Monday, October 14, 2019

Greencrow Update - In the Land of the Howler Monkey

Greencrow is Currently in Costa Rica
aka the Land of the Howler Monkey

Hi Readers:  Just a short check-in.  I've been kept very busy lately with no time to blog.  I'm on an "eco tour" in Costa Rica.  We've been hiking in the jungle just about every second day when we're not bussing from one location to another.  Our first big stop was Tortuguero, which is a peninsula on the Caribbean side.  We stayed in very rustic cabins with only tin roofs above (to capture the sound of the tropical rain forest nightly deluges) and screens instead of windows so we could hear the sounds of the forests.

It was while attempting to sleep in our cabin in the jungle in Tortuguero that I became acquainted with the Howler Monkey.  I never saw the local male howler...but I became intimately acquainted with him through his "vocalizations"  If you look up Howler Monkey on Google you will find out all you need to know about him including an opportunity to listen to his vocalizations.  The noise you will hear was what we were subjected to ALL night.  There was no more than a few moments of silence from this creature.  First, I felt he was located somewhere deep in the jungle, then closer by, then right outside our cabin.  Then inside my head.  Yes, he got into my head.  I started trying to decipher his sounds:  "Rip ROP RIP Rop RIP!  RIP RIP RIP rop rop ropRIP!!!  This went on all night,  I MAY have slept an hour, I don't know.  But certainly not more.

I passed some local Costa Ricans the next day.  I heard them talking about a monkey who got into trouble for keeping up the tourists.  I asked them about him.  They politely switched from their native Spanish to English and informed me that he was a Howler Monkey and well known to the locals...who had nicknamed him "Congo".  They said he was only about 2 and 1/2 feet high.  Mon Dieu!  I thought he must be about 6 feet tall according to his vocalizations!.  After looking up the Howler Monkey on Google I learned that he was letting his fellows know where they were supposed to gather for the night.  In his case, it was serious over-kill.  According to Google, the Howler Monkey is the loudest mammal on the planet.

The next night "Congo" was much quieter.  Perhaps he had been trapped and moved FAR away.  But around 4:30 a.m, sure enough we could hear him again...much more subdued.  But his vocalizations were no longer threatening.  I had learned to love my local Howler Monkey!

Then I found out a travesty.  The Howler Monkey is NOT the national animal of Costa Rica.  That honour belongs to the "white tailed deer".  How ridiculous!  Having a creature like the Howler Monkey in your country and ignoring him for a white tailed deer...which is plentiful all over the western hemisphere!? For greencrow, Cost Rica will always be "The Land of the Howler Monkey!

Bye for now...from somewhere in the jungles of Costa Rica.

Monday, October 7, 2019

Canadian Federal Election Debate Analysis - And a Notice to Readers

Canadian Federal Political Party Leaders

I watched the entire two-hour debate this evening and, honestly, instead of analysing the interaction between the leaders...I think I should go into psychoanalysis as a Canadian just to have submitted myself to that.  It was depressing in the extreme to think that one of the two front runners, either Trudeau or Scheer, is going to be the next Prime Minister.  Both of them are woefully unfit for office.  Most importantly, I do not trust either of them as far as I could throw them.

Elizabeth May did better this time out than she did in the first debate I watched.  She was not such a harridan.  She does come up with the most statistics and details about hers (and her oppositions) platforms.  She is very comfortable with policies and, if her belief in the "climate crisis" weren't so "off the wall" I would find her quite compelling.  But, as I have said over and over regarding the so-called "climate crisis".  Most sentient beings know that the ba$tards have been fucking around with our weather for decades now.  The fact that no politician has the gonads to even mention the Chemtrails, the HAARP, the EMP the 5G and all the other weather warfare and bioengineering that is going on makes me despair for humanity.  But, now the Green party and May want us all get on our horses and go galloping off in all directions about the "science" of CO2.  Put some cards on the table for Gawd's sake!  Tell us what's going on with the chemtrails at least.  Are they full of carbon in the form of coal dust like we've been told?  Wouldn't stop spraying chemtrails reduce CO2? We can SEE those...we can't SEE CO2.  And CO2 is food for plants.  And don't give me this "science" crap.  Truthers waited for scientists to tell the truth about the science and physics of 9/11 until we learned to our shock and amazement that science can be twisted into abominable lies.  So don't give us that CRAP!

After every debate, all the pundits rave about how well Jagmeet Singh did.  I don't know what they expect.  How hard can it be to keep repeating the same mantra over and over?  "Rich bad, poor good, social programs good, tax breaks for rich bad".  His platform reads like a colouring book.  He is VERY short on details and specifics.

