Tuesday, July 17, 2018

US Legal/Political Crisis Plays out....but only on TV and Twitter....since Congress and the Courts don't exist anymore

Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby

After all the hubbub/commotion of yesterday, today the infantile and passive American [sh]eople are being lulled back to sleep by the media...with fables like the Fox News item about a statue of the Virgin Mary that cries "olive oil tears that smell like roses".  This is what passes for the Fifth Estate in the USA.  

Yesterday was far more exciting.  The "Fox" press was channeling the classic tale of "Brer Rabbit".  With Trump playing the impetuous rabbit...and Vladimir Putin in the unenviable role of the "tar baby".  Trump got too close to the tar baby and got stuck.  The more he fought to free himself from Vlad, the more entangled he became.  Finally, coated with a thick, sticky black tar, he asked "The Fox" to be flung back into the briar patch....where, hopefully he'll feel at home and escape.

US Special Counsel Robert Mueller - He can issue indictments 1 business day before a crucial international meeting...and then, after it becomes public that a crime has likely occurred, he can simply "decline to comment".

JUST IN: A spokesperson for Special Counsel Robert Mueller says they will “decline to comment” on President Putin’s offer for Mueller to send representatives to Russia to observe the questioning of their intelligence officers. - @Tom_Winter ********************** Silly me. Yesterday I was so caught up in the drama, I actually morphed back in time...back to the days of the Watergate Crisis, where the scandal, once in full bloom, was moved to the actual sites of American democracy, the courts and the congress/senate. Senate Hearings were held, indictments were handed down and delivered, arrests were made. Things actually happened. Today it's all virtual reality. Everything is played out on "Twitter". See the Tweet above? That's what the citizenry get now. The halls of the Capitol Building in Washington have gone silent. Now a tweet appears on the Internet..."A spokesperson for Special Counsel Robert Mueller says they will "Decline to comment" ….on the bombshell announcement that Russia believes US intelligence officials facilitated the "donation" of $400,000,000 of stolen Russian money to Hilary Clinton's political campaign fund. The specially-appointed legal arm of the American government has the option of "declining to comment" on his duty, role and responsibility in a legal matter. Nothing is ever going to come of the "blockbuster" news that Hilary is an international criminal who used the intelligence agencies of the US Government for self-enrichment. Everything is a video game. We all have those special headsets on that render the graphics into virtual 3-D. It's just that we can't take them off anymore. Or, if we do, all we can see is the Virgin Mary, crying olive oil tears that smell like roses. But I want to know the next chapter in the story of Br'er Rabbit. After the impulsive rabbit finally freed himself from the "tar baby" in the briar patch...what happened to the tar baby?

Monday, July 16, 2018

UPDATED: "Options Abound!" Putin suggests US/Russia reciprocal investigations on election hacking AND BROWDER lol

Putin blows apart Mueller Probe - Says $400,000,000
was transferred to Clinton from Browder/Oligarch theft

Sent $400,000,000 to HILLARY CLINTON

Russian President Vladimir Putin dropped a bombshell on Monday, accusing US intelligence operatives of funneling $400 million from Russia to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Here it is from Jim Stone:

"Putin: "...For instance, we can bring up Mr. Browder, in this particular case. Business associates of Mr. Browder have earned over $1.5 billion in Russia and never paid any taxes neither in Russia or the United States and yet the money escaped the country. They were transferred to the United States. They sent [a] huge amount of money, $400,000,000, as a contribution to the campaign of Hillary Clinton. Well that’s their personal case. It might have been legal, the contribution itself but the way the money was earned was illegal. So we have solid reason to believe that some [US] intelligence officers accompanied and guided these transactions. So we have an interest in questioning them..." 

You have to hand it to Vlad....I'm going to nickname him "Vlad the Impaler" from now on, lol.  He did manage to utilize this morning's presser with Trump to sink a deadly political/legal skewer deep into the Clintonistas and the MIC Necons.  Please watch and listen very carefully to his words in the above video.  He is offering to acquiesce to the Mueller probe into "Russian Hacking the US 2016 Election"...but only if it is reciprocal and the US allows Russia to question US officials who allowed Bill [Magnitsky Act] Browder to steal billions of dollars from Russia, not pay US taxes on it....and make a $400,000.000 contribution to Hillary's campaign!  Did I just hear that correctly?!

lolololololol...game over Hillary!

