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Canada Pretends to Vote Against Israel at UN - so it can support USrael later in UNSC

Canadian Stamp

Good morning readers. This is going to be a short post as I am up to my @$$ in alligators in terms of a Christmas craft I'm working on that needs to be ready by Friday.  First of all, I was able to recover my  It still seems to be glitchy but at least I can receive mail [certain mail but not all mail and not all notices].

I have cut back my posting but it's not for a lack of subject material.  There are issues galore that needs truthful commenting on but I cannot be like the little dutch boy and put my fingers in all the leaks in the dikes.  I have to pick and choose what topics I focus on and as I said to another blogger recently, I'm going to try and focus on issues that I personally lived through and experienced the reality---not the historical revisionism and lies that permeate the mainZtream media today.

Today I want to direct reader's attention to the absolute farce going on in Ottawa currently regarding Canada's relationship with the tiny borderless entity called the Israeli Regime that exists on occupied territory in the Middle East and has been non-stop oppressing the Palestinian indigenous peoples and terrorizing its neighbours for over 60 years now.

Canada has been caught in a bit of a pickle at the UN lately.  It is desperate to get one of the non-permanent seats on the Security Council but can't get sufficient UN member votes due to its slavish obeisance to USrael.  Canada used to be able to get one of these rotating seats on a fairly regular basis back when we had a reputation for being a neutral, fair minded nation.  Now we are seen world wide as just another toady with a handler.  For the last decade or more we have voted alongside USrael against motions respecting the indigenous rights of the Palestinians...that history has now become a millstone around our necks.  What to do.  What to dooooooooooo!

Well, just the other day Canada voted FOR Palestinian rights at the United Nations.  Totally against typecast and the handlers were "NOT pleased"! Please read the following report from the CBC and I will have more comments to follow:


Canada made deal with the devil by supporting anti-Israel resolution: former U.S. ambassador to UN

Nikki Haley said Canada’s decision to change diplomatic course in a bid to secure a seat on the UN Security Council was an example of "cultural corruption"

Nikki Haley, the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, accused Canada of striking a deal with the devil over its recent support of an anti-Israel resolution.

Haley said Canada’s decision to change diplomatic course and support the resolution at the United Nations in a bid to secure a seat on the Security Council was an example of “cultural corruption.”

In a surprising move two weeks ago, Canada reversed course and supported a resolution put forward by North Korea, Zimbabwe and the “State of Palestine” that called for a “just, lasting and comprehensive peace settlement” to the Israel-Palestine conflict. The resolution explicitly referred to contested lands between the two countries as “Occupied Palestinian Territories.”

The move prompted a backllash of anger from Jewish groups and was also condemned as a “Faustian bargain” by Hillel Neuer of the organization UN watch.

In a speech to UN Watch’s Inaugural New York Gala Dinner on Thursday, Haley was scathing about Canada.

“It’s just easier not to rock the boat when the crowd is all going one way,” she said. “It’s hard to be the only one going the other direction. But standing alone on behalf of American interests and values is not something to be embarrassed by.

“Standing alone for freedom and human dignity is something to be proud of. In America, we don’t celebrate the mob. We celebrate the person who has the courage and conviction to stand up to the mob. Now we’re seeing an example of this cultural corruption playing out in real time.”

She said for a long time Canada had been balanced and fair-minded towards Israel at the UN and had opposed the pull of the anti-Israel culture.

“But Canada is now seeking one of the rotating two-year seats on the Security Council. It faces a vote in the General Assembly. Two weeks ago, Canada surprised Israel’s friends by voting for a North Korean resolution that challenges the legitimacy of Israel. This is a resolution that Canadian governments for years have voted against.

“One observer said Canada is making a ‘Faustian bargain,’ trading its integrity for a seat on the Security Council.

“I speak from experience when I say the United Nations presents many such opportunities to strike a deal with the devil.”

Canada’s decision to support the resolution — which is put forward on a yearly basis — marked a departure from previous foreign policy. In the early 2000s, Paul Martin shifted to a more pro-Israel position compared to previous governments and this continued under the Conservative government of Stephen Harper."


