Friday, July 3, 2015

Former CSIS officer warns C-51 Terror Bill will lead to lawsuits and embarrassment

UP DATE JULY 3, 2015 -  I have updated my "Solving 9/11 Page" with a new link: Why Did Navy Staffers at the Pentagon Fail to Respond to the Attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11?

Hell in a Handbasket

Well, if C-51 leads to "lawsuits and embarrassment" as former CSIS officer Francois Lavigne will be business as usual for the Harper Conservatives. The National Post...which has a nasty reputation as a noxious, far right, globalist, ziofascist rag...has broken the set and published an interview with a former CSIS officer who speaks out forcefully against the Conservative Terror Bill C51.  This is the bill that recently became the law of the land with the support of Justin Trudeau's Liberals. Here's some of what Mr. Lavigne had to say: 

Mr. Lavigne said the public doesn’t have enough information about those attackers to justify new powers.
“We know they have some kind of link to the ISIL group, whether it’s from having seen something on YouTube or discussed things with a couple of people, but they’re not organized,” he said. “It’s not like they’re part of an organization. These are people who for their own reasons decided to act.”
Mr. Lavigne said that by proposing broad new powers, the government is either getting bad advice from security officials or ignoring good advice.
“I have never seen the RCMP and CSIS have such a cosy relationship with government,” he said. “They’re not supposed to be.”
On Thursday, law professors Craig Forcese of the University of Ottawa and Kent Roach of the University of Toronto, released a hair-raising 37-page analysis of C-51.
- CSIS will be able to get warrants at secret hearings to violate Canadians’ rights, which risks creating “a secret jurisprudence on when CSIS can act beyond the law.”
- CSIS will have “open-ended authorization whose proper and reasonable application will depend on perfect government judgment.”
- They worry that Canadians can’t have confidence CSIS won’t be used to target political enemies of the government.
- In 2012, the government shut down the office of the CSIS inspector general, which provided active oversight. Since then, after-the-fact review is provided by the Security Intelligence Review Committee, a part-time committee formerly headed by an accused fraudster.
Mr. Forcese and Mr. Roach said expanding CSIS’s powers without improving oversight is “breathtakingly irresponsible.”

Mr. Lavigne agrees. He said that CSIS “sanitizes its files” before handing them to SIRC.
“To say that SIRC is any kind of oversight body is really misleading and the government knows that.”
A lot of what the government says about this issue is disturbing to Mr. Lavigne.
On Monday, standing next to German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Ottawa, for instance, the prime minister said: “As you are aware, Madame Chancellor, one of the jihadist monster’s tentacles reached as far as our own Parliament.”
Mr. Lavigne said the prime minister’s advisers must tell him that using inflammatory language increases the risk.
“When our leaders start talking about tentacles and jihadis and barbarians, it’s adding fuel to the fire. It’s actually increasing the likelihood of that happening.”
Mr. Lavigne said the prime minister’s language reminds him of fascist leaders like Mussolini and Franco.“Some of these tactics are taken right out of the fascist playbook,” he said. “Create an enemy that is hard to identify. Make it an enemy that is nebulous and seems to be able to do things that nobody else can. Don’t define the enemy. Just identify. Generate fear around that enemy, Then send out the message that the only people who can deal with this enemy are us.”
But the government isn’t fascist, I said. Rhetoric aside, it is not crossing the line to fascist actions.
He agrees. “They’re not crossing the line. They’re using the language to appeal to the emotions, which is one of the first stages. Disinformation being the second, which I think they also use. But they’re not fascist. I’m not saying the government’s fascist.”
He laughs.
“Don’t detain me.”
What goes on in Stephen Harper's mind that he uses such language?  Never mind that many Canadians suspect the "jihadist monster" occasions he's referring to were in fact false flags...concocted in order to justify the draconian security legislation.  Harper's dragged Canadians into a parallel universe where dirty deeds done dirt cheap are the slippery slope to government tyranny by terror.

I can't help but connect the dots between C-51 and a dispicable episode I posted about some weeks ago, where the Canadian Border Services Agency falsely arrested, charged and prosecuted an innocent Canadian family through the legal system--all because the US military told the Agency it needed to prove "harmonization" between the Canadian and US legal systems--prior to Canada getting a "discount" on some armaments.  Is C-51 some "quid"?  If so, what and where is the "pro quo"?  Canadians are getting tired of this shenanigans. Reminds me of the old saying,"Where are we going and why are we in this handbasket?" 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

MH17 - The Big Western Lie--that keeps flying around the world

MH17 Wreakage

The other day I met with someone that I know and trust. We talked about quite a few things.  Eventually, our conversation strayed over to an area that we seldom geopolitics.  Believe it or not, I rarely discuss geopolitics with my friends and family...for obvious reasons.  My views are so "out there" that I've learned that most people cannot "handle the truth" and so don't go there.