UPDATE:  2:36 P.M. -  Went to the BBC "Voice of Satan" to see how the perps were taking the bombshell by Putin.  True to form...the BBC was prevaricating...saying that "Trump was siding with Russia against the FBI".  Didn't I see a "satirical" Post a few days ago on PCR, written by Finian Cunningham where he said that Trump was going to "ask for asylum" in Russia?  Well, that may not have been satire after all.  Stay tuned.  This is going to be explosive.

UPDATE:  3:44 P.M. - One side effect of this bombshell information from Putin is that it will neatly separate the wheat from the chaff in terms of alternative media...i.e., which ones are genuine and which ones are dysinfo.  Many of the blogs I have links to on my favourites I suspect of being dysinfo.  They will either come down against Trump or remain silent.  This is not a development that allows real bloggers to remain silent.  Here is one genuine blogger, Robin Westenra from "See More Rocks" who has spoken up and given some more info on the development.

UPDATE: 5:36 P.M. - TV Channel surfing, I happened upon CNN a few moments ago.  It has gone completely psycho.  Accusing Russia of "attacking it" [the US] in 2016.  Even though Trump is right when he asks that pivotal question "Where is the Server?"  None of the Western Mainstream Media ever asks "Where is the Server?"  This is the computer server that the Democratic Party base their accusations on...but which they refuse to give to the FBI...and which the FBI refuses to demand.  It's like we've entered a parallel universe.  No.  It's more like we have been in a parallel universe since at least September 11, 2001, and briefly were ejected into the real world for a few moments during the Trump/Putin press conference and now we're slammed back into the parallel universe again.

I'm starting to think that Trump and his administrative supporters are engaged in a titanic battle.  Putin is trying to help Trump clean the festering boil infecting the American Political system.  This is why Trump has been bobbing and weaving ever since he took office...trying to avoid the knock-out punch from the Deep State.

Former CIA Agent calls Hillary an
International Criminal on July 14, 2018
Says she is going to be indicted for foreign espionage

UPDATE:  6:38 P.M.  Another real alternative blogger heard from.  Eric Zuesse.  Who says the following about Putin's arch nemeses, US-born Russian bidnessman Bill Browder:

"...The Russian government has been legally pursuing Mr. Browder, for years, on charges that he evaded paying $232 million taxes that were due to the Russian government. These private investigations into this matter — regarding whether or not the Magnitsky Act was based on fraudulent grounds — have all found that Mr. Browder has clearly falsified and misrepresented the actual documents, which are linked to in those two articles I wrote. These might be the very same documents that she was presenting on June 9th.
So: this is a matter of importance not only to the validity (or not) of the Magnitsky Act economic sanctions against Russia, but to the Russiagate accusations regarding U.S. President Donald Trump. In my [Zuesse's] two articles, the general public can click right through to the evidence on the Magnitsky case."

UPDATE:  9:09 P.M. -  Immediately after his presser with Trump, Putin gave an interview to Chris Wallace of Fox News.  Here's the link and here is my favourite quote from Putin to Wallace:

"...Why would Mueller issue the indictment just three days before the summit, asked Wallace.

“I’m not in the least bit interested,” answered Putin. “Those are internal political games of the US. Don’t hold the relationship between Russia and the US hostage to this internal political struggle. It’s quite clear to me that this is used in the internal political struggle. And it’s nothing to be proud of for American democracy, because using law enforcement agencies in a political rivalry is inadmissible...."

When a foreign leader has to urge Americans to value the integrity of their own agencies more....well, that's pretty sad.  

Watch the entire interview of Russian President Vladimir Putin with Fox News Interviewer Chris Wallace:

Vladimir Putin Interviewed by Fox News Chris Wallace
Video picked up from The Saker

Greencrow comments after viewing Interview.  When ARE Americans going to finally get off the pot of these outlandish lies about the Russians hacking the 2016 election?  Wallace went after Putin again about it.  Putin AGAIN made mince meat out of the allegations...but reason and logic has no impact on Americans.  Wallace also embarrassed himself by bringing up the Skripal Alice In Wonderland Down the Rabbit Hole and onto a Park Bench story. Putin was again forced to remind Wallace that the UK has never provided A SINGLE SHRED OF EVIDENCE to Russia in the Skripal allegation.  NOT A SINGLE SHRED!  

