Friday, April 17, 2015

Blacks in America

Malcolm X - American Activist and Hero to All Races

Here's an interesting interview with an American Black activist.  He's saying that what is going on in the USA...between the overwhelmingly white police forces and blacks is coming close to genocide. There is no doubt the incidents of white-on-black police/authoritarian violence have escalated.

I am going to make a few suggestions about what's behind this rise in violence and what can be done about it.  I'm not saying I'm totally right.  Obviously those who live in the US would have a better idea of what is going on than I do.  But there are very few Americans who will truthfully confront this social powder keg...for obvious reasons.  So what I'm going to do is throw some fresh ideas out there for discussion. First of all...visible minorities in white societies always have a tough time fighting racism...that is the way it is in Canada and all over the world.  But the blacks in America have a few unique elements to their situation.  Firstly, their ancestors were brought over to North America as slaves (no one is supposed to mention this history) they didn't immigrate here by themselves.  There is no part of the US that is historically "theirs"...even though they make up a sizable minority. Conversely...while it is verboten to admit...whites are defensive/resentful that their society/communities are being "infiltrated" by this cultural and visible minority.  Just look up the common expression 'white flight" to understand what I'm talking about.  To some degree, the above historical background has led to social marginalization and economic dependency of Blacks in America. It's hard to have "pride" when popular culture/society is always subliminally shoving this history in your face.

Consider the possibility that the recent emergence of Russia as a world power could be putting even more pressure on the American white society.  Whites in America look at the cultural homogeneity of Russia and ask themselves..."Russians don't have to accommodate so many visible minorities. Does that give them a long term advantage over us?"

The other thing that needs to be said is there have been so many lies about who perpetrated the criminal African slave trade over the course of at least four centuries (Jews) and who, today is keeping African-Americans down through their control of mainstream culture (Jews).  Jews need to quit hiding their slaver history behind white populations.   Remember that Jewish owner of the NBA basketball team who was recorded a year or so ago....telling his girlfriend not to bring blacks to the basketball games? That's the very tip of the iceberg.  There needs to be a face-to-face truth and reconciliation dialogue between Jews and black Americans about this shameful history and reparations need to be paid.  As far as I am concerned...blacks would do a lot better if they were given a homeland...a State like North Carolina where they are the official legal majority and where the society and laws are constituted to acknowledge that fact. Where, for instance, the police force needs to be black.  This would contribute to real pride of heritage.

American History needs to be revised to tell the true stories about the black struggle in America and, how, again shamefully, their leaders and heroes like Martin Luther King and Malcolm X were systematically eliminated by elements in the US government. There needs to be new investigations of these murders and the perpetrators named.  I believe with the right leadership....and Obama was not....Americans have the good will, the flexibility and the accommodation to rectify these valid black grievances and make racial diversity in America a strength...not a weakness or threat.

Martin Luther King's Last Speech "I have been to the Mountain"

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Caution: Reptiles at work

Reptiles are at work--assassinating Ukraine citizens

Its days like today that I believe in David Icke's Reptiles.  I don't want to believe in them, but what else is one to think? Especially when one reads that some entities are systematically assassinating anyone in Ukraine who doesn't go along with the Kiev Junta (BTW...according to a lot of sources...that's the vast majority of Western Ukrainians.) Almost daily, now, you read that one intellectual or another has been assassinated in Ukraine. I hadn't heard of journalist Oles Buzina until today...but he sounds like my kind of guy....speaking out against authority...having his own blog. In another space and time (say, if Canada suddenly took a different political course) that could have been me...gunned down outside my masked criminals who then escaped by car.

A murder like this is a threat to all all humans who wants to live free and not like caged animals. Ergo, it must have been committed by entities who are unhuman.  Reptiles? Sounds plausible. Reptiles went around Iraq right after the US invaded...killing off all the intellectuals...professors, doctors...anyone with a higher education. They knocked on doors and then shot them dead when they answered.  This is SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) by reptiles.

