Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Unintended humour and bbl

Comedy and Tragedy Masks

One of the reasons geopolitics is so fascinating is it allows the devotee the opportunity of watching the drama of humanity being played out...the tragedies and comedies. As a truther, you have to get your humour (mostly black comedy) where you can...tragedies being predominant.

As an example, here is a recent news story about Obama.  He went on one of his "farewell tours', this time to Africa. Obama visited his supposed ancestral homeland, Kenya, and said goodbye to all his relatives. Of course, many people living in his childhood home of Hawaii (including Mike Rivero) believe his father was an African-American communist activist named Frank Marshall Davis...who lived in Hawaii...but, no matter.

Obama went to Kenya and proceeded to publicly lecture the leader Uhuru Kenyatta, on "corruption" http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-33656895. He did this with a straight face.

Obama lectures Kenyan leader on justice and "visible trials"
...The US president has urged Kenya to hold "visible" trials to tackle corruption, which he said could be the "biggest impediment" to further growth. After talks in Nairobi, President Obama and Kenyan counterpart Uhuru Kenyatta said they were "united against terrorism" and efforts to deal with it.But the two leaders differed sharply in their positions on gay rights.While Mr Obama spoke strongly against discrimination, Mr Kenyatta said Kenya did not share the same values...
...Barack Obama said he was encouraged by statements President Kenyatta had made about the need to root out corruption.People were being "consistently sapped by corruption at a high level and at a low level" and there was a need for "visible prosecutions," Mr Obama said, to show Kenyans that action was being taken."They don't have to be a forensic accountant to know what is going on."Police officers and civil servants had to be paid properly to help curb corruption, but sometimes it just required "breaking the habit".

Read with even the most rudimentary awareness of the corruption behind, say as an example, the "put options" on the airlines, missing steel from the crime scene...and stolen gold from the WTC towers...this is high comedy...albeit black comedy. The whole world knows that 9/11 was an inside job. It must have been hard for President Kenyatta and his audience not to burst out in loud guffaws during Obama's speech.  The dichotomy of hypocrisy has always been fodder for comedy on the stage.

A list of the dichotomy between what the US preaches and what the US/West does appeared recently on the blog Club Orlov:
1. How can they talk of the inviolability of private property while confiscating the savings of depositors in Cypriot banks?
2. How can they talk of safeguarding the territorial integrity of countries while destroying, in turn, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Ukraine?
3. How can they talk of free enterprise and then sign contracts to build ships but refuse to deliver them because of pressure from Washington, as happened with Mistral ships which Russia ordered from France?
4. How can they talk of democracy and then use naked threats against the premier of Greece—the birthplace of European democracy—forcing him to ignore the unprofitable results of the Greek national referendum?
5. How can they talk about fighting racism while in the US they are constantly shooting mass quantities of unarmed Negros, all the while forbidding people to call them Negros.
6. How can they accuse the Serbs of genocide while refusing to acknowledge what they did to supposedly “independent” Kosovo, which has been turned into a European criminal enclave specializing in the production and distribution of narcotics?
7. How can they claim to oppose extremism and terrorism while training, arming and financing ISIS and the Ukrainian Neo-nazis?
8. How can they talk about justice while the US maintains the largest prison population in the history of the world and has executed many people subsequently discovered to have been innocent?
9. How can they talk about freedom of religion after the US federal government exterminated the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas, and then imprisoned the survivors, even though the government's allegations against the sect have subsequently been proven to be false?
10. How can they accuse others of corruption after the colossal financial embarrassment of 2008, in the run-up to which obvious financial bubbles that were ready to bust were assigned the highest ratings?

Admittedly, the above list is NOT comedy...but it does serve to show how quickly comedy can morph to tragedy on the global stage. There's a super fine line between comedy and tragedy. Here's a video of some motorcycle drivers in Russia. The sharp contrast between their ludicrous driving habits and the tragic results makes for high drama on the highways.

Speaking of driving...I will be on the road for a week or so...hopefully a lot safer that what you will view below....so, bye for now and....bbl.

