Monday, October 24, 2016

Nobel Peace Prize Winning Obomber Hits Syrian Senior...while President Assad Hits another Interview Home Run

Syrian War Victim - from Latest Aleppo Shelling
of Citizens by Foreign-Backed Terrorists

It would appear that Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Barack Obomber, has given instructions to his rag-tag army of terrorist mercenary head choppers to maintain their posts in Eastern Aleppo.  Russia, besieged as it was by the Western Main$tream Media's lies about "war crimes"...ordered a recent cease fire for humanitarian reasons.  They opened six corridors from which both Syrian civilian hostages and their al Jewsra captors could leave the war torn city. 

But, instead of evacuating, the al Jewsra terrorists stepped up their mortar and sniper attacks on anyone who dared leave the city and the free area of western Aleppo.  Some say the orders were given because the West doesn't want it revealed exactly who the terrorists are.  Just like the Russian bunker bomb into the Dier Azour Hillside killed Israeli, American and Saudi soldiers...a close analysis of the "Rebels" would likely reveal the same cross section of miscreants.

Some western analysts berate Putin for again missing an opportunity to bomb eastern Aleppo into oblivion. From a short term standpoint, I have to agree...after all these months of numbing attrition on both is tempting to "kick $h!t" as I like to say.  But Putin is a lot wiser than all of us and we need to trust his judgement...there being no comparable leaders in the West.  Putin knows that all the images of suffering citizens, like the elderly lady above, will do more to solidify the ultimate ceasefire than a blanket of bombs.

Speaking of Leaders....Syrian President Dr. Bashar al Assad hit another homer out of the park the other day in his interview with Swiss TV.  Watch the Video below.

I sent my partner the link to the above video and he actually watched it all the way through.  Assad has a mesmerizing effect on people...with his rational and calm response to dumb questions and his relentless logic...logic which acts as a battering ram against Western insouciance and gullibility.

So, in summery, The West has decided to drag out their inevitable defeat in Syria...opting for maximum chaos and death (as they always do) while Russia has hunkered down for the long game.  Everything about this war is now on hold...predicated on the outcome of the US (s)election.  The US is hoping for a Clinton2 presidency....with more and bigger wars.  Russia is keeping steady to the helm...with one eye cast longingly towards the heavens...searching the horizon for a Black Swan.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

False Flag Friday Cyber Attack Drill - More Evidence of US Civil War?

DAHBOO77 Reports on Recent Cyber Attack

Last Friday the perps went back to their former practice of having False Flag Drills on Friday to capitalize on the weekend main$tream media newz cycle.  This time it was a "cyber attack".  This was the format of the most recent False Flag Drill:
Much of the Internet was brought to a screeching halt Friday as a cyberattack on a company many had previously never heard of brought down many of the most popular online services, including Twitter and Spotify.

As of Friday afternoon, much of the drama was still playing out, though more details are slowly emerging. While the full story won't be clear for some time, if ever, we are now beginning to understand how this happened.  
What is DYN and DNS?

This particular attack targeted Dyn, a New Hampshire-based internet company that provides a service called domain name systems to some of the most-trafficked sites on the internet.

As many in the alternative media intimated, this drill was a preparation for a real False Flag Cyber Attack, likely to be blamed on Russia in order to hijack the American (s)election on November 8th and/or provide a casus belli for WWIII.

You gotta know that the sheeple have to be prepped to know what the lingo is.  They need to know the difference between DYN and DNS....they need to know that the dreaded "Russia" is denying them their favourite ramps up to the slaughterhouse doors....Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc. all will be denied to them.  How WILL they get up to the slaughterhouse doors!!!???

The most amusing thing about the otherwise boring and irrelevant drill was the video that DAHBOO77 put out that showed satellite maps of the globe indicating the cyber attacks in "real time".  DAHBOO77 and his fellow nerd were amazed to discover that the satellite maps showed 90%  of the cyber-warfare attacks going on within the US!  There was little, if any, activity going on with Russia and even elsewhere.  There were a few attacks coming from the US's best buddie, the UK.  But most of the attacks were relentless assaults triangulating between the west coast and Buffalo, New York and Washington, DC.

They Are About to Pull a BIG Staged Event And Blame It On Russia! UWN

I chuckled to myself, thinking this is yet more proof of my theory that most of the world's wars are going on as external manifestation of the ongoing civil war between factions of the governmental institutions and letter agencies of the US.

Scott Creighton of American Everyman has written a recent post where he seems to have reached the same conclusion.  Here is an excerpt from it:
The question is… what is going on here?

This might be the most fascinating spy story to ever take shape in the history of our country and it looks like no one, I mean NO ONE, is seeing it for what it is.

There is obviously a conflict in the Obama White House regarding our involvement in Syria. There are tons of former advisors who are practically begging for bombing campaigns and the head of the Pentagon apparently deliberately undermined a cease-fire agreement with Syria and Russia so that tensions would be stoked in that country.