I don't watch US TV so I don't know much about Chris Wallace...but after the questions he asked...I suspect that he is yet another CIA mole burrowed into the mainstream media.  That's what he sounded like anyway.

World Cup Wrap-Up

...and then, just as Putin was awarding the World Cup,
the Skies opened up with a drenching rain.

As did a lot of my readers, no doubt, I spent much of the past weekend watching the final games in the World Championship of Soccer.  As well as being the premier sports even on this planet...it was also a significant geopolitical event.  Who can ever forget France's Macron celebrating the moment of victory of his team:

France's Macron Celebrating the Moment 
France won the World Cup

When the skies opened up and the torrent of rain fell on Putin and the rest of the dignitaries during the presentation ceremonies, I was reminded of an incident that occurred to me years ago during a visit to Amsterdam, the Netherlands.  It was a brilliantly sunny day and my partner and I were walking through the heart of downtown Amsterdam, with the scenic canals and all.  We happened to be sightseeing at the very same time as the annual Pride Parade.  Suddenly the streets were filled with parade goers and watchers all dressed in flamboyant extreme costumes.  In the canal, a float with a huge penis was making its way towards city centre.  Parents put their children on their shoulders so they could see the float.  It was all very bacchanalian and kind of sickening, to be truthful.

Just as suddenly, I looked into the sky and saw a huge black cloud come scudding across the azure blue sky towards the city centre.  I wondered how such a huge and totally black thunder cloud could appear in such an otherwise clear blue sky.  It was quite an anomaly.  Then a flash of lightning followed by a crack of thunder and a torrent of rain fell out of that cloud like an enormous balloon that had been pricked.

The rain was so heavy and nobody in the crowd had brought umbrellas.  We all scurried for shelter.  My partner and I ended up under an overpass with hundreds of others...drenched to the bone.  The bacchanalian parade had come to a sudden and very soggy end.  This was the first time it ever occurred to me that there might be something in the theories of "Weather Manipulation" and "cloud seeding" that I had read about on the internet.  It was as if that crowd had been deliberately disbursed by a raincloud.  We went back to our hotel and by the time we got there...the rain cloud had passed and it was brilliantly sunny again.  

The memory came back as I watched the skies open up over the stadium at the very moment that Putin came out onto the field to present the trophies and medals.  I watched as the presentation ceremonies were virtually ruined by the rain.  The thought then occurred to me that Putin might have an entire array of unbeatable war weaponry...but unless he can get "climate control" figured out...all his weaponry might come to naught.  I wondered if the skies cleared up the moment the stadium was emptied of sports fans.

The security at the games was the heaviest I have ever seen at a public event.  Security guards, in yellow neon jackets, stood just four feet apart, facing the crowd.  Still, some Pussy Riot protesters stormed the field.  I smiled as I remembered watching a recent video of an interview with Vladimir Putin, where he was asked in English about the group "Pussy Riot".  He responded by asking the interviewer to say the name of the group in Russian.  It turns out there's no way of translating the phrase.  Which tells you all you need to know about the likely source/funding of these protestors.  I think they must be the kissing cousins of the "White Helmets"....anyhoooooooooo.

Most significantly, Putin announced that during the World Cup the Russians successfully fended off 25 million  cyber attacks --which focused on the Russian infrastructure supporting the games.  Can you imagine the stress that put on the individuals involved in cyber security in Russia?  But as we saw by today's media coverage of the meeting between Trump and Putin in Helsinki, the Western press is still pathologically obsessed with the Russian "hacking of the US Presidential election of 2016".  They simply cannot get off the pot!  Here is a short video of the first face to face meeting between Trump and Putin.

Trump and Putin in Helsinki, Finland

I tried to watch the live broadcast of the press conference Trump and Putin gave after their meetings on RT.  The broadcast was interrupted over and over again. Probably being hacked.  So I went to NBC news.  They did not cover it live but did have a propaganda filled written report about it.  This "report" repeated each and every hackneyed chant and mantra about Trump and his over-friendly approach to Putin.  Pity the poor journalist who ever steps out of line and deviates from the script in the West.  But, then that never happens anymore does it.  Where's Matt Lee?  Did he get to ask any questions?

