Friday, October 17, 2014

Russian Talk Show

NOTE  October 22, 2014:  I have updated my art page with some fall photography.

UPDATE October 22, 2014:  Dimitry Orlov has written one of the best analysis of Russian/American Geopolitics that I have read.
All I can add to it is "What he said."


Russian Crest

Watch this Russian Talk show...from a link copied from The Vinyard of the Saker

[I'm sorry, YouTube won't allow me to upload these videos directly onto my blog, for some reason.] find out how Russians view the west...following Obama's recent horrific speech to the UN.  As stated during the talk show, Russians regard Obama's remarks about their country--in a list that also included ebola and ISIS--as an "official declaration of war".

Interesting glimpse into the Russians' viewpoint.  They are right about most things, but the elephants in the living room are: 1) the clout of the western main$tream media....which, like the psychopathic liar Obama, lies inexorably to Americans.  This all-pervasive media controls the "west" and prods humanity relentlessly towards war.  Who runs this system?  2) The Russians give way too much credit to "Americans", not realizing that the US is a ZOG....Zionist Occupied Government.  So are many other western countries, including the 5iZOG (U.S., Canada, Australia New Zealand and UK).  To many of the nationals who live in them, these countries now feel like oppressive prisons.  Many westerners look sadly towards Russia as a saviour.

Russia should encourage its natural and potential allies in the west to throw off their shackles.  Russia can help those millions of us who are imprisoned by lies in the west by supporting the "truth community"....As an example, if they provided us with intelligence/evidence, we could crack the 9/11 false flag/coup d'etat wide open and send the perps to prison. Then the problems for Russia and the West would be solved. Because....IMO, the 9/11 perps and the enemies of Russia are one and the same.

Finally, someone (Matt Lee, the intrepid AP White House Reporter) speaks truth to power and tells the US State Department and Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Adm. John Kirby how Russians perceive NATO:

[viewer comment: "Matt Lee gets some fresh meat, Psaki gets a break while Matt makes a US military spokesperson look a fool."]

The Rear Admiral is easily baffled by unaccustomed logic.


Sunday, October 12, 2014

RIP Kenny, my friend and fellow blogger

"Immortality" by the Bee Gees, sung with Celine Dion
Copied from the Blog "Aanirfan": 

"The top blogger Kenneth Ray Kirkham (kenny's sideshow), 62, passed away suddenly, Thursday, Sept. 18, 2014 at Stones River Hospital.

Kenneth Ray Kirkham on The Cannon Courier

Kenny will always be loved and respected by people around the world."

Kenny has moved. / Kenneth Ray Kirkham. / RIP KENNY


Kenny was someone I considered a friend.  I visited his blog, Kenny's sideshow almost daily for several years now.  Many times I added a comment and was drawn into a discussion.  Kenny was an excellent moderator...always keeping the discussion going but not getting out of control.  He had a quiet sense of humour and inner strength that radiated out from his writing.  I considered him a mentor.  He added me to his sidebar of favourite blogs and my traffic went through the ceiling! (from "no" hits to maybe 6 a day! ; ).  He was the first one who ever added me to his sidebar.

A few years ago I lost another blogger friend, Piglipstick....He was similar to example of the best freedom loving "blogtivists" that American has produced.  I still miss Piglipstick.  Now I imagine  Kenny and Piglipstick are together up in the great beyond, looking down and commiserating on the state of the world.  Farewell, my friend.


Saturday, October 11, 2014

Friday, October 10, 2014

What evil lurks in the hearts of men

 UPDATE:  October 19, 2014  Here is a link written by an African who basically tells it like it is about Ebola.  Here is another one, an interview with blogger/investigator Wayne Madsen.  As far as I'm concerned....this is as close to the truth as we're going to get.  Yet another debunker of the Ebola False Flag.
UPDATE:  October 11, 2014.  No sooner than I posted my ebola postulation below than the Internet virtually exploded with articles like this.  It* reminds me of the theory of the 100 monkeysEveryone knows.
*....when the virus reaches “critical mass” we will see a media blitz like we have never seen before in this country. Most of the sheep will be frightened into turning to the government for help. They will willingly comply with the new vaccine requirements.
The rest of us, who are presumably awake, will be forced to take the vaccine, or we will eventually be isolated where we will not be allowed to spread our anti-CDC rhetoric. Multiple vaccines, not just the Ebola vaccine, will be required. Ebola will be the excuse to impose mandatory vaccinations..."
Passport Photo?  Or Police Mug Shot?
This post is a brief look into the heart of its various forms...
I think I’ve finally got this Ebola thing figured out. This is my theory….how I arrived at it is by using my usual methodology. I try to get into the minds of the perps…using their “values” and goals and apply that “logic” to whatever devious plot, false flag or hoax that’s current.