We also know Hillary Clinton had to pressure Obama to allow her to destroy Libya on behalf of British and French national interests. That is a fact. Everyone knows she is a warmonger and thus, that is why she is supported by all the neocons from the former administration who brought us the fiasco of the Iraq War in 2003.

None of that is a controversial statement on my part. The conflict between the factions in the White House is well documented.

So what are we seeing with all of these Wikileaks email dumps?

William Binney recently said that the intelligence industry knows exactly where those leaks came from. All of them. He said it was an inside job coming either from the NSA or some other alphabet agency or perhaps even from a whistle-blower (with regard to the DNC leaks)

And that makes perfect sense.

I know that we sometimes get caught up in the trap of looking at the masters of the universe and all their minions as a monolithic entity all moving toward the same goal in the same direction but my guess is, that simply isn’t the case.

It could be that there is a fascinating war going on inside the military intelligence complex between factions that hold very different opinions about how this country needs to advance their shared neoliberal globalist agenda.

Look at what Sec. of Defense Ash Carter just did to the State Department’s cease-fire agreement in Syria. Is it really so hard to imagine a similar mutiny is resulting in intelligence assets being used to influence our elections here in the states like they try to do all over the world?

So of course the story about “Russian hacking” would emerge very, very quickly from anonymous intelligence sources. The last thing either side would want to do is expose the battle raging between factions inside our own military intelligence apparatus. That would be disastrous. The roll back against the intelligence agencies for interfering with our own elections would be tremendous and neither camp wants to see that because both sides fully expect to use these agencies and these powers to the fullest in the future.

So, in summary, it appears there was a cyber attack drill last Friday.  Coincydynkally, the major part of the Internet affected was "social media", the area where Donald Trump has the most strength in the Internet aspect of the election campaign.   It would appear this false flag was one of the most brazen and obvious yet as satellite map imagery showed that it was not a "foreign attack" but a cyber war going on within the US.  This supports what I've been saying for months that there is a civil war going on within factions of the US itself.

So, as we move towards November 8th, and critically, on election day itself, we will likely see another major cyber attack.  Because the Internet, including satellite map imagery, will likely be down...we should remember from this past Friday's drill that the attack will likely NOT be from a foreign country, like Russia...but from within the US.  IMO, it will likely originate from the "usual suspect" 9/11 rogue deep state government perps.....infesting all government agencies and out to destroy they make one last pathetic effort to save their sorry @$$es from justice....should Trump be elected and, Gawd NO!, make good on his threat to "drain the swamp".

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Bob Dylan Nobel silence...."Things Have Changed"

Bob Dylan:  "Things Have Changed"

The Lyin Voice of the Illuminati, the BBC is reporting that so far at least, Bob Dylan has snubbed the Nobel Prize Committee which recently awarded him the Nobel Prize for literature.  Here is what they're saying re Bob's refusal to acknowledge the award:

Bob Dylan's failure to acknowledge his Nobel Prize in literature is "impolite and arrogant", according to a member of the body that awards it.

The 75-year-old singer was named the shock winner of the prize last week.

But all efforts by the Swedish Academy to contact him have failed, and he has not acknowledged the win in public.

Academy member Per Wastberg told Swedish television: "He is who he is," adding that there was little surprise Dylan had ignored the news.

"We were aware that he can be difficult and that he does not like appearances when he stands alone on the stage," he told Sweden's Dagens Nyheter newspaper in a separate interview.

A reference to the prize was removed from Dylan's website last week.

It is still not known if he will travel to Stockholm to receive the prize on 10 December. If he does not, a ceremony marking his career will go ahead as planned, Mr Wastberg said.

Perhaps Dylan knows by now that millions of people are aware that his songs were highly plagiarized.  I lost respect for him after I learned that one of my favourite 60's ballads "Girl from the North Country" was actually cribbed from a Traditional English song.  Canadian folk singer/songwriter Joni Mitchell had a tantrum years ago when an interviewer compared her to Bob Dylan.  She angrily spat out her view that "Everything about Bob Dylan is a deception".  His name, his voice, his songs."

But that's what the Zionist owned Nobel Prize Committee looks for in winners these days....phony baloneys like the Obomber. Who got the peace prize this year?  Oh yes, now I remember...some former drug dealer from Central America.  The more the Nobel Prize Committee can dip the formerly illustrious prize's reputation in excrement...the better. It's reached a point now where to be notified that you've won the Nobel Prize is a public slap in the face.  This is how Dylan has reacted, in any case.

But if you want to know why I think Dylan hasn't responded...carefully read the lyrics to one of his last hits. 