But during my conversation with 'T" we roamed around the current happenings and ended up on the topic of MH17.  To my shock and horror...T was convinced that Russia shot down MH17 with a BUK missile.  I literally had one of those "palm to forehead" moments.  I could not believe that T could be so dis-informed.  I started to sputter..."But no...what about the two following Ukraine military jets?...One of them shot the plane out of the sky to blame Russia.  Why would Russia do such a thing?"  All to no avail.  T had been "gotten to" by the mainstream media and could not be convinced otherwise.  T just smiled condescendingly at how misinformed I was.

Later on, I sent T some links....and T sent me some links (referencing the official story from Reuters)...I e-mailed back and told T that Reuters was just like CNN...which we both had agreed was bogus.

So, in conclusion.  It was very depressing to realize that lies are still so easily accepted by ordinary citizens in the west...even after ALL the lies told by the mainstream media...9/11, etc.  No wonder Russia is starting to ramp up its demands to have a proper investigation of the MH17 atrocity.  No doubt they have realized how successful the West was in selling the MH17 lie.  It will take a gargantuan effort by Russia to turn the Titanic MH17 lie around.  But I highly recommend they do whatever it takes.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

HAPPY CANADA DAY! July 1, 2015

Canada under the Harper Conservative Regime

Happy Canada Day! to all my fellow Canadians.  Here are some memorable quotes from famous Canadians for your enjoyment. Have a great day with your friends, family and pets.  We're going to be walking our dogs to a local park and enjoying the festivities...celebrating all we've earned through our hard tax-paying work over the years.  May this coming Fall bring in a new era for where we can again hold our heads high and regain respect in the International Community.

UPDATE ON GREEK CRISIS: Guest Column by Paul Craig Roberts

UPDATE ON GREEK CRISIS:  July 2, 2015 Russia Today is saying that Greeks will vote "Yes" to Referendum on IMF bailout provisions.  Polls are showing that most Greeks want to stay in EU and will agree to any restrictions on their economy and sovereignty to do so.

Greek Warrior

Paul Craig Roberts is always having "guest columnists" on his Blog.  Sometimes he just cuts and pastes from other blogs...including having Vladimir Putin as a recent "guest" on his blog...copied from the Kremlin website.  Anyhoooooo...I'm going take a page out of Robert's Blog Book and cut and paste PCR's most recent column about the Greek Crisis...because I believe, as is usual for Roberts, he's Right on the Money:


Greece Again Can Save The West

Paul Craig Roberts
Like Marathon, Thermopylae, Plateau and Mycale roughly 2,500 years ago, Western freedom again depends on Greece. Today Washington and its empire of European vassal states are playing the part of the Persian Empire, and belatedly the Greeks have formed a government, Syriza, that refuses to submit to the Washington Empire.
Few people understand that the fate of Western liberty, what remains of it, is at stake in the conflict, and, indeed, the fate of life on earth. Certainly the German government does not understand. Sigmar Gabriel, a German vice-chancellor, has declared the Greek government to be a threat to the European order. What he means by the “European order” is the right of the stronger countries to loot the weaker ones.
The “Greek crisis” is not about debt. Debt is the propaganda that the Empire is using to subdue sovereignty throughout the Western world.
The Greek government asked the collection of nations that comprise the “democratic” European Union for one week’s extension on the debt in order for the Greek people to give their approval or disapproval of the harsh terms being imposed on Greece by the EU commission, the EU Central Bank, and the IMF with Washington’s insistence.
The answer from Europe and the IMF and Washington was “NO.”
The Greek government was told that democracy doesn’t apply when creditors are determined to make Greek citizens pay for the creditors’ mistakes with reduced pensions, reduced health care, reduced education, reduced employment, and reduced social services. The position of the Empire is that the Greek people are responsible for the mistakes of their foreign creditors, and the Greek people must pay for their creditors’ mistakes, especially those mistakes enabled by Goldman Sachs.
As has been proven conclusively, the Empire’s claim is false. The austerity measures that have been imposed on Greece have driven down the economy by 27%, thus increasing the ratio of debt to GDP and worsening the financial situation of Greece. All austerity has accomplished is to drive the Greek people further into the ground, thus making debt repayment impossible.
The Empire rejected Greece’s democratic referendum next Sunday, because the Empire doesn’t believe in democracy. The Empire, like all empires, believes in subservience. Greece is not being subservient. Therefore, Greece must be punished. The Persians Darius and Xerxes had the same view as Washington and the EU. The Greek government is supposed to do what previous Greek governments have done, accept a pay-off and allow Greece to be looted.
Looting is the only way left for the Western financial system to make money. In pursuit of short-term profits, western corporations, encouraged and coerced by the financial sector, have moved offshore western industry, manufacturing, and professional skills such as information technology and software engineering. All that remains for the West are highly leveraged derivative bets and looting. Apple is an American corporation, but not a single Apple computer is made in the US.
The German, French, and Dutch governments together with Washington and the western financial system have come down in favor of looting. For a country to be looted, its people’s voice must be silenced. This is why the Germans and the EU object to the Greek government handing the ability to decide the future of Greece to the Greek people.
In other words, in the West today, the sovereignty of peoples and accountability of governments are inconsistent with the financial interests of the One Percent who control the financial and political order.
To conclude: If democracy can be destroyed in Greece, it can be destroyed throughout Europe.
The Greek people not only hold in their hands the fate of democracy in the West, but also the fate of life on earth. Washington’s mechanism for creating conflict with Russia is the EU and NATO. By violating agreements made by previous US governments, Washington has brought NATO to Russia’s borders and is currently deploying more troops, armaments, and missiles on Russia’s borders, all the while speaking aggressively toward Russia.
Russia has no alternative but to target these insensible military deployments. As military deployments rise and the irresponsible and totally inaccurate Western propaganda against Russia and Russia’s government escalate, war can launch itself.
Clearly Washington and its vassal states have eschewed diplomacy and instead use demonization and attempted coercion to force Russia to accede to the Empire’s will.
This reckless policy continues despite the many warnings from the Russian government to the West not to deliver ultimatums to Russia. As empires are characterized by arrogance and hubris, the Empire doesn’t hear the warnings.
Recently we have had from Washington’s stooge prime minister in London British threats against Russia, despite the fact that the UK can deliver no force against Russia and can be destroyed in a few minutes by Russia. This kind of insanity is what leads to war. The crazed British prime minister thinks he can call out Russia.
Washington is brewing armageddon. But Greece can save us. All the Greek people need to do is to support their government and insist that their government, the first in awhile to represent the interests of the Greek people, give the finger to the corrupt EU, default on the debt, and turn to Russia.
This would begin the unravelling of the EU and NATO and save the world from armageddon. Most likely, Italy and Spain would follow Greece out of the EU and NATO, as these countries also are targeted for merciless looting. The EU and NATO, Washington’s mechanism for creating conflict with Russia, would unravel. The world would be saved and would owe its salvation to the ability of the Greeks to realize what really is at stake. Just as they did at Marathon, Thermopylae, Plateau and Mycale
It is difficult to imagine another scenario that would save us from World War III. Pray that the Greeks understand the responsibility that is in their hands not merely for liberty but also for life on earth

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sepp Blatter boycotting Women's World Cup Finale In one to hand Cup to Winner

FIFA President Sepp Blatter has Cancelled Plans
to be in Vancouver for Closing Ceremonies of Women's Soccer Championship

FIFA President Sepp Blatter has changed his travel plans and will not be coming to Vancouver after all.  He was supposed to come here to hand the FIFA Women's Cup to the winner of the Women's Soccer Championship which is wrapping up this week.  FIFA's No. 2 man will also not be present.  Will Harper have to hand the cup to the winner?

What does this say about Canada's holding of the FIFA Women's games?  Well...I can read the geopolitical/sports tea leaves as well as anyone.  Blatter isn't going to come to Canada and put up with the same insults and lack of respect that Harper saves for Putin and Russia.  Sepp Blatter is a world player if ever there was one.  He networks with elite movers and shakers from all over the world.  In particular, he is friends with Putin and supports Russia for the 2018 games. The West is desperate to take it away from Russia.  Ergo, Harper could use the occasion of the closing ceremonies to grandstand on behalf of the West's agenda.  He might not even "want to shake Blatter's hand' or some equally juvenile outburst.

Isolation and insults work both ways...what goes around comes around.  The lack of formal FIFA representation at the end of the Canada FIFA Women's Championship--and no FIFA representative to hand out the cup makes Canada (in the dying day of the Harper regime) look like what it is...a small time player with a small view of the world. Canada will not be getting the Men's Football Championship anytime soon...with this blotch on our escutcheon. (Bonus, I get a chance to use one of my favourite cliches..."Blotch on Escutcheon"....only in Canada they say).

