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UPDATED: CawRANT Events #70

CawRANT Events #70

Good morning everybody.  Today is a beautiful, sunny "crisp" day on the West Coast.  Cool mornings and warm afternoons are what we've been experiencing lately.  Thankfully, here in the Lower Mainland at least the skies are clear of the smoke from the forest fires, some of which are still burning in the BC Interior.

I'm going to start this morning's rant with an announcement.  Starting tomorrow, I will be going on a vacation and will most likely be out of range of the Internet [as I know it at least] for purposes of blogging.  We're going to China, and will hit all the high spots for tourists to that country.  I am looking forward to absorbing as much information about the Chinese nation and culture as I can within a relatively short time frame.  While I will be taking lots of photos I'm not going to promise to set them up on a special page for readers of this blog.  I made that promise when we went to Viet Nam and Thailand and still have not fulfilled it.  The reason was that I ran into a lot of problems trying to upload my photos in a coherent way and finally gave up.  Technology is not my strong suit.  Interestingly, my partner informed me yesterday that he finally downloaded HIS Viet Nam/Thailand photos onto his computer. Perhaps when we return from China I'll have a look at his photos and try once again to upload them onto a special page here...there goes that "promising" again : /

So this will be a relatively short, compact CawRANT events...I still have a ton of things to do to get ready.  Better get started.

The Assassination of Aleksandr Zakharchenko - a Natural Born Leader

Ever since the cold-blooded murder of Donetsk Peoples' Republic President Aleksandr Zakharchenko last Friday I have been mildly "situationally" depressed.  I have come to recognize this low, hopeless, feeling as a symptom of PTSD going back to the string of (unsolved) assassinations beginning in the 1960's [JFK, RFK, MLK, MX, and Paul Wellstone, JFK Jr. to name a few] that were perpetrated back when I was in my formative years.  Any similar murder triggers feelings of hopeless/helplessness and repressed anger/frustration.  I cannot share these feelings with my closest friends or family because it will just confirm to them that I am a hopeless "tinfoil hatter".  At our family farewell dinner last night I tried to tell my younger son about the news item re the assassination of Zakharchenko and he gave me a blank stare.  He was totally unaware of this major newz item.  It's ironic that my son is very "into" such TV series as "Game of Thrones" and yet is blissfully unaware of a real life "Game of Thrones" going on under his nose.  In this latest episode, the hero is taken out by the most evil monstrosities that could possibly inhabit this earth.  These monstrosities, in earlier manifestations also took out JFK, RFK, MLK, MX, and Paul Wellstone, JFK Jr.

Looking at the bigger picture of the assassination...the monstrosities WILL NOT allow humanity to have what I refer to as "natural leaders".  Natural leaders are like concert violinists, Olympic athletes and scientific geniuses like Tesla.  They are born, not made or trained.  It's a true gift to be able to relate to large groups and nations on such a deep level that they will follow you into battle..or, perhaps even more difficult...into peace.  It is a sublime trust and loyalty.  It can lift an entire nation up several levels of existence...as we have seen with Putin's leadership in Russia...and Assad's leadership in Syria.

That, readers, is exactly why the perps hate natural born leaders with a passion.  They have a unique power that is anathema to the control freaks...who have NO leadership qualities whatsoever and, by themselves, could not fill a phone booth with followers.  So they have to kill off natural born leaders, who rise perhaps once in a generation out of population bases of millions.  They have to throw money at bought and paid for "oppositions"...and train/brainwash useful idiots and puppets [Barak Obama comes to mind] to sit in the presidential offices of the world...rubber stamping their [the monster's] edicts.  Humanity has evolved to produce natural leaders out of every region/tribe of peoples on earth...one of the factors that makes leaders is their rising out of the region/tribe and knowing that people inside/out. So, what the perps do all over the world is play "wack-a-mole" every time one of the "natural leaders" rises up.  The M$M has deviously brainwashed the population into negatively viewing "populist" leaders.  Even the concept of leaders rising up, based on their ability to attract followers is constantly denigrated.  We've been conditioned to accept leaders being imposed from above [the elite]. So, deprived of its flowers/blooms, the human society organism becomes deformed, it begins to whither, it cannot regenerate in a healthy manner...no matter how many plastic flowers are taped to its stem.

