Sunday, January 25, 2015

Ukraine Update: Outta my face! Get outta my face please!

UPDATE:  January 26, 2015 According to Press TV Putin called the Kiev army "NATO's" army in the Ukraine.

UPDATE:  January 26, 2015 According to analyst on RT...US general visited Ukraine hospital and handed out medals to wounded soldiers...."This is our war now."

  American Soldier all Gussied up to Kill Ukrainian Civilians ---for Money

Watch this video :

It clearly shows a soldier with an (North) American accent telling the Ukrainian reporter to get "Outta my face".  Thank heaven for the ubitquitous reporter these days....even the embedded reporters of yesteryear have been replaced with these on-the-spot truther reporters like this woman.  Now, from the gentleman's accent...I would place him in the northern part of the US...either north east or north west.  I would lean towards the north east.  There is even a slight trace of "New York" in his accent. However, the fact that he says "please" means he could be Canadian.  If he said "eh" or "sorry" that would be a dead giveaway... lol.  Sorry for my "humour" in this instance.  This episode was obviously terrifying for the inhabitants...look at that shrapnel!  If you got hit with a piece of that it would go clear through you.  But this asshole doesn't need to worry about his wife or children...they're far away.

These satanists make me sick.  Here is another report from RT with the same short video of the "Outta my face" a longer video showing the destruction caused by these creeps and slimeballs.  Can you imagine?  These guys tearing up a kindergarten school for money?  Hang them by their testicles!!!

Report from RT with two videos implicating western fighters in the Mariupol bombing.

This 9 minute video has the piece about the Outta My Face American plus several other pieces of street scenes around Mariupol showing the devastation of the NATO-inspired bombing

I've been reading that the "Ukrainian" army (aka young Ukrainian draftees and embedded NATO contractors) have been losing the battle for eastern Ukraine--badly. always...they're winning the primary goal of the war....which is to destroy the country/infrastructure/culture/economy.... and force the population to become unwilling refugees....THAT part of the battle they're totally winning.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Fifth Columnists and "Mockingbird 2" Lined up Against Russia

Vladimir Putin

I was planning on taking my time with my next post on the West's concentrated effort to instigate regime change in Russia...but events are moving quite fast.  So I think I'll post this quickly just as a "heads up".

The audaciousness of America's "thimpk tank" (sic) CSIS (not coincidentally the same acronym as the Canadian  CSIS) to recently host a fifth columnist treasonous Russian Duma member--with his power point presentation of "How to Get Rid of Putin"...cannot be ignored.  Here's the report:

The usual suspects see that the longer they leave Putin in power, the harder it will be to get back on track with their globalist agenda.  He's seriously slowing them down.  Here's the latest headline from the BBC (Biggest and Best Calumny) where the BBC accuses Russia of attacking Ukraine...again.

My feeling is that the PTB cannot wait for their latest "Mockingbird 2" media foreplay to soften up the Western populations (to accept) for the kill.  They need to cut to the chase.

Putin is wisely staying home and not attending international events, such as the Auschwitz anniversary ceremony in Europe. This is pissing the provocateurs off. They are going to up the ante by heating up their simmering wars around the globe and particularly on Russia's draw him out into the open (literally and politically).

When I mention "Mockingbird 2" I am referring to the topic of my last post--JFK revisionists trying to airbrush Zionist/Mossad/Israeli involvement out of the Kennedy assassination...there have been a few more of these efforts. Mockingbird 1 was the subversion of the mainstream media. Mockingbird 2 (my own designation) is the current attempted subversion of the alternate media.

After can't plot and carry out the assassination of another world leader (Putin) when there is still "unfinished bidness" over the last one (Kennedy).  In the analysis linked to above...the writer Holbrooks was "hired" (see his advert at the end) ostensibly to suggest that Obama might be the subject of an assassination attempt.  It takes him the whole lengthy article but, at the very end...he reveals his true purpose for writing's actually a "hit piece" at Putin.  Here's his final quote:
Vladimir Putin is a thug. He’s a monster like all the rest. The fact that he’s a far more cunning and intelligent monster is no reason to celebrate him. That would be a mistake on our part. I focus on him here only as a means to shed light on a deadly situation. But we should never forget that given the chance, Putin would be every bit the dictator that John McCain dreams about being every night.
How does the saying go? Those who seek power are those least worthy of it?
It’s something like that. I swear.
James Holbrooks is a professional writer and editor. You can find his work or hire him at where this article first appeared. Follow James on Twitter.