Things Have Changed

A worried man with a worried mind
No one in front of me and nothing behind
There's a woman on my lap and she's drinking champagne
Got white skin, got assassin's eyes
I'm looking up into the sapphire tinted skies
I'm well dressed, waiting on the last train
Standing on the gallows with my head in a noose
Any minute now I'm expecting all hell to break loose
People are crazy and times are strange
I'm locked in tight, I'm out of range
I used to care, but things have changed
This place ain't doing me any good
I'm in the wrong town, I should be in Hollywood
Just for a second there I thought I saw something move
Gonna take dancing lessons do the jitterbug rag
Ain't no shortcuts, gonna dress in drag
Only a fool in here would think he's got anything to prove
Lotta water under the bridge, lotta other stuff too
Don't get up gentlemen, I'm only passing through
People are crazy and times are strange
I'm locked in tight, I'm out of range
I used to care, but things have changed
I've been walking forty miles of bad road
If the bible is right, the world will explode
I've been trying to get as far away from myself as I can
Some things are too hot to touch
The human mind can only stand so much
You can't win with a losing hand
Feel like falling in love with the first woman I meet
Putting her in a wheel barrow and wheeling her down the street
People are crazy and times are strange
I'm locked in tight, I'm out of range
I used to care, but things have changed
I hurt easy, I just don't show it
You can hurt someone and not even know it
The next sixty seconds could be like an eternity
Gonna get lowdown, gonna fly high
All the truth in the world adds up to one big lie

I'm love with a woman who don't even appeal to me
Mr. Jinx and Miss Lucy, they jumped in the lake
I'm not that eager to make a mistake
People are crazy and times are strange
I'm locked in tight, I'm out of range
I used to care, but things have changed"

The most interesting couplet in the entire song is the following:

Mr. Jinx and Miss Lucy, they jumped in the lake
I'm not that eager to make a mistake

Years ago, I remember reading that this is a reference to JFK and Jacqueline...and how they were celebrities toppled by the PTB.  Dylan is saying cryptically that he has decided not to be a social activist any longer....because he prefers a long life to martyrdom.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Fourth girl takes own life in Northern Saskatchewan

"Fear" - by Andy Everson

Lost in all the stories about international war mongering and the American election was the sad story reported two days ago that yet another young First Nations Girl took her own life in Northern Saskatchewan.  This time, a 10 year old.

The CBC report as usual mentioned that the community was coming together to mourn the loss and to try to prevent yet more supposedly inexplicable calamities.  They even posted a list of "symptoms" of suicidal ideation to watch out for:

"Here are some of the warning signs:
  • Suicidal thoughts.
  • Substance abuse.
  • Purposelessness.
  • Anxiety.
  • Feeling trapped.
  • Hopelessness and helplessness.
  • Withdrawal.
  • Anger.
  • Recklessness.
  • Mood changes."
Missing from the list was the most important indication that the child might kill her (or him) self.  This is, a history of being a victim of child sexual abuse. This is the elephant in the living room of northern indigenous communities. 

A couple of days ago, I inadvertently clicked on a traffic URL that appeared in the statistics on my blog.  In a split second, a horrific pornographic photo showed up on my screen.  It seared my eyeballs with it's ferocious hatred of women.  I couldn't press delete/exit fast enough.  It took days for the image to fade.  But I appreciated, in one sense, having had the hideous experience...because it opened my eyes to the toxicity of the pornography that is permeating the easy it is to access and how difficult it is to avoid.  Then, last night, I had a vivid dream about attending a First Nations healing ceremony....several of my former women clients were there.  These women had been victimized by generational sexual abuse which affected their child rearing capabilities.  The dream caused me to write this post.

Internet pornography is like throwing gas on a brush fire of child sexual abuse. This is the evil that is spreading like a cancer throughout the north and killing the youth.  Addicts of Internet pornography say it is a drug as powerful as heroin or fentanyl. A month or so ago, blogger Henry Makow posted a letter he received from a young pornography addict who said that online pornography is getting worse...more violent and more deviant...with a recent emphasis on incest with children.

Who's doing this world wide?  Well I'm sorry to say, folks that it's the "usual suspects"...the usual suspects who've been purveyors of prostitution and pornography for millennia.  Now, they're reaching into the remote indigenous communities of the world and destroying the souls of entire communities.  I recently read that Putin has banned this death-causing toxicity from reaching Russian communities.  One more reason to give the man a medal [but not the Nobel Prize, which has been destroyed by the Ziofascists].

As a former front line child protection social worker, I can say definitively and from direct experience that sexually abusing a child is tantamount to killing the child.  It kills the soul and the spirit.  In fact, it would, in a perverse way, almost be kinder to kill the child than to subject the child to a lifetime of extreme mental anguish like these young men are enduring after being abused by a Catholic priest:

Shame and embarrassment

The men believe they have suffered personal and professional setbacks as a result of the alleged abuse. In some cases, they say they are only now realizing the extent of the impact it had on their lives.

