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BREAKING NEWS: Manitoba Doctor tries to speak out on CTV but is cut off while trying to tell truth about the CovID-19 HOAX


 Covid-19 Plandemic on the Bronfman-owned CTV
 and is summarily cut off at 4 mins in.
That Province is truly f*cked

Yep.  Just as fellow blogging colleague Northerntruthseeker is constantly bemoaning...the right to freedom of speech in the media in his home province of Manitoba is sewn up tighter than as a nun's corset. [lol. I just made up that metaphor myself].  Watch the poor guy [Dr. Joel Kettner] as he tries desperately to squeeze some truthiness in between the Official Lies that spew out of the Manitoba bureaucracy/controlled media 24/7/365.  But, there is no playing nice with the CTV.  He should have just blurted out the truth in the first 30 seconds and then hung up.  But, of course, then he wouldn't have been given any air time at all.  The Communist Oppression in Manitoba Stinks....all the Way Out Here to BC.

Could this Canadian Military "Wolf Howl terrorizing event" be Gonnected with the Mass Murder Spree that went on in Nova Scotia last April, 2020?


"Canadian Wolves" - mixed media by greencrow circa 1998

Good morning readers.  Just received this interesting tidbit from regular contributor "Ed(itor)" who hails from the New England States of America.  He found it on the Cryptogon website.  The disgusting shenanigans going on by the Canadian military in the eastern Canadian province of Nova Scotia [where I once lived for a year in 1969] got me thinking about the other shenanigans that went on in Nova Scotia in early 2020.  Remember the mass casualty event that coinkydinkally coincided with military maneuvers?  There's supposed to be a public inquiry going on about that event, but I haven't read much about it in the MZM.  Perhaps, like so many other public events, it got conveniently truncated by the CovID HOAX.  Please read the peculiar article from the Ottawa Citizen below and I will have more comments to follow:


Canada: “Wolves on the Loose” Propaganda Training Mission

October 28th, 2020 

Hmm. What other fake operations do they run against their own people?

H/T Ed(itor)

Via: Ottawa Citizen:

A letter from the Nova Scotia government sent out to residents to warn about a pack of wolves on the loose in the province was forged by Canadian military personnel as part of a propaganda training mission that went off the rails.

The letter told residents to be wary of wolves that had been reintroduced into the area by the provincial and federal governments and warned the animals were now roaming the Annapolis Valley. The letter, which later became public, sparked concern and questions among residents but was later branded as “fake” by the Nova Scotia government which didn’t know the military was behind the deception

The training also involved using a loudspeaker to generate wolf sounds, the Canadian Forces confirmed to this newspaper.

The fake letter was part of new skills being tested by the military as it hones its expertise for launching propaganda missions at home and abroad. The letter was developed by information warfare specialists with the Halifax Rifles, a reserve unit.

They not only forged the logo of the Wildlife Division of Nova Scotia’s Department of Lands and Forestry but they also attributed the letter to a real Nova Scotia government employee, even though they didn’t have permission to do so. A phone number on the letter, which residents were to call if they had concerns about the wolves, was traced by this newspaper to the work number of an Environment Canada employee, who also appears to be a Canadian Forces reservist.

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Greencrow says:  The taxpayer-funded Canadian military is being misused more and more regularly in the new CovID era.  It is now being trained and expected to participate in an agenda of terrorizing of citizens--at home and abroad.  More importantly, this brings to mind what went on last spring when the RCMP was obviously being coerced to participate at some level in a psy-op false flag that apparently was the worst mass murder in Canadian history.  What has happened to the hard fought for PUBLIC INQUIRY that was supposed to get to the bottom of the atrocity?  I have posted about this event in the past and have noted that there was a military "drill" going on at or near the same time frame as the event.