In the case of Ebola….it seems to be directed particularly at people who travel. There seems to be a concerted effort at getting people either not to travel…or to submit to extraordinarily invasive scrutiny if they do. People who travel are risk factors for the perps. Travelling means:

a) you have financial means;
b) you are likely broadminded and open to foreign cultures;
c) you are more independent in control of your life. If you don’t like it somewhere…you have the means to leave.

So. What I think is going on is the perps want to control this group of humans by subjecting them to invasive scrutiny, including forced vaccinations. The vaccinations (which the US has been working on–as it the US holds the patent to the Ebola virus) will be multi-functional. They could be injections of noxious substances to affect the health, ability and longevity of the injectee. But, and here is what I believe:  The injections will also include a microscopic RFID chip so that these injectees can be traced all over the globe. Eventually, they could even be picked up by satellite. Scary? You bet!

That's it for Ebola...a truly monster-made evil.  No other cure available?

Here are some other evil goings on I've collected recently in my travels throughout the world wide web:
Israel willing to see US and Russia at War interview with Mark Glenn:

"...pernicious and deadly influence that Israel has over the foreign policy of the US. .... Megalomaniacs and people with mental illness such as Netanyahu..."

Speaking of vaccinations:

Vaccines cause autism

Israel likes when countries don't speak to each other:

Israel thanks Canada for cutting ties with Iran

or when computer worms threaten nuclear facilities:

Israel Computer Worm (Stuxnet) attacks Russian nuclear facility

We're so 'effing lazy we can't even pick up the trash!

88% of Earth's Oceans clogged by plastic debris

Finally....we allow companies like "MonSatan" to parasite off humanity, the globe and to destroy both:

12 worst products manufactured by Monsanto

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Taken out to the Woodshed

UPDATE:  September 27, 2014  - BREAKING NEWS"No one has a monopoly on the truth"  I did not have to wait long to find out what being taken out to the woodshed would look is Russia's response to the US's crossing the red line in Syria
There is a common expression in english..."Someone is going to be taken out to the woodshed".  It means that someone is going to be severely punished.  This expression harkens back to the days when the father of the family was the supreme disciplinarian and one of the primary parenting rules was "Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child".  Children were regularly taken out to the woodshed and given a strapping by their father.  In a large family such as I grew up in, there was always a hush in the household when someone was going to be disciplined.  You could feel the dread in the air.  Everyone was on their best behaviour and nobody associated with the guilty party.
This is the ominous feeling that I have had since the US attacked Syria with warplanes the other day.  The US had been warned by Russia (and China I presume) that to drop bombs in a sovereign nation without express permission of that nation is against International Law and fundamental articles of the United Nations Charter.  But, the "We don't need no stinkin badges" Empire went ahead and bombed Syria anyway...using the tiniest figleaf of an excuse (going after a group of hooligans that they had founded, trained and armed) under false pretenses...bring down the legitimate Assad Syrian government.
Russia has not reacted to the contravention of UN articles and the mutual self defense pact it has with Syria....yet.  But, like that old ominous feeling that "someone" is going to be taken out to the woodshed....I feel that they are going to their own time and way.  Others feel the same.  One of the worst aspects of waiting to be taken out to the woodshed was when the parent did not react immediately..... but let the offender "stew in his own juices" for a while.

Why Syria???

Monday, September 22, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Syria under Attack by United States and Partners

UPDATE:  September 23, 2014 Watch this interview with American author and political analyst, Dean Henderson.  He says that this attack on Syria is the US/Israeli Neocon in the last throes of their power...we can only hope! 