"By the time I hit high school I could no longer be around people," said a third victim. "I could no longer trust other people. I could no longer participate in gym class. I couldn't go to the change room. I just couldn't do those things.

"Just the feeling of shame and overwhelming embarrassment wouldn't even let me in the door, wouldn't even let me start to disrobe, it just wouldn't let me."
Ronald L├ęger, archdiocese sued by sex assault victim

"I'm not very emotional," he continued. "And so that's been a profound impact on me and continues to have a profound impact on the way I interact with people. I just don't let people in."

Do you have any doubt now, after reading the testimonies above, why the young girls are killing themselves in Northern Saskatchewan?  In case you still don't understand...I will spell it out for you:


There!  I couldn't make it any clearer...except to say that the Canadian Federal Government needs to act immediately to shut off the porn pipeline.  Do as Putin did.  Assume your responsibility, Trudeau, and protect your people!!!

In Today's news, a US Judge is being held to account for giving only a 60 day sentence to a man who routinely sexually abused his 12 year old daughter.  Why did the judge give such a pathetic sentence?  Well, among other mitigating circumstances, the mother of the 12 year old victim and the grandmother both wrote letters to the judge saying what a great father the man his sons.  You cannot depend on families, even women in families, to correctly react to this insidious evil.  It is up to those who know the damage done to react to protect society.  One way, as Putin did, was to outlaw and ban Internet pornography.  The Judge in the above case did make this a condition of sentencing:

Among those conditions, which McKeon called “quite rigorous,” was the requirement for the man to register as a sex offender, the Glasgow Courier reported. He also cannot access pornography and has limited access to the Internet.

What we need is a war on porn.  We need anonymous "hackers", like the ones who give political dirt  to WikiLeaks,  to trace the porn back to its purveyors.  We need to identify and "out" these remote murderers of children.  Who are they?  What countries harbor them? Why do they do it?  How do they profit?  THIS needs to be the new and relentless focus for those who care about society, families and children.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Third Presidential Debate - Thoughts off the Top

Final Debate

So Clinton showed up for the debate contrary to some rumours.  But will this debate even matter?
Hopefully, moderator Chris Wallace can keep the debaters from sliding into the muck.

First Question to Clinton about the Supreme Court

She's "standing up for women's rights LGTB communities"..."dark unaccountable money"  She sounds like she's reading from cue cards or a teleprompter. They're letting her go around and around.  It's not a speech it's supposed to be a debate.

Trump mentions Judge Ginsburg recently had to apologize for an inappropriate remark made about him.  He has already mentioned over 20 nominees he's put forward. "It's all about the constitution...the way it was meant to be."

Second amendment second question.  Clinton was upset re recent Judge Scalia decision according to Trump.  Clinton says that Trump has gun lobby on his side buying ads.

Trump says he's going to appoint "pro life justices"...and if they overturn Roe v. Wade (pro abortion law) then it will "go back to the states to make their own decisions".

Clinton says she's pro women's rights.  She's winning this point hands down.  The issue of abortion has been decided...over forty years ago...women don't want to revisit this issue...unless men want to face the issue of castration in the cases of rape. 

IMO, Trump just lost the debate when he talked about "ripping the baby out of the womb" just prior to birth.


Now they're talking about the borders, drugs and walls.  Trump gets on his usual hobby horse about border security and's a stupid idea.

Clinton talks much more rationally.  She talks about a comprehensive border security.  She makes point after point about the overwhelming bureaucracy that would have to be created to enforce his plans.  She hits Donald's businesses for threatening to deport his workers who complain about working conditions.

Trump says Obama has deported "millions and millions" of people.

North American Union - The Question is to Clinton about "open borders".  Clinton quickly switched the entire question about the North American Union to WikiLeaks having the Russians "espionage" against the US.  She's back on the anti-Russian thing. She says that "Putin is trying to sabotage the US election through WikiLeaks cyber espionage".

She calls Trump "Putin's Puppet"  Says US has never had a foreign government interfere in the US Election - WHAT ABOUT ISRAEL????  Trump says Putin has outsmarted Clinton in the ME and everywhere else.  Denies he even knows Putin.

Clinton gets the last word.  Says some 20 or so employees in the US military nuclear facilities refuse to work for Trump.  The US has "kept the peace through our alliances"  Hmmmmmm

Question about the Economy Clinton goes first.  Blah blah blah.  "Can compete with high wage countries. Do more to help small businesses....raise the minimum wage.  Women get equal and apprenticeship.  College should be debt free (pie in the sky)."  She is being allowed to go on and on.  Trump is never allowed to blather like this.