Russian Motorcycle Drivers

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Something's Gonna Give!

Donald Trump with family

Folks, I have an uneasy feeling about how quickly things are moving and morphing in the US Republican presidential campaign.  Prior to the last day or so, I was thoroughly enjoying how Trump was injecting a fresh, if reckless, authenticity into the choreographed duet between the corporatist media and chosen puppet candidates.

Suddenly, things started going sideways.  Trump's rising poll numbers astonished and then infuriated the PTB. Trump's always bellicose behaviour became even more so. He's started to (gasp!) diss the reporters on the campaign trail. He started publicly calling them out on their lies, bias, propaganda and cabalist agenda. While Trump's in your face bluntness is annoying the PTB, more seriously, his poll numbers are intolerable for them. 

Some news outlets are demanding that he drop out of the campaign. Media networks are saying they will refuse to cover his campaign. Others, that they will prevent him from participating in the debates. There is no way someone like Trump, who obviously cannot be "controlled" will be allowed to go before the electorate. Why, if elected, he might even bring the perps of 9/11 to justice...or something equally unthinkable. After all...HIS hands aren't bloody. The longer they let it go...the harder it will be to get back on the rails and pretend this outrageous outburst didn't happen.  "Something" is going to happen very soon to "correct" the situation.

How do we know this? Past history is an excellent predictor of future events.  The last time a candidate rose so quickly in popularity with such a radical (anti-corporatist) agenda was Ross Perot in the 1992 presidential campaign.  He was well ahead in the polls but then suddenly dropped out of the race. Perot re-entered a few weeks later but, by then, had lost momentum, support and credibility. Why? He said there was a "vague" threat against his family...involving a "top Republican official" and the "CIA". Well, I'm sure it wasn't vague,  I'm sure it was clear as the air is--well, after a heavy rainfall.

There are five possibilities for what is going to happen to Trump in the next while...ranged from one (most likely) to five in order of likelihood:

1.  Trump will suddenly resign--no reason given or, citing some kind of threat;

2. A hideous revelation/scandal will force a sudden resignation;

4.  An accident...typically an airplane crash e.g., Paul Wellstone;

5.  A "lone nut" assassin (probably a Mexican immigrant).

You know, in this case...I really hope I am wrong. It would be wonderful, beyond my wildest dreams, if Trump were allowed to run as the Republican candidate in the next American election. But I don't think so.

Jane Morgan sings this oldie....brought to mind by the 
first real rainfall today in 6 weeks on the (again) Wet Coast

Friday, July 24, 2015

Japan is an occupied country

Mutant Fukushima Daisies
This is what's going to happen to your children's DNA

I have posted in the past about how Japan (and Germany) have both been occupied by the US, ever since WWII.  In fact, the argument has rationally been made that this was one of the main reasons for WWII...to occupy and neutralize both these (former economic powerhouse) countries on an indefinite basis.  The US uses these countries as military bases for military and economic global hegemony. Every decade or so...when a new generation comes to power in these countries...there are efforts to struggle free of the occupation. The US uses fear and bullying to keep both countries under its boot.  Germany has not been much of a problem in the past because of the "Hologuilt" factor. Japan, on the other hand, has been the victim of some serious threats and attacks.  The nuclear industry, in particular, has been used to terrorize the people. Benjamin Fulford, a truth blogger based in Japan, recounted in a video how he interviewed a former Japanese politician who said that he (the politician) had been threatened with a devastating earthquake/tsunami if the Japanese government opposed the US hegemony. This was YEARS before the Fukushima disaster.

Nuclear Industry in Japan is killing the people - of Japan and the world

The insane hegemonists weren't bluffing.  In March of 2011, when there was a serious effort to close a large US military base, there was an earthquake off the coast of Japan and/or they did eventually set off an underwater nuclear explosion. This caused an unprecedented tsunami and, at the same time, the perps blew up some nuclear reactors in Fukushima...a stone's throw from Tokyo, one of the biggest population centres in the world. The US/Israeli devised Stuxnet computer virus did it's work, preventing automatic shut down of the nuclear facilities...and the world is still reeling from this insane, diabolical attack on humanity. 

