixed media piece called "Siberian Santas"--with a combination of barkwood carving and oil painting. "Siberian Santas" is dedicated to all my Russian readers....Enjoy! Now, on to my RANT:

Spam Mystery

Speaking of Russia, here is some spam sent to my Blog in Russian that I am interested in translating:

Помогите с выбором психологической онлайн консультации, посоветовали мне знакомые вот эту. Может кто сталкивался? [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=]консультация психолога онлайн по скайпу[/url] [url=]психология взаимоотношений[/url] социофобия причины консультация психолога онлайн помощь психолога on*

So I'm going to translate it into English via the Translate mechanism on the blog. *NOTE: it's about getting counselling for social phobia on line via Hmm...still wondering what the point of spamming the comments section on blogs is.  It must have some commercial value...but for the life of me, I can't figure out what it is.
US covert Civil War?

Here's a link I saved because it supports my theory of a civil war going on between the Pentagon and the rogue neocon-controlled CIA.  The Russians are having a field day capitalizing on the weakened US, which has at least two and perhaps more warring internecine factions.

The CIA might be playing both ends against the middle. We know they are recruiting losers and poor crisis actors all over the West to conduct False Flags at crucial junctures in political history. Wonder what happened to James Wesley Howell...the guy recruited to commit terror crimes who, just last week asked for police protection....from the CIA!  One of the reasons the CIA has False Flag projects ready to go at a moment's notice is to make everyone forget about the anomalies in the last one. Will the JM$M follow up on the shocking news that an American citizen asked local police for protection from the CIA?  Don't count on it.

BREXIT post mortem

All the tooing and frowing over the BREXIT vote reminds me of "Catch 22", the classic satire/black comedy by Joseph Heller. In the military culture described in the book...everyone parsed every act to see if it was either a "black eye" or a "feather in the cap". It's the same with the BREXIT...was it a negative?  If so, for WHO?  the US? Hillary? Scotland? Or, was it a positive? For who? Trump?Putin? Israel/Zionism? The media is twisting itself into a pretzel trying to figure out this conundrum.  It's so rare we have an unscripted political occurrence these days.

US Election Update

One thing is sure....the perps are gonna make sure it never happens again. Thus all the phony polls out today showing Killary is "double digit" points ahead of Trump. Don't believe that for a second. Hillary has all the charisma of a dead cat bounce....and is dragging around a huge legal ball and chain. Plus, she has the "black eye" of backing the EU "Remain" side....while Trump has a "feather in his cap" of backing the "Leave".  Ergo the false distract.

Another politician who backed the wrong horse is the Dauphin Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau. This guy has very poor political instincts...but very good and long coat tails apparently. He has said some very nasty (gratuitous as well) things about Donald Trump. There will likely be a plate of crow waiting for Trudeau at some Post November feast.

Crow Pie for Erdogan

Someone else who apparently ate crow today was the Turkish President Erdogan. He sent a formal apology to The Kremlin/Russia/Putin over the Turkish downing of the Russian war plane over Syria in November, 2015. There have been several theories batted around about why Erdogan apologized, after refusing to do it for months, and why now? Also, a crucial phrase in the apology said that "there was never any intention to shoot down the Russian jet". I firmly believe this is correct. My theory is that the Russian jet was shot down by the usual suspect USrael rogue air farce that shoots down lots of planes all over the place [Ukraine, South Asia, Mediterranean]. There was an injection of these cowards into the Turkish Incirlik air base (NATO uses the base) just before the shoot down. The refusal of Turkey to provide compensation is the givaway. Russia, undoubtedly, knows who really shot down their plane and is willing to forgive their strategic ally, Turkey. Anyhooooooo...that's about it for this abbreviated CawRANT. But I'll end with some local....

Bird News:

At this time of year, all the local parks are inundated with one of Canada's most famous symbols...and a true pest if ever there was one....the Canada Goose! I visited a local park with family over the weekend and the beach was absolutely covered with the green slimy droppings of this ubiquitous bird. I imagined a huge net being spread on the beach over night. Then in the morning...bait having been put out....park rangers would pull the strings of the net tight and capture the entire flock of geese. Then a helicopter would fly away with the net full of geese swinging back and forth beneath it. The helicopter would fly to a remote lake, deep in the BC wilderness and open the net, allowing the geese to escape into the air and hopefully settle harmlessly in the wilderness. That being just a dream...I offer this interesting story about a strange looking, possibly hybrid, Canada goose wandering around in Vancouver. If you can't beat might as well enjoy them.

Bye for now.  Until the next RANT!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

BREXIT vote is giving the lyin' BBC a conniption fit

As a long time BBC watcher...I am thoroughly enjoying the contortions the Queen of the Lying Media is going through since the BREXIT referendum resulted in a majority for the "leave" citizens of the UK.  The BBC is not used to being in a position of "reporting" the news, rather than "creating and/or controlling it". This has sent the Beebe into a conniption fit.  It's flailing away like a salmon flopping on the deck of a boat. Trying desperately to return to the safety and comfort of its ocean of lies.