As far as the possibility of assassinating Obama....the perps wouldn't hesitate at doing this.  As I said when Obama was first elected, if he really was authentic (which I always doubted) he wouldn't last a year.  Still, I think there's still a risk of them eliminating him part of a false flag ("triggering event"--as the Treasonous Russian Duma member suggests in his Power Point) ...or even as kind of a subliminal cautionary tale for Americans--not to (s)elect a black leader again (they might just want a 'real" one next time) ...just like the JFK assassination was (amongst other purposes) a cautionary tale for Americans never to elect a Roman Catholic leader again...which they never have.

To return to my point....Putin is being systematically demonized in preparation for their best effort at eliminating him.

Their strategy is clearly revealed in the above quote...Holbrooks calls Putin a "thug" and a "monster" in a classic depersonalization. Holbrooks doesn't feel he has to provide one single shred of evidence/example of why he calls him this. Just provide one clear annotated example is all I ask...nay...demand!!! Or else, shut the hell up!

Putin's genius, IMO, is to have never allowed himself to be corrupted...with the long view of performing the exact geo-strategic role he's in now--Arch Enemy of the forces of evil.  Let's hope that Putin is as smart as he appears. IMO, he's the only hope left for the world.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Rich Men's Tricks, Or, The Devil Made Them Do It! A Video Documentary Review

The Devil, as Pictured in Rich Men's Tricks

Recently, I spent over three hours watching the video linked below:

Aangirfan  posted it on his blog and notes:  "Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick, by Francis Richard Conolly, explains in great detail how we are conned by the rich elite.

The video covers 9 11, the Bush Family, the Woolwich attack, Gladio, the JFK assassination, Hitler, the Nazis, Islam, the World Wars, the Mafia, the CIA, the Robber Barons, the Rothschilds and much more.

There is a huge amount of detail on JFK.

The video explains how the elite supply both sides in wars."


Here is my review of the video:

First of all Francis Conolly is an excellent narrator.  His light Irish trill draws you gently into the heavy material.  Over three hours....I never got tired of hearing him speak.  He starts off by going back to the mid 1800's, to describe how the European Rothchilds got their foot in the door of the American banking system... by sending JP Morgan over with a fistful of dollars.  Although Morgan became a fabulously wealthy "Robber Baron", he never actually owned more than 16% of the JP Morgan Bank. Rothchild owned the rest.  Conolly never says "which" Rothchild own the majority share...or goes into much detail about someone(s) who should be the focus of the piece--the man/men at the top.  That was my first hint that this documentary video has an agenda.

“History is written by the winners.”Napoléon Bonaparte

The above quote came to mind, as I became more aware of Conelly's point of view.  I would amend Napoleon's observation to read: "History is constantly being tweaked by the winners."  Conelly is constantly "tweaking" the well known history of the past 100+ years.  He chooses to emphasize that WWII was financed on both sides by the banksters. But what he adds is that the reason they financed the war was in the hope that Germany could destroy the emerging (communist) Russia.  In the new globalist dynamic of the demonization of timely that the goal of "destruction of Russia" is brought back to the fore.

Conelly describes how, in the early years of the 1900, a highly decorated American war hero, General Smedley Butler, foiled a coup of the banker conspiracists--who wanted Butler to lead 500,000 men in a revolution to replace the democratically-elected leaders of the United States.  At the last moment...Butler disclosed the conspiracy to President Roosevelt who does....wait for it....absolutely nothing.  Perhaps Americans should take from this non response that the Bankers' "revolution" had already been won.

While Conelly includes religion among the evil organizations that manipulate mankind, oddly enough, he presents the devil (as pictured above) as one of the forces that drives the evildoers.  He accuses the Devil himself of driving these men to do such evil things. This summoning of the devil seems to contradict his previous dismissal of the authenticity/value of religion and the supernatural.  God does not exist...but the devil does???!

There is quite a bit of time spent on the German concentration camps of WWII...but again history is tweaked by Conelly' referring to the camps as American-financed "Slave Labour Camps". No regurgitation of the "ovens" is made, except oblique reference to American-made Zyclon Gas and the 6 million dead. American and European businessmen, including the Duke of Windsor, are accused of profiting off slave labour.  The slaves were apparently building armaments for the war effort. How they could be doing that in such crowded and deplorable conditions...when genocide was going not explained.

