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For one brief, shining moment Canadians thought they might actually see an authentic Leadership race

Member of Parliament and Erstwhile
 Conservative Leadership Candidate, Pierre Poilievre

For a couple of weeks...a very long time in politics...Canadians thought they might actually witness an authentic political Leadership Race.  The Tory bagmen and handlers ran current leader Andrew Scheer out of town on a rail a month or so ago...alleging after the lost election that he pilfered from the "collection plate" [the difference in tuition to send his children to school in Ottawa rather than the West where Scheer's riding is...and where the tuition for private schools is much cheaper]. The Conservatives were, therefore, in need of a new puppet figure.  So, they were/are setting things up for a Leadership election campaign that would climax with a Spring convention and vote.

From coast to coast candidates were sniffing the electoral waters and making decisions whether or not to throw their hats into the ring.  One such potential candidate was MP Pierre Poilievre.  Now, as regular readers know the greencrow is NOT aligned with any political party in Canada...or anywhere in the world, for that matter.  But I do like an exciting leadership race...or, at the very authentic one.  My view of MP Pierre Poilievre is that he's a very smart, very feisty man.  He's fluently bi-lingual and a sharp lawyer.  He took the lead last year during the Parliamentary hearings into the SNC Lavalin affair.  He's the kind of public speaker that people want to listen to because he's funny, erudite, and extremely politically savvy in BOTH official languages.  When I heard he was thinking of running for Conservative leader, my ears perked up.  I thought...this could get VERY interesting.  Pierre Poilievre would [and already has] made verbal mince meat out of Justin Trudeau.

In a Federal Election, were the two of them running, I would put my money on Poilievre.  He's the kind of individual that could galvanize a lethargic electorate around any number of issues and "lead" [yes I know that's an archaic word nowadays] his party to a majority government.

So, suddenly last week, like a bolt out of the blue, Pierre Poilievre withdraws from the campaign...basically before it even got underway.  Apparently he went into some meeting with the folks in Ottawa as a candidate--and came out a few hours later and dropped out of the race...citing "family issues".  We all know that "family issues" is code for when the real reason for the withdrawal is too embarrassing and too conflictual to be revealed.  If Poilievre "ever wants to work in this town again" as the Hollywood saying goes...he'd better keep quiet about what went on in that room.  Here is the headline announcing his "decision" and the link to as much as we'll ever know about it:

Pierre Poilievre says he will not run for Conservative leadership: 'My heart is not fully engaged in this'.

My initial reaction to the news was disappointment. In a flash, the entire Leadership campaign transformed from being quixotically being stultifyingly boring.  All the remaining candidates are like last night's pizza remnants lying on the coffee table.  There are going to be no riveting debates or speeches...just warmed-over pap.  Kabuki dances instead of platforms and issues.  Here's an example of one of the remaining candidates...a guy I'd never even heard of before reading the headline and link below:

Erin O’Toole to announce formal bid for Conservative leadershi

All I can say about unknown Erin O'Toole is that he has a very appropriate last name.  He certainly is/will be a useful "tool" in the handlers' efforts to pretend there is actually a leadership race rather than a "coronation" of the guy in the photo below:

Conservative Leadership Candidate Peter MacKay
The Campaign will "focus" on

Yes, what poor Pierre Poilievre probably found out, in that room full of bag men and handlers, was that former MP Peter MacKay already had the leadership race sewn up. They likely told Poilievre that he was just supposed to go through the motions of being a candidate and, for gawd sake, don't REALLY debate the opponent, raise embarrassing issues...or hit below the belt.  In other words, he was to go into Kabuki Dance format.  Knowing Poilievre the little that I do...I know that he would never submit to such a farce.  So he took his marbles [actually he had already drummed up quite a few marbles--in the form of support from movers and shakers within some quarters of the party] and left.  Today, former MP Peter MacKay formally declared himself King [er, I mean candidate].

What my intrepid readers need to know, if they do not already, is that Peter MacKay is the inheritor of the mantle formerly worn by former Prime Minister Stephen Harper.  Those who've been reading this blog for years will remember that I used to routinely call Harper "The worst Prime Minister in Canadian History".  That was before Le Dauphin came along.  Now, it's a Toss Up.  So the forces that wound the key in Harper's back will now be winding the key in MacKay's back.

Don Braid: Conservative field shrinks as Stephen Harper talk start

Greencrow concludes:  Folks, let's face it.  The day of the real leaders is gone, over, fini, kaput!  Those days are gone because we're now [as le Dauphin once parroted from his mentor, George Soros] in the "post-national" era.  We're also, by default, in the "globalist" era. This is what they'd like us to believe, but it's uncomfortably belied by the success of real World leaders such as Putin, Erdogan and Assad--who are also very strong national leaders.