Relatives of the victims filed a lawsuit against Wortman's estate for damages caused by the rampage.[121][122] Another lawsuit was filed by victims' families against the RCMP, citing the agency's "disrespectful manner" to victims and their families and its handling of the attacks, both during and after the event.[58][123]

Now they're saying that the Transmountain Pipeline is not Financially Feasible


Greencrow says:  The CBC article below, written by David Thurton, has been printed in the CBC twice recently.  The latest time is this morning.  It is mostly blah, blah, blah but I have bolded in red and enlarged the only phrase that you need to read.  Please see the article below and I will have more comments to follow:


Trans Mountain expansion may not be economically viable, says think tank report

The future of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project is once again being called into question — this time by a new report that argues the mix of competing pipelines, changes in energy demand and shifts in international prices could wreak havoc on the project's business case.

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, a left-leaning think-tank, warns in an assessment released this morning that the federal government may need to rethink its commitment to expanding the pipeline.

The report, titled Reassessment of Need for the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project, says the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a short-term drop in oil demand, leading the International Energy Agency to revise its outlook.

With the completion of Enbridge's Line 3 and the announced expansion of that company's existing Mainline, Canada might be left with too much pipeline capacity, said Dave Hughes, the report's author.

"The existing (Trans Mountain) pipeline is not at all a waste," said Hughes, a geologist who works in the field of oil and gas. "But what we are talking about is tripling the capacity to make a lot of money in Asia. And you really have to look at the facts."

After purchasing the Trans Mountain Pipeline and plans for its expansion, the government has touted its benefits to taxpayers. Figures from the federal government indicate that more than 2,000 workers have been hired and the project is expected to employ 5,500 people during peak construction.

Before its completion and over the next 20 years, the pipeline is expected to generate $46 billion for the government and $73 billion for producers.

Lucrative global markets?

One of the main arguments for the Trans Mountain expansion has always been the need to get more western oil to tidewater so it can find new markets outside of the U.S. Before the pandemic, the Alberta government said that — without the Trans Mountain expansion — Canada would continue to sell its oil abroad at a steep discount, costing the Canadian economy $16 billion a year.

The federal government says at least 500,000 barrels a day will be available for export to global markets once the expansion is complete.

But the new report casts doubt on that argument. Canadian producers could be worse off, it says, because Asian markets have been paying less for heavy/sour oil, which is comparable to Western Canadian crude. Depending on market conditions and higher transportation costs, the report notes, producers could lose $4 to $6 per barrel.

When it's finished, the Trans Mountain expansion project will twin the existing Alberta-to-British Columbia line and boost the pipeline's capacity from about 300,000 to 890,000 barrels per day.

In February, Trans Mountain estimated the cost of the expansion at $12.6 billion, with service expected to start at the end of 2022. This is in addition to the $4 billion the government spent to purchase it from Kinder Morgan. The expanded pipeline will directly produce 400,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually, which has been factored into Canada's emission targets.

Although it's difficult to account for indirect emissions, Environment and Climate Change Canada estimates the upstream emissions add 21 and 26 megatonnes of carbon dioxide per year, based on 2015 calculations. Those numbers don't account for land use changes and electricity or other fuels used elsewhere.

Greencrow concludes:  Canadians have been snookered by the Turdeau Liberals again.  According to the above article the project is not viable because it would.....wait for it.........lose money.  Like everything else the Turdeau has turned to shit.  But never doubt some big, gonnected subcontractors made a lot of money on building the white elephant.  And, here's what the deal was really all about...and it WAS achieved....stealing Indigenous Lands and monetizing them.  The Banksters have, therefore, been duly satisfied.

All that remains to be for the Turdeau government to complete the well worn saga by selling off the project to foreign buyers....for a song.  Taxpayers holding the bag.  It was a theft that took place in broad daylight.  This is always the way it goes. Get it?  Got it YET?

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

BC Activist Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson Interviews BC Doctor Stephen Malthouse

Hi gc: 

Another interview...Dr. Malthouse delves into dirty politics, NWO, etc....he is increasingly letting his hair down.  [gc: Here is the YouTube video - hopefully it will also be uploaded onto BitChute so that we can watch it for more than a few days].  

Our Newest Canadian Hero

He's a local hero...IMHO...I think its good to give him a priority profile so we in BC have more hope.