I was particularly interested to see how Maxime Bernier would do.  Well, he didn't slip on a banana peel on his way out so that was good.  He could have smiled a bit more.  He was quite tense, particularly at the beginning.  It didn't help that the moderators arranged so that he was in the debate spotlight right at the beginning...when everyone was tense.  But he held his own right up until the end when Andrew Scheer slid the verbal knife in between his ribs.  That metaphorical knife was Sheer's reminder that Bernier "used to be a Sovereigntist".  Bernier was caught off guard by this and did not have a rejoinder or explanation.  Perhaps he gave one later after the show, when all the debaters went one by one for a mop-up press conference.  But I didn't see it.  Being called a "sovereigntist" is about as bad as being called an "American".

Speaking of Americans, I have to say in summary that IMO, Andrew Scheer won the debate.  He tore strips off all the contenders and dealt deadly verbal blows to both Trudeau [who he called a fake and a fraud] and of course his old conservative colleague, Maxime Bernier.

Trudeau should have mailed in his lines.  He kind of floated through the debate as if he was "above it all".  He allowed himself to be Scheer's punching bag...never really responding to the non stop insults and name calling.  Trudeau's command of his own policy details seemed disturbingly vague.  Scheer caught him up on more than one occasion.

One interesting aspect was the camaraderie between Elizabeth May and Trudeau.  At one point she basically anointed him the winner of the upcoming election in either a majority or minority government.  I think she was hoping that she could get the job of minority government ally...but I think that Jagmeet Singh has taken away a lot of that early promise for the Greens.  He's a slick customer to be sure.

One general comment - it is very depressing how ignorant and brain-washed all the politicians are on foreign policy. During the pathetically few moments devoted to this all-important issue, they were  all doggedly backing the wrong horse(s).  Canada will pay an enormous price for this, IMO.

So, in conclusion, in order of how well they did in this debate are the following:

Andrew Scheer
Jagmeet Singh
Elizabeth May
Justin Trudeau
Maxime Bernier
the Bloc Quebecois leader

I'd like to watch the French Debate next Thursday to see if some of the debaters do better.  Particularly Maxime Bernier.  He could do a lot better in his native French.  I hope so.


Beginning tomorrow, I will be away from my computer for a short while.  This vacation has been planned for over a year and it's just an unfortunate coincidence it coincides with the Canadian Federal Election.  I will be returning before October 21st, the day of the vote.  While I'll bring along my laptop, I don't know what Internet connectivity will be like.

While I am away, I encourage my readers to check the Favourites Blogroll to the right of this web page.  My Canadian blogging colleagues, Northerntruthseeker and Pennyforyourthoughts will, I am sure, keep you up-to-date on the Canadian Federal Election as it winds down to the final days.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Comments Contributor Karmellis Analyses Phony Canadian (S)election

Full Video of PPC Forum in Toronto

Below, copied in full, is a comment on my last post about the Canadian Federal Election wherein Karmellis looks more deeply at the issues including what is deliberately NOT being talked about.  I was going to do my next post on the Canadian (s)election focusing on the deliberate ignoring of what is, IMO, the most critical issue facing Canadians, i.e., how our sovereign right to have our own Canadian foreign policy has been surreptitiously stolen from us.  Conservative Andrew Scheer's sudden "coming out" as an American citizen is just the cherry on the icing on the cake.  Here are Karmellis' excellent comments and I will have a brief summing up to follow:


"Karmellis said...Hi Greencrow!

So, since this article was published, the CBC came out with an article stating "Fearing violence, the RCMP are closely watching hateful online election chatter" (Translation: RCMP watching for online discussion that does not follow the "Pro-left Agenda" and treating it as dangerous).

The claim of the article is that RCMP compiling only outright threats targeting political leaders (which I guess means the average Canadian does not count), but I wonder what else is being compiled in the process...? They cite several examples that they believe is hate speech:
- Drawing swastikas on Conservative member Mariam Ishak's signs.
- The "Shoot every 3rd Liberal" sign which I disagree with a bit. I think it's very bad taste and they should have seen this coming, but unlike those the other random acts, the sign owner is not afraid to have their opinion made known.
- The harassment/assaults against people outside a Bernier rally (which I think was a bit too coordinated to be random).
- Someone going after Mr. Singh over his turban.