We simply cannot have a Canadian leader who might....wait for it....wait just a little longer for it is....SPEAK HIS/HER MIND.  That's the mortal sin in the "post national" era.  The current politicians must have handlers and must be told what to say.  That's why Poor Pierre had to go.

So.  Let the Konservative Kabuki Dance begin. Yawnnnnnnn. ZZZZzzzzzzzzz.

Friday, January 24, 2020

Iraq "Cake Walk" 20 years later: Million Man March in Baghdad, Iraq

January 24, 2020

Younger readers won't remember the months of lead-up to the USrael Invasion of Iraq in the Spring of 2003.  They won't remember all the protests of millions all over the world demonstrating against the upcoming American Invasion...the "Shock and Awe" as it was then billed.  I marched with at least 40,000 others in downtown Vancouver against the planned war.  Nothing deterred the Satanic beasts.  They would have their war.

I remember the Monday after the weekend prime time Invasion...the much heralded "Shock and Awe" bombing of Baghdad.  The phony group of CIA assets pulling down the statue of Saddam in the Baghdad city square.

I went to work that Monday and got into a verbal debate with some of my fellow social workers.  The young males were all excited--stimulated by the display of testosterone-laced jet bombings and nighttime explosions of ballistic missiles on the ancient city/cultural heritage site of Baghdad--they'd witnessed the previous weekend from the comfort and safety of their living rooms.

When I warned about the potential fall-out from the invasion...I was pooh poohed.  Naw, they said with big smiles on their faces..."It will all be over in a month...". Such was the invincibility of the Amerikan forces.  I looked directly into their eyes and said:  "It will NEVER be over."

Iraqis marching in Million Man March January 24, 2020

Every time I see something like the video above...I think back to that day and those bozos.  I wonder what THEY think...or even IF they bother to watch a snippet of the above video.  Probably the NewZ siteZ they watch will not even report on the above protest march in Iraq with its estimated crowd of 2.5 million.  Must protect the tender, sheeplefied brains...dontchaknow.

Meng Wanzhou Extradition Update - Defense says 'It's unique .. it's a pose'

© Jonathan Hayward\THE CANADIAN PRESS Meng Wanzhou, chief financial officer of Huawei, leaves her home to go to B.C. Supreme Court in Vancouver, Wednesday, January 22, 2020. Wanzhou is in court for hearings over an American request to extradite the executive of the Chinese telecom giant Huawei on fraud charge

Yesterday the Defense in the Meng Wanzhou Extradition case completed it's presentation in a Vancouver court house.  The following report originally from CBC describes the arguments made by the Defense.  I have copied the report in its entirety.  Please read and I will have thoughts and comments to follow:


Right needs to be done': Meng Wanzhou's lawyers make final pitch to judge 

A lawyer for Meng Wanzhou made a final pitch against extradition Thursday to the B.C. Supreme Court judge tasked with weighing the Huawei executive's fate.

But Richard Peck told Associate Chief Justice Heather Holmes that Meng's defence team was asking for more than just a legal victory.

"This is the kind of case that tests our system," Peck said as he wrapped up his arguments.

"It's not so much for us a matter of standing here and saying we want to see justice done. We say right needs to be done."

Holmes concluded the four-day hearing by thanking both defence and Crown lawyers for their work and reserving her decision for a later date.

She gave no indication as to how long it might take.
Accused of lying to bank

Meng was arrested at Vancouver's airport on Dec. 1, 2018, on a stopover from Hong Kong to a conference in Argentina.

The United States wants Meng extradited for allegedly lying to HSBC about Huawei's control of a company accused of attempting to sell computer equipment to an Iranian telecommunications company.

American prosecutors argue the bank put itself at risk of fines, prosecution and the loss of reputation by relying on Meng's alleged lie to continue providing finance to the Chinese telecommunications giant.

Meng is living under house arrest in one of two multi-million dollar homes she owns in Vancouver.

As part of a $10 million bail agreement, she wears a GPS monitoring bracelet on her left ankle and is trailed everywhere by a team of security guards.

This week's hearing — which marked the first formal stage of the extradition process — was held to determine if Meng's alleged conduct would amount to a crime if it had happened in Canada at the time the U.S. gave Canada the authority to proceed with the extradition: the principle of so-called "double criminality."
'This is an oxymoron'

Meng's lawyers spent the first two days arguing that the whole case comes down to economic sanctions the U.S. re-imposed against Iran in 2018 when it left an international deal meant to stall the Islamic republic's nuclear ambitions.