Not coincidentally, today was also the day that Putin gave his yearly 4 hour long question and answer forum to Russian citizens. What an eruption of democracy--unheard of in the west! The citizens of Russia are fortunate at this point in history to have a leader who will communicate directly with them...and to know that Russian intellectuals are not being picked off on their doorsteps. It won't be long before the people of Ukraine are begging Russia to invade and kick out the entities who are assassinating their finest.

In the meantime, we know Reptiles are hard at work in Ukraine...and heaven help the Ukrainians!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

BREAKING NEWS: CSIS and RCMP set up Canadian Patsy for Terror in Canada

Press for Truth breaks story about how Patsies are created in Canada

Folks, this is what greencrow has been saying for years. CSIS or The Canadian Security and Intelligence Service is the biggest terror operation in the history of Canada. It is a foreign mole that has embedded itself in the Canadian Government.  Its purpose and goal is to create terror, instability in Canadian society and weaken the nation in preparation for future globalization. The true orders in CSIS come from the US-Israel nexus of power. Harper is supporting this operation in Canada. It has a huge budget and stages terror events across Canada to get even bigger taxpayer funding.

The National Post, the source for the an Israeli-controlled news outlet in Canada. This newspaper is the sister newspaper of The Jerusalem Post. It reports on this trial to both publicize the terror staging and to ridicule conspiracy theories that the patsy expounds. It is very unprofessional reporting by this very deep-pocketed newspaper (basically handed out free by the millions of copies every day in Canada!) when peoples lives are at stake and are being ruined by CSIS and RCMP officials.

BIG Thanks goes out to Press for Truth for putting out this video--which should be shared order to let the air out of the noxious CSIS terror balloon.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Brief followup to yesterday's RANT

Crow on Skull

Folks, just a couple of comments on the issues covered in yesterday's rant.  First, I went to the CBC website last night to see if there was any coverage on the Jade Helm "Drill" that's supposed to be taking place in Canada and the US beginning April 20 and going into late MayJust as I suspected...there was no mention of this upcoming drill on the CBC and there's a total media blackout in Canada (as of last night at least) on this drill.  Given the issues with drills in the so many of them (9/11 and 7/7 and the Boston Marathon Bombing, just to mention three) have "gone live" would think the media would be closely monitoring these drills. Nah!  In fact, according the above link...the military thinks it's supposed to be kept a secret from the public.  We're tired of drills....drills are nothing but an opportunity for the evil ones to get their foot in the door of peace, order and good government in law-abiding societies and create their evil havoc.

The second item is the video I posted about the Clintons...."The Clinton Chronicles". Well, I had an opportunity to sit down and watch the whole thing yesterday. It's well over an hour long.  It dates back to the 1990's and deals with the corruption that went on in Arkansas when Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas and Hillary was a partner in the prominent "Rose, Law Firm." According to many was non-stop corruption and crime. Money laundering and drug smuggling through the Menas, Arkansas airfield garnered the Clinton's and their crime cronies hundreds of millions of dollars. Bill and Hillary had one of those "Development Banks" and gave out "loans" to friends and influential people who could help them get ahead. It was laundered drug money. Bill okay'd the "loans" (which were never paid back) and they were drawn up and processed by Hillary's law firm. OMG...the crime that went on! And there was more...two young men had the bad luck to witness one of the night time drug drops and then were killed on the spot. Their bodies were laid on railway tracks and run over by a train. The verdict? Accidental death. All the evidence in the world (and there was a lot of it...and a lot of witnesses who later met untimely deaths themselves) couldn't bring justice to the grieving parents of those boys. Disappeared, jailed or beaten up witnesses were the order of the day in Arkansas back in the 1990's.

The many witnesses in the video predicted back then that, if Bill and Hillary got to the White House, they would bring their criminal cohorts with them and the country would be at risk. Well, that's exactly what happened. I've always been aware that the 9/11 atrocity was planned during the Clinton years. It was a time bomb set to go off under Dubya (who, BTW, was also connected to Bill's cocaine smuggling enterprise in Arkansas back in the day).