In summary, all I can say is what I said to my husband after I turned off the broadcasts.  I hope Trump makes it back to the US alive.  The side in the undeclared internal civil war going on in the US that hates Trump...let's call them the Clintonistas...will have become absolutely infuriated, watching the love fest going on between Trump and Putin.  Putin has worked his magic.  It appears he's made a friend out of the President of the US.  But.  Let's just see if Trump's bon ami lasts throughout his transatlantic flight home.  As he recently reminded Canada's le dauphin, Trump has at least 20 TV sets on Air force One and so can keep tabs on what's happening on planet Earth...even from 32,000 feet.  Whoopie sh!t!

Perhaps as I type, he's already dissing Putin.... in tweet... after tweet ...after tweet.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Stunning Evidence of US Government Criminal Conspiracy: Two US Army Cryptographic Code Operators Overheard JFK Assassination Plan

JFK and American Flag

Every so often new information is revealed about that most seminal event of the post war 1900's...the Assassination of US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.  Kennedy was shot down like a dog in the streets of Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963, a date that will truly live in infamy.  The more time passes and the more the United States continues on its path of steady deterioration into a ZioFascist dictatorship, run by a secret, anonymous group of organized international criminals, the more nostalgic decent folk become for an era when a populist, intellectual, moral president...very much along the lines of today's Putin of Russia, gave the West hope that we were entering a new era of peaceful development of this planet.  Younger generations don't remember that time and that stolen hope.  So they say that the assassination of JFK is "old history" and we need to "move on".

In actual fact, the United States as a functioning, evolving democracy was frozen in time on that day in Dallas.  It's like the prehistoric Ice Man of Europe,  who was murdered in the Alps and lay frozen and mummified for 5,000 years.  Now scientists are taking the mummified remains out and examining the Ice Man's stomach--to find out what he had for a last meal.  Similarly, the American organs of government, its institutions, judicial system and bureaucracy have also been mummified-- and neutered. Archival documentation related to the Assassination of JFK has recently been made public--motivating a few independent and self-funded researchers to examine traces of the evidence of the last free moments in the life of a nation.

Iceman Shot in Back with Arrow
Illustration copied from BBC Report

Unlike the remains of the Iceman, there is no big government research grant available to the JFK assassination researchers to do their exhumation and forensic study.  And nothing will ever come of their findings.  Unlike the BBC report on the Ice Man findings...the report below will NEVER be printed in the BBC or any Main$tream media outlet.  But still, these intrepid few sort through the entrails of the memos, letters and telegrams and occasionally come up with stunning new information.  Please read the following synopsis that I found on Paul Craig Roberts blog, but which was actually printed in the blog called Information Clearing House.  I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:


From Paul Craig Roberts:

Two US Army Cryptographic Code Operators Overheard JFK Assassination Plan

President Trump forced the release of 53,000 CIA documents of the Kennedy assassination that were withheld from the public for more than a half century. The presstitute media, a CIA asset, did not report on the documents. Professor Jerry Kroth, who has written books about JFKs assassination found intercepted and decoded messages by Eugene V. Dinkin and David Christensen who stumbled upon the plot independently. The two men tried to sound the alarm and were sent to psychiatric hospitals. Professor Kroth tells the story here: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/49828.htm
By Jerry Kroth

July 11, 2018 "Information Clearing House" -In November, 2017 President Trump released 35,000 documents the Kennedy assassination that were withheld for half a century. He wanted to release more, but the CIA requested more time. He gave them six months, and, on April 26 of this year another 18,000 documents came forth.

The media hardly covered the April release, and, overall, the reporting was cursory at best and pathetic at worst. These documents consummately alter our understanding of the assassination, of Jack Ruby, of Marina Oswald, David Ferrie, Richard Helms, J. Edgar Hoover, and certainly Lyndon Johnson.

But let us take a smaller bite from this apple.

Introducing Eugene V. Dinkin. Two documents were released about this man in November which caught my attention, and one more appeared in the 2018 release.

Frankly, as an academic who wrote two books on JFK, I never heard of him.