Canadian Election UPDATE: Cons (Conservative Party) mash up poison pill for Mulcair

Tom Mulcair photo from CBC article quoted below
Dimitri Soudas, Harper's press secretary at the time, told Maclean's he was authorized to offer up to $180,000 a year, but Mulcair wanted $300,000. Soudas says after he said he couldn't go higher than $180,000, he never heard from Mulcair again.
Mulcair said conversations about an advisory role with the government began in 2006, but talks broke down over the Conservatives' environmental policies and not over money.
He denied negotiating with Soudas and said he had no intention of running for the Conservatives.
Mulcair at the time had recently resigned on as environment minister in Jean Charest's Quebec Liberal government. He joined the NDP in April 2007 and won a byelection in the Montreal riding of Outremont five months later

In my last installment, I ended with the "joke" that Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper was going to hire infamous US "swift boat" election strategist Carl Rove to devise a poison pill for NDP leader Thomas Mulcair.  I wasn't joking.  Harper actually has deep roots in the American political system (just how deep we'll never know) and probably could hire Rove if he needed to.

Today the papers are full of the news that back in the day...Tom Mulcair tried to get hired on by the cons...but the negotiations fell apart over money.  This kind of slick, slimy, negative politics is going to permeate the race from now on and will stink up the country big time.  Mulcair trying to fight back against these allegations reminds me of the old saying:

"Never get into a mud wrestling fight with a pig.  You'll get all dirty...but the pig will love it."

It's not that I don't believe Mulcair tried to get a job with the Tories...maybe he did...maybe he didn't. Frankly, I don't care. The problem is that when the debate sinks to this level...all the REAL issues go off the table (which is what the Tories want).  There will be no discussions of foreign policy, the environment, social policy or economic policy...all there will be is this democracy-destroying wallowing in the mud.  A campaign full of this will turn the population off and the voter turnout will be lower than ever.  But they don't care.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Paul Craig Roberts makes ominous prediction about Greek government

UPDATE:  June 29, 2015 a day and a half before deadline for default of the EU offer...a crowd masses in the main square of Athens.  RT is calling this crowd a "No" crowd and is live-streaming broadcast of it. Tsipras has said that if Greeks vote "Yes"...then he and his government will "have to accept it, but we will not be the ones to carry it out."

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras looking and sounding positively "Kennedyesque" as he addresses the Greek nation in his Sunday night address. 

"The more calmly we deal with difficulties, the sooner we can overcome them and the milder their consequences will be," Tsipras told the Greeks.
The European Central Bank decided on Sunday not to increase Emergency Liquidity Assistance to the Greek banks, adding that the decision may be reviewed at a later date.
“The Governing Council decided to maintain the ceiling to the provision of emergency liquidity assistance (ELA) to Greek banks at the level decided on Friday,” the ECB said in a statement.
Meanwhile, a number of EU countries are urging their citizens to bring cash to Greece rather than to rely on ATM withdrawals.
 From an RT Report

I have to say, there are very few Americans (if any) I think more of than Doctor of Economics, former Reagan government official and one of the leaders of the Truth Community...Blogger Paul Craig Roberts.  I subscribe to his blog, receive e-mail notices of every one of his posts which I read assiduously.  Well, folks...I was positively shocked when I read one of his latests posts published just within the last 48 hours,

Roberts has been keeping the truth community up-to-date in the moment by moment (manufactured) twists and turns of the crisis that has been imposed on Greece by the "Troika" The EU, IMF and World Bank.  As far as I can understand it...the Troika was doing their standard run of the mill "economic hit" (see John Perkins' classic "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" for details) on Greece...when things started to go sideways.  First, the Greeks elected a new government that wasn't willing to roll over and put all four paws up into the air.  Secondly, Russia (Putin) came running to the rescue and presented the Greek people with another alternative...joining BRICS and getting funding that wouldn't force them to sell their priceless heritage and culture (not to mention natural resources) at firesale prices to the Troika looters and banksters.

In the post linked to above, Roberts suggests the reason the Greek government hasn't just automatically taken the Russian option is because it is quite likely that the "government would be assassinated" if they did so.  This is a shocking statement and certainly highlights the crisis nature of the situation. Paul Craig Roberts has called this slow developing crisis (which he fears could trigger WWIII) correctly, ever since it began last February. According to the latest report in RT, the Greek government has called for a national referendum on the various options for next Sunday.  In the meantime, all the banks in Greece have been limited in their ability to make payments within the country (around $60 per day per customer) and are unable to make payments internationally.  Yes, the world is sitting on tenterhooks...pending the outcome of this latest in a never-ending cycle of manufactured crises by the international, globalist, warmongering, bankster cabal.