BBC trying to bully Jeremy Corbyn out of his job

Looking around in desperation for someone else to blame and put the responsibility for the monumental failure on...other than the elite whose voice the BBC is....the BBC has focused on Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn.  Now, apparently, Mr. Corbyn made the strategic error of supporting the "IN" vote.  This makes him a natural target.  The BBC would like everyone to look at Corbyn and say...yes! it was YOU who backed the wrong horse...not us and not the Cameron government.

BBC trying to humiliate the pro-BREXIT voters

The BBC is also attempting to pull the victorious pro-BREXIT voters off their high selectively re-printing sound bites from its chorus of other european vassal press outlets....

EU referendum: Europe's press gripped by Brexit drama

'Well done, Little Britain'

German papers also focus on the impetus Brexit has given to other Eurosceptic parties on the continent, and Die Welt says Chancellor Angela Merkel may also come under pressure. It says she has contributed to "the EU's political failure through her unilateral actions on refugee policy".
Looking at the UK, it predicts a gloomy future in which UKIP will mutate into a "mild form of fascism" to exploit economic discontent, leaving the country "like France today: full of resentment, incapable of reform, and divided".
Tageszeitung's front page has the ironic headline - in English - "Well done, Little Britain". The Brexit vote has "rocked the continent, left populists everywhere jubilant, and really angered young Europeans", it says.
But the paper also warns that the vote was a revolt "against those on high", and that populist parties in Europe will now use the referendum threat to put pressure on their own governments.
"The European Union is now at a turning point, and if the German government thinks it can continue just like before, it could bring this Europe crashing down around their ears," it concludes.
'End of globalisation'
In Italy, Corriere della Sera's Antonio Polito says the EU must show "humility" in addressing public concern about its policies.
La Repubblica's financial analysts say the wave of Euroscepticism means the "end of globalisation" and the grim possibility of a fall in Italy's growth rate this year.
The paper also devotes considerable space to the idea of an independent London. Enrico Franceschini likes the idea, declaring "Enjoy your Little England. But leave London out of it. Shall we begin collecting signatures to found the London Free State?"
Spain's El Mundo focuses on the harm it sees Brexit doing to the European economy, but is sure that EU-UK relations will remain strong.
 In the Dutch NRC Next tabloid former European Commission official Luuk van Middelaar calls on European leaders to "hold the line" against populist Eurosceptics, by showing that Brexit is "an amputation, not a death blow".
The leaders must address "disillusionment with the EU among their own voters", by strengthening EU border controls and reinforcing the eurozone, he says.
De Telegraaf's front page suggests that the EU fears the Netherlands will be next to seek an exit referendum.
A poll it carried out shows most voters fearing exit would be "bad for our wallets" and reduce the country's role on the world stage, but their lead over "Nexit" supporters is narrow.
The editorial in Sweden's Dagens Nyheter sees a "dark day for Europe" and in particular for Sweden, which it considers to be one of the "big losers" by Brexit because the UK was its "important ally on free trade, being a non-euro economy".
It calls for a "strong and well-coordinated EU" to meet the challenges of migration and Russia's new assertiveness. Like most other papers, it says Europe must address the concerns of a sceptical public who "vote as citizens of their own countries, not as Europeans".
A leading Polish daily, Rzeczpospolita, has published an interview with former Polish president, Aleksander Kwasniewski, who is unforgiving.
He says British anti-migrant sentiment is "terrible hypocrisy". "They need migrants like they need air, then use them to present a negative narrative," he complains.
As for the impact of Brexit on Europe, he is more restrained. "It's not yet the greatest misfortune, but still quite a big headache."

And beyond the EU...
The UK vote is still a top story in Russia, with official TV channels making much of the protests in London and Scotland, calls for a referendum in Denmark, and Spain "trying to break off a chunk of Britain" in the form of Gibraltar.
Analyst Alexei Mukhin tells the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper that "Brexit is playing out in Russia's interests" because "Britain was the EU member most hostile to Russia, and its departure will make the EU more friendly".
Columnist Yulia Latynina writes in the independent daily Novaya Gazeta that British voters "rose up" against the EU because it is a "massive socialist state, devouring the ruins of European civilisation".
Some commentators wonder whether the UK will use its new status to forge stronger links with Asia.
The Times of India says India may be hit by post-Brexit market uncertainty, and Indian companies will have to reconsider using Britain as "the springboard to Europe". The paper sees protectionist tendencies as a threat to emerging economies like India.
Tokyo's Asahi Shimbun fears that Britain may seek closer ties with China and thereby "endanger Japan's national security, in light of moves by Beijing to strengthen its maritime presence in the region".
Rwanda's official New Times flags up the possibility of the UK breaking up, and urges African countries to draw the lesson that "there is strength in unity, and staying together is healthier than being a lone wolf".

Yes, it is all quite satisfying to see the BBC, for once, floundering around impotently while the Brits flex their new found muscles of independence from the ever-tightening EU noose. Nobody says it better than David Icke. Here's David Icke, telling it like it is about the short and long term implications of the BREXIT vote. Go to the 18.00 minute mark in the video to hear what he thinks about Jeremy Corbyn.