Since it took 54 years to lift the veil of censorship on this account, perhaps Eugene should not be ignored any more than he already has.

Private First Class Eugene Dinkin worked in Metz, France. He was a cryptographic code operator for the U.S. Army and in early November, 1963, three weeks before the assassination, he discovered something sobering, a plot to assassinate the President of the United States. He intercepted—or decoded— two messages, and the names he relayed all make a lot of sense today, a French/Corsican assassin, Jean Souetre, Guy Banister, and William Harvey.

That was in 1963, but in 2007, former CIA majordomo, Howard Hunt, made a deathbed confession about the assassination to his son and mentioned two of those suspects. His son, quite unaware of Eugene Dinkin, scrambled to take notes and videotape his father. Hunt’s revelation can been on Youtube today.

Retuning to Dinkin, in early November, Private Dinkin was so concerned about his discovery, he had his friend mail a letter to Robert Kennedy. The letter warned RFK that an assassination plot was underway and would occur in Texas about November 28th.

Dinkin said that plans were that the murder would be blamed on either a communist or a Negro.

Dinkin had serious doubts his letter would ever each him, so with a jolt of derring-do, he deserted his post and made it to Switzerland to a UN press briefing room where he thought he might get better reception. The U.S. military picked him and shipped him off to Walter Reed to a psychiatric ward. He was confined for the next six months.

Trump’s two released cables say Dinkin went to Geneva on the 6th of November with his story.

That was exactly 17 days before Kennedy was murdered. “Neither the FBI nor the Warren Commission ever investigated the Dinkin case, ” despite his clear prediction.

A second soldier peeks through Trump’s document dump too, and entirely independent of Eugene Dinkin, David Christensen:

There are two CIA documents on him which were released in April. Christensen was an Air Force Sergeant who was stationed at Kirknewton, Scotland. He intercepted a communication just before Novemeber, 1963 that an assassination attempt would be made on President Kennedy.

Little substantive information beyond this fact is given except that Kirknewton was an RAF base, which had a relationship with the CIA, which was using it as a top-secret listening station.

Christensen heard something he shouldn’t have heard, and he heard it in a top-secret CIA listening post. As you can probably guess, Sgt. Christensen, like Eugene Dinkin, was summarily “committed to a mental institution.”

One should raise an important question here as with all of these released documents: why were they withheld for half a century?

Clearly, if two psychotic persons ranted off about the President being killed—and both properly confined to mental institutions as deranged —such stories would merely constitute tabloid pulp and not rise above the level of the National Enquirer. The fact that these stories never graced our supermarkets, but were withheld from the public and from scholars for five decades is certainly worth more than a raised eyebrow.

Two code operators, in secret American military installations, quite independently of each other—and both obviously with clearances—discovered chatter, decidedly secret chatter, about the coming assassination of the President of the United States. If taken seriously, it meant a deep conspiracy was afoot involving high level government and military plotters, not little Lee Harvey who was sorting textbooks in the Texas School Book Depository for $1.25 an hour.

In order to preserve the Warren Commission myth that a single, lone assassin shot the President required—absolutely and irrevocably—that such news be hidden, covered up, and sequestered from any public awareness—and indeed it was. Frankly, it is a miracle these files survived at all considering their significance.

A very belated thanks and a few hosannas from the American people, Eugene and David, wherever you may be.

Jerry Kroth, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor Emeritus from Santa Clara University in California. This is an excerpt from his forthcoming book, Coup d’etat: the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Dr. Kroth may be contacted through his website collectivepsych.com


Greencrow Says:  Perhaps I am the only one in the world who connects the dots between the Iceman Research and the JFK Assassination.  Perhaps I'm the only one who sees the irony between the government-supported research into the death of a prehistoric hunter 5000 years ago and the lack of government interest in the death of a President in 1963.  

Both men were murdered.  Both were out working, fulfilling their career paths...both were ambushed and shot...one with an arrow and one with a barrage of high powered rifle bullets from the "grassy knoll".