Greencrow says:  Yes, Canada is making a "Faustian" deal with the devil regarding Israel...but it is not the deal described in the report above--i.e., voting against Israel.  The Faustian deal is Canada PRETENDING TO VOTE AGAINST ISRAEL AT THE UN.  Canada was given permission by the perps to vote against Israel in order to secure a Security Council seat so that it could THEN vote in support of Israel and all its globally destructive policies of which there are as many as stars in the sky.

Nikky Haley is only Pretending to be mad at Canada in order to draw media/public/international attention to Canada's surprising vote just in case the ROTW [Rest of the World] didn't notice.  She's another actor in the entire charade and farce.

Trudeau is so terrified of overstepping the line he was allowed to cross that he went before the cameras again and pledged fealty to his lords and masters:


Trudeau says UN vote not a shift in Canada's 'steadfast' support of Israel

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says a recent vote by Canada to support a UN resolution endorsing Palestinian self-determination is not a shift in Canada's policy against singling out Israel for criticism on the international stage.

Trudeau made the remarks at a menorah lighting on Parliament Hill Monday, where about 100 parliamentarians gathered to mark the upcoming Jewish holiday of Hanukkah.

Trudeau says he met before the event with Jewish community leaders who expressed their concerns about the United Nations vote in late November.

He says he heard similar concerns from other parties and from members of his own caucus.

The resolution was part of a group of motions brought every year at the United Nations which critics say singled out Israel for trouble between Israel and Palestinians.

Canada has voted no for more than a decade on the resolutions but Trudeau says Canada felt it had to change course on that one resolution, in order to counter threats to a two-states solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

"I hear you," Trudeau told those gathered around the menorah. "I understand that many of you were alarmed by this decision. The government felt that it was important to reiterate its commitment to a two-states-for-two-peoples solution at a time when its prospects appear increasingly under threat...."


Greencrow concludes:  LOL.  How do you suck and blow at the same time? Well, Trudeau will be giving a masters' course on this political skill at a university near you once he's out of office.  Why did Canada never care about the "two states" solution to the permanent crisis in the middle east before?  Only when a UNSC seat is up for grabs do we dig down deep and find some "Justice [sic]".  But I don't think the fraud and hoax vote will work.  I truly believe that the ROTW is so "woke" regarding Canada's political servitude that a fake UN vote or two won't fool any countries with sentient leaders at the helm.

The United Nations doesn't need another mouthpiece for the Israeli regime sitting around the UN Security Council.  Three [US, France and UK] are already too many.

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Would YOU do business with a Deadbeat?

Jason Kenney with former PM Stephen Harper

Would YOU do business with a deadbeat?  Would you expect anyone in your family to do business with a deadbeat--even if that deadbeat was also a member of your own family?

The more you read about the American owned and operated oil business that has been powering Alberta's economy for decades now--the more you learn and realize that it is an entirely false economy. The gas/oil business is built on government "welfare bum" handouts, subsidies, tax breaks and avoidance of all responsibility to the environment--that it is systematically ripping apart and destroying.

One of the most precious commodities on Planet Earth today is fresh, clean water.  More and more of the billions of humans on this planet literally have to fight for a daily portion of potable water to drink.  It's getting worse. Yet Alberta is one of the greatest wasters and despoilers of fresh water on the planet...and they want to accelerate that dubious reputation.  Millions of gallons of fresh water are used to frack the oil sands in the extraction of "bitumen".  At what point will the water used be more valuable than the bitumen extracted?!  Is that a good economy or is that the short-sighted, greedy, self-involved mindset of a deadbeat?

Here we have an expose in the Globe and Mail of Alberta's willful negligence in cleaning up the mess in its "orphaned oil and gas wells.  Please read and I will have more comments to follow:


Alberta ignores the ticking time-bomb of orphaned oil and gas wells at its own peril

Author:  Martin Olszynski is an associate professor at the University of Calgary’s faculty of law.

Despite Alberta Premier Jason Kenney’s campaign promises, the province’s overall economy has yet to find its footing.

The one exception, though, may be the panel industry.

Ranging from regulatory red tape in the oil and gas sector, to the recently completed blue-ribbon panel on government spending, and one that is now hearing from Albertans about getting a “fair deal" within the Canadian federation, these are boom times in boardrooms and for the committees that occupy them.

