Tuesday, March 3, 2015

No Wonder they don't want Bibi to go to Washington UPDATE

NOTE:  I have updated my Greencrow Creative Resources Page with some new photos and a wood carving.  Enjoy!

UPDATE:  March 3, 2015 Stephen Lendman watches Bibi's address to Congress so you (and I) don't have to.  Thanks's Steve.  You saved my blood pressure.

9/11 New York City

Netanyahu is apparently speaking to the US Congress as I type....Israel owns both US houses of government, Congress and Senate, lock, stock and barrel. Obama according to news sources, did not want him to come to the US. No wonder Obama and other factions didn't want Netanyahu to visit the US.

Netanyahu has a habit of being in important places at critical times.  He was in New York City on the morning of 9/11 and was in London, UK on the morning of 7/7.  He was also in Paris at the time of the Charlie Hebdo massacres.  This guy has timing. Actually IMO, Netanyahu is just a high level Mafia Don.  That is why he was in those places at those times.  Netanyahu is a psychopathic liar and megalomaniac--who should be defeated in the current Israeli election and then brought to justice.

I read on another blog over the past weekend that all Jews are responsible for Zionism. This is where I disagree. Not all Jews are responsible for the rogue government of Israel and its octopus-like tentacles that clutch the entire planet. All you have to do is mention Norman Finklestein as a response to those people. Norman Finklestein is one of my great jewish heros. There is nothing more courageous than to be a Jew and speak up against ZionismBrother Nathanael is another one even though he calls his site "Real Jew News". Or, I could think of all the jews I know personally and back to my former boss G.L, many years ago. He's a lawyer and a good one. When I read or hear people deriding Jews I think of his gentle humour and his generosity. G.L. gave me the biggest Christmas bonuses I ever got!

I'm saying that Zionists/neocons/globalists are fanatics, extremists and mafioso who hide under the cover of the religion of Jews.  This is not a new tactic. Empire has been using the tactic of religious wars throughout history. In the 1500, 1600's Catholicism was used by France and England and Spain to spread their empires and power and to loot indigenous peoples all over the globe. The Jesuits dragged the small pox virus on their black robes from one Indian tent to another all over North America. Face it folks, man is a "one trick pony". He doesn't have a lot of originality.  If something works...use it. Today its Zionism/neoconservativism that has co-opted Judaism and is hiding behind it to do all manner of nefarious criminal activities. Zionists/neocons/globalists love nothing more than when the average guy starts to blame Jews in general.  That shows their subterfuge is working. Most people know (or WWII has taught them) that to blame a people for the crimes of fanatic criminals is a zero sum game.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Was Boris Nemtsov a double (or was it triple) agent? UPDATED

UPDATE:  March 3, 2015 Apparently there were at least six conspirators keeping surveillance over Nemtsov on the day of his murder.  Investigation update from FortRuss blog.

Nemtsov Assassination - Map of Crime Scene

This link is to a translation from a Russian article on the blog FortRuss.  It posits the theory that Nemtsov could have been Putin's double agent.  Playing the playboy and buffoon "leader of the liberal (American financed) opposition"....all the while under cover Nemtsov was actually supplying information to the FSB (formerly KGB).  This is certainly an interesting angle. It might explain the very "respectful" comportment of the Russian government subsequent to Nemtsov's assassination...as well as the large turn-out at his commemorative parade yesterday.  The theory goes that Nemtsov was ``uncovered`` by his pro-Kiev/western handlers and they killed him in such an obvious manner right in front of the Kremlin--both as a threat and a warning.

Here is a more standard alternative explanation from Scott Creighton.

The second theory also makes a lot of sense and explains some of the unique details of the crime.  Neither explanation answers all the questions posed by the circumstances.  My main question is:  What was that service vehicle doing following along beside the couple and providing a shield/cover for the actual murder?  I would like to know what the driver has to say.

As my regular readers know, I visited Russia last summer. You can see some photos we took by clicking on the special page "Spirit of Russia"  here, or at the top of this blog page. When we toured Moscow, one of the bus tours was called "Moscow by Night".  Our guide, Tatiyana, tried to get the bus to drop us off right in front of Red Square--but there was a traffic jam (there is always a traffic jam in Moscow!) So the bus driver was forced to drive over the bridge were Nemtsov was killed and park in that little parking lot shown in the map above, below the stairway where the killer was waiting for Nemtsov. We got out and walked up that stairway, across the bridge and back to Red Square. It's a short walk. My main memory of the experience is the pungent odor of urine...which Tatiyana told us was because drunks and vagrants used that parking lot and the stairway as a hangout after dark. It was the only time in the whole time I was in Russia that I saw anything like the "urban underbelly" that's so prevalent in western cities...particularly my own city, Vancouver.  I never saw anything even close to East Hastings Street, Vancouver when I was in Russia.