Greencrow comments:  The above YouTube video interview of Dr. Stephen Malthouse by local activist and video blogger Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson sheds more valuable light on the good doctor's motivation and politics.  One slight criticism I have is the insertion into the beginning and middle of what to me is an unpaid political ad for Donald TrumpWhaa?!  What has Donald Trump got to do with the Canadian Government's criminal support of the oligarch plot to chip and enslave humanity?  

Some obviously believe that Donald Trump, if re-elected, will "save" humanity from the threat of Transhumanistic slavery.  I beg to differ.  If he was going to do that he would have done it long before now.  I haven't followed the US election campaign too closely but my impression of both candidates is that they would sell their own grandmothers to a CovID vaccine testing laboratory--if that would get them elected.

Just for the record.  Trump HAS ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the Plandemic.  The diabolical scheme was hatched long before he came on the scene as a candidate.  All political candidates have zero power to stop the controlling Deep State Technocracy.  There is not a single candidate or politician in the entire Western World who has spoken out against it.

But, back to the highly informative video about Dr. Malthouse's views.  The most interesting part of the interview was when he confessed that he was going to be having "a conversation" with the BC College of Physicians...or whatever that body is called.  He said that he could have resigned and avoided a confrontation with them...but decided instead to publicly fight them and thus bring the anti-Plandemic arguments out into the open, along with the "Medical Community's" venal, self-serving cowardice in rolling over to the Globalist anti-health PerpZ.[those descriptive adjectives are MINE not the good Doctors].

For your expressed intention to jeopardize your career for the health and sanity of Canadians, Dr. Malthouse, British Columbians, Canadians and, indeed, humanity at large, owe you a great debt of gratitude.  Your sacrifice on behalf of all of us is duly noted by the sentient community at least.  Bravo!!!  May we hear a lot more from you in the weeks and months ahead.

Suicidal Sentient, Overcome with Grief for Family and Fear for the Future of Humanity--Works Out Angst in Graphic Display

Kelowna City Hall - Was it tagged by a Suicidal Sentient?

COVID-19 hoax graffiti sprayed on 2 sides of Kelowna city hall

From the CBC

"Kelowna Mayor Colin Basran said it could cost thousands of dollars to remove the graffiti

The Kelowna RCMP is investigating after someone sprayed graffiti with COVID-19 hoax messages on two sides of city hall Tuesday morning.

The graffiti is in the form of phrases about the pandemic, including criticism of government measures to control the spread of the disease.

"This behaviour is criminal and we will be following all leads to determine who did this graffiti," said Cpl. Jocelyn Noseworthy of the Kelowna RCMP.

On Tuesday afternoon, City of Kelowna staff worked to remove it." 

      RAH says:  

"Did ya catch the False Flag graffiti they did to Kelowna City Hall?  I/WE are supposed to believe the vandals had that much time to write that much graffiti...??? that Kelowna City Hall has ZERO video cameras???

Seems like PerpZ have made Kelowna the B.C. HUB for fear porn...recall the predictable COVID scam summer outbreak blamed on "youth"?  The benefit is BC PerpZ @ssclowns are easy target for truthers...they will expose the NWO agenda."  

Greencrow comments:  Orrrrrrrr, It could be a Sentient who finally blew a fuse at all the criminal Bullshit that's being peddled on the Talmudvision about the Plandemic/HOAX.  How much more can we take?!  To me, the graffiti is a "cri de coeur".  I empathize with the tortured soul and hope s/he doesn't escalate to self harm. 

Connecting the CovID DotZ with Dave Cullen.....The "Notice of Liability"..... Plus: Russia becomes one of first nations to apply to WHO for registration of Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine

Dave Cullen "Why They're Doing This"
Channel Goes Down

Good morning folks. Yesterday was certainly a red-letter day in terms of Humanity's Existential War against the CovID-19 Communist Takeover of Planet Earth. Claire Edwards and Steven Whybrow served a Notice of Liability on the President of Austria.  This Notice of Liability, which was subsequently read into the record HERE [link subsequently disconnected] by Claire Edwards, is humanity's "Declaration of Independence" document for our freedom from transhumanized slavery...which we will take and run with from now on.  It contains everything we need to fight the monZterZ.  Sentient Humanity now has a written transcript of the document online* so we are now able to print off multiple copies and serve them on all the "authorities" in our geographic locations all over the world.  Stephen Whybrow devised this ingenious mechanism, adapted from ancient natural law.  He explained it in the press conference which they gave after successfully serving the Austrian president.