In light of this, I hope that there’s room for one more panel at the party – one that could provide much-needed information around a potential financial time bomb down the road, but not so far down as some may assume.

The Calgary Herald estimates that Alberta is home to 93,000 inactive and orphaned oil and gas wells. While many of those wells are owned by financially viable companies, an increasing number are not. This represents a “looming financial and environmental crisis” reminiscent of the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis, according to an investigation last year from The Globe and Mail. "A growing proportion [of inactive wells] are owned by companies that can least afford to clean them up … when their commercial life ends.”

When that happens in Alberta, those inactive wells become the responsibility of the Orphan Well Association (OWA), which is primarily funded by an industry levy that is increasingly understood as insufficient. The OWA’s chief executive credits a provincial $235-million loan for enabling it to reclaim about 1,200 wells since 2017, bringing the current inventory down to 3,406 wells – but more wells in need of reclamation are on the way. 

One of the primary barriers to a clear understanding of the problem appears to be the absence of a credible and transparent assessment of cleanup costs. Based on its recent experience, the OWA suggests that average costs range between $27,000 and $34,000 a well. Critics, such as the Alberta Liabilities Disclosure Project, dismiss those numbers as primarily based on easy-to-cleanup wells, and point to internal Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) estimates that suggests the costs could potentially rise to $210,000 a well, which would add up to a staggering $100-billion in total liabilities. Those same estimates also looked at oil-sands mines and provincial pipelines, which could bring the number up as high as $260-billion.

While the regulator sees these numbers as a “worst-case” scenario, neither the province nor the industry have yet seen fit to provide the public with more detailed and credible estimates.

With respect to the oil sands, the AER’s Mine Financial Security Program (MFSP) currently reports total liabilities at $31.39-billion, but holds only $1.47-billion in security – which is proportionately less than was held by the AER back in 2015 when Alberta’s Auditor-General first raised concerns about the MFSP. The Auditor-General warned that the province (i.e., taxpayers) “may have to pay a potentially substantial cost for this work to be completed.”

The Auditor-General’s concerns, supported by ensuing reports, include the fact that MFSP numbers are based on reports submitted by oil-sands companies, do not require supporting documentation, are rarely audited, and do not reflect the uncertainty in the effectiveness of proposed measures (such as water-capping).

The province itself has acknowledged that inactive and orphaned wells pose a threat. In late November, it sent a letter to federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau, asking for additional money to assist in the reclamation effort. Ottawa already provided $30-million in 2017, so how much more help can the province ask for, especially since the industry is legally responsible? It’s nearly impossible to answer that without knowing the scope and magnitude of the problem, and we simply don’t have that information. That’s where a panel could come in.

Albertans may be suffering from panel fatigue. But bearing in mind the assumptions underlying some of those other initiatives, it’s hard to imagine a problem in more desperate need of resolution. Alberta’s public debt is currently around $80-billion, and the estimates we have suggest that this debt could double or even triple within a generation. And while it is likely too late for some portion of Alberta’s inactive wells, it is not too late to prevent the same from happening with respect to the oil sands.

For Albertans contemplating their future, an independent inquiry into the extent of the oil and gas sector’s underfunded environmental liabilities requires champions – especially since getting a solid grip on the scale and potential solutions for the issue seems like basic due diligence. A clear and credible assessment, as well as potential regulatory responses, should be everyone’s priority.


Greencrow says: Hey, if I was a crazy conspiracy theorist, I would say that some foreign [NAU] entities are setting Alberta up as a timebomb to blow Canada to smithereens.  All this debt, all this waste, all this corporate welfare's gonna blow!

Yet, British Columbia is expected to bow its head, forget about its own environment and jump on the TMX bandwagon "to save Canada".  Should, heaven forbid, there be a bitumen spill in Burrard Inlet [which should be declared a protected marine park in perpetuity] will the Albertans treat it like they've treated the "Orphaned Oil and Gas Wells" on their own territory?  Will they "declare bankruptcy" and force British Columbia to clean up their mess?  Would YOU do business with a deadbeat?!