That is what happened last Friday, folks, humanity was robbed of yet another "natural born" leader. Zakharchenko's murder was a crime against humanity.  Yet most of humanity remains unaware.  They're going to be amazed and mystified when violence resumes in the Donbass....if they give it a single thought...before turning up the volume on their favourite TV show...."Game of Thrones".

Another natural born leader in the cross hairs - Jeremy Corbyn

At the same time as the perps eliminated the DPR's leader...they're also pushing relentlessly for the removal of another leader, the UK's opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn.  It's actually for exactly the same reason/modus operendi as I described above.  Corbyn is a natural born leader who is in tune with and reflects the goals and aspirations of his tribe/community/region.  As such, he cannot stand...he cannot gain power in one of the most rancid, perp/pedo infested States on this earth.  Having attempted all manner of machinations to get rid of him...now they're using their top "stock in trade" tactic.  Accusing him of "antisemitism".

Corbyn will be gone prior to the next election in the UK.  With the unelectable Teresa May having no viable opposition...the options suddenly improve for the perps.  Will it be another plastic flower?  Or will it be warmed-over May.  That is the choice for Brits.

Canadian Politics

Which leads directly to the sad state of politics in Canada.  As I've mentioned numerous times, there are NO choices in Canadian Federal Politics.  The Liberals have the dumb@$$ Trudeau who has proven that he is a very tacky "plastic flower".  The conservatives have a leader who is banned from Russia and who gave a very anemic platform speech [why bother with a platform when you're only given "marching orders" anyway] at the recent convention.  Then we have the "third party" the NDP which is in "controlled demolition" at the moment.  The leader, Jagmeet Singh is going down the electoral swirly according to recent reports and as I predicted when he was "elected" leader.  As has happened time after time in the run up to a federal election [2019] there is NOBODY TO VOTE FOR.  Canada hasn't been able to develop a "natural born leader" in several generations...the lock down has been so successful.

Cannabis overdoses on rise in Canada

One of the many mistakes of le Dauphin has been to knuckle under to his Soros handler and legalize marijuana...during a time where there are epidemic overdoses of addictive drugs.  Here is an article from the CBC that looks specifically at overdoses due to cannabis already being in record numbers.

The good news is that the provincial government of British Columbia has filed a class action law suit against Opioid Manufacturers for costs of Overdoses in BC.  I have written earlier about this initiative and said that I hoped it would serve as a warning to the cannabis producers as to what can happen when customers use their product "as directed".

The weaponization of opioids

Here is an instance of epidemic opioid overdose that you probably did not see in the bought and paid for Mainstream media.  The State of Pennsylvania had an emergency recently in its prison system.  Staff were being poisoned and sickened by opioids brought into the prison as contraband.  Extrapolating from that...how do we protect humanity from massive overdoses in, say, milk...or coke...or beer?

Songbird McCain

Getting back to the subject of [lack of] natural born leaders...we had a pathetic public charade over the past weekend...perhaps as a distraction from the assassination of a true leader.  We had the bogus, contrived outpouring of grief for the recently deceased warmonger John McCain.  If ever there was what I referred to earlier as a "plastic flower" attached to the vine of community/tribe it was the so-called "war hero" John McCain...aka known as "Songbird McCain".

McCain was not tortured, PoW guard claims

How pathetic must the bundle of heroes currently be in the United States that they have to anoint for saint hood the severely flawed, character of John McCain who resembles more the 'Lil Abner character "Joe Btfsplk" than a real war hereo.  Here he is in the link copied below causing havoc on the naval destroyer he was assigned to:

McCain responsible for deadliest fire in US Navy history

Yes, after a life chasing leadership and failing miserably...Death was certainly a good career move - McCain

The Death of Internet Freedom

Speaking of death.  Many bloggers are doing a "death watch" over the Death of Internet Freedom.  It is certainly conceivable that the Internet as we know and love to blog on it will disappear while I am away over the next few weeks.  Apparently there already is a "kill switch".

Google Algorhythims been jerked around to the point were blog stats are a very unfunny joke.  Trump is pretending to be upset about it and hints that he's going to "go after it".  If Trump hints they're going after Google, et al...then there's gonna be more collusion, shadowbanning, algorhymimfix than ever!

And, just as a personal peeve. BTW what is behind the comments spam? I have asked this question before but never got an answer.  I would like a rational answer to the question:  Why would someone make a career of going onto blogs and enter illiterate and irrelevant comments onto the posts?  There must be a "Qui Bono" motive to this somewhere.  If someone gives me a rational, comprehensive answer I will mail him or her a tiny replica of a "terracotta warrior"souvenir when I return.