I highly recommend watching this's absolutely shocking that these two have the audacity to raise their heads in society again and attempt to grasp power!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Caw RANT Events #3

Crow Caw Rant #3

It's Monday morning and .....I'm in the mood for a RANT. Well, here goes.  First item on the list is Hillary Clinton's Presidential Ambition.  As I said in an earlier post....Americans are only given the "choice" of one crime family (Bush) or another (Clinton).  The reason for this is the perps of the 9/11 coup that now controls the US are from both families.  They need to control all the "choke points" (military, judiciary, media, government) so they can prevent truth and justice from emerging.  Oh yes, they did let the robot Obomber live in the White House for 8 years, but that was just a staging event.  Now they're wanting to start WWIII and need to give no illusions who is running the show. Here's a video that expounds on the Clinton Crime family:

A Video History of the Clinton Crime Family

Just a few weeks ago there was an avalanche of negative information about Hillary [e-mails?] in the media...but that was just a phony cleansing activity, a staged let all the bad air out so if it comes up again in her campaign...she can say..."Oh, that's just old news.".  Hillary will probably "win" the (s)election.

In related news....the alternate news media is asking the question:  "Is Rand Paul subject of blackmail?"  It's difficult to say what is behind this guy.  Is he just trying to cut his ties from his daddy Ron? or is this a "divide and conquer" device...used by both parties as a cover for their staged (s)election.  They need a few political props in the least in the beginning.  Rand and Cruz are presented to the public to give the illusion of choice/inclusion.  It's all such a tired formula.  Bottom line...

--if a huge country like the US cannot come up with some fresh talent for this show...get out the hook and pull the whole lot of them off the vaudeville stage!

Next we have the recent Tarnasev show trial.  Folks, again as I've said before...the entire public discourse in the US has been reduced to "drills".  This particular false flag/hoax was a drill of the police and the judicial see whether they could control a "terror event" from soup to nuts. Everyone played their part and the drill went off without a on to the main event!  Oh and a side benefit was the further desecration of the judicial system in the US.

One of the ways we know we're living in a dystopian "reality" show is the ongoing Fukushima catastrophe,  Now scientists are saying there's a "warm blob" stagnated in the Pacific ocean [mass mammal die-offs are now a daily occurrence] but never mention "radiation".  It's really a sick black humour joke--that humans can spend billion$ on a Hadron collider rebuild....a weapon with unknown but potentially cataclysmic capabilities [note: I'm running out of adjectives to describe these atrocities]....yet Fukushima goes begging for solutions.

On a more positive note....courageous activist Ken O'Keefe is taking on the lying BBC.  Here's a great video of Ken speaking out on that and a number of other issues.  Unfortunately I am unable to upload the video directly onto my blog.  If I could speak as well as Ken does on video...I would use that medium as well.  As long as there are activists like Ken in the world...all is not lost.

Speaking of the lying BBC.  It is accusing the Czech President of disobeying US ambassador by attending Moscow WWII commemoration ceremonies.  Again, as long as there are one or two world leaders with the cajones to stand up to the evil perps that took over the US via the 9/11 coup...all is not lost.  Bravo to the Czech President!

And, finally, again on the topic of leaders....this time...the US/Israeli puppet/CIA asset Stephen Harper.  Today we learn about the latest, and most desperate, move to further the North American Union project--"Operation Maple Resolve"...just in case there are any Canadians out there who think we live in a sovereign nation. According to this report (and you will not be seeing anything about this on the CBC). Blackwater... or whatever it calls itself now.... is going to have a drill to train soldiers to "cross the border" to perform military operations. Were Canadians asked or even informed of this illegal operation (according to the Canadian constitution)?  NO!

DAHBOO77 reports on Operation Jade Helm

Stephen knows he's soooooo political toast... and needs to accomplish the task for which he was (s)elected, prior to the Canadian (s)election in November. Unless...unless...there's some intervening cataclysmic event that forestalls a trip to the ballot box for Canadians.

So many drills.....and so little time.  Well, that's it for now folks...until my next RANT!  