The above JFK research information...about two independent military men who discovered, prior to the event..evidence of a high level government conspiracy to assassinate the President...should provoke at least the same level of reaction and interest that is now being shown for the Iceman.  The fact that both whistleblowers were committed to mental institutions should provoke a cry for justice from the fifth estate, a motivation to find out more about these men. Who were they? What happened to them afterwards?  Are they still alive?  If so they should be given medals for courage and dedication to country.  Who made sure that they were incarcerated until after the assassination took place?  James Jesus Angleton?  Did he make THAT decision too?

It's truly ironic about time.  Sometimes it's used as a positive factor--to find out what happened to a man who lived so long ago .  And sometimes its used as a negative factor....we don't need to find out what happened to the President who was shot down in the street like a dog...it's old news...everybody connected to his death is already dead anyway.  It serves no purpose to dig up the old evidence.

Who makes these decisions about the relative value of time?

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Middle East officials flocking to Moscow – is there a big deal?

Putin Meeting with Middle Eastern Leaders

Continuing on with my most recent post of last Tuesday. I see in this morning's RT that other geopolitical analysts, this time from Russia, are also noticing that there is a flurry of diplomatic activity between Russian President Putin and Middle East Leaders, including Israel's Netanyahu, Iranian high officials and other stakeholders in the region.  To reiterate, these leaders all have more to do with their time than to meet about nothing.  Logic tells me, at least, that there must be something "big" in the works.  Please read the following report from RT which I have copied in its entirety and I will have more comments to follow:


"Middle East officials flocking to Moscow – is there a big deal to be made before Putin meets Trump?


Moscow is awash this week with Middle East movers and shakers, apparently eager to have a word with Vladimir Putin ahead of his meeting with Trump. Is there a big ME deal in the making? RT talks to analysts.
Before having a face-off with his US counterpart in Helsinki next week, President Putin is to have several high-profile meetings in Russia. There is Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Ali Akbar Velayati, the foreign policy aide to Iran’s Supreme Leader. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will be in Moscow in time to watch the World Cup finals on Sunday and is expected to meet Putin. Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of Qatar, will also be among the spectators, although whether he would talk with Putin is yet to be confirmed.
Amid the flurry of visits there is some speculation in the media that a grand deal between the US and Russia, which would involve a rebalancing of power in the Middle East, may come out from the Helsinki talks and that regional players are making an 11th-hour bid to ensure that their interests would be taken into consideration.
Such a scenario is possible, but highly unlikely, because it would be inconsistent with Russia’s current policies in the Middle East, Grigory Lukyanov, a Middle East analyst and senior lecturer at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, told RT.
“There are concerns in Damascus and Tehran that the course which Russia had in foreign policy over the past years, may take a shift similarly to how it happened in the past, when in pursuit of some global agreement with the US, Russia would sacrifice its Middle Eastern achievements and interests that it perceived secondary,” he said.
The sentiment is particularly strong in some Iranian political circles, which view Moscow as unreliable and its interests inconsistent with those of Tehran, he said. Such concerns don’t seem to be backed by facts and are inconsistent with Russia’s own interests in the region.
The sentiment is particularly strong in some Iranian political circles, which view Moscow as unreliable and its interests inconsistent with those of Tehran, he said. Such concerns don’t seem to be backed by facts and are inconsistent with Russia’s own interests in the region.

‘US - a beautiful and rich, but air-headed girl’

One should not overestimate how much Donald Trump may realistically offer in Helsinki to have Russia make any major policy change and how tempting this offer would be for Putin, Sergey Balmasov, a senior analyst at the Center for Crisis Society, a Moscow-based think tank, told RT.
“The moods of America are like the moods of a very beautiful and rich, but air-headed girl. Today you flirt with her, and the next day you find relations with that guy Iran spoiled. Such things require great care, and people in the Russian foreign ministry realize it well,” he explained. “And anyway, global issues cannot be solved Gorbachev-style with a stroke of a pen.”