Conelly segues forward to the post war period and describes how the bankster cabal chose their presidential candidate, the devious "Tricky" Richard Nixon, through an ad in the newspaper. Kennedy's background is also described. Conelly depicts Jack and Bobby as "decent" men who recoiled at the idea of their wealthy father being associated with the mafia. 

Time and again Conelly returns to the JFK assassination.  This is the centre of his argument. He names and implicates all the well known conspirators....the Mafia, the members of the Cuban gang, the CIA,(Dulles Brothers) the U.S. Military, J Edgar Hoover, LBJ, etc.  One glaring omission is CIA director James Jesus Angleton, who was not only the mastermind of the plot, according to some experts, but the link between the CIA and the Mossad. Conelly does not mention the Mossad connection once.  This omission lays his agenda bare. 

Photo from my 50th Anniversary three part series on the JFK Assassination
Why did Conolly leave out Angleton?  James Jesus Angleton (photo above, left) was a senior CIA official who, according to some recent research was connected to the Cuban malcontents (who were angry that JFK had botched their Cuban Invasion) AND the Israeli government (angry at Kennedy's refusal to condone Israel's nuclear weapons program AND his plan to force dual citizen Israel/US government lobbyists to register as foreign agents).  Kennedy had also vowed to get rid of the Federal Reserve.   I believe this omission (of James Jesus Angleton) is a deliberate effort to obscure Israeli/Mossad involvement in the assassination.  

Conelly builds a case that the JFK assassination was planned by a consortium of Oil businessmen/Mafia plus J Edgar Hoover, LBJ  (although Conelly denies that LBJ was the kingpin--as some other theorists have alleged) and some disgruntled government officials (CIA's Harriman, Dulles and Brown) who had been fired by JFK after the Bay of Pigs Fiasco.  Conelly mentions but does not stress an involvement by generals in the US military.  He places the blame primarily on the Mafia--and even suggests that the Kennedy's may have brought the tragedy on themselves by being so dependent on the Mafia in the effort to get Kennedy elected president in the first place.  He says the Mafia felt betrayed because the Kennedy's "owed" them for the election....and were not showing enough "tangible" gratitude.

Interesting factoids that I did not know about the JFK assassination.  According to Conelly's version of events:

-  The mortal shot was fired upwards from a street level opening in a storm sewer culvert....Conelly did not give much information on these shooters...except to say they were young men.

-  Officer Tippet was a JFK lookalike and was murdered by G. Gordon Liddy (of later Watergate fame) so his body could be exchanged for JFK's body's on the morgue table--in a macabre body-switch/autopsy.  

- Both RFK and Jacqueline voiced suspicions that the body they later viewed in the coffin back in Washington was NOT JFK's!

- Conelly suggests that the Kennedy family never voiced their doubts about the official assassination story because Joe Sr. (Jack's father) had been involved with the Mafia and they didn't want the Kennedy name dragged into the mud.  I think a more likely scenario is that they knew that if they opened their mouths...they would be next.  Robert (who did directly accuse LBJ in a face-to-face confrontation) was next.  Years later...JFK Jr. was killed (the weekend before he was to announce his candidacy for a NY Senate seat), likely by the same cabal.

Conelly wraps up his lengthy documentary with tie-ins to the 9/11 False Flag atrocity. He submits that the same cabal is still in control today, and that a popular "revolution" is necessary to bring "decent" men back into power.  Conelly provides an Internet address to contact, should anyone want to get involved.  It's implied that this call to activism will use the social media/Internet.  I strongly disagree with the potential for success of this strategy, but more about that in my next post.

In summary, this documentary is simply the latest example of what we used to call in the Watergate era  "a limited hang-out". There's enough new information in the video used as bait to make it "exceptional" and worth the view.  However, just like earlier documentary's, including Oliver Stone`s movie, (which Conelly insists were ALL produced by the CIA), this one definitely has an agenda.  Who's agenda is it promoting?  In my opinion, the clues lie in what it chooses not to include...primarily the glaring omission of James Jesus Angleton....and his connections with the Mossad....or any mention of the enemies that Kennedy had made in Israel--due to his opposition to Israel having nukes, his plan to force dual citizen Israelis to register as foreign lobbyists and his plan to disband the Federal Reserve.

I believe this documentary is yet another attempt to divert scrutiny from and continue the cover-up of the Israeli connection to the assassination of President John F Kennedy. Getting an Irishman with a lovely lilt in his voice to write, produce and narrate it was a stroke of media savvy genius. 

Friday, January 16, 2015

Prediction that the dollar will severely crack by mid February. I'm gonna diarize that one.