One of the Wonders of the World
the Terracotta Warriors

Final Rant Tidbits

I have a few more items in my CawRANT Events #70 file.  The first is the latest "pedophile priest" scandal surrounding the Catholic Church.  I always wonder why these scandals always materialize in the Zionist-controlled M$M just when Israel is getting some negative press over its treatment of Palestinians...and/or there is some disclosure regarding the huge elite pedophile network that is at the top levels of power throughout the West.  Here we have a Archbishop calling for resignation of Pope Francis.  This is the "pope" who took over when "Benny the Rat" "retired".  So far as I'm concerned...the mysterious resignation of Benny the Rat, which totally went against the most fundamental principle of the Roman Catholic Church...the "unbroken" lineage between St. Peter [the first pope] and today...signaled the end of the Roman Catholic Church.  IMO,  it's time for the Vatican to fold its tent and hand over the Papacy to the Eastern Orthodox Church.  In the meantime, I would ask readers to keep their focus on what the M$M is trying to cover up or distract from...whenever it focuses its hypocritical opprobrium entirely on the Catholic Church--to the exclusion of all the pedophilia going on in the Jewish religion and Hollywood.

Finally, I would like to think that, by the time I return to this blog, something will have resolved itself in the seemingly endless Syrian effort to reclaim its rightful territory from the habitual land thieves in Israel and their "wag the dog" allies.  It appears that the West is going to focus its last ditch efforts to stop Syria from reclaiming its own land on the use of drones to cowardly attack Syrian civilians and infrastructure


Here is an astute comment made by Ed(itor) my blogging colleague on the recent explosions in a munitions storage facility near Damascus.  Syria denied that it was an Israeli missile attack, but:

"There is much that we do not know because we are not on the RSS feeds from those deep inner closets of the USrael military-industrial world, but consider the possibilities of the marriage of electronic warfare with 4-and 5-G warfare with drone overflight. All manner of sabotage and interference?

Height of Hypocrisy

My very last comment before signing off this CawRANT is to give a big LOL to the hypocrisy shown by that cracker in the White House, Donald Trump...who yesterday warned Syria and its allies not to make a "humanitarian" mistake by attacking the al queda terrorists planted in Idlib by the West. This, after the gratuitous US attacks against Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Syria! I ask my faithful, intelligent and "awoke" readers...Do you remember USrael opening "humanitarian escape corridors" for any of the citizens of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen or Syria? This is what Syria and its allies have done. Any person caught in the Idlib pocket of Terrorists can put down their weapons and walk out to freedom.
For Trump to get on his high horse and start lecturing the Syrians and their allies about humanitarianism is the antithesis of leadership. Just another plastic "orange" flower attached  [very tenuously] to the withered vine of the American political system.

I wanted to do a post on the 9/11 anniversary of the False Flag atrocity. [Besides this excellent link] But that will have to wait for my return. In the meantime, I hope my fellow bloggers will put something up to commemorate this milestone event of Modern Civilizational decline and...ironically, the birth of the "Truthers". Must get packing...until my next CawRANT event...bye for now!

I FORGOT TO SAY THAT READERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO GO TO OTHER BLOGS WHILE I AM AWAY.  Please consult the Blogroll list on the right of this page.  My Canadian colleagues Penny for your thoughts and Northerntruthseeker are particularly recommended.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

UPDATED: Who Was Behind the Assassination of Aleksandr Zakharchenko?

UPDATED:  September 3, 2018 - Kremlin announced it will continue to abide by the terms of the Minsk Accord following the "terrorist" bombing of the café in Donetsk where DPR leader Aleksandr Zakharchenko was assassinated.

The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and International Affairs and Security Analyst, from Moscow, Mark Sleboda discuss the stunning assassination of Aleksandr Zakharchenko, the leader of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, who was killed in an explosion that took place in a cafe in Central Donetsk city.


Readers, the above video interview provided by The Duran confirms my assessment, made in previous posts over the past few days, that the stunning assassination of the Leader of the Donetsk Peoples' Republic last Friday was a grievous loss for peace and stability in that region...and by extension the world.

Personally, in my long life I can only reference this assassination to one other assassination and that is the killing of John F. Kennedy.  I know it's on a much smaller scale--as the Donetsk is tiny in comparison to the US--but the personal impact of Zakharchenko on his people was very similar to Kennedy's popularity as a "peoples leader".  They were both killed by government Deep State operatives interested in war and global instability/chaos.