Trump - "Her economic plan re taxes is a disaster.  We will have a massive tax increase under her plan."  He talks about NATO having to pay up.  We have to tell them they have to pay up.  Under Obama they have tripled the national debate.  NAFTA was the worst deal...all the jobs fled the country. was not great for Canada either.  I would like to get rid of it too!  He ends up by saying "The country is dying on 1% GDP".

Clinton is again being allowed to blah blah blah.  Chris Wallace says "Obama's plan has led to the lowest GDP in history."  Trump thanks him for this.  Wallace scores a point for Trump?! She's again allowed to blah blah blah.

Trump talks about other countries' growing GDP percentages.  India at 8%  China at 7% and the US is 1%.

"Our country is stagnant we've lost our jobs...products pouring in from China, etc."  Keeps talking about how NAFTA and the TTPP are the worst trade agreements ever.

He mentions 6 billions went missing from the Hillary Clinton State Department She says it was debunked.  She's going on and on about her "career" vs. his ...But now she's successfully baited him into talking about his career...a real pitfall.  He starts but is cut off thankfully. Nobody cares about his company(s).

Now Chris Wallace has asked the big "pig mud wrestling question"....about Trump groping women.  He successfully turns it around into calling it another Clinton Campaign "fiction" which according to revelations just this past week include paying people to cause violence at Trump rallies. Point for Trump.  Then Hillary gets a lot of time to blah blah blah about Donald's treatment of women while she would "celebrate our diversity to make America great...because America is good" and does not answer question about the promotion of violence at Trump rallies by her campaign.
Trump gets in a good point about Clinton's e-mail debacle and her lying to the FBI.  He gives a very good litany about Clinton's criminal culpability.  But she slides through the net Trump set like a slippery eel.  She brings up her own long litany of old allegations against Trump.  NOBODY EVER GETS HILLARY TO DIRECTLY CONFRONT ANY OF THE CRIMINAL ALLEGATIONS MADE AGAINST HER...SHE ALWAYS SLITHERS OUT AND TWISTS THE CONVERSATION BACK INTO AN ATTACK.

Trump says what happened to Haiti at the hands of the Clinton Foundation was a disgrace. 

Clinton says the Clinton Foundation raised 30 million dollars raised....for Haiti. Clinton scores points again by accusing Trump of not paying any taxes.  He responds that Hillary had a chance to change the tax laws when she was a senator but didn't. 

Trump attacks the media anti Trump stance...saying it's a pile-on.  He says Hillary should not be allowed to run for president because of her e-mail transgressions, etc. Trump scores a point (finally) by bringing up the obstruction of justice allegation against Bill Clinton for meeting with the US Attorney General on the airport tarmack just before Hillary got a pass from the FBI.  Audience cheers.  Good sign.

Foreign affairs.  Mosul Hillary blah blah blah and lies about ISIS in Mosul and in Syria.  Hillary is still going to push for a "no fly zone" in Syria.  Good luck with that one Billary!

Trump - re Mosul..."What ever happened to the element of surprise?" : )  "All the ISIS leaders have left because they were warned.  Who will be the big winner?  Iran.  Another stupid deal." Now he's still going on about the nuclear deal with Iran.

Clinton re-tells the lie about "getting bin Laden".  Hopefully, most Americans don't believe that comic book story.  A lot of cross talk...nobody can hear.

Aleppo in Syria.  -  Chris Wallace tells the BIG lie about Russia and Syria killing civilians in Aleppo...while RT has shown with recent several reports that it is the rebels who are shelling civilians.  Trump responds but does not really know what's going on either.  "Assad is a bad guy".  This is what's caused the great migration.

Wallace brings up the "no fly zone" again with Clinton.  Would President Clinton shoot the Russian plane down?  Clinton responds:  "This would not be done on the first day ....but after we make it clear to the Russians and Syrians.  We need to strike a deal and make it clear to the Russians and the Syrians."  Brings up "ambulance boy" again.  What about the little fellow born with no arms.... who lost his legs recently when he stepped on a land mine set by the rebels???

Trump talks about the recently broken cease fire in Syria which everyone knows was broken by the Americans when they fired on Syria soldiers "by mistake".  Trump, unfortunately, totally misconstrues this incident and says Russia ended the cease fire because they wanted to "land grab".  My GAWD!  Both these individuals are hopeless.  Neither should be president!  Gawd help us all!!

Last question about the economy...Make America great again.

Trump is going on about his views on trade and the economy.  Clinton goes on about Trump saying "He puts himself in the middle of every situation and says he's the only one who can fix it".  But she never has any real ideas herself.  "We've got to get back to growing the middle class".  With her dependence on the 1%?  She never says how she's going to keep them happy.

Wallace correctly says that neither has a good plan to fix medicare.  Trump says he's going to reduce taxes, repeal and replace Obamacare.  "Premiums are going up 60, 70 80%.  Will die of its own weight."