So it's very weird to think that I walked up the same stairway as the killer of Nemtsov.  At any rate, I hope this investigation doesn't end up like the MH17 investigation...going nowhere...once its use as a propaganda tool has reached its "best before`` date. Unless there are some major developments, this will probably be my last post exclusively devoted to this topic.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Crow Caw Rant #1

Crow Caw Rant #1

This RANT (loosely modeled on one of my compatriots blog rants)is a feature that I hope to make a regular addition to my blog.  Sometimes you hear crows cawing in the neighbourhood, and they sound quite angry.  Nobody knows what they're telling each other.  In the case of my rants...you will know.

My first rant will be about the main$tream media coverage of the Nemtsov assassination...and particularly the parade this morning (Sunday, March 1 2015).  I went to my default media liar network the BBC (Biggest and Best Calumny) and it didn't let me down. The first thing I noted on the main web page was the longshot photo of the crowd.

Nemtsov Crowd

One thing I learned years ago is that unless the cabal is behind a public demonstration, you will rarely see a longshot or aerial photograph of the crowd in the M$M.  All you will see are random photos of weirdos selected from the crowd.  The media manipulators will try to make the gathering as fringe and weird as possible.  In this case, there was a nice overhead shot...with lots of Russian flags. I would take the presence of Russian flags as a sign that ordinary Russians are trying to show the world:  a) Russians support the Russian government; and b) that ordinary Russians are trying to control the parade...so the standard cabalist provocateurs cannot mass together and cause their usual problems--vandalism, attacking police, setting fires to police cars---as happened in Vancouver during the "Stanley Cup Riots" a few years ago--when provocateurs (many came up from the US) took over the gathering.

When I clicked on the actual story on the BBC, the photos were different.  There were no overhead shots of the crowd.  There were just selected photos of the pro Nemtsov element.  Gone were the Russian flags.  This represents the true message of the cabal.  The CBC (Canada's Best Calumny) is showing a huge banner with Nemtsov's face leading the parade.

Nemtsov Face Banner

I put a comment on the thread "Did Soros pay for that banner?" Billionaire cabalist George Soros is great at providing "appropriate" signage and banners all over the world for "colour revolution" parades and other phony demonstrations. How long in advance did they have that banner made up I wonder. It looks like a lot of work and VERY expensive. Now, I actually have a "Soros demonstration sign" in my closet.  I picked it up from a big pile of similar signs at a peace demonstration against the War on Iraq over a decade ago now.  I keep it in my closet as a reminder of how most public demonstrations are now "controlled" by the cabal. My sign is quite slick (literally and figuratively)  It is made of plasticized paper and is stapled to a piece of wood obviously manufactured for that purpose.  It's a brightly coloured graphic of a clenched fist.  At the top it says "No Justice,"  and at the bottom it says "no Peace!".  When I cottoned on to Soro's technique...I mentally changed the punctuation to "No Justice. No Peace".

Last night, the CBC news/chat forums were a Troll Fest.  I called it "50 Shades of Trolls".  There must have been hundreds of user accounts spamming thousands of comments--all denigrating Putin in the most vile ways and of blatantly convicting him of the murder of Nemtsov.  It was almost like they knew in advance about the murder and had ordered up a special army of Trolls just for the weekend forums (remember I said that a red flag to the assassination was that it was on a Friday...timed neatly for the weekend news/chat forums).

Meanwhile, on RT (very good and balanced update on the situation in Moscow here) report on and Press TV (the only news channels that I somewhat trust)...the latest on the murder is that CCTV footage indicates the killer was waiting on the bridge to ambush Nemtsov. I'm hoping that they will solve this murder mystery sooner rather than later...because the political propaganda hay the globalist, neocon, ziofascist cabal are making out of it is no mystery AT ALL!  

Oh, and this is all a convenient distraction from the Ukraine having no money to prepay Russia for its gas crisis.  Putin warned Ukraine (and its puppetmasters) last week that if the money was not received by Russia by this weekend...the gas would be shut off.  To be continued...