The United States of America and "Partners" have attacked Syria

The official story is that they are targeting ISIS (a construct of the US/Mossad).  This proxy war group has attacked Syria recently.  Syria was the line in the sand that Putin drew last March...and Obama backed off.  Now Obama/Israel (who can tell the difference anymore) are crossing the red line.  As recently as this morning, Putin said that the US would need Syria's permission and co-operation to attack targets in Syria.  The "We Don't Need No Stinkin Badges" Empire refused to involve Syria.  Do we have World War III?  Could be.


US Senator John McCain explaining reasons for the US to arm ISIS.

Ex-US Marine Ken O'Keefe tells it like it is!  Watch the video

Saturday, September 20, 2014

All War is a War for the Future

NOTE:  I have updated the previous (September 9, 2014) post on the MH17 report as of September 21, 2014

"I want war!"  The Medium is the Message

Way back in the 1970's when I was in my early 20's I used to have a subscription to TIME* magazine.  Every week when it arrived I dropped what I was doing and read it cover to cover.  Even at that tender age, I was a political animal (bird?).  A few months after the Watergate break-in in 1972, TIME did a multi-page spread on the scandal.  I absorbed the information all weekend and when I went back to work on Monday, my mind was still buzzing with what I had read.  One of my work colleagues, a professional man quite a few years older than myself and I used to talk politics once in a while.  That Monday morning I told him that Nixon was going to have to resign as a result of the Watergate scandal.  He was amused.  What did this 20-something Canadian know about Washington politics?  At that time most people still hadn't even heard of the Watergate scandal.

Almost a decade later and a continent apart, this same gentleman called me at my (new) work place and asked if he could take me out for a drink after work.  We met and he told me that he was aware I had moved to the opposite coast and, while he was out on business, decided to look me up and congratulate me personally for having forecast the resignation of the President of the United States at least two years before it happened.  To this day, even I don't know what caused me to reach the conclusion that Nixon would have to resign**.  I put it down to an innate intuition related to the "politics gene" inherited from relatives on both sides of the family.  My great grandfather on my mother's side was the law partner of Sir John A. Macdonald.  My own father told me that his grandfather and my mother's grandfather both met the train (at different stops as they did not know each other) of an infamous Irish patriot Eamon DeValara, who crossed Canada on a fundraising tour during the Irish "troubles" in the early 1900's.  There's a lot of other political lore, but I won't bore readers with it at this time : )

Political "intuition" still guides me today when doing "geopolitical landscape painting".  Something that knocked me off my intuitional feet recently was the interview with Russian analyst Sergei Glaziev...posted earlier this month.  Even with the translational difficulties of watching a video interview given in Russian, I was struck with his point (as I took it anyway) that all wars are fought for the future, in his perspective, the technological future.  But I say it more broadly...all wars are fought for control of the future of that sense, it ties in with our animalistic drive to have our genes dominate into the future...basically the same reason that rams and elk ram their horns together in the fall rutting season...and just as inevitable, IMO.

That being the case, the world is readying itself for another human "rutting season"...with a war between "the west" and Russia, the two big "bulls of the words".  Here is Paul Craig Robert's view of the situation.

Glaziev said the war was about who would control the science of the future, nanotechnology...IMO, this part of the war has already begun in the form of chemtrails.  While I was on vacation in Russia earlier this summer, I was disappointed to see they have chemtrails crisscrossing the skys there as well.  Nanotechnology will fundamentally change humanity in ways that we currently cannot even predict.  I believe, like Glaziev says, the war is going to decide who gets to control that technology.

In the meantime, we are being distracted by all the bells and whistles of the old technology.  For instance, the mainstream media is busy with their role of creating the fog of war...preventing communication that might lead to peaceful negotiations and stirring up "fear and terror".  This is the kindling used to light the flames of war.  The West is determined that "peace will not break out by accident" and so is sabotaging Putin's peace initiatives in the Ukraine.  What worries "the West" more than anything is that they have met their match in Putin...he is well aware of the future stakes being held in the balance.   Sides are lining up...the peons are not allowed to switch sides, even if our "intuition" tells us what side has the most powerful horns.

"The Future", by Leonard Cohen

*re TIME magazine, I have not read that CIA asset propaganda mouthpiece in years.

** I only found out about the "deep state" reasons for the Nixon resignation decades after that...i.e., the E. Howard Hunt connection with the Kennedy assassination.