‘Russia offers solutions US failed to’

Russia’s involvement in Syria, which changed the situation dramatically from the hopeless slide towards total disintegration in 2014 to the relative stability of today, is a major point of leverage for Moscow in regional politics, Balmasov said. Tactical considerations like the presence of pro-Iranian troops in southern Syria and Israel’s combative reaction to it, are of course important, but the really important issue for the country would be post-war reconstruction and who would pay for it.
Lukyanov agrees that Moscow would win nothing from siding with either party involved in the Middle East. Russia’s current policy in this region is to play its own game while taking into account the interests of other players. The meetings with Netanyahu and Velayati are most likely just meant to keep Putin up to date with the positions of Israel and Iran respectively, he believes.
At the moment Russia sees a more prominent place for itself in the Middle East, but the role it is ready to play is limited, compared to other global players, he said.
“Russia’s strong point now is the ability and willingness to offer solutions to security problems. The US failed in that regard in Iraq and some other places,” Lukyanov said. “But Russia cannot and is not trying to replace the US as a primary trade partner for Middle Eastern nations. Same is true about replacing China or Europe."
“Solving security issues requires constructive dialogue with stakeholders, and the Syrian experience is viewed by the Russian leadership as more than constructive. Many people in the Middle Eastern nations, Arab or otherwise, share this position,” he added."


Greencrow says:  the only thing new about the above report which I did not factor into my previous analysis of Tuesday is that they [Putin and the Foreign Leaders] may be discussing "post-war reconstruction and who would pay for it."

Post war reconstruction could be broadened to include all of the Middle East which has been torn apart by conflict during the past 60 or so years.  This would include Palestine...which closely resembles war time internment camps, complete with high concrete walls surrounding Palestinian "reserves" and fortified military check points--through which all must come and go.  Palestine is definitely a festering, toxic war time situation--which should be included in any holistic approach to the Middle East Peace Process.

Let's face it...trying to get reconstruction money to rebuild all the rubbled infrastructure that USrael has created in the Middle East would be like trying to squeeze blood from a stone.  Ain't gonna happen.  I keep wondering why Trump is so obsessed with getting NATO members to "up their contributions" and wonder if he's trying to gather a nest egg to fling at any project that Putin might have towards a "Marshall-type Plan" for the middle east.  But trying to make some logical sense out of Trump's rambles is also a non-starter.  Even Trump's fellow NATO members have no clue what he's trying to do.

All I can do is apply logic to Putin's actions.  I have faith in the Russian Leader's adherence to logic... and it seems logical to me that he's trying to apply his superb negotiating skills to the Middle East Gordian Knot of occupied Palestine.  This is the nucleus of all the troubles in the Middle East.  This is what gathers disparate Arabs/Muslims from all over the region into Hezbollah armies to fight the Israeli regime in all its manifestations and proxies throughout Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Palestine, etc.

The only way to solve the central problem in the Middle East is to open a relief valve for the demographic crisis that's building in Gaza.  If those Israelis who are unable to tolerate free Palestinians in a unified, democratic society were given another option, say an option to move en masse to a huge arable tract of land in Russia's Asia [coincidentally the ancestral homeland of 90% of them] this would relieve the societal pressure to constantly tighten the screws on the poor Palestinians.  Similar to the 15,000 or so white South Africans who cannot abide the collapse of the apartheid system in SA...and are now considering a Putin offer to move to Russia.

Putin believes Russia needs more settlers in the eastern provinces of Russia.  This is made evident in his longstanding offer of "free land" to those who would come and settle and develop the far eastern reaches of Russia.  Now, in this era of the building of the "New Silk Road", with its gas and oil pipe lines....human labour is needed more than ever in this region. So this is where the "win win" comes in.  I guess Putin's hope is that, given the distances between settlements in this region, it would be several generations at least before the Khazarians entered their inevitable cycle of political infiltration, parasitical control and destruction of their [Russian] host.

Some readers think I'm going out on a limb in making this prognostication.  But I've been emboldened to follow my hunches, more so ever since my hunch that there was/is a Deep State Civil War going on in the "security agencies" and institutions of the United States proved prescient.  When I first wrote about that undeclared internal civil war several years ago now...I was alone in my assessment, just like I'm now alone in my assessment that Putin is going to render Russia's vast geographic potential into a lubricant...that will soften the hardened tangles of the Middle East Gordian Knot.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

What's Up with Putin Meeting Netanyahu So Frequently During the Past Few Months?

Daniel in the Lion's Den

History repeats itself as an old saying goes.  In the geopolitical event I will be discussing this morning it looks like the Biblical tale of Daniel going into the Lion's Den is repeating itself as Russian President Vladimir Putin appears to be inserting himself into the more than half century conflict going on in the Middle East.  This is the conflict that began when the Then Empire, Great Britain, ceded the little nation of Palestine over to the Khazarian Jews who are originally from an area in Asia now known as Bulgaria.