Friday, February 27, 2015

Breaking News: Friday False Flag takes place in Moscow - politician assassinated UPDATED

UPDATE:  Saturday, February 28, 2015 - Excellent analysis by Joaquin Flores.  He looks at whether the US and/or Russia had a reason to want Nemtsov dead.

Blogger Stephen Lendman also agreeds that the assassination of Nemtsov was a standard CIA false flag.  As I said in an early post...time to get rid of all western embassies from vulnerable nations.  There is absolutely no need in this day and age of electronic communication that countries should support criminal hang-outs and insurrection rats nests in their capital cities!

UPDATE:  Friday, February 27, 2015 - From Iran's PressTV website:
"...Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov has said that the president would take “personal control” of the investigation into Nemtsov’s death."

- No doubt it will be more thorough than the Kennedy Brothers and MLK's investigations

-Paul Craig Roberts has reached the same conclusion as I have.  I would really love Putin to use this opportunity to school the US on how an assassination investigation SHOULD be conducted. When the CIA hands you a lemon...someone like Putin knows how to make lemonade!

Breaking News:  False Flag attack takes place on Friday (a favourite day for dubious newstories because of the weekend where inconvenient facts and details can be buried and forgotten). Recently, there were a lot of hysterical reports that Russians had "invaded" Ukraine with tanks, etc. It seemed these false stories always broke on a Friday...to the point where I drew attention to that anomaly on my blog.

In this case, a Russian opposition politician was gunned down by shots fired from a white car.  Four bullets hit him in the back as he was walking across a Moscow bridge with a "female visitor from Ukraine".
Boris Nemtsov, a Russian opposition politician and former deputy prime minister, has been shot dead in central Moscow, the Interior Ministry said early on Saturday

Well, we all know who prefers to throw bombs and shoot people from cars in drive-bys...it is one of their favourite modus operendi. I'm not declaring any group responsible at this stage...but it does have a familiar stink about it. I will say, categorically...however...that IMO this is yet another False Flag. I have been waiting for some event to pin on Putin...now they can call him a murderer. You watch...they will be all over it. Particularly pay attention to BBC reports. That's the Cabal's "voice". You need to reverse everything they say and you'll arrive at the truth.

So far, here are the red flags:

1.  It implicates Putin...their "enemy du jour";

2.  It happened on a Friday...their favourite day for hitting the news cycle with dubious stories;

3.  It was a cowardly act...shooting an unarmed man in the back from a moving car.  The evil ones have a hard time concealing their extreme cowardice; and

4.  There is a big opposition/fifth column rally scheduled for tomorrow in Moscow.  This will (they hope) act as a motivator for their fifth column to show in force and for the police to over-react...more grist for the mill.

Putin will be sorely tried in the days ahead.  I will be sending positive Karma and prayers his way. The world will be watching and hoping he can dodge his way through the minefields the evil ones have set for him.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Canada's Patriot Act--Harper doesn't show in Parliament for Debate on this Act...Why? UPDATED

UPDATE:  February 27, 2015 100 Canadian professors have written an open letter denouncing the sweeping powers and oppressive measures of C-51 (which is why it had to be precipitated by two False Flags in Ottawa for a standard "Problem, Reaction Solution" black ops project).  The Cons have so far agreed to add 8 days to the debate, some of which are their side.  To be continued....

Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper © AFP
Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper © AFP  [NOTE: Reminds me of the old saying...after age 50...everyone gets the face they deserve...gc]

I had to go to the official press of a foreign country, Iran, to find out about the draconian "Patriot Act" style legislation that is currently being rammed through the Canadian parliament by "The Worst Prime Minister in Canadian History", Stephen Harper.  The Canadian media, including our taxpayer funded CBC has been criminally negligent in failing to inform Canadians about this ACT.


Here is the text in full from the PressTV article. I have highlighted and bolded where shown. My comments to follow:


"Soon after the October 2014 attacks in Ottawa and Quebec, the Canadian government began working on new anti-terror legislation, and thus, Bill C-51 made its debut.
Although both incidents were the raison d’etre of this bill, there is nothing in it that could have stopped the crazed, lone gunmen from their respective shooting sprees.

The backlash

Former prime ministers, four of them to be exact, and eighteen other former government officials, ranging from Supreme Court judges to others, have written an open letter demanding oversight, while warning that ‘given the secrecy around national security activities, abuses can go undetected and without remedy.’

Politicians opposed have called C-51 ‘sweeping, dangerous, vague and ineffective.’ The vagueness of the bill certainly opens it to interpretation that will possibly result in politically motivated actions towards dissent of any sort.