The Wizard of Oz with Dorothy

Jim Willie predicts that the dollar will severely crack by mid-February.  I'm gonna diarize that one.

The blogs abound with speculation about the world economy...dire predictions that we're on the brink of economic collapse.  Paul Craig Roberts is saying that "Black Swans" (I love birds) of the economic variety could soon start to soar--and anything could happen.

I dunno.  These predictions have been rampant for years now but we're still basking in material luxury...when compared with any other point in the History of Civilization timeline.  Stores of all kinds are still overflowing with goods/services.  Cars are still lining up at my local Value Village to drop off trunks full of unwanted possessions for recycling.

When I visited Russia last summer...things were good over there too.  Their stores were also full. There wasn't the regulation identical strip mall, full of franchise stores, dominating every we have here.  But that was a good thing. Smaller cities still had open market places where the local people could meet one another, communicate and have a chance to make a ruble.

An American I spoke to recently was full of predictions that the US buck was going to collapse in the near future.  Strangely, he said it with a sparkle in his eyes and a voice full of hope and anticipation. I think the waiting has gone on so long for the other shoe to drop (the first being the offshoring of all the good jobs and the bankruptcy of American cities) that Americans yearn for the end of the that another cycle...hopefully with more jobs (aka meaning in life) can begin.

As a baby boomer...I have a distinct (lol "indispensable" as the Americans like to call themselves) perspective.  I'm part of the demographic "mouse" travelling through the alimentary canal of the economic snake....a large amount of nourishment travelling through from beginning to end over the period of 50+ years.  When we were teenagers, we started contributing to a world wide economic boom.  Our wants and needs defined the, cars, electronics, houses.   Now that we've reached that "final orifice"...we've stopped consuming...except for travel...and burial plots.  This drying up of consumerism, IMO, has as much to do with the instability in the global economy as anything else.

The impending collapse...when the boomers finally get pooped out of the snake... is far too prosaic. The globalist bankers don't want people to see or understand such an inevitable phenomena. Like solar power, if everybody understood and accessed this knowledge, it would remove the cabal's illusory "control" over the system.  So they terrorize and threaten with complicated currency manipulations and false economy-stimulating warfare.

The PTB play the role of the Wizard in Oz....hiding behind the curtain with fans and loud noise....they mesmerize, terrorize and distract humanity.  When what's really going on is a perfectly understandable digestive process....on a global scale.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

CBC's "Fifth Estate" sells it's reputation to globalist propaganda machine - "Putin - The Long Shadow"

Vladimir Putin walks through doors
in Grand Kremlin Ballroom to give Annual State of Federation Address in 2014

CBC's "Fifth Estate" news program has a long and admirable reputation for flushing out the truth and bringing justice to the victimized.  Now, it seems to have been whored out to the globalist propaganda machine in order to vilify Putin:

Here's the broadcast:

The show begins with Putin walking through the golden doors of the Kremlin Grand Ballroom, down a long red carpet, audience respectfully he approaches the speaking platform.  The voiceover says he's the "leader of a corrupt government".  Right know who is speaking through the voice of the narrator.  Next shot is of a nerdy looking unidentified guy...obviously one of the "chosen experts" ...the only ones these days who are allowed to comment or analyse in western "news broadcasts".  He says that "everyone knows" Putin is a criminal...or words to that effect.  Then there are the iconic flash freeze shots of Putin--riding bareback on a horse, fishing, riding a motorcycle...while the voice intones that "people in Russia are afraid to speak out"...about Putin and his criminal government.

The Fifth Estate has never been dragged so low.  When will it do an "equal time" broadcast about Obama and his history?  The debatable "birther" facts about where he was born...his early Poem "Pop" being one of the few published writings...including his stint as editor of the Harvard Law Review where he did not submit ONE writing in the entire year he spent as editor.  It would take several Fifth Estate episodes to cover all the gaps and anomalies about Obama.  Or, when is the Fifth Estate going to tackle the ongoing pedophilia scandal in the UK government? Where the "investigation" is continually slowed or sidetracked (I guess they're waiting for all the old buggers to die).

The fact of the matter is...the CIA and other usual suspects have been trying for years to come up with criminal/corrupt behaviour by Putin and even their NGO frontmen have admitted the worst thing they can say about him is that he "likes expensive watches".  So What!?  He works far into the least he should be able to keep proper track of the time.  All the lies about him have been gathered by the CIA/usual suspect-installed "Fifth Column" that operates in Russia...and earns its keep by spewing out mis-information about the government.  Putin rose to the top by NOT being corrupt and thus not controllable by foreign interests.  That's why Yeltsin CHOSE Putin to replace himself and.... That's what the globalist bankster cabal hate the most about him.