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TMX Opposed by BC Cities of Vancouver, Burnaby and Victoria - So What!?

TMX on Burnaby Mountain - This is the same mountain
that is a home to Simon Fraser University. 
When I moved to BC back in the late 1960's
 the BC government was saying that
Burnaby Mountain was the "lungs"
 of the Lower Mainland and would never
 be de-forested. Just another lie.

My blood pressure went off the charts yesterday.  Not only has my Google gmail gone down mysteriously, but I read and posted about a CTV report on a NANOS poll that said that three out of five Canadians supported the TMX.  I felt like I received a slap across the face when I read in the CTV article about Canadians in several provinces and their views on the pipeline. The views of British Columbians, however, were totally missing!  Like we don't exist!  I noted shortly after posting that article that the offensive CTV article was moved from the front pages to the back pages of the CTV website.  Perhaps I wasn't the only offended person.

Today. I read another article in the Vancouver Sun about the TMX construction that is already going on in the lower mainland and elsewhere in Canada.  "Shovels are in the ground(TM)" is the impression given. It's as if...once that happens...there can be no turning matter what the opposition or how long it has been voiced and expressed in numerous legal actions.

Construction crews remain busy driving piles for new facilities at Trans Mountain’s Westridge marine terminal on Burrard Inlet and clearing land at the Burnaby Mountain terminus of its pipeline, but industry leaders remain apprehensive about the expansion project.

At least the Vancouver Sun article doesn't insult British Columbians--by pretending there is no opposition.  Here are the relevant paragraphs that inform readers that there are serious objections:

Judy Wilson, secretary treasurer for the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs and Chief of the Neskonlith First Nation in B.C.’s interior, said she will “continue doing what we need to do” to uphold the collective rights of First Nations people....

...Wilson argued that Aboriginal title to territorial land still rests with the First Nations families associated with those areas, not Band Councils, and government hasn’t received their consent, under the principles of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Plus cities such as Vancouver, Burnaby and Victoria remain opposed to the project, so “it is a wider issue.”

“They can do all the photo ops they want, but there are substantive issues that haven’t been dealt with,” Wilson said.

Hounsel [TMX project spokeswoman Ali Hounsel] said the agreements that Trans Mountain has with First Nations are for the project’s right of way and “demonstrate the breadth” of support for it. She added that the agreements aren’t closed, the company is in continuing discussions with First Nations.

“We’ll continue to build with the appropriate permits and approvals in place,” Hounsel said. “If there are challenges, it doesn’t negate the approvals we have until such time as they are upheld in court.

The Vancouver Sun report doesn't mention that the agreements TMX has with First Nations are in Alberta--not British Columbia.  The other important point to note is the specific mention by Wilson of UNDRIP, which is the United Nations Declaration of Rights of Indigenous Peoples which BC formally signed onto two weeks ago.  I said at the time that BC signing onto UNDRIP is a huge part of BC's legal strategy to kill the TMX.

Now, all we're waiting for is the Supreme Court of Canada to make its decision regarding BC's "reference" to it.  Now, dear readers, do you really think that the Supreme Court of Canada will contravene/ignore UNDRIP?  If that happens, IMO, the legal system of Canada will experience the equivalent of a tsunami and an earthquake all at the same time.  I don't know how British Columbians will respond to that slap in the face.

All I can say is...however we react...the ROC may not even hear about it by reading their MZM.  Stay tuned here for more developments.

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NOTICE TO READERS - My gmail is down

Crow Thinking about Something

Re:  e-mail address:

For several days now my gmail account has been unusable.  I cannot open mail and I cannot send mail. Whether it has been hacked or all blogger e-mails are down I don't know.  Simultaneously it seems the "report problems" function on Blogger is also down.  I would appreciate hearing from other bloggers/readers if they are also having these problems.

Hopefully, it will be rectified soon.


They Don't Even Pretend To Care Anymore - NANOS Survey on Pipeline Doesn't Give BC Stats

Workers unload pipe to start of right-of-way construction for
 the Trans Mountain Expansion Project, in Acheson, Alta.
, Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2019. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jason Franson

Canadians checking their daily newz on CTV as they have their morning coffee this morning were pleased to see that a majority of them support the TMX pipeline, which will be transporting Bitumen from Alberta, across the Rockies, down through BC through metro Vancouver to the port on tiny Burrard Inlet. From there, it will be shipped down to Texas refineries where the real jobs are.