My questions regarding all of this are are:
- For the actual hate-promoting stuff: Demonstrations like the one organized in front of the PPC gathering (Which they were aware of inside the building, but were likely unaware of the violence outside) usually are not spontaneous or out of the blue, especially if they are start scattering as the police are only just arrived (which tells me they were tipped off). What this a paid protest equivalent to a 'rent-a-mob' concept and was it organized?
- While some of this stuff is bad taste and/or totally uncalled for, how much is this really hate and how much of is it anger? Anger because those who not support Trudeau suffered under his vile excuse for leadership and those who did were betrayed by his broken/empty promises, betrayed by the absurd and record-setting level of corruption that if you or I or anyone else here committed even half of, we would be rotting in a jail cell, right now, betrayed by his double-face, double-standards, hypocrisy that knows no bounds... The list goes on and on. Someone asking Freeland if is a warmonger is not hate; that is anger, for instance.

What is curious is what is not said:
- They completely dropped the ball by not citing the 'blackface' being sprayed on liberal candidate signs' faces. I find that to be quite an omission on CBC's part, given their whole agenda-pushing nonsense they are a part of (I refer to the example made by the Cambridge PPC representative that he presented during the video link in the main article).
- Back in Aug. '18 or so there was a demonstration (and counter-demonstration) CUPW HQ in Toronto and at that time a video had gone semi-viral with a pair of ladies calling for the assassination of our party leaders at the time (while making jokes and singing songs about it; it was rather disgusting). How is that not considered part of this article?

I would be worried about the idea that there is a LOT of anger out there and with all these means to vent it being restricted/controlled, the lashing out is going to happen. The ones obsessed with controlling the free speech in Canada are unable to see the consequences of their actions and this is one of them, sadly.

As for Scheer, I remember saying months ago (not on here, obviously) that his policies were a cut and paste of US policies (you know the ones that have been failing time and time again, especially in relations with other nations?), and now we find out that he a dual-citizen as well? That should be raising HUGE red flags and questions about his priorities. We are already a laughing stock of world, courtesy of Mr. Fancy Socks and have serious relation issues with China (courtesy of an incident WE caused), but now Scheer wants to adapt US policies that will make us both mocked and well-hated? Does he not realize how much he is playing with fire on this one? We already a serious crisis/damage control issue and he wants to double-down on this? Like, what is he thinking?!

As for the video link, it is totally worth watching, not necessarily for the fact that Bernier was there, but for what was said between everybody during that entire event. The biggest thing I took home from that was the mention on how when debate is cancelled (for lack of better term) citing the endless excuses for why, the ideas become lazy, stagnant and narrow. It's a bit like walking into a large room and being able to see everything, then there is a pair of fixed binoculars mounted on a stand and when you look through them, you only see a tiny part of it. That is what happens when you silence the debating of ideas; you become incapable of seeing the downside or problems to your idea, cannot comprehend a "Plan B", and often the idea itself becomes quite limited. Again, it's a heck of a presentation and it did not feel like there was much of political spin to it, if at all.


Greencrow says:  Karmellis is right.  Canadians are entitled to watch and listen to many more debates between all the leaders. English voters are really only going to get one opportunity. This election is more like a Kabuki Theatre production, where every interaction between the candidates is intensely tomorrow's debate will no doubt be as well.

My intention to support PPC leader Maxime Bernier in the upcoming election is partly but not entirely a protest vote.  It is a protest against the scripted, teased, bullied and pre-determined (s)election we are being subjected to.  The perps obviously want the outcome to be a minority government with the Libs again in "power".  The NDP/Green [which can be switched one for the other] will be the controlled controlling minority support to keep Trudeau in the PM seat. More importantly, neo Nazi, Sorosian, globalist, USraeli stooge Chrystia Freeland will remain in "control" of foreign [sic] policy.  Andrew Scheer was always going to play the weak, unelectable leader.

IMO, therefore, the only real candidates in this (s)election ARE the PPC.  They are the only outliers on the Kabuki Theatre stage. This is why the PPC have been cast in the shadows by the mainZtream media.  My only question to Karmellis is...are you going to consider casting a "protest vote" for Bernier as well?

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Another Western "Colour Revolution" Regime Change Coup has begun in Iraq?