Since these Khazarian Jews had no cultural affinity to the indigenous Palestinians, they've treated them like foreigners, interlopers in their own country.  They've rounded the Palestinians up and put them into walled-in reserves.  These reserves have since been constantly denied essentials, such as potable water and ability to trade with other nations for essential goods and services.  The United Nations has decreed that the open air concentration camp called Gaza is already unfit for human habitation and the hundreds of thousands of prisoners [Palestinians] imprisoned therein are being slowly genocided.

The world, particularly the United Kingdom and America, two nations who brought the situation about and allowed it to deteriorate by not exerting any pressure on Israel to negotiate a humane settlement to the issues, have stood by, wringing their hands and saying "Tut, tut" occasionally, like when Israeli planes fly over the prison grounds, dropping incendiary bombs on the unarmed civilian population...shooting fish in a barrel.

Enter Vladimir Putin.  President Putin is fresh from gaining respect and credibility in the Middle East region by stopping the latest Western effort to destroy a country...Syria...dead in its tracks.  He has built up trust in Iran, Syria and even Iraq....one of the US-destroyed countries. Now, it appears that he is about to take on the biggest challenge of his career.  He is about to try and untie the Gordian Knot that is the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.  In the past few months Putin has personally met with Netanyahu at least three times. Please read the following report from Tass regarding yet another meeting between the two leaders and I will have more comments to follow:

Benjamin Netanyahu and Vladimir Putin

From Tass.com

Putin, Netanyahu to discuss Israel-Palestine issue, Syrian conflict on July 11

MOSCOW, July 10. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will hold a meeting on July 11 to discuss bilateral cooperation and global affairs, including the Israel-Palestine issue and the Syrian conflict, the Kremlin press service said in a statement.

"On July 11, Russian President Vladimir Putin will hold a meeting with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu," the statement reads. "The parties are expected to discuss pressing cooperation issues and problems on the global agenda, including ways to resolve the Israel-Palestine issue and the Syrian conflict," the Kremlin press service added.

The Israeli prime minister is also expected to attend the 2018 FIFA World Cup semi-final match between England and Croatia set to be held on July 11.

Greencrow says:  The biggest question to be asked about these meetings is...what "bait" is Putin using to build up trust between himself and Netanyahu?  And what is the quid pro quo for that bait?  First, it's important to acknowledge that there's likely a lot we don't know about the state of affairs between Israel and Russia.  After all, we are dependent on the Mainstream Media, known to be chronic and relentless liars...for details about the dynamics between the two.

Given the dearth of factual, reliable information, I believe my hunches about what's going on are at least as valid as anyone else's. After all, both these men have more to do than meet about nothing.  So I'm going to speculate that the "bait" that Russia is offering is twofold.  He's offering some of Russia's state of the art defense systems...the S400 as an example...for Israel to set up to protect itself from its "enemies du jour" Iran and the like.  It has made so many enemies in the region that Israel has become pathologically paranoid.  Putin is playing to this pathology.  But I believe Putin is also offering a carrot in the form of huge tracts of land in Russia's vast Asian territories.  I read just yesterday where Russia has offered land to about 15,000 South African white farmers who are now feeling "uncomfortable" since the apartheid regime fell.  He may also be offering a share in the "silk road" oil/gas pipelines that are planned to be routed through Syria.  In return, it's obvious what needs to happen vis a vis the Palestinians.  They need to be freed from their concentration camp prisons and allowed equal status throughout their ancestral homeland.  A new state needs to be formed that is neither Israel nor Palestine.  For the sake of discussion, let's call it Judea.

Again, with Putin...negotiation is all about setting up a "win win" situation for all parties...making them offers they cannot logically refuse.  Unlike the United States leaders of the past...he does not plead with or cajole the parties...he offers firm upgrades to their present situation.  That's it.  Whatever Putin is offering Netanyahu, he certainly has his attention.

I will continue to watch this situation closely.  Should Netanyahu become more deeply engaged in negotiations for Middle East Peace...with Putin as the broker...watch for the reaction of the West.  Can we all spell apoplexy?