Canada doesn't have those same sanctions and so, the defence claims, Meng's alleged lies would be harmless north of the border because a bank in Canada wouldn't risk anything by dealing with a company that did business in Iran.
The Crown then spent half a day arguing the case was one of fraud, plain and simple, and that the issue of sanctions was essentially a red herring.

Crown lawyer Robert Frater said the central elements of fraud are a misrepresentation resulting in risk of loss.

And if the existence of foreign sanctions came into Holmes' decision, he said it should be as a means to understand the context of the risks that HSBC would be taking by providing finance to a company on the wrong side of U.S. law.

Peck and co-counsel Scott Fenton provided a brief reply to the Crown's arguments Thursday, taking issue with Frater's contention that fraud and risk of deprivation could still occur "where there is no possibility of loss."
"This is an oxymoron," Fenton told the judge. "No possibility of risk means no loss at all."

They also told Holmes that she could consider the value of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in making her decision — a response to the Crown's contention that weighing concerns about values associated with sanctions law was a concern for the minister of justice, not a B.C. Supreme Court judge.
'It's unique ..
it's a pose'

Both the Crown and the defence say the case is unique. But as to why, they disagree.

"It's unique because in our submission, it's a pose," Peck told Holmes.

"It is a pose or posture where fraud is being tendered as the essence [of the alleged conduct] and, in fact, sanctions busting or sanctions violations is the essence ... It's unique because our standards have changed with respect to this very issue. It's extraordinary in that sense."

Holmes allowed Meng to move out of the prisoner's dock in the high-security courtroom where the hearing was held so that she could sit alongside her counsel and follow the arguments through a translator.

If Holmes decides the bar of double-criminality is not met, then the extradition proceedings will come to an end and Meng would be free to return to China, barring an appeal.

But if the Crown is successful, further court dates have been set in June for Meng to argue that she is being used as a political pawn and that her rights were violated at the time of her detention and arrest.


Greencrow says:  I have copied the news report in its entirety because it clearly sets out why this case is so important for Canada.  As I've blogged about for many years now, Canada has endured a series of mortal wounds to its institutions, particularly its system of justice.  There have been at least half a dozen "travesties of justice' that have wended their way through our courts...and the feds have done absolutely nothing about it.  The Nuttall/Korody Travesty of Justice comes readily to mind but there have been many others, including the Omar Khadr Travesty of Justice and several other similar pillorying of ethnic groups to serve the Usraeli military industrial complex.

In the case at hand I've bolded and highlighted the paragraphs above that I believe show what's going on here.  For simplicity sake I will number the issues:

1.  As lawyer Richard Peck says there is a distinguishment to be made between justice and "right".  They used to be more or less the same...not any more. Justice has been trampled on so heavily in Canada in recent years that now lawyers are forced to dig down deeper through the history of civilization on this earth to draw upon the concept of "right".  This is the principle that used to be the foundation of law...prior to all the travesties.  It's simply not "right" that one individual (Meng) should bear the personal brunt of the Globalists' international thuggery.

2.  Canadian sovereignty is put at risk [some would argue deliberately] by USrael's bullying of Canada to do its "dirty work" in arresting and holding Meng.  Simply put, are Canada's own laws (regarding what nations Canada does and does not have sanctions on) given more weight in our justice system...or are USrael's political hegemonic vagaries to be put in priority to our own laws.

3. The fact of the matter is that there was no crime committed by Meng. Canada does not have sanctions against Iran so the "double criminality" fails. More importantly, the "fraud" argument has no basis in fact--because the bank did not incur even a risk of loss by anything that Meng did or said in Canada. The Defense correctly says about the "Crown"s case that: 'It's unique .. it's a pose'. The USraelis have forced the Canadian "Crown" to present a fraudulent case to the judge...Perhaps that was their goal all the heart out of the Canadian justice system...prior to a North American which time Canadians will be forced to exist under the American so-called "justice system" which is currently on view for the world to see during the "Impeachment fraud/distraction" going on in Washington.

4.  The most interesting argument made by the "Crown" [ironically representing those who would replace it with a republic if they could [NAU] is that the courts are not even the correct forum for this issue to be considered.  The "Crown" makes the argument that this issue should in fact be decided by...wait for it...a politician:

….the Crown's contention that weighing concerns about values associated with sanctions law was a concern for the minister of justice, not a B.C. Supreme Court judge.
'It's unique .. it's a pose'..."