Please read the following headline and first paragraph snipped from the report and I will have more comments to follow:

Three in five Canadians support construction of new pipelines: Nanos survey

TORONTO -- Days after shovels hit the ground in Alberta on the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, a new survey suggests the majority of Canadians support the construction of new pipelines.

The survey, commissioned by CTV News and conducted by Nanos Research, polled 1,010 Canadians and found that 42 per cent supported new pipelines while another 23 per cent somewhat supported them.

Just under a third, or 30 per cent, oppose or somewhat oppose pipeline construction. Four per cent of respondents said they were unsure...."


Greencrow comments:  I suggest Canadians read the entire CTV report.  NO WHERE in the brief article does it give the statistics for British Columbia.  Yes, it does say that a majority of Quebecers oppose the pipeline...but, last I looked at a map, the pipeline does not go through Quebec.

Sentient readers might well ask why no numbers for British Columbia?  Did the editors just forget to put them in?  Did NANOS not conduct the survey in BC?  Does the CTV/NANOS take all Canadians for pliable fools?  Well...the last rationale seems to fit best.

The fact is, a majority [but not all] British Columbians are opposed to the pipeline.  CTV/NANOS doesn't want Canadians in the ROC to know that.  They want everyone to pile on the TMX bandwagon and "FAKE IT TILL WE MAKE IT!"

Or, they really just do not care if British Columbians don't want their environment and coastal waterways destroyed's not THEIR environment...3000 miles away...after all.  It won't affect THEM.  They can pretend they care about the environment all they want...but when it comes time to choose between dinosaur fuels or the environment...they belly up to the gas bar every time.

There's only one province that has the economic, geographic and cultural ability to break free of a Canada that doesn't include them in national statistics--and doesn't care about their way of life.  It would be wise for Canadians in the ROC [Rest of Canada] to remember what province that is.

Friday, December 6, 2019

Nuckin Futz Newz: Trump's mental state deteriorating dangerously - Psychiatrists - as US and Canada have leadership "Perfect Storm"

Trudeau at NATO meet and greet
 - cartoon from The National Post

This edition of "Nuckin' Futz Newz" was supposed to be about the psychiatric report that is currently being passed around in the Halls of Power(TM) in Washington.  This report is signed by 350 psychiatrists and alleges that Trump is so psychiatrically compromised that the "Impeachment" proceedings now going on at the congressional level might throw him over the edge and could actually present a danger to the United States itself.  You won't be reading about this psychiatric report in the MainZtream media.  I found out about it by reading PressTV, which is the official national news site of Iran.

Psychiatrists Warn Democrats about 
Dangers of Impeaching Trump

Here are the cogent paragraphs snipped from the PressTV article [which originally appeared in The Independent].  Please read and I will have more comments to follow:

A group of mental health professionals led by a trio of preeminent psychiatrists is urging the House Judiciary Committee to consider Donald Trump’s “dangerous” mental state arising from his “brittle sense of self-worth” as part of its inquiry into whether to approve articles of impeachment against him.
“We are speaking out at this time because we are convinced that, as the time of possible impeachment approaches, Donald Trump has the real potential to become ever more dangerous, a threat to the safety of our nation,” said Yale Medical School Professor Dr Bandy Lee, George Washington University Professor Dr John Zinner, and former CIA profiler Dr Jerrold Post in a statement which will be sent to House Judiciary Committee members on Thursday.

The statement will be accompanied by a petition with at least 350 signatures from mental health professionals endorsing their conclusions....
...Dr Zinner, a former National Institutes of Mental Health researcher who has taught about and consulted with intelligence agencies on narcissistic personality disorders, told The Independent that members of congress need to be warned about the danger impeachment poses when the presidency is held by someone of Mr Trump’s pathology, which he described as a textbook case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

“Impeachment is the greatest threat to his self esteem that he’s experienced so far, and we’re very worried that his rage will be even more destructive than it’s been in the past,” he said.