*NOTE:  I have subsequently looked over the document. IMO, It is extremely comprehensive and a valuable resource to the CovID HOAX all on its own.

Stephen explained the methodology this way:  We all have responsibility for our earth and our species.  This responsibility is based on information and knowledge about threats and crimes against humanity.  The rule of thumb is:  If we know about it---then we are ipso facto responsible to do something about it.

So, by serving someone with a Notice of Liability...we are thus transferring this knowledge to the other person and they can never claim thereafter that they "did not know" about the threat or the crime against humanity.  THAT is why we must take copies of the Notice of Liability and serve them personally on authorities in our own neighbourhood.  I would add at this point that the folks who live in Ottawa will certainly have a very heavy task of serving all the politicians there.  It's not good enough to e-mail the document or to mail it.  Just like all legal documents, summonses etc., it must be personally served.

Claire gave some very good advice.  She told us not to bother joining any groups.  She said all the groups will be infiltrated and neutralized.  She said we each had to act on our own.  This is something I have believed since the beginning of the nightmare.  So. I've already thought of some ways that we can go about "serving" authorities.  We can pay a process server to do it and provide us afterwards with an "Affidavit of Service" but that will cost upwards of $100 per service.  Rich folks and activists can pool their resources and serve some people this way and then post the Affidavits of Service Online.  Parents can serve the Principals of their children's Schools.  Seniors and the disabled can serve their Medical Professionals.

Years ago, when I was a community activist, I used to go before City Councils to make presentations.  You can phone the City Hall ahead and get yourself put on the list of public speakers that they allow prior to every council meeting.  Bring enough copies of the document with you and ask the staff to put a copy on every Council member's desk prior to your presentation.  Then you simply tell the council members that they have been served with a Notice of Liability for any harm done to any member of the public as a result of the City Council following the diktats of the Globalists.  This is what I'm thinking of doing in my City of Coquitlam, BC because I'm already enraged by the City Council's recent decision to cancel the annual Christmas Lights Festival at the Central Park.  Why would they cancel the outdoor event this year of all years when the children have already been so terrorized and everyone is so demoralized? So, I was already going to go and do a presentation about that and tuck the Notice of Liability underneath my Letter to Council regarding the cancellation of the Christmas Lights Festival.

Switching topics [or perhaps not] for a moment, below is a report from yesterday's RT where it appears that Russia is going to go before The WHO and ask for permission to give out its Covid-19 Vaccine.  First of all...why does Russia have to ASK The WHO for this permission?  But please read the report and I will have concluding comments to follow:

Russian Sputnik Vaccine - photo from RT

Russia becomes one of first nations to apply to WHO for registration of Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine

From RT

As global coronavirus cases surge, Russia has applied to the World Health Organization (WHO) for the early pre-qualification and registration of its pioneering Sputnik V vaccine, which would make it available globally sooner.

The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) has filed the application to include the Sputnik V formula in the WHO's Emergency Use Listing program allowing for its accelerated approval for use, the sovereign wealth fund said in a statement.

“The Russian Federation was the first in the world to register a vaccine against the coronavirus: Sputnik V, which was created on a safe, effective and well-studied platform of human adenoviral vectors,” the RDIF's CEO Kirill Dmitriev said, expressing his hope that the hoped for WHO approval would allow it to “be included in the list of medical products that meet leading quality, safety and efficacy standards.”

Dmitriev also thanked the UN health body for “its active cooperation.” Pre-qualification is a “quality assurance” program run by the WHO designed to ensure new vaccines meet international standards. The WHO screens vaccines before greenlighting their use by various agencies such as the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and other international organizations. It is also used to support “specific needs” of national immunization programs.