Now, wouldn't they just love to move the responsibility for this decision to one politician--who can easily be demoted [like the former Minister of Justice Jody Wilson-Raybould] should s/he step out of line.  The fact that the decision rests with a judge who cannot [so far, at least] be fired for making the wrong decision...really sticks in the monster's Satanic craw.

The decision may not be handed down until next April.  Stay tuned for further developments in this latest Canadian "travesty of justice" see whether an uncorrupted judge pulls Canada's ass out of the fire once again.

Latest Carving - Water Lilies and Goldfish Relief Carving - Unfinished

Basswood Relief Carving (in Progress) 
of Goldfish and Water Lilies #2

For some reason the original video seemed to be shot at the wrong angle, so I had to re-shoot this video.  Here's an update on my current Arts and Crafts endeavours.  Enjoy!

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Chinese Corona Virus, Spanish Flu, German Measles

Corona virus same-old-same-old
 Imperial Terror Tactic

It's the first sign of Spring, even before the first crocii peep their heads above the snow.  I'm talking about the olde government fear tactic of scaring the Sheeple by raising the tried and true ancient boogyman of epidemics.  In spite of all the progress of modern medicine, have you ever noticed how, when they drag these old tactics out, they always associate them with the same country that the hegemon is trying to vilify?  Just a coinkydynk, I suppose.

China and the US are currently locked in a trade/tech war and USrael has employed the additional nefarious tactic of forcing its vassals [aka Canada] to embroil the countries in legal extradition battles.  Interspersed into the (((media))) headlines about the trade wars and the extradition wars--we now have headlines about a terrible virus that is jumping international borders and...wait for far has made all of SEVEN people sick!

Hey, you can't have all those highly paid "scientists" in those bioweapons labs/CDC/WHO agencies all over the West just sitting twiddling their thumbs.  You need to annually task them with coming up with in the Old terrorize the sheeple into submission.  When the UK was fighting Spain they had the Spanish flu. They also called syphilis "the Spanish Disease". When the "allies" were fighting the Germans...we had "German measles".  Now, when we're trying to save our hegemonic economy from challenging nations like China...we have the Wuhun virus:

A mystery virus - previously unknown to science - is causing severe lung disease in the Chinese city of Wuhan. More than 50 people have been infected. Seven are currently in a critical condition. A new virus arriving on the scene, leaving patients with pneumonia, is always a worry and health officials around the world are on high alert.
Mystery Chinese virus: How worried should we be? - BBC News

Folks, relax.  It's just another annual disease distraction.  It's a "make work project" for the controlled government assets in the biomedical labs and the CDC.  It's also a "drill" to make sure they're all entirely corrupted [which we already know because of their silence on the real killers in Big Pharma--vaccinations] and primed for a bioweapon pan epidemic False Flag---which could be ordered if the stakes are high enough.

As I say, the big "tell" is that the "virus" just happens to come from the same nation that also happens to be the official "enemy du jour" of the globalist ziofascists.  The biomedical terror "drill" never fails to emerge...just like the "slow newz" late Winter/early Spring.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

BUMPED TO THE TOP - Video about Diana Assassination - Or, why Harry needs Independent Security ASAP

UPDATED: Slow NewZ Monday -- with more information on Assassination of Diana 

UPDATED:  January 21, 2020 Thanks to fellow blogger Aanirfan, I have updated the paragraphs below relating to Harry and his murdered mother, Diana Princess of Wales.  Aanirfan posted an excellent video about all the evidence pointing to a M16 assassination back in 1997.

Assassination of Diana, Princess of Wales

Harry is reportedly back on Vancouver Island with Megan and Archie.  The Saanich neighbours are not happy with the media "feeding frenzy".  IMO, I hope the neighbours will set their numerous big dogs on the press if they "set up camp" to prey on the family.

Monday, January 20, 2020

UPDATED: Slow NewZ Monday -- with more information on Assassination of Diana

UPDATED:  January 21, 2020 Thanks to fellow blogger Aanirfan, I have updated the paragraphs below relating to Harry and his murdered mother, Diana Princess of Wales.  Aanirfan posted an excellent video with all the evidence pointing to a M16 assassination back in 1997.

Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou leaves her home
 to attend a case management conference in advance
 of her extradition hearing at BC Supreme Court
 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, January 17, 2020.
 © Reuters / Jennifer Gauthier

I'm calling this post "Slow Newz Monday" because the Internet is very slow this morning...taking interminable minutes to load up news sites.  Luckily, I have saved some links over the past few days and so can carry on carrying on.  Looking first at what's going on locally here in Vancouver we have the Meng Wanzhou Huawei extradition hearing beginning this morning.  This is a trial not only of Meng but most importantly for Canadians, it is a trial to find out whether or not we have the slightest residue of sovereignty left.  I, for one, highly doubt it.