Friday, April 10, 2015

10 best Children's Books-greencrow's list

The Castle of Grumpy Grouch

The BBC recently came out with a list of the 11 greatest children's books.  Reading down the list...there was only one book (Alice in Wonderland) that I would put on such a list. I'm just grateful that none of the "Harry Potter" books made the list.  From the little I know of that is a "product placement" lollapalooza for the illuminati...I could be wrong, as I've never cracked any of the Potter books.  And I detest that "Charlie Chocolate Factory" book/movie!

Here's an alternate list of the books I would recommend.  I will encourage my grandchild to read them.  They are listed in the order that she should read them (degree of reading/comprehension)...not in order of "greatness". I will add a brief comment why the book made greencrow's list:

This book is like a verbal lullabye...softly encouraging quiet reflection and (hopefully) sleep.  It teaches the child to look closer at things and to notice subtle changes.

These books combine high comedy with fundamental lessons in life.  Dr. Seuss was a psychiatrist and his books deal with positive (and negative) interactions....i.e., what can happen if you don't "watch out".

Another Dr. Seuss classic and one of my favourite stories when I was a child. I loved the way the hats got more and more elaborate the higher they climbed in the castle.  Lots of subtle lessons and lots of laughs.

So many iconic stories that will stay with a child for a lifetime, eg.,  The Ugly Duckling.

"Rapunzel, Rapunzel...Let down your hair!'  Enough said!

These stories introduce children to the moral and cultural icons that will become necessary for social literacy. 

7.  Alice in Wonderland

Children need to read the actual book and see the original illustrations in order to get the full benefit of this literary masterpiece.

8.  Peter Pan's important for children to read the original and not just see the Disney movie.  If for no other reason to help them to compare the two mediums and judge for themselves what happens to a literary masterpiece when it is rendered into a "movie".

9.  The Castle of Grumpy Grouch

You won't find this book on any other list of best children's books...but it was one of the two top (see below for my other favourite) books I ever read as a child.  It's kind of like "The Wizard of Oz"...only better.

10.  Moonfleet

This was by far the best book I ever read as a child.  Once I started reading it...I could not put it down.  It developed in me a love of reading--because I wanted to re-create the sensation (of not being able to put a book down) again and again.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Geopolitical Thoughts and Nightmares

Geopolitical Thoughts and Nightmares

People often ask me what my complete geopolitical theory looks like.  Actually, nobody ever asks me that.  But some days, like today, when it appears I might be remotely right...or at least close to the truth about some of the conclusions I've drawn over the years, I get the urge to expound. Ever since the events of 9/11, there exists a black hole on planet earth...sucking in all peace, light and goodness--in big intermittent gulps--by way of "random" toxic false flags and hoaxes. Sometimes the grotesque outline of evil is cast against a dark today...a shape revealed by a bolt of lightning/insight.  

It's been a long hard slog for me, as it has been for most truthers, Piecing the pieces of the puzzle together...from crumbs of evidence dropped carelessly [or deliberately] by the they go their mouldy way. When the pieces fit together and begin to form a pattern...what emerges are geopolitical thoughts and nightmares...insights into the mind of the evil ones...small pinpoints of light into their dark machinations.    It's not a pretty sight, but at least it provides temporary relief from the numbing grief and sense of hopelessness we truther's feel about 9/11 and all its succeeding wars and atrocities.

Nobody holds the franchise to truth.  Some of us have small bits and pieces of it but are totally clueless about other parts...this SHOULD keep us humble and sharing...but it doesn't always. Here's what I've come up with so far...some ideas that, for me, have survived the test of time and efforts at disinformation and confusion:

1.  9/11 was an organized coup of the American Government by Ziofascist globalists.  The leaders of the coup have deep roots back to the Kennedy assassinations and are geopolitical kin of the perps of the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. They are a rogue group of fanatical, insane psychopaths/parasites...who infest/control all the institutions of American governance, military, judicial, political, media.

2.  Their current US leaders are probably Dick Cheney and a close close circle of neocons who surround him. They operate a shadow government located in an underground bunker under the East Wing of the White House where the group staged the 9/11 coup: 

...Vice President Dick Cheney is taken by the Secret Service from his White House office toward the Presidential Emergency Operations Center (PEOC) below the East Wing of the White House around this time, according to some accounts, although other accounts, including the 9/11 Commission Report, will state that he is evacuated from his office about half an hour later. ....“his Secret Service detail grabbed him and hurried him down to [the] PEOC...