He also dismissed Republicans who defend Mr Trump by claiming that his style is that of a blunt-talking New York businessman as “simply ignorant about the whole area of psychology that pertains to him”

“These aren’t alternative viewpoints,” Dr Zinner explained, calling one “the product of very sound psychology... that comes from mainly from psychoanalytic theory, but is very established and sound and studied,” and the other “just ignorance and dismissiveness”.

Dr Zinner said the goal of the petition is to reach legislators to educate them. “Most people don’t really know this is a coherent, well-studied, well-defined condition,” he said.

“Even those that don’t dismiss [the diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder] say, ‘well, you know, these are just a lot of random bad, insane behaviors,’ but they don’t see how it coheres around the self esteem issue,” he continued.

“And others, they say, ‘well, he’s a liar and he’s a cheat and he exploits people and all of that stuff,’ but those are just random traits, whereas all of it hangs together around his developmental deficiency of not having an internal stable self-esteem.”

Donald Trump repeatedly refused to believe intelligence briefings, former deputy director says.

He rejected the suggestion that the so-called Goldwater rule prohibits him from speaking out on the president's mental state. The Goldwater rule suggests that it is unethical for psychiatrists to give opinions on the mental health of someone they have not personally examined.

"You know ... the people that have written most strongly in favor for the rule themselves have diagnosed Trump. In other words, they're total hypocrites," he said, before adding that a one-on-one interview wasn't necessary to diagnose the president because of his myriad public statements and public behavior...."


Tell me folks...would you ever see Putin
caught in a stupid, unnecessary fix like this?

But, but, BUT it's a "perfect storm" of poor national leadership!

Greencrow says: The PressTV report comes at a time when Canada is also suffering through a dangerous period of leadership deficit. Our MINORITY GOVERNMENT LEADER, Justin (le Dauphin) Trudeau is pretending and acting as if he had a majority government. This past week he went swaggering off to London, England to attend the NATO meeting. Because he was forced to sit through an impromptu Trump Press Conference and publicly answer some cringeworthy questions from Trump, Trudeau cowardly responded to the embarrassment by gossiping about Trump behind his back later at a Buckingham "Meet and Greet". Here is the gist of that cowardly and unstatesmanlike act:

Yes, like a cowardly bully in a schoolyard at recess...Trudeau made fun of the obviously mentally ill leader of the so-called "Most Powerful Nation In The World"(TM). Trump, in a "knee jerk response" called Trudeau "two faced". Both leaders then stepped back from the silliness and pretended to bury the hatchet.

Cynical and sentient observers of the episode will know that these types don't forgive nor forget. There will definitely be some kind of payback. Canadians can only hope that it won't be as draconian as "The Tarnak Farm Incident" of April 17, 2002 where four Canadian soldiers were killed and several injured over at Kandahar Air Base in Afghanistan. In that infamous and notorious episode...two pilots of US Air National Guard jets flew wildly off course and bombed some Canadian troops doing "night time live fire" exercises just outside the heavily protected NATO military base. The US Air National Guard pilots entered restricted airspace without permission to drop their bombs directly on the Canadians.

Within seconds of the bombing, the US military traffic control said to the pilots: "You're cleared, self-defense". Well, the backstory to this infamous chapter in US/Canadian relations was that Prime Minister Jean Chretien was dragging his heels in getting involved in the War on Afghanistan and had outright rejected getting involved in the War on Iraq.

After the Canadian tragedy...Jean Chretien's only public comment on the US bombing of Canadian troops was "They said it was an accident". George W. Bush also flew in the US Air National Guard during his spotty military career...and so there might have been some kind of gonnection there. The bi-lateral temperature reached a boiling point the following November when a Canadian "diplomat" called George W, Bush "a moron" at a NATO meeting. This injudicious comment was also picked up by a "hot mic".

So Canadians thought our leaders had learned the hard way not to pi$Z off American leaders who are of course deliberately (s)elected for their frailties...including, in order of importance: Ziofascism, corruption and mental illness/dementia.

But nooooooooooooo. Le dauphin HAD to open his trap. Now all Canadians can do is hope that the retaliation won't amount to loss of life. We know it's coming. We're just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Western Energy Crisis Part Two - Photon Beam - Has a Cure for Cancer been discovered?