Cutting Huawei Off at the pass?

Here is RT's synopsis of the Chinese view of the hearing.  I agree with China that Canada made a mistake arresting Meng Wanzhou at the Vancouver airport on December 1st, 2018.  But, hey, did we have a choice?  When you are a servile vassal...what else can you do but lie down, roll over and put all four paws in the air like the dog you are?

In preparation for the very latest "travesty of justice" to wend its way through the Canadian legal system, sponsored by the Federal Government...aka USrael vassal...I have been noticing a lot of tooing and frowing in the US/Canadian border regulations.  Methinks that Canada and USrael are retroactively tweaking the border laws so the illegal take down of Meng at the airport has some semblance of legality...which it currently does not.

The hearing will take place in two parts, according to the two main lines of defense of Meng.  The first, which started this morning has to do with whether or not the "crime" that Meng is being accused of by USrael is in fact a crime in Canada.  According to current extradition laws, it needs to be a crime in Canada for Canada to extradite an accused to another country.  Now, USrael will fully expect Canada to negate its own laws and/or twist itself into a legal pretzel to accommodate the latest USrael legal scofflaw shenanigans...and I'm sure the Feds will accommodate.

If China does not win that phase...then the next hearing, which will take place in the summer, will deal with whether or not Meng's human rights were breached when she was arrested as a pawn in the trade war [according to Trump's own words] between China and the US.

Now, Canada could stop these legal travesties once and for all by allowing the judge to throw the case out today.  But, Noooooooooooooo.  Canada will IMO, bend over and pick up the bar of soap in the shower once again.  Stay tuned and I will update on this issue as events play out.

Megan vs her foul father+British Press - Canadians side with Megan 

Next, we have the ongoing "Downton Abby" soap opera going on in England regarding Harry and Megan.  This soap opera has spread across the pond and may even affect British Columbia.  It is thought in some quarters that Megan and Harry might take up residence here in Vancouver.  I have to make a few comments on the latest developments based on discussions I had with younger relatives last night over diner.  Canadians are truly disgusted with the British Press that has been hounding the Royals in general and Megan and Harry in particular.  Their use of Megan's POS father in their open battle Royal with Megan is particularly iniquitous.

Canadians I have spoken with are not opposed to providing security to the couple...particularly if it would help avoid a tragedy like what happened to Harry's mother Diana who was assassinated by the MosM16ad at the age of 36.  Younger people can't be expected to note the similarities between what is now happening to Harry and Megan and what happened to Diana.  First, Diana's reputation was smeared by the press, then she was cut loose and her security was not as tight as it should have been on the night she was murdered in the ambulance, after the car accident which she survived quite well according to a doctor who happened to be a first responder on scene.  It was that hour and a half it took to get to the hospital...along a 15 minute route...where the perps had the ability to kill her--likely by way of lethal injection.  Remember, her one body guard had been seriously injured in the car accident and Diana was unprotected in the ambulance.  The names of the ambulance "attendants" have never been revealed.  Just one of the many, many, many obvious gaps in evidence that led the jury to declare that Diana had been killed in an "unlawful killing", which was the strongest verdict they were allowed to reach.

The Assassination of Diana Princess of Wales

Harry thinks the press was responsible.  Well, it was....but only if you fly really high like the greencrow, connect the dots and view the MZM press as just another tentacle of the globalist, ziofascist Deep State.  The fact that this tentacle is now trying to entrap Harry is worrying, precisely because of the similarities with what happened to Diana. They're now cutting the couple loose...setting them up...because as the Eagles sang:  "You can check out [of their diabolical web of power] any time you like...but you can never leave."  Sadly, In Canada we have the equivalent of the MosM16ad and the's called the MosCSISad.

Finally on this a British Columbian I'm thoroughly enjoying the weeping and gnashing of teeth going on in Toronto "the good" because it looks like Megan and Harry plan to settle in British Columbia, instead of Toronto.  lolololol….wise decision, that.  Living in Toronto is as close to living in the stifling UK as you can get without actually going there.  British Columbians always marvel at how Torontonians can actually walk, with pokers stuck up their @$$es all the time...and while wearing their 6 piece suits.  Welcome to the wet coast, Harry and Megan.  Take off your balls and chains and make yourselves at home!