Clinton...says we "need to put more money into social security".  She says she's going to raise taxes on the wealthy?!  After Clinton makes another snide comment about Trump and taxes...Donald says in a very inappropriate aside "Such a nasty woman!".  She's allowed again to blah blah blah.

Final question:

Why should the people elect you?

Hillary makes a very effective closing statement saying her priority will be women, children and families.

Trump is all over the unified theme. "Make America great".  Final sentence.  "We cannot afford four more years of Barack Obama and that's what you'll get if you vote for her."

A very disappointing and frustrating debate for Trump supporters IMO.  I will take a while to reflect and then come back with an analysis.


Analysis and Summary.  After a few moments of reflection, I must say that my initial feelings of disappointment, depression and frustration were probably because I had unrealistically high expectations for Trump.  The guy is a very flawed and limited personality.  He's got by all his life on inherited wealth and a big ego.  He doesn't have to do the deep thinking or analysis.  He has "people for that".

I was again amazed at how slippery Hillary is.  She has become a genius at sliding the argument from defense to attack mode.  It's like a magician's trick she plays.  Both characters are a disaster in the making for the US and for the world.

I kept thinking about what blogger Kevin Barrett said during a recent PressTV interview.  He said something to the effect that Trump CAN'T tell the truth.  If he does tell the real truth then he could be eliminated from the race or even killed.  I can only hope that's what Trump was doing when he told blatant and obvious lies about what has been going on in Syria.  But that might be giving him too much credit.

Frankly, I've thrown up my hands on this one.  It is a very, very worrisome situation.  The United States has wound its way through a very complicated political maze and has ended up in a cul de sac with not one, but two dead ends ahead of them.  Gawd Help Us All!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

US Election UPDATE: Second Debate Fallout and a Prediction

Second Clinton/Trump Debate

I never knew it would be this vile, this vicious,” he [Trump] told supporters in Florida. “Nevertheless I take all of these slings and arrows gladly for you. I take them for the movement so we can have our country back.”
“I will not allow the Clinton machine to turn our campaign into a discussion of their slanders and lies, but will remain focused on the American people. The only thing Clinton has going for her is the press. Without the press she is nothing.”

It seems like a long time since the last, shocking, second debate between US presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  The debate was the intellectual equivalent of two pigs wrestling in the mud. It was an embarrassment for the country and a show for the world how the United States, on the one hand can demand hegemonic fealty from the entire community of nations...while on the other hand, during a debate to select a successor...can sling mud non stop at one another about sexual histories...using as evidence "words" spoken 11 years ago and other non sequiturs.

It even brought a sardonic smile to the stern, grandfatherly face of Russia's Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, who summed up the US Presidential Campaign on both sides:

Lavrov says "There are so many "Pussies" on both sides of your election."

No matter how guilty Clinton is of treason and war crimes...the perps behind Hillary's campaign are  "betting on boobies" to oust Trump.  During the second debate, Trump directly threatened them by skating awfully close to the truth...particularly in his assertion that the US "warns" (and therefore protects) the ISIS terror proxies before it launches an aerial raid against them:

When the bought and paid for MSM female talking head responded that "The Government might have some reason to do that" Trump shockingly quipped:

"I can't think of one reason why". [the US would notify ISIS of it's plans to attack--in advance].  This kind of unbridled truthism scares the bejesus out of the perps...who can only survive swathed in lies, in a darkened hall of smoke and mirrors.  What will they dooooooooooo????

The third and last debate is scheduled to be held tomorrow night.  I will be doing my "stream of consciousness" commentary as I've done for the previous two debates...gawd willing.  But, will there even be a third debate?  Folks, I've been reading the geostrategic tea leaves for the last couple of days and, shockingly, there is a high statistical chance there won't even BE a third debate.  It could be cancelled at the last moment by the Clinton Campaign/ 

Why?  Because, as Trump keeps saying, so eloquently [not] "Nobody wants Crooked Hillary".  The bought and paid for criminally culpable main$tream media is doggedly slanting the coverage, cooking the opinion polls and covering up the WikiLeaks sewer break...but still Hillary can't fill a phone booth at a real live event on the campaign trail.  Here is an absolutely shocking reality check this far into the campaign:

Hillary Clinton has cancelled all public appearances up to October 30th except the debate on October 19th

Folks...this absolutely shocking and unprecedented.  A presidential candidate who will not have ANY public events leading up to the election?  This should be headlines all over the media...but by now we're used to the M$M maxim...the bigger the story....the bigger the cover-up.  Is this why no more events?

Hillary can't fill a phone booth with supporters at campaign stops has stopped all public appearances

When there's a geopolitical seachange....those of us who have immersed ourselves in these choppy waters can feel it in our bones.  We can sense it in the air.  I'm going to go out on a limb right now and say that Trump will win by a landslide on November 8th.  The tide is so great that it's like that manmade nuclear Tsunami that hit Thailand back in 2004.  What an appropriate ending for those who have caused so much death and destruction world wide for the past two decades!  I they're being swept under in the political tsunami...they will give a moment for those thousands of tourists and locals whose bodies clogged the bays of Phuket after the monstrous event.