Mark Sleboda says that the killer(s) will likely never be identified...and I agree...just as the true killers of JFK were never identified and the official story [aka lies] is still in the "history" books.  Sleboda says that neither Russia nor the DPR will respond in kind to the assassination.  One reason that Sleboda gives is that to retaliate against Kiev by assassinating the highly unpopular [less than 10% popularity] and entirely corrupt Poroshenko would be to give a "gift" to the neo Nazis in Kiev.

Sleboda says there will likely be an election to replace Zakharchenko within the next six months.  I have said, and repeat, that this election should also include a referendum to join the Russian Federation.  THIS would be the only "tit for tat" response that would impact the killers.  It would be a BIG mistake for Putin to allow this opportunity to pass.

I predict that the legends around the war heroes, Givi, Motorola and now Zakharchenko will only grow with time and stories like these are the stuff upon which nations are built and defended.  In that regard...it shows the complete cowardly stupidity of the Ziofascists and their neo Nazi cohorts...that they perpetrated this crime.  They have not only hardened the minds and hearts of the peoples of the DPR against them...but also the minds and hearts of decent human beings throughout the world.

Texas has made a video tribute
to Aleksandr Zakharchenko

Saturday, September 1, 2018

UPDATED: Israel has Attacked Damascus Airport - Huge Explosions

Three Explosions at Damascus Airport in Syria

UPDATED:  September 2, 2018  Syria is apparently opting to "eat the insult" regarding the three huge explosions at the Damascus airport/ammunition storage facility.  They are saying officially that it WAS a short circuit.  I can understand why they don't want a huge confrontation with Israel right now...before the re-taking of Idlib...it would play right into the Ziofascist hands.  I guess they're expecting some attempts to pre-empt the inevitable "Landlord kicking out the Squatters" battle.  Additionally, the "short circuit" could have been caused by a drone carrying a "direct energy" weapon, as has been astutely pointed out to me by my blogging colleague, Ed(itor)


LOL.  Al Masdar News is reporting that the three huge explosions at the Damascus Airport were caused by...wait for it...an electrical short circuit at a munitions storage depot.  If you believe that...I have a couple of bridges here in the lower mainland that you can have for a reasonable price.  I don't care WHO says that or how much credibility they have/had.  I will never believe it.

Israel has obviously had enough with this peace process...it's anathema to their goals and aspirations on this planet.  RT is just reporting as "BREAKING NEWS" That Israel has attacked the Damascus Airport and there has been a huge explosion there.  Now it is going to seriously get down to wagging the dog and forcing the vassal US into war with Syria, Iran and Russia.  Enough with the peace crap!

Here was my post as it had been started prior to the latest Breaking News.  The entire last few days have been carefully calibrated to set Russia and its allies on the back foot...what with the assassination of the DPR leader Zakharenchko and now this.  It's going to take a geopolitical genius to avoid a wider war...fortunately for humanity, that's exactly what Vladimir Putin is.

Final Showdown in Syria
Syrian City Idlib - last Stronghold of 
Western proxy terrorists -
is Surrounded by the SSA

Russia says Syrian army has every right to chase militants out of Idlib

We were getting down to the short strokes and the Syrian Army was lined up on the outskirts of Idlib...ready to begin kicking out the squatters.  The UK and Israel had been working, staging another "Chemical Attack of Assad on his own people"(TM).  Then Russia brought all the evidence of this False Flag staging to the UN and told the world.  Now, no can do.  Then the Russians publicized US plans for another terrorist attack on the UNESCO heritage site of Palmyra.  The perps seemed blocked at every turn.  What to do...what to do....

The above US-trained militants are currently operating in Syria...but if successful there...you may some day see them [or similar ilk] in your own community.  These perps have been cornered and are very dangerous.  The way that Russia responds to the Satanists moment-to-moment high pressure threats and attacks will define the future of humanity...stay tuned...and start praying.

Response to Zakharchenko Assassination: Russia Must Absorb Donbass into Federation

Aleksandr Zakharchenko Memorial

There's an old saying in geopolitics.  To answer the question "Who Rules?" Ask who you are forbidden to talk about.  In the instance of who ordered the murder of Aleksandr Zakharchenko, the leader of the Donetsk Peoples Republic...in one of the most insidious assassinations since the shooting down of President John F Kennedy like a dog in the street by the MosCIAd...one has to go back to the downing of MH17 at the height of the Ukraine conflict of 2014/2016.