I know, I know...NOBODY watches the CBC anymore what does it matter?  Well, for one a taxpayer I'm paying for this Filth Estate pack of lies, innuendo and propaganda.  But, the fact is, some people DO still watch the CBC and unfortunately, they're the most gullible in our society. The sheeple still watch the CBC.... and coo and awe at Peter Mansbridge and his "At Issue Panel" of arthritic and dementia-addled commentators...some of whom were on the panel decades ago...when even I watched "The National".  These are the very folks who will swallow the tripe about Putin hook, line and sinker...and who the CBC will point at and say "This is what Canadians believe!"

And then the sheeple will say in unison ...."Baaaaaaa....yes, that's what we believe, all right. Unfortunately, I know some of these poor souls personally.  They will believe the lies and it will become the received truth in Canada.  C'est dommage.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Russia shuts off gas valve to Europe - drops Petro$

UPDATE:  January 16, 2015 According to DAHBOO77...Greece is lining up with Russia over the Ukraine gas pipeline pullout.

UPDATE:  January 14, 2015 According to DAHBOO77, Russia is pulling out of the petrodollar:

Russia -- not so comfortable in Europe anymore

Russia, claiming that Ukraine has been up to its historical nasty habit (yet again) of siphoning off Russia's gas as it travels through the Ukraine part of the pipeline towards Europe, has shut off the gas valve....thus denying several European countries their gas.  Russia is saying that its gas will be diverted to Turkey instead.*  If Europeans want any of it, they will need to build their own pipeline to Turkey to get it.

Late last year, Russia announced that it was no longer planning to build another pipeline (South Stream) to Europe.  The plans to build this pipeline foundered on the EU's insistence that Russia could not both build and own the pipeline.  They had to sell it to one of the EU's energy companies to run. Russia is not into this kind of deal as it wants to become the same kind of energy powerhouse (i.e. control its own resources) that other countries take for granted that they can be.

So, the gauntlet has been officially dropped.  The US, through its meddling in Ukraine and forcing its' European client states to invoke sanctions against Russia, has pushed Europe into a very cold and dark corner indeed.  But, no doubt, Obama et al (already in frenetic M$M spin cycle) will respond by paraphrasing that famous statement:

"Let them eat cake in the cold and dark!"


* Just wondering if Russia's sudden decision had anything at all to do with this.  Just askin'.

Je ne suis pas Sheeple

Sheeple lined up in Paris to buy filthy bullying magazine

Browsing through my list of "Recommended Blogs" to the right this morning, I notice that a lot of fellow truth bloggers are summing up their thoughts on the Charlie Hebdo False Flag. These are my two cents.

First of all this was a masthead false flag, probably perpetrated by the primary cell of the world wide cabal.  It looks a lot like 9/11... as so many bloggers have pointed out...the "conveniently dropped ID"...the "suicided" investigator (just like "al qaeda" investigator John O'Neill was suicided in the towers that morning.  Correction:  John O'Neill died when the tower he was in, on his first day of work at his new job, collapsed.  Actually, I am going to leave in the word "suicided" because, for all I know, he could have been shot in his office.  I have read 9/11 eye-witnesses reports that assassination squads were roaming the site that day, "randomly" shooting people)....the conveniently-timed filming of selected segments of the attacks.  What is missing so far is the money-making component.  Knowing these perps' mindsets...there should be a monetary greasing of the wheels to complete the profile.  Is it the money they're making as the sheeple (above) line up to buy the toilet paper?  I doubt it.  That's not nearly enough money.  9/11 had all the "put options" and the insurance fraud.  There has to be a big amount of loot.  I know the French government has paid a large amount of money to save Charlie Hebdo from impending bankruptcy.  Why?

I note that a few bloggers haven't even touched the issue.  What's up with "The Corbett Report?"  That's a pity.  He recently covered the Federal Reserve...but even a lot of Main$tream blogs cover that massive fraud.  We need people to speak up when these satanic guerrilla attacks against humanity occur....calling them out for what they are.

Truth bloggers should never forget who we are...We're the grunts...the front line foot soldiers in the war against humanity.  We get down and dirty.  We counterattack.  We band together for strength of force.....while we still can.