The shadow government bunker is probably connected to others in the hills of West Virginia--a huge underground city connected by tunnels--with access to the latest military and NSA surveillance techniques--ability to spy over the whole globe. They have other bunkers throughout the US and probably the world. This spying ability gives the rogue government supreme confidence they're at least 10 steps ahead of the weak and disorganized "opposition". They've been able to maintain control over all the "choke" points (military, judiciary, media, politics....where truth/justice might emerge) in the years post 9/11.  

3.  The only potential threat/opposition now emerging is Russia/Putin. Russia is a threat not because it would take the US to task for the events of 9/11 (it wouldn't) but because it is not under their control. They are fanatical about maintaining total control over humanity. Control is essential for their plans (whatever these may be).  9/11 and subsequent events were but a small part of a vast, complicated plan and these insane nutbars are absolutely fanatical about carrying out the total plan. They have kept all participants/victims in line so far by threats and rewards. They make sure their fellow conspiracists know they have burned all bridges behind them...there's no way back for any of them--and perhaps not for humanity as we know it. I'm talking about nukes set up in all major cities of the world. I'm talking about Stuxnet/Fukushima being far worse than we have been told. Fukushima was a false flag probably worse than 9/11--against Japan. I'm talking about the potential for more Stuxnets/Fukushima and weather/HAARP, EMP events constantly being threatened against any opposition.

4.  They control NATO and the "Five Eyes". They keep them (and everyone) in line by terrorizing, humiliating ("bitchslapping") and bullying them. They make it crystal clear to anyone who steps out of line that they will be the next relentless target of their far-reaching, laser-like, brutality. They use their obvious insanity and addiction to death and chaos--as a whip against any threats. Their targets understand that these folks will stop at NOTHING to achieve their goals.

5.  They are working towards a nuclear WWIII.  This war is the tool they will use for their endgame of killing off life as we know it on this planet. They believe they have enough underground resources to survive and prevail...."The living [above ground] will envy the dead." The constant False Flags act both as a provocation and as a form of drill to show readiness, intent and weed out any weak links (i.e. Drilling the Message)

How do I go about my daily life knowing and believing the above? Well, I can tell you that I harbour great anger/resentment against the sheeple (approximately 63% of the population)....for refusing to confront the truth. If the majority had faced the evidence, both physical and logical, right after 9/11 (the laws of physics, for example) and brought the 9/11 perps to justice...we would not be in this situation today. The sheeple (I know and am related to some of them) are cowards and addicted to the easy life. Now, we will all pay the far greater price because the insane ones have become more entrenched and have upped the ante exponentially.  The most devious "achievement" of the perps is that they have "divided and conquered" society, isolating the critical thinkers and lowering their status in society.

At the same time I am at peace. I never fell for their lies. (I know that even this Blog is controlled by them---in the form of one of their assets, Google). It can be shut down at any time. That doesn't bother me,,,in fact in some ways it would be a relief : ). No more playing "cat and mouse' with Google. Whatever happens, at least I know I have done what I could--and will do more if the opportunity presents. Some hopeful events have occurred, even in the last year, that make me believe that the crisis is moving towards resolution, one way or the other. Putin has a rare gift of leadership. Hope and opportunity are the mortal enemies of the evil ones...who feed off of chaos, disasters and death. Putin's insight into this fundamental of the human condition means he's careful never to "corner the rats" but always to provide other options and offer "hope" the way of (as an example) a grand "Super" highway from London across Siberia to New York. In past epochs...there was always a "New World" to prevent humanity from turning on itself in despair and self destruction.

Another understanding I get encouragement the old cliche that "sunlight is the greatest disinfectant". This nightmare could all be over in 48 hours if truthers prevailed...justice was allowed to take its course....and the 9/11 perps (or even a few at the top---Bush/Netanyahu/Cheney/Rove) were jailed. Jail for the ringleaders would leave the bunkers in disarray. So near...yet so far.