Hillary's September Meltdown

And Hillary seems to know its coming...witness the video above of her September meltdown.  Is THIS why all events were cancelled?  The perps can't have Hillary blowing up in public like this...they'll take their chances with vote rigging to steal the election. No more adhering to the pretense of democracy...

But what's coming, IMO, is not some close election...ripe for slice, dice and hanging chad rigging....what's coming is a long pent up tsunami of grief for the victims of 9/11...local boy soldiers killed in perpetual wars for resources...theft of prosperity and employment...loss of respect in the world and at home. Yes, a tsunami of American payback is going to sweep everything about Hillary and her crowd under.  In the video above, Hillary screeches about them all having their heads in a noose.  She knows it's coming...that's why she's hiding out of sight. 

The only event that can possibly save her would be an unprecedented, colossal false flag...that results in the cancellation of the election.  Some pundits are predicting that this is what will happen.

Hang onto your hats and...stay tuned.

Monday, October 17, 2016

CawRANT Events #33

CawRANT events #33

Good morning, folks.  It's a gray, rainy day in the Pacific Northwest.  We've had a series of rainy and blustery storms come through for over a week now.  You have to go out between the storms.  It's supposed to start to clear up starting today.  Today, Monday, makes it two weeks since my abdominal surgery last October 3rd.  As regular readers know, I donated one of my kidneys to my husband.  Both of us are recovering very well.  I am still more tired than usual and need to stop and rest throughout the day. This morning, I slept in till 10 and feel very rested....Time for a RANT!

There is so much to cover in this RANT...stuff from here in Canada and around the world.  Some of it is sad, some VERY scary and I have added a little lightheartedness to look forward to at the end of the tunnel.

First, More Indigenous Suicides in the Canadian North

Last week the CBC reported that three young girls took their own lives within four days.  Here is part of the report:

The northern Saskatchewan communities of La Ronge and Stanley Mission are in shock after three young girls took their own lives within four days.

The girls were 12 to 14 years old.

"Everyone is on edge right now," said Lac La Ronge Indian Band Chief, Tammy Cook-Searson. "It's a lot of pain to take when you lose a child and a family member."

Two of the girls were from Stanley Mission. The other girl was from La Ronge. There have been two funerals this week. The final funeral is on Saturday afternoon.

"Right now, we're still grieving, but at the same time we know we have to set up the support systems," said Cook-Searson.

Cook-Searson said she's been in contact with the families of the girls. She said despite their grief, the families have come together to start a difficult conversation about how to stop this from happening to another young person in the community.

"They are devastated by their deaths, but they also have ideas for us too," said Cook-Searson "They've been very supportive of each other..."

I will say here that there has to be some answers to these tragedies. Interesting that the report does not say how the young teens killed themselves...drugs?   My suspicion is that these young girls were compromised years ago.  What was it?  Child sexual abuse?  Parental negligence/violence? Poverty and depression go hand in hand.  The Canadian Federal Government (responsible for Aboriginals in Canada) needs to stop all its international meddling and grandstanding and get to work devising a long term plan for the Canadian North, including its residents.  Housing, education and employment is key. 

Canada cannot preach to others until this epidemic of indigenous suicides is transparently investigated and solved!

Philippines Hurricanes - weaponized weather/geological events?

In my post on Haiti, yesterday, I speculated that the Perps were using weaponized weather to punish countries not falling into the globalist line.  Haiti, Japan and Thailand have been, IMO, previously victimized by man-made hurricanes, combined with underwater nuclear explosions creating catastrophic earthquakes and tsunamis.  I discussed how the Perps used a man made earthquake to destroy Haiti in 2010 so that Bill Clinton could take it over, develop it along western lines and use disaster relief as his own piggy bank.

Some conspiracy theorists will not go there (weaponized weather/geological events) and deny the existence of HAARP style weaponry.  I say...if it's possible (and Tesla guides me here) to do these things scientifically, then you can bet that the perps are already doing them.  Anyone who think's they're not either has their heads buried deep in the sand or stuffed up their @$$es.

Witness, how, shortly after Philippines President Duterte started dissing the US, hurricanes started hitting the is a report how one hurricane has already hit the Philippines and a second one is on its way.  With HAARP (and related) technology...the perps can create and move these Hurricanes around the planet like the moveable dial on a Ouija Board.  The only relief would be if Russia has also developed this technology as a counter threat to keep the perps somewhat in check.