A former Canadian intelligence officer has even observed that PM Harper is using the same techniques that fascists have availed of in the past.

The indigenous peoples of Canada too are concerned about the wide-ranging reach of Bill C-51. A Manitoba First Nations leader fears aboriginals protesting would be arrested under this legislation. ‘Treaty rights, land rights, natural resource development, any protest like that, they could be considered eco terrorists.’

The Prime Minister, though, argues Bill C-51 does include ‘considerable’ oversight, while adding he doesn’t ‘buy the argument that every time you protect Canadians, you take away their liberties.’
Despite the debate, with a Conservative, ruling party, majority in parliament, and the Liberals’, the main opposition, backing, Bill C-51 will become law.

Blind to the facts

It would seem, at first glance, that public opinion is on the side of the ruling party and that it may have a political winner on its hands. A much-touted Angus-Reid poll found that 82 per cent of Canadians are in favor of the new anti-terror legislation. But is that the whole story? Its interesting to note that though the majority support C-51, 56 percent ‘had neither consumed a news story nor had a discussion about the bill.’

When the poll asked Canadians: ‘The federal government introduced new anti-terror legislation, Bill C-51, it would expand the powers of police agencies and CSIS [Canadian Intelligence]. How familiar are you with the proposed legislation?’ only 18 per cent said they had either ‘read or seen stories’ about the bill and ‘discussed it with friends and family,’ while 20 per cent of respondents said they had neither seen nor read anything about the bill. That does not bode well for such significant legislation and the sweeping powers it will give to intelligence agencies and law enforcement.

Oversight dashed

On the issue of oversight, the official Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) watchdog known as the Security Intelligence Review Committee (SIRC), admits it is only an after-the-fact review body, not ‘oversight’ body that vets spying activities, as government officials have been falsely propagating during debates over Bill C-51.  In addition, while speaking of the SIRC, the government has said CSIS needs to have updated tools at its disposal in the wake of new terrorism, but SIRC is not even mentioned in C-51. In effect, the government’s own legislation exposes the criticism at the heart of C-51 about a lack of oversight, or even review after-the-fact.

This comes even though SIRC has been demanding greater powers and more funding to be able to do its job properly, but ‘there is nothing Bill C-51 that gives us the ability to follow the thread or the ability to do joint reviews [with the likes of Canada’s foreign signals spy agency, for example]. Those legislative tools are not included. Nor are additional resources.’

So what is all the hoopla about?

Under C-51, CSIS will actively end threats to the national security, a noteworthy expansion of its current mandate to provide security intelligence for the government.

To do this, the Canadian intelligence agency would only need judicial ‘threat disruption’ warrants when its activities are certain to be illegal or unconstitutional. The government states all of its other activities, including warrant-less disruptions, would be under the ‘robust oversight’ of SIRC, a subject already spoken of above. The lack of oversight of new powers given to both the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and CSIS mean they would operate in a out-of-sight manner, while snooping anywhere for nearly any, often unknown, reason.

Bill C-51 also bypasses elected officials’ abilities to vote out laws that are not the will of, or in the interest of Canadians, and instead allows un-elected government agents to create laws behind closed doors.

New powers granted under C-51 would include the searching and seizing of private property and bank accounts without warrants. It also weakens the right to free speech by providing unnecessarily sweeping powers to police and prosecutors to prohibit speech that they deem promotes or glorifies terrorism. This will push any even irresponsible or politically extreme talk, which is not actually threatening or violent, underground.

The bill would also potentially allow the government to rein in alternative media and clamp down on activists’ use of social media to either organize or report on actions that involve even the smallest form of civil disobedience. This would, together with anti-terror legislation in place since 9/11, give the government power to crush dissent in a legal’ manner.

It will also become easier to place Canadians, without charge, in seven days of detention and the fear is that this, without any safeguards, will mean abusive interrogation. Many innocents will no doubt get caught up in this.

The bill broadens the category of ‘activities that undermine the security of Canada’ to include much illegal protest. It would allow Federal Court judges to limit all sorts of Charter (of Rights and Freedoms) rights, including the right of Canadian citizens to return to Canada. Such judicial decisions will not be made public, given the apparent need for ‘secrecy’ in terror cases.

All legal deliberations will be done in secret, with only the judge and government represented. The person affected will not be there nor can they defend their rights. No civil rights group will be able to weigh in. There will be no public, democratic discussion and no one will be able to appeal decisions reached by such secret legal proceedings.