David Icke sums up the victory for the Brits
and the challenges in the days ahead

I say congratulations to the citizens of the United Kingdom. You have struck a rare blow for liberty...from global banksters, warmongering and corporatist tyranny....not only for yourselves but for all humanity. Britain gave Western civilization democracy and the rule of law--and now you have begun the war to drive the rats out of our democratic, legal, international and economic institutions. Bravo! And to the BBC....I say....go suck on a

Saturday, June 25, 2016

US Legal System is a Farce

White Bicycle Police who actually crippled Freddie Gray
Do they think we're all stupid?

Every day we hear about some legal decision that has been handed down in the United States.  More often than not the logical person or anyone with a modicum of understanding about how the law works will just give their head a shake.  Remember the decision re O.J. Simpson?  That was just the beginning.  Now, nonsensical legal decisions are no longer the exception, they're the norm.  The cumulative effect of the "dumbing down" of the legal system and the faulty legal "precedents' that are therefore set, ends up in the de facto imposition of a police state on the nation at large and, in the case of the "indispensible" United States, even has an effect on the law throughout the "West" vassal states like Canada are forced to "harmonize" their legal systems with the US.

This past week, we read about the latest Baltimore police officer to have been found "not guilty" in the Freddie Gray case.  This was the crime where a young black man, standing on the corner of a Baltimore street, minding his own business, was randomly pursued by two bicycle policemen, hauled down to the pavement where they bent his legs back behind him till his heels touched the base of his spine.  Freddie never walked again. In fact, he was thrown into the back of a police van and driven around in a time-wasting effort to maximize his injuries. This strategy proved successful, as Freddie soon lost consciousness and died while on life support in hospital a day or so later.

Six officers, the two white bicycle police officers and four peripherally-involved officers were charged with the crime.  Here is the latest news:
From The Sleuth Journa
Officer Caesar Goodson, Jr. has been found not guilty of all charges in the death of Freddie Gray. Goodson was the driver of the police van in which Gray suffered a fatal spinal injury in April 2015, sparking riots in Baltimore, Maryland.
Of the six officers involved in Gray’s arrest, Goodson faced the most serious charges, including second-degree “depraved-heart murder,” second-degree assault, reckless endangerment, and misconduct in office. Like Gray, he is African-American.
A veteran of the Baltimore Police Department, Goodson chose a bench trial before Circuit Judge Barry Williams, who delivered the verdict Thursday morning. Previously, Williams acquitted Officer Edward Nero of all charges, while the prosecution of William Porter ended in a mistrial due to a hung jury.
Prosecutors have argued that Goodson intended to injure Gray by not buckling him in inside the police van, and failed to seek medical help when he realized Gray had suffered severe injuries that ultimately proved fatal.
Goodson acted as a reasonable officer in all of his interactions with Gray, who “created the high degree of risk” for himself by standing up and moving around inside the van during the ride, Goodson’s attorney Matthew Fraling said during the closing arguments on Monday, according to the Baltimore Sun.
Baltimore police are bracing for possible protests in the wake of the verdict, with all leave canceled. Maryland National Guard is also on alert. Last April, protests over Gray’s death escalated into a full-blown riot. The authorities responded by arresting hundreds, deploying the Guard and imposing a curfew in the city.

There has been and continues to be a lot of verbal diarrhea about possible "protests" due to the white on black police violence. This is all a smoke screen to divert attention away from the ongoing effort to exculpate the white police officers....baffle 'em with bull $h!t. The black officers being charged and then found "not guilty" are also a smokescreen and a diversion. The fact is, the four black officers should never have been charged in the first place. They had nothing to do with Freddie's injuries and death.  All the damage had already been done to a video filmed by a witness to the crime clearly reveals.  Any moron, looking at the video, can see that Freddie was subjected to a violent criminal act at the hands of the two bicycle policemen and, most importantly, NEVER WALKED AGAIN!  He had to be dragged to the Police Van and lifted into it.

I would riot too...if the justice system in Canada was half as rotten as it is in the United States.  The problem and the danger is....with all the butt ki$$ing going on between the vassal Canadian federal government and the United States deep state rogue government....Canadian justice is steadily eroding in the ongoing project of "harmonizing" the two legal systems.  The law is a living thing, it grows or declines on the basis of the steady input of legal precedents being fed into the system.  When there is a strong legal precedent that supports the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, then the system is healthy and able to do it's job...protecting individual rights.  But, when the police and the government can obfuscate and get away with corrupt practices regarding evidence and application of the law...then the law becomes sick and harmful to citizens. It is a contagion and the entire "West" is at risk when cases are run like the Freddie Gray case is being run in the United States.  A fundamental legal principle is that "Justice must not only be must APPEAR to be done".

In the case of Freddie appears that the two culprits who killed Freddie will escape justice hiding behind the legal smokescreen of the 'six accused'.....and the sickness that compelled those two white police officers to cripple and kill Freddie...and to escape responsibility for their like a cancer...eating away at the body politic.