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the WHO has included vaccines in its Emergency Use Listing (EUL) procedure designed to accelerate the assessment of unlicensed medicines, therapeutics and diagnostics in an emergency situation.

The UN health body issued its first invitation to Covid-19 vaccine manufacturers around the world to apply for the EUL program and pre-qualification on October 1. It is not clear though exactly how long it will take for a formula to go through all the WHO assessment stages and receive approval once it gets into the program.

Russia was the first country to officially register a Covid-19 vaccine. The developers of Sputnik V, which is currently undergoing its third and final stage of clinical trials, say more than 40 countries have expressed their interest in it.

Brazil, Venezuela, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Belarus and India were specifically named by Russian officials as nations that could receive the Sputnik V vaccine as well as take part in its development and production. Bolivia’s newly elected president, Luis Arce, this week announced his plans to order the vaccine from Russia once it is ready for sale."


Greencrow says: Watch The WHO find some flimsy excuse not to "register" the "vaccine". Reason?The Who belongs to Baal GateZ--and there's no way on earth they're going to give a leg up to the Russian vaccine manufacturers. Plus, the Rooskies probably didn't contaminate their vaccines enough for The WHO's liking.  Also, what about the biometric markings and the nanobots and the chips and all the other crap that's supposed to be injected in ALL humanityWe can't have one cohort of humanity still "human" and the rest "transhuman" can we??? No. Indeedy. IMO, The WHO will never "register" the Russian vaccine...a vaccine which I've suggested many times on this blog is probably just a placebo for the fake virus anyway.

But, here's the kicker. The West is so politically, financially, militarily, socially and ideologically "invested" in the idea of injecting their virtual biometric/Luciferase/currency-interfaced with humanity vaccine---and thus rendering all humanity into biometric slaves that....

Could THIS impending future impasse over the "Wests" biometric vaccines vs the East's Placebo vaccine...become the cause of a future nuclear war between Russia and the West?  Having a "spontaneous" nuclear war break out--would certainly put The WHO's decision about "registering" the Russian vaccine on the back wouldn't it?!  If such a war were to break would ergo just fall to the "victor" what vaccine humanity would be getting...wouldn't it????

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UPDATED: FANTASTIC MUST WATCH!!!! The COVID-19 Genocide of 2020 – Claire Edwards

October 28, 2020 Well, That didn't last long.  The video below of Claire Edwards reading the Notice of Liability was taken off BitChute.  Here is the message given:  404 - PAGE NOT FOUND.  Wonder what's going on.  Perhaps BitChute was too good to be true.  Perhaps BitChute is just another trade name for YouCan'tWatchTube.  But here is a link to the website that sponsored the video.  Here is the YouTube link to the whole press conference and Claire Edwards begins reading the document at 1:06 of the video HERE is a link to the transcript of the very lengthy document [over 100 pages]

The COVID-19 Genocide of 2020 – Claire Edwards

I could almost cry.  Blogger, who has been delaying the uploading of all my posts onto favourites blogrolls for weeks now.... immediately uploaded this.  HUMANITY! THIS IS OUR DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE.  Send it to all your contacts.  This is it.  Turdeau should have been included in the list of named criminals at the end.  That is the only objection I have to anything said in this ULTIMATE MUST WATCH VIDEO. HUMANITY IS RISING!!! 
Mozart's Requiem - Arguably Humanity's
greatest music composition - I offer it to God
in Thanks for the Above.  I chose it because of
the Human Voices raised in harmony
 to the heavens.

It's on YouCan'tWatchTube so don't know how long it will last!  Watch while you can.  Again, H/T to John Kaminski.  After watching both the BitChute video with the transcription on the screen and the YouTube video of the entire press conference what's obvious that must be done is that a transcript of the Notice of Liability must be made available to the public.  We have to then all run off multiple copies and personally serve the document on all political and other authorities in our geographic circle.  By serving them with a copy we transfer the liability [for the genocide that has already begun] to THEM...according to the natural law.