What does this mean for Canada?

While Stephen Harper claims this bill is important, his not showing up to the rushed debate on the bill in the Commons shows his lack of respect for Canadians. That many support him on this while not knowing what its ramifications will be is a testament to the atmosphere created by the current Conservative Canadian government. Contrary to what the government may believe, it is not treasonous to oppose its such legislation, and Canada must not sign on to the George W. Bush government’s ‘you’re either with us, or you’re with the terrorists’ ideology.

Every Canadian in his/her right mind condemned what happened in Ottawa and Quebec. Yet, this bill should be opposed as being simply too vague and putting too much of the burden of trust without verification on those who will work behind the scenes with no accountability to citizens.

If this is, as some have argued, the Prime Minister’s political ploy to play on the fears of Canadians about terrorism to gain support in the wake of a faltering economic legacy, then that is truly sickening. While playing up the fear of terrorism as being around the corner, Canadian leaders should know better than to rush through a bill which will likely silence activism and dissent of all sorts, as well as free speech, all hallmarks of a good democracy.

Looking at the Harper government’s track record so far on the lack of open debate about its policy-making decisions does not set a good precedent for his and his officials’ lack of respect for the democratic process in Canada. Checks and balances were put in place for a reason, and voters as well as their elected officials through whom their will is carried out must be involved and informed about every new wide-ranging legislation that shall affect them from here on in.

Canadians must wake up before it is too late to stop the Harper-train from changing a once peaceful, tolerant Canadian society which appreciated its dissidents and activists, to one which increasingly takes on its southern neighbor’s ‘take no prisoners’ attitude."


Regular blog readers will by now be familiar with my disdain and disgust re Prime Minister Harper. This bill C-51 is just about as low as he can go before the upcoming election next October.  He is gutting Canada's Human Rights and Freedoms like a dead fish.

As I have asked many times in the past...Where did this guy come from? He is like no other leader Canada has ever had. He acts like a foreigner assigned to take over and destroy Canada. He was never properly vetted by the lame $tream media. There are critical gaps in his background...he comes variously from Alberta, Ontario and Quebec. He emerged out of nowhere to capitalize on the political chaos caused in Canada in the 1990's by the Mulroney Conservative Party's failed Meach Lake Accord.

Harper acts like a covert CIA asset/mole in Canada. Everything he does seems to be in the service of the US/Israel. No wonder he was given the highest medal/honour that Israel can give a foreigner! Many times over the years I've only half jokingly suggested he got his education at the "School of the Americas."  His promotion of CSIS as the Stasi-like enforcer of "security" in Canada is another disturbing example of his true intentions for Canada.

While one part of me is appalled and terrified by his actions...another half of me says "Bring it On!"...come and arrest me...drag me out of my home....imprison me and torture me for seven days....Everything you do to me will be testament to your evil!  Maybe that's what it will take for Canadians to finally wake up....when a person like myself...who worked hard all my life and lived an exemplary life as a patriotic citizen...is dragged out of their home...maybe they will finally see what's going on.

Bring it on...Harper!  Mano a mano!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Zionist Crazies set off False Flag Bomb in Ukraine--Blame Russia--The 1% Lesson

Bomb Master at Work

We're SO sick of this tired old ploy.  Just when it seems that peace might be breaking out...we have a bomb set off in a public area in western Ukraine...killing innocent civilians. It is immediately blamed* on Russia...the current enemy #1 of the neocon zionist warmongering globalist cabal.  It's happened over and over again for decades (ever since the Zionist entity became a rogue borderless state).  It's happened on 9/11 and in Afghanistan, Africa, India, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Palestine, etc., etc.....they may blame their constructs (ISIS/al queda or what have you) but we know who they are. Bombs are their obsession, their trade mark and their business calling card.

When I was in my early 20's I had a job downtown that I rode the bus to every day.  I used the time on the bus rides to study humanity.  I learned a lot over the 10 or more years of riding the buses.  One of the most important lessons was the 1% lesson. 99% of the bus riders were quiet, normal passengers who took their seats and kept to themselves for the trip.  However, 1% of the passengers (every few trips or so) were mentally deranged and would get on the bus and cause no end of  havoc and disruption (at times even terror) for the rest of the passengers and the bus driver...in the confined environment of the moving vehicle.