Readers will recall that the night of the shoot down of the Malaysian Airliner MH17 "Carlos", who was one of the Air Traffic Controllers at the Kiev Airport, reported via the Internet that within moments of the shoot down..."foreign agents" came into the Air Traffic Control Room and confiscated all the communication and telemetry tapes.  Apparently these foreign agents spoke english.  I and others demanded repeatedly at the time that these foreign agents be identified as to their country of origin...if not by name.  This never happened.  Carlos "disappeared" and there was no substantive investigation into the MH17 mass murder.  Without evidence, it was systematically blamed on Russia by the West.

Which begs the question:  Why doesn't Russia and the Donetsk Peoples Republic blame the West, the US and Israel in particular, for the assassination of Zakharchenko?  There's at least as much evidence as there was evidence to blame Russia for the Skripal poisonings.  Luckily for the planet...Russia still adheres to "Logos" [reason].  The Kremlin did announce yesterday that it would be initiating a formal investigation into the murder...which it called an "Act of Terror".  Here is a recent report from RT and I will have final comments to follow:

The assassination of the Donetsk People’s Republic’s leader Aleksandr Zakharchenko is intended to undermine the ceasefire deal in eastern Ukraine and make European-backed peace talks “impossible,” Russian FM Sergey Lavrov said.

“It is a blatant provocation aimed at undermining the implementation of the Minsk Agreement in eastern Ukraine,” Lavrov told reporters on Saturday.

Zakharchenko was killed on Friday when an explosive device detonated at a cafe in the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) capital, Donetsk. His bodyguard was also killed in the blast, and 11 people were injured.

READ MORE: Leader of self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic killed in E. Ukraine blast

“Given the current situation, it’s impossible to talk about the nearest meetings in the Normandy format like many of our European partners would have wanted,” Lavrov said. “It is a serious situation that must be analyzed. We are doing it right now.”
The Normandy format, also known as the Normandy Four, is a contact group comprising France, Germany, Ukraine and Russia. The group is tasked with negotiating a peace settlement in eastern Ukraine."

Greencrow says:  In yesterday's post I suggested that Russia now seriously consider absorbing the Donbass region of Ukraine into the Russian Federation...following a referendum similar to what took place in Crimea.   Interestingly, I also made this suggestion in the comments on the YouTube video made by "Texas" [Russell Bentley] who lives and reports from Donetsk.  There was not a single "thumbs up" or comment made to my suggestion.  It would be highly interesting and informative to learn how the people of the DPR would feel about such a move by Russia.  A year or more ago I believe I heard that the majority of the people of the DPR would support such a move.

Texas [Russell Bentley] visits the Café
where Zakharenchko was assassinated
the sound and sight of the crushing of broken glass
 reminds me of something....Krystalnacht?

As long as the DPR is "low hanging fruit" for the Western MosCIAd perps [the likely "masterminds" behind the assassination...and MH17], there will only be more of these blatant aggressions. It is interesting that I and others suspect the MosCIAd of the murder...the same entity alleged to have killed Kennedy so many years ago.

"According to Deputy Defense Minister and defense spokesman of Donetsk People's Republic Eduard Basurin, the US could have taken part in the assassination of the Donetsk People's Republic head Zakharchenko. According to Eduard Basurin, Zakharchenko's murder took place "under the regulation by the United States." "The US was directly involved in it," Basurin said...."

Finally, IMO, This assassination is a "double edged" sword.  On the one hand, it is an atrocious provocation by the usual warmongers...but, on the other hand...it presents a golden opportunity for Russia to simply absorb the DPR.  Nobody could fault the Russians or their ethnic and linguistic cohorts in the DPR--if the DPR just called a snap election to choose a new leader and hold a referendum at the same time.  

Of course if there's some hidden [to me] factor that I'm unaware of, which makes this suggestion unfeasible...then I would like to know what it is.

NAFTA Stalemate: The King of @$$holia steps in it...again

Trump Name Removed from Toronto Bldg
photo courtesy of RT

My post of yesterday about the US/Canada NAFTA stalemate kind of died on the vine due to the Breaking News story about the terrorist assassination of Alexandr Zakharchenko in Donetsk.  More about that in due course…..but first I want to return to the subject of the Kabuki Dance known as the NAFTA negotiations.