Strategy of Tension x 100

Speaking of Russia...the past two weeks have seen a dramatic escalation in the tension and relentless march to some kind of show-down and possible WWIII.  I feel like I'm living in a bubble of knowledge here in my own social circle.  Everyone else is oblivious to what's going on internationally...going their merry way....while the tension and threats keep ratchetting upwards.  One little miscue or over reach on either side could destroy the planet. 

It seems that every time Putin/Russia flex their muscles...the West responds with a media avalanche of vitriol, lies and slander and threats.  As an example, Putin and the rest of the BRICS economic group met in Goa, India last week for a regular meeting.  BRICS, with its membership of Brazil (now sidelined with the coup against the democratically elected Rousseff last summer) Russia, India, China and South the biggest threat to the globalist cartel.  You gotta know that they would try to steal the headlines from such a meeting.

Sure enough, there were two such stories to siphon off media focus on the BRICS meeting.  First, was the rumoured build-up of US/NATO military power on the Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia...just a cruise missile's throw away from Goa.  Apparently, planes are so numerous they've been parked on the highway and ships are in anchor gridlock in the surrounding Indian Ocean.  I don't know whether this alternative media was true or was planted dysinfo...but I saw it as a direct threat to the BRICS meeting.

The second story was the assassination of the commander of the Donetsk army, "Motorola".  He was cowardly murdered by way of a bomb planted in the elevator of his apartment building.  First, why was this high target individual living in civilian housing?  He and his colleagues like his best friend "Givi" should be lodged with their families on secure military bases.  Russia should look into having these set up.  Secondly, The methodology (IED in an elevator) is pure Ziofascism.  Bombing is what they dooooooo.  It stinks of ziofacism and I can smell it all the way over to here.  So we know that Israel is playing a major role in the Ukraine conflict (as if we didn't already know that...after the MH17 incident.)
I would ask my readers not to underestimate the importance of this incident.  This was not only a dagger to the heart of Novorossiyan was aimed at Putin himself.  It was putting him on notice (like he isn't already on notice) that a campaign of high target assassinations has begun in Ukraine/Russia and the efforts will escalate right up to Putin himself.  That's the message of the assassination of Motorola.

Quid pro quo

Meanwhile, back in the West...where we Truthers are being held hostage by a "bodyguard of lies"...WikiLeaks has been revealing the scope and extent of government and Clinton corruption.  Just as one small example, here is a report on how Clinton was dangling FBI promotions and assignments before the FBI agents as reward for burying some of the damning Clinton e-mails as "classified".

It will take years to go through all the WikiLeaks evidence against Clinton.  I referred to some of it in my post of yesterday about how the leaks have revealed how the Clinton Foundation misused billions of Haitian aid for their own investment and personal bank accounts.  Most of the coverage of the WikiLeaks scandals and other government war crimes such as what is really going on in Aleppo...have come from the intrepid Russian news channel RT.

It was only a matter of time before the US 'gubermint' responded.  Today a declaration of war on freedom of the press and the alternative media (including the blogosphere) was made:

Going for the Russia media jugular

RT Bank Accounts Blocked in UK

Fittingly, the announcement came from the arch liar, BBC.  All the RT bank accounts are going to be blocked in the UK.  If you watch the video above, you will learn the implications this has for all media and including us bloggers.  According to the above report, The government is going to give itself the power to freeze all personal bank accounts in the alternate media.  In my case, I don't pay anything to run this blog (Blogger offers this excellent service for far at least) but they could freeze my personal bank accounts and even my old age pension! 

The war on truth has begun in earnest and as I've said...even if we have to resort to handwritten pamphlets pinned to telephone posts in our own communities, humanity is hard-wired to seek the truth to bring order to our environment.  Ergo, this dark, foreboding threat is a threat against all humanity.

Light at the end of the dark tunnel

As promised, I saved a few light-hearted tidbits for last.  This past Saturday Night was the season opener for my hockey team, The Vancouver Canucks.  All the sports pundits are predicting that this could be the worse year yet for the Canucks and they could, horror of all horrors, finish LAST in the league (last season they were third last).  Some locals even wrote a very funny parody song about it that you can watch here.

The good news is that in their first two games of the season, The Canucks posted two dramatic come-from-behind victories.  So, we're unbeaten so far!

Lastly, I have a news story from my hometown, Sudbury Ontario.  When I was growing up in Sudbury, it seemed that every home in our neighbourhood had a big crab apple tree in the back yard.  Johnny Appleseed must have run out of "real" apple trees when he came up north to plant trees in Canada.  Our home was no exception and we had a huge crab apple tree in our back yard that my mother used to make my brothers climb every fall to collect the apples.  She made crab apple jellies and jams and even pies!  One time my brother fell out of the tree and broke his arm.

Well, here is a story about four bears eating crab apples in a tree in Sudbury, Ontario.  Enjoy.

That's about it for this cawRANT, folks, have to get out for a fresh air walk.  Bye for now.