Riding the same route every day....I would get to know the passengers by appearance.  I was careful to note the crazies--so I could keep my distance. Sometimes, during crowded rush hours...there was standing room only and I would be forced to stand right next to a 'crazy'. This was a very scary time. I remember one particularly crazy middle-aged lady who got on at the same stop every so often...coincidentally, right outside a hospital.  She would get on...and you would immediately feel the atmosphere in the bus tense and stiffen....everyone knew her by sight.  We tried to keep our distance, but invariably someone (a newbie) would accidentally touch her in the crowded bus. Well...then all hell broke loose. Without a word of warning, she would jab the person who touched her as hard as she could, causing pain. Sometimes she carried an umbrella to do the jabbing...sometimes just her sharp elbows. The person would jump back in shock. She would move aggressively towards the person for the rest of the trip...while the rest of us sat in stunned silence. It got so bad that when she got on the bus...people would try to warn the other passengers...whisper to those nearby..."Move away from her."..twirling their fingers near their heads to indicate "crazy".

Yes, it was only 1% of the population and it only happened occasionally...but it taught me how dangerous/negative these people are to humanity.  What I'm shouting this morning to the Zionists on behalf of all humanity is....Get Off the Friggin' Bus!!!

NOTE: *The giveaway that this is a false flag by the usual suspects is the lockstep main$tream media promotion (I mean coverage) of it...with the immediate jump to conclusion, yada yada yada.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Chemtrails Are Made Out Of COAL ASH

Chemtrails Spread Death

Chemtrails are Made Out of Coal Ash - the video

Over the past few years, I have done a few posts about environmental issues in general and chemtrails in particular.  One of the biggest environmental mysteries is What are chemtrails made out of and Why are they being sprayed?  This video finally answers those two questions.

According to the video "Chemtrails Are Made Out Of Coal Ash", the coal industry has made a deal with the devil (the government) to sell/provide coal waste (coal ash and fly ash) to the military air forces--from there it is spread throughout the atmosphere in the form of chemtrails.

When I watched the video...suddenly it all made sense to me. Years ago, I remember being shocked and disgusted to learn about the government policy of putting flouride in our drinking water. This practice really arose from the mining industry's need of an affordable method of disposing of their flouride waste. These insane greedy corporate monsters, instead of paying millions to safely dispose of flouride waste...are actually making money selling their waste to the government...which disposes of it by putting it into our drinking water on the false pretext that it protects our teeth!

Well, what worked in the mining industry seems to have been copied by the coal refining industry as well. Big Coal Mining oligarchs such as the Koch Brothers featured in the above video, get the government to pay them...for their coal waste! The contention, according to patent applications referred to in the video...is that the metals particles in the chemtrail mixture are able to reflect the sun's rays back out into space and thus prevent global warming. According to the video maker...this is a in fact a false theory and the negatives of chemtrail spraying far outweigh the positives. In fact, the continued spraying of this toxic waste into the atmosphere will ultimately kill this planet.

The video very clearly describes the process. The Coal and Fly Ash waste is placed by the coal refineries onto railway cars and barges, from where it is transported to secret military airfields and put into spray canisters...and from there sprayed into the atmosphere by military jets flying all over North America and Europe. (I also saw chemtrails when I visited Russia last summer). Conveniently, the substance is already the right size and composite to be sprayed from jets.

This secret criminality has been going on since the early 1990's. There is a steady supply of toxic waste because Coal refineries produce 120 million tons of coal waste per year in the United States alone! Much of the waste (40%) is used in making cement, roofing shingles and other products... but 60% is waste over and above--and must be disposed of elsewhere.

Rainwater analysis from chemtrail rainwater indicates exactly the same metal composite as Coal and Fly Ash....and the same composite as listed in the patent for chemtrail mixture--a very toxic mix of:

aluminum, barium, oxides of silicon, iron, magnesium, titanium, thallium, sodium, potassium, arsenic, mercury and sulfur, plus small quantities of lithium and thorium.  Thorium and barium are radioactive...so we are being sprayed with a compound akin to  "depleted uranium"!

The coal industry and their co-horts in the corporate government are able to get away with this crime primarily because of lack of public awareness. The corporate owned main$tream media has done a great job of minimizing, trivializing, ridiculing and vilifying those who speak out against chemtrails.

The video maker urges the public to raise awareness about these toxic waste products being sprayed into our air. He advises non violent activism against the practice and says..."Now that we know where chemtrails come from, we have the power to end the chemtrail program which is killing our planet."

I urge all readers to view the above video and think about what chemtrails are doing to our planet...and how we can stop this criminal destruction!