US President Trump can't approach any single issue without offending someone.  His favourite game is the childish "odd man out" game....where he buddies up with one party and pointedly disses the other party, triangulating...like we've all experienced in the schoolyard at some point in our lives.  Yesterday one of his "bon mots" was leaked by "Bloomberg".  He told some of the M$M "journalists" [aka CIA assets] who visited him in the "Oval Office" that he was just playing Canada.  He said he had no intention of bargaining in good faith and was just going to string us along...until we knuckled under and signed a deal that eviscerated our economy and was politically fatal to the politicians involved...to the sole benefit of the already collapsing American economy.  Even without Trump's trademark "cheezy" insults, Canadians already knew that the negotiations were going sideways.  The US had already reached agreement with Mexico.  Canada was the "odd man out".  It's definitely not rocket science.

The mystery of the entire charade is why the US and Canada were even negotiating NAFTA with Mexico.  Didn't Mexico just have an election?  Didn't a new president just get elected?  [Manuel Obrador] Wasn't he going to be taking office in a few months?  Why not wait until the leader with the actual democratic mandate was able to sit at the table?  Isn't that how democracy works?  Apparently not.

Instead, both Canada and the US tried to push the NAFTA negotiations forward in a rush to "beat the clock".  For some reason they don't trust the newly elected president Manuel Obrador to "give them what they want".  Now, don't ever expect to read about this "elephant in the living room" [negotiating with an outgoing/defeated Mexican leader who has no democratic mandate] in the mainstream media.  That is why I usually put the word "journalist" in quotes when referring to these operatives.

The other question is:  "Why is "Dairy" the major sticking point between Canada and the US?  Why is the US so determined to wipe out Canadian Dairy Farmers, by flooding our miniscule market with their dairy products?  Canadian dairy farmers simply could not survive under such conditions. Dairy farmers in Canada are historically vociferous in their own defense and, should they be subjected to a fatal blow from the Canadian government, would retaliate with an equally fatal blow to the administration responsible.  And I've asked this question before but nobody seems to have the answer, in spite of reams of ram being written on the negotiations in the M$M. Will the US be swamping Canada with their dairy that is laced with hormones?  This would be contrary to Canadian standards.  Nobody wants to clarify this matter.  Call it the "baby elephant" in the living room.

As I concluded in my previous post.  My humble opinion is that Justin and Co should "quit while they're ahead".  Just postpone the NAFTA negotiations until Mexican President Manuel Obrador has taken office...like they should have done in the first place.  And Trump should just forget about swamping Canada with American dairy.  We'd rather die.

Friday, August 31, 2018

BREAKING NEWS: Head of Ukraine Resistance Aleksandr Zakharchenko Assassinated By Terrorists*

 by Western-Backed Neo Nazi Terrorists

Texas - Fighter for the DPR
Reports on Zakharchenko's Assassination
My personal condolences
to you, Texas
and to all people in the
 Donetsk Peoples Republic
 - greencrow

Well, They've done it. They've murdered all three of the leaders of the successful 2014-16 resistance battle by the Donbass against the Kiev Junta Western-backed Terrorists.  Givi, Motorola and now Zakharchenko.  Please read the report from RT and I will have more comments to follow:


An explosion that rocked a cafe in central Donetsk city, in eastern Ukraine, has killed Aleksandr Zakharchenko, the leader of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, and injured several other top officials.
Media reports said that Zakharchenko was severely injured as a blast hit a restaurant called ‘Separ’ in Donetsk city center. He died later in a local hospital.
“The head of the DNR, Alenksandr Zakharchenko, has died as a result of a terrorist act,” a spokesperson of the self-p
Moscow condemned 42-year-old Zakharchenko’s murder, adding that it could be detrimental to the whole peace process in Ukraine. The death of the DNR leader could have a particularly negative impact on the implementation of the Minsk Agreements, Konstantin Kosachev, the head of the Russian Senate’s International Affairs Committee, said.
There is “every reason to believe” that Zakharchenko’s murder was orchestrated by Kiev, which “has repeatedly resorted to such methods to get rid of dissidents and undesirables,” Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, said.
“Instead of abiding by the Minsk Agreements and seeking ways to resolve the internal [Ukrainian] conflict, the Kiev warmongers opted for a terrorist scenario, thus exacerbating an already tense situation in the region,” she added. The Ukrainian security service, the SBU, has denied involvement in the killing of the DNR head.
Zakharchenko headed the self-proclaimed republic since November 2014 when a crisis broke out in Ukraine following a military coup d’état that ousted a lawfully-elected president. The Eastern Ukrainian provinces of Donetsk and Lugansk engaged in open conflict with Kiev since they refused to accept the new government, following the 2014 coup, and established the self-proclaimed republics. He previously survived several assassination attempts.