Photo of Demonstrators at Iraqi Uprising
 (Courtesy of the BBC)

Same old, same old.  The "disgruntled citizens" (TM) take to the street to demonstrate against an oppressive government.  How do you know the Sorosian Western warmongering globalists are involved?  Please read the following report [aka blatant propaganda] from the BBC [Biggest and Best Calumny] and I will have further comments to follow:


"Iraq protests: Death toll nears 100 as unrest enters fifth day
The death toll from ongoing anti-government protests in Iraq has risen to almost 100, according to the country's parliamentary human rights commission.
The unrest entered its fifth day on Saturday, with five people killed in the latest clashes in Baghdad.
The security forces are again reported to have used live rounds.
Demonstrators say they are taking a stand against unemployment, poor public services and corruption.
The protests are seen as the first major challenge to Prime Minister Adel Abdel Mahdi's fragile government, nearly a year since he came to power.
The authorities have been trying to control the protests through curfews and a near-total internet blackout.
An emergency session of parliament failed to go ahead on Saturday afternoon.

What's the latest?

The daytime curfew in Baghdad was lifted on Saturday, and smaller groups of protesters began to renew their action.
The city's Tahrir Square has been the focal point of protests, but it was blocked on Saturday, according to local news agencies.
The violence has also affected majority Shia Muslim areas in the south, including Amara, Diwaniya and Hilla. A number of deaths were reported on Friday in the southern city of Nasiriya, about 320km (200 miles) away.
A total of 540 protesters have been arrested, of whom nearly 200 remain in custody, the human rights commission said.
It also said more than 3,000 people had been injured.

What's been the reaction?

On Friday, Prime Minister Mahdi vowed to respond to protesters' concerns but warned there was no "magic solution" to Iraq's problems.
He said he had given his full backing to security forces, insisting they were abiding by "international standards" in dealing with protesters.
Iraq's most senior Shia cleric, Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, urged the government to respond to the demands for reform, saying it had "not answered the demands of the people to fight corruption or achieved anything on the ground".
The UN and US have expressed concern over the violence, and urged the Iraqi authorities to exercise restraint.

Why is this happening now?

Corruption, unemployment and poor public services are at the heart of the discontent faced by young Iraqis today. The unrest began spontaneously with no formal leadership in mostly Shia areas in the south, and quickly spread.
Iraq has the world's fourth-largest reserves of oil, but 22.5% of its population of 40 million were living on less than $1.90 (£1.53) a day in 2014, according to the World Bank. One in six households has experienced some form of food insecurity.
The unemployment rate was 7.9% last year, but among young people it was double that. And almost 17% of the economically active population is underemployed.....
The country is also struggling to recover after a brutal war against the Islamic State group, which seized control of large swathes of the north and west in 2014.
Living conditions remain dire in many conflict-affected areas, with insufficient services."


Greencrow says:  Read the above report carefully. It's as if the brutal US/UK/NATO war against Iraq in the early 2000's had never happened. It's never mentioned as a possible cause or contributing factor of the poverty [in an "oil rich" country] unemployment and lack of leadership in the country.  No.  The Iraqis brought this all on themselves.  Or, more specifically, the Shia Iraqis.

Americans, British and their NATO vassals bombed the country to smithereens with radioactive [depleted uranium] bombs...thus polluting the air, soil and water for millennia.  Targeted assassinations of Iraqi leaders, scientists and intellectuals by Mossad thugs took place under the cover of the wartime chaos.

A huge embassy [the biggest foreign embassy ever built in the history of the world] was set up by the Americans in central Baghdad ["The Green Zone"]  This "embassy" is actually a military base, staffed with stay-behind American soldiers to rule the country under cover of a pliable Iraqi puppet leader/government.  But something happened on the way to the usual circus "destroyed vassal state".

The Cheney/Bush US government that carried out the heinous attack and destruction of Iraq under the massive lie "Weapons of Mass Destruction" made a number of ethnocentric/racist errors.  First, they thought that all Iraqis were the same.  They never took into account the Sunni/Shia religious divide within the country that had been a fact of life for centuries.  Helloowww!?

Prior to the American/NATO invasion, Saddam Hussein [a Sunni] was the American puppet-du-jour.  Once the Americans killed him and replaced him with a leader from the far more numerous Shia...[tactical error #1] then their problems controlling Iraq really began.

The Shia are a muslim religious sect that spans the Middle East from Iran [where it is the national religion] across Iraq and beyond.  The Shia, particularly in Iran, have been offering their considerable military, political power and support to their fellow Shia in Iraq.  That's what the above colour revolution is meant to rectify.  The new Iraqi leader was not "toting that barge and lifting that bale" enough for American/UK/NATO liking.  He was, in particular, refusing to sanction USrael attacks on Syria from Iraqi soil.