The Future of Energy? - Photon Laser

In Part One of this two part series, I discussed how the dinosaur energy project, the TMX is threatening the environmental destruction of my home province, British Columbia.  In Part Two I present an alternative to shale mining/Fracking, i.e.:

--the scraping, drilling, destabilizing of the earth's crust...flushing the resultant shale with millions of gallons of precious fresh water and shipping the product, Bitumen, which is not clean-up-able--down to the BC Coast via high pressure pipelines--where it will be loaded onto huge gridlocked Oil Tankers, paraded out the narrow, environmentally vulnerable waters of Burrard Inlet to English Bay and from there down the west coast of North America to Texas refineries. 

This process will go on for generations and will result in the inevitable oil [Bitumen] spills [Oops!].  The last time we had an oil spill in Burrard Inlet, the ship involved "escaped" in the dead of night and so no restitution was made to the BC government--which was left with the clean-up bill.  It seems as though BC is to be saddled with an unavoidable nightmare of catastrophic proportions in perpetuity.  But is THIS really the only way we have to produce energy to meet humanities' needs?

Just yesterday, in RT there was a report about a new form of energy which has been developed in the United States.  It is a variation/escalation of the laser light form of energy which is already transforming our lives.  This new adaptation promises to revolutionize our lives completely.  Please read the RT article and I will have more comments to follow:


"Scientists develop new kind of photon beam which may be secret weapon against cancer 

Scientists have made a major breakthrough using non-toxic silicon nanocrystals to create higher-energy light which could create the next generation of high-tech cancer treatments.

Researchers from the University of California, Riverside and the University of Texas at Austin believe they have discovered the Holy Grail of materials science which allows them to convert photons from low-energy to high-energy, using carefully-crafted silicon nanocrystal structures and custom organic molecules.

High-energy light (like ultraviolet) can produce free radicals, which are used to attack cancer cells, but which cannot penetrate deep enough to attack the vast majority of cancerous tumors in the human body.

Meanwhile, low-energy light particles (like those from infrared) can penetrate deeply but don't possess enough energy to generate the cancer-fighting free radicals.

By achieving the so-called “photon up-conversion” the team may have bridged the gap between the two, allowing deep penetration while creating the cancer-fighting free radicals exactly where they’re needed, all while using non-toxic materials.

The group, led by UC Riverside doctoral student Pan Xia, created a custom organic solution which would transfer the energy from the nanocrystal to surrounding molecules. They then fired a laser into the solution and, by toying with different types of silicon nanocrystals, were able to create higher-energy light
Furthermore, the breakthrough could have additional applications in fields like solar-energy conversion and quantum computing.


Greencrow says:  I have always said that the future of energy was solar power.  We already use solar power in our daily lives.  My husband and I power the fridge on our sailboat with a solar panel located on the "bimini" roof of our steering cockpit.  I imagine a day...long after I am dead and gone...when cars will traverse the highways powered by "solar paint" which coats their chassis.

Yes, RT hailed this latest development in solar power and lasers as a breakthrough for cures for cancer.  I can see that happening in the short term...if not already.  We can't wait for them to get all the bureaucratic ducks in a row to use it on terminal cancer patients.  This must happen NOW.

But in the longer term...we need to totally re-think our approach to energy.  We have been given two great gifts...the sun...the source of all energy on earth...and our own ingenuity...where we can invent new applications, modifications and enhancements.

Some day, my great grandchildren will wonder why I got so hepped up about wasting fresh water--to tear up the earth's crust--to ship an unclean-up-able toxic contaminant down--to an environmentally vulnerable coastline--to put into huge tankers which will then be subjected to the huge storms of the so-called "climate change[TM]"...all so that some greedy banksters/oligarchs can afford private islands where they can practice pedophilia in peace.

Folks, I believe all these new applications for lasers and solar power are already here.  I believe they're all being suppressed just like the big robber barons killed the trains in the early 1900' they could build huge highways for the gas-guzzling cars of the 50's and 60's.

I believe the entire Fossil Fuel Energy industry is a gargantuan scam.  And Canadians are being sucked in--like the rubes that we are.  Wake Up!