Greencrow says:  Readers, my fingers are just shaking as I type this.  I feel sick. The shock of the evilness of the Western globalist Ziofascist perps never ceases to amaze me.  This is an extreme provocation to Russia and Putin.  It shows that the neonazi perps (usual suspects) will never give up killing and destroying this planet.  They have a Satanic mission that they are driven to carry out.  Their bloodlust is relentless.  Their gofers--like Canada's Chrystia Freeland--must be so proud at this moment....Every time I look at her face I am reminded of all the dead heroes of the Donbass.  It says a lot when the only "Red Letter Days" and causes for celebration for these POS...are when people are killed.  These Satanists and their followers should connect the dots.

RIP Aleksandr Zakharchenko. Your couragageous, dignified and intelligent leadership of your people will be remembered by freedom and peace loving people all over the world forever.  You will be an inspiration to ALL OF US in the years to come.  Hopefully, more leaders such as yourself will rise in the Donbass to take your place.  The Resistance Will Go On and Prevail!

*Okay folks, I've had a couple of hours now to absorb this latest horror coming out of the Donbass.  My opinion now is that Russia must use this latest atrocity to absorb the Donbass into its Federation, ASAP.  That is the only way that leaders will be protected with adequate security.  It will also send a crystal clear message to the Kiev Junta and their Western handlers that--just like the Crimea--when you terrorize and murder you lose.

UPDATED: NAFTA goes down to US-imposed "wire" Canada not yet lying down, rolling over and putting four paws in the air...Whaaaaaa?

UPDATED:  Trump quoted as saying "[the US's] position is going to be so insulting that they're [Canada] not going to be able to make a deal".  So far from God...so near to the United States of America [old Canadian saying].

Trump and Trudeau

U.S. says Canada has made no concessions on dairy access issue as NAFTA deadline lingers

I just want to jump in here midst all the media frenzy and hysteria.  What's the worse that can happen if Canada and the US don't reach a deal re NAFTA?  Canada can go its own way and sell to a broader trade base and make better deals, more friends and more allies all over the world.  Perhaps we'll recover just a bit of the respect we've lost through unmitigated vassalage/toadying over the past 30 or more years.

The big sticking point at the last moment is dairy.  Forgive me, I just don't understand.  Canada has rules and regulations prohibiting hormones in dairy and the US doesn't.  Does Canada need to change its banning of noxious substances so we can have our market flooded with harmful and substandard products?  Well....I guesssssss sooooooooo! According to Trump anyway.

But the incessant drum beat Canada is supposed to be marching to keeps beating away.  Here is the latest on the negotiations from the BBC:

"Talks between the US and Canada about amending the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta) are heading into their final day with no deal in sight.

US President Donald Trump set a Friday deadline for Canada to sign a new agreement with the US and Mexico. He has threatened to leave Canada on the sidelines since announcing a breakthrough with Mexico on Monday.However, he and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have both said they are hopeful a deal is close.
Clock is ticking for Canada in US trade negotiations

US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer is holding talks in Washington with Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland aimed at reaching a new deal.

Following four separate meetings on Thursday, which continued late into the night, Ms Freeland told reporters that a deal could not be reached, adding that talks would resume on Friday."

After yesterday's fiasco over the Trans mountain pipeline Appeal Court Decision--sending the Federal government back to the environmental approval drawing board--on the very same day that the "Trans Mountain Shareholders" voted to approve the multi-billion dollar deal to Canada...Trudeau can't be any further down the swirly than he already is...or can he?

Finally, I can't imagine any more chilling subliminal message to Canada than the one that Trump delivered to the WTO yesterday...threatening to pull out of the WTO unless it "shapes up".  The reason?  The WTO regards the US's sanctions on Russia to be the same as Russia's sanctions on the US.  According to Trump...there's no correlation.  Dontchaknow that the US is ALLOWED to sanction Russia...or whatever state it wants to...BUT, any other state is FORBIDDEN to sanction the US?  That's simply the way things are when you're a unipolar Empire.

With that kind of insanity....how can ANY deal be made and maintained?  Quit while you're ahead, Justin!