So, now the USraelis are back to Square One in Iraq.  They need to oust a recalcitrant Iraqi leader, even if it means reducing the slowly recovering country to ruins again.  The only problem with that strategy is...the Iraqis and indeed all the indigenous peoples of the Middle East are so much wiser now than they were in the early 2000's.  They know that proxies and phony "Colour Revolution" uprisings are the name of the game for the West.  They have formed strategic military alliances with the Russians and others. The Iranians, in particular, know that if they don't support the neighbouring Iraqi co-religionists in their efforts to kick out the squatters...they will be they're eager to provide support. 

For, as George W. Bush once astutely [sarc] said:  "Fool me once, shame on....?  You Can't Get Fooled Again!

George W. Bush Speaking on Behalf
of the Long-Suffering Iraqi Nation

Friday, October 4, 2019

Cdn. Election Update: Did you hear the one about the two Americans and the Blackface Minstrel Singer?

Five of Six of the Leaders in the
 2019 Canadian Federal Election
Guess which one the greencrow is voting for.
  Hint:  He's not in the photos

Yes, it's turning into a farce.  Two of the Leaders are American [dual] citizens.  One of them is even registered for the American military draft.  If that leader [Andrew Scheer] becomes Prime Minister, imagine if he were ever called up to serve in one of the perpetual American wars.  Both leaders, Green Party Elizabeth May and Conservative Leader Andrew [banned from Russia] Scheer have had years to renounce their American citizenship but dragged their feet until the revelations hit them in the backside at the height of what is turning into a disgraceful election.  All the candidates [except for the one that has my support so far] are promising the moon.  Millions for this, billions for that, trillions for something else.  Wink, wink, nudge, nudge...we know from sad experience that election promises are like an ice cream cone left out on a tropical beach.  They quickly melt away in the heat of budgetary reality.

So, as I've said in earlier posts...I'm giving serious thought to voting for Peoples Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier.  He's the guy who had the Conservative Party leadership stolen from him by Scheer a few years ago.  Perhaps the Machiavellian plotters behind that canard are having rueful second thoughts as I type.  Hey, at least "Mad Max" is a bona fide Canadian!

As the Conservatives under Scheer continue to sink beneath the electoral waves, watch for more stunts being played against Bernier and his party.  Stunts like the effort last weekend to prevent the octogenarian retired social worker pictured below  from attending a PPC campaign event in Toronto.

Retired Social Worker Dorothy Marston

Here are the details from the CBC of the "dirty trick" played on the PPC.  No doubt the Antifa were in reality a Sorosian-style "rent-a-mob" bussed in to disrupt the event.  Evidence of that is how quickly the "demonstrators" evaporated into the mists [as if on cue] once the police came on the scene.  They didn't want their shenanigans traced back to its funders now did they?

Woman with walker, called 'Nazi scum' by protesters at Bernier event, speaks out

.....Marston's husband, Brian, said he went and got the police after one of the people blocking the couple's way intentionally walked into him as he was trying to free the wheel of his wife's walker.

Once police showed up, the protesters disappeared and they were able to make it inside.

The couple say they wanted to attend the panel discussion hosted by American YouTuber and political commentator Dave Rubin because while they've been able to learn about the other major party leaders through the media they felt Bernier was "being ignored."

But by the time they made it inside, they could only find seats at the very back, so Marston, who has trouble hearing, wasn't able to catch much of the discussion...."

Luckily for Dorothy Marston, even though she could not hear what was said during the PPC town hall meeting, it was all caught on video.  Hopefully somebody back in TO will loan her a laptop so she can listen to it verbatim.  Here it is below.  H/T to Northerntruthseeker for the video:

PPC Campaign Event held in
 Toronto [the Good] Last Weekend

Gee, I don't know what else will be revealed about this sorry and tawdry group of leaders.  Somehow, alas, I feel that the worst is yet to come.  Stay tuned.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

RCMP, CBSA, FBI...and the Canadian Federal Government...ALL find themselves in somewhat of a "Sticky Wicket"

Sticky Wicket Pub in Downtown Victoria, BC

I had originally put this as an UPDATE to my previous post on this topic from earlier today.  After further consideration I believe it needs its own post.  Folks, this could really blow the top off the festering corruption that has been eating away at Canadian governmental institutions like a cancer.  In my earlier post, I expressed despair that the obvious corruption being slowly revealed in the Meng Wanzhou arrest and extradition case would ever be exposed to the public.  I should never sell the female judges of British Columbia short.  In the Nuttall/Korody "Travesty of Justice" case it was a female judge who set the conviction of the two vulnerable patsies aside.  In the case at hand, it is a female BC Supreme Court Judge, Justice Heather Holmes, who showed real courage today. I am sure there will be enormous pressure put on this judge.  My thoughts will be with her over the next crucial week.  Please read the following:

The CBC is reporting that things got very tense in the little 5th floor courtroom at the Vancouver Law Courts this afternoon.  Defense lawyers made the shocking allegation that the RCMP and CBSA provided the actual cell phones and other Internet devices belonging to Meng Wanzhou directly to the FBI shortly after her arrest at the Vancouver Airport in December of 2018.  If true, this contravenes Canadian law which says that handing over such evidence must be pursuant to a court hearing and according to Treaty.  The Judge responded to the Defense Allegation by ordering the six RCMP officers involved to each provide an affidavit: "based on personal knowledge attaching any relevant records relating to the sharing of information with the FBI from Ms. Meng's electronic devices". The CBC goes on to say:

….The Crown has until next Wednesday to produce those records, after which Meng's lawyers have a week to determine if they will need to cross-examine any of the officers further. [the Judge] won't be able to reach a decision in relation to the request for more records until that process is over. Meng will have been in Canada for a year at the start of December."

Folks, I'm quite sure there are some very elite "security agency" [sic] personnel pissing their pants this evening.  Not to mention those who must have given them direct orders to break Canadian Law.  IMO, this would, of course, include Justin [le "blackface" Dauphin] Trudeau.  

Stay tuned.  This could make an otherwise boring Federal election campaign light up like a Roman candle.


Please check out my earlier important post on this matter

And my Updated Post on the "Bear Crisis" in British Columbia

Meng Wanzhou Update - "An Air of Reality"

Meng Wanzhou - Victim/Pawn in USrael Trade
War with China

There's a very interesting hearing going on at the Courthouse in downtown Vancouver this week.  Huawei CEO Meng Wanzhou's defense team is attempting to get access to a series of e-mails and perhaps telephone communications that went on between various "security agencies" [sic] the night she was arrested at the Vancouver airport in December 2018.

Coverage of the court hearing is spotty.  We haven't had any updates in the MZM since October 1st [two days ago] when the Prosecutors mounted their argument in rebuttal to the Defense's claim that Meng's Charter Rights were ignored and the RCMP and the Canadian Border Security Agency conspired with the FBI to break Canadian Laws surrounding arrest and detention of a suspect in a criminal process.

"Crown says no evidence FBI, RCMP directed border guards’ examination of Meng Wanzhou"

What the Prosecutors DID say was quite a scofflaw melange of weak excuses for the so-called "security agencies'" [sic] illegal behaviour on the night in question.  Please read this snippet from the Globe and Mail and I will have more comments to follow:
[Meng Wanzhou's] lawyers allege that border officers, the RCMP and the Federal Bureau of Investigation conspired to conduct a “covert criminal investigation” at the airport and violate her charter rights.

It’s unclear when exactly the border agency informed police that it had mistakenly provided the passcodes.

The RCMP responded that it had not used the codes but it could not return them because they had already formed part of the evidence before a judge, Mr. Majzub said.

Justice Heather Holmes questioned whether the fact that the border agency made a misstep and later tried to repair its error lent an “air of reality” to the defence’s arguments.

“If we scrutinize any process … there might be errors,” Mr. Majzub insisted. “It was not a deliberate action but an error.”


Greencrow comments:  LOL.  Wouldn't you and I love to have such a defense if [Gawd forbid] we were ever placed before a judge. "We made an error" your Honour.  It was not a "deliberate action".  lolololol.

No wonder there aren't any more updates on this issue.  Somebody played "wack a mole" right away with it.  It's now gone underground.  When it surfaces, it will be "sheep dipped"--as some conspiracy theorists like to term the process--when the Deep State takes a person or a circumstance and strips it of any validity or reality and presents it as a "fait accompli" in support of an Official Story as a "done deal".

This civilization-destroying criminal process has been raised to the level of a high art over the past half century or so..  Some examples are the magic bullet in the JFK assassination and the plane hijacker's passport that was miraculously discovered at the base of the collapsed WTC.  No judge who wanted to remain on the bench would ever openly question the "air of reality" of those circumstances.

So, dear readers, when this story re-surfaces, the mainZtream media will all be singing from the same hymnal. They will all be bleating in unison about the unfortunate "error" that the Border Security made when it gave the passcodes to the RCMP [who gave them to the FBI].

It was all a tragic [for Meng Wanzhou] error...Move along, nothing to see here.