Today, Japan remains firmly under globalist, ziofascist control and the people are little more than hard-working self-destructive robots.  Watch this interview, as We Are Change interviews Tokyo resident about effects of US colonization of Japan.  Go to 6.19 to see the gist of what he's saying. The retention of the US military base at Okinawa is not negotiable for the US.  It is essential to control Asia and China. They have made it crystal clear that they will sacrifice the entire country of Japan...and endanger the world...rather than give it up.

The problem with Japan is that it doesn't have the natural (fossil fuel) energy resources on its islands to support it's highly industrialized economy. So it's easily bullied and blackmailed by threats to cut off energy supplies. Japan would do well to develop solar power energy--and free itself from its deadly addiction to nuclear energy. I have often said that there is only one true purpose for nuclear energy...as a weapon of war. Otherwise, nuclear energy, due to its cost, risk and destruction of the environment through water contamination--is not economically self-sustaining. The government has to heavily subsidize it to the point where it drains the economy. According to the above video...Japan's Tepco is being sued for hundreds of billions of dollar$ for the damage caused by Fukushima. Is that a sustainable energy source? Japan will be in bondage until it develops a sustainable energy source. You would think, with Japan's technological ingenuity, that would not be such a problem.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Summer Media Oddity Binge

Giant Chicken Church built by one man in
Indonesian Jungle - Metaphor for a Truth Blog?

Some days blogging is like jogging through quicksand.  Google can be soooooo slow and so can Explorer...depending on what subjects you're researching. As a blogger, I identified with the man in the Indonesian Jungle who built a "Chicken Church"--because a higher voice told him to. At times, I feel I'm also answering a higher voice--to spend a lot of time and energy on building something (this blog) that's a lot like erecting a chicken church in a jungle. A truth blog is also an isolated voice crying out in the wilderness (of lies) and focused on an obscure "quasi religion" in today's society--the "Truth".

Today, for example, I wanted to post on some of the summer oddities that are clogging (blogging, jogging and clogging, how's that for alliteration?) up the alternate and mainstream media. Over the years, I've noticed an ebb and flow pattern in the media. In summer, when most folks take their vacations and corporations, including media corporations, are working at half staff...media stories tend to be sensational and/or scandalous. These stories can be easily blamed on "summer interns/practicum students". Summer is when NASA publishes a lot of its lies, such as discoveries of "new" outer space bodies and mountain ranges on moons. When will NASA understand that once credibility has been lost, it's been lost across the spectrum? If NASA lied about moon rocks and "losing" 700 boxes of original Apollo photos...it's a liar...pure and simple.  No exceptions!

Summer is also when we hear from eccentrics, like that 73 year old ALS suffer and genius---Stephen Hawking. Like fellow truth blogger Jim Stone, I'm starting to wonder if there has been more than one Stephen Hawking...how can this fellow have lived so long with ALS...which severely limits lifespan?  Just one of life's mysteries. Stephen Hawking recently made a pronouncement about "finding alien life" in the universe. Time to figure out what role Hawking plays in enabling the "official propaganda narrative/agenda".

You know when you've touched a "truth" nerve--when the Internet servers slow down to a snail's pace. I really started to have trouble with Explorer today when I tried to upload a video onto this post about Autism being likely caused by the MMR vaccine. A woman in the UK is saying that her severely autistic 18 year old son became disabled immediately after getting the vaccine when he was a toddler. Of course, it's only anecdotal evidence. The way the mockingbird press has downgraded the scientific value of "anecdotal evidence" is one of my favourite hobby horses. Parents' witnessing what's going on with their own child is totally disregarded by the medical community when it comes to vaccinations. I find this infuriating...you see, my child also developed ADD (and a learning disability) immediately after getting the MMR vaccine when he was about 3 years old. Several years ago now, my now adult son reported to me that he has a clear memory of...waking up the morning after he got his shot...lying in bed and not being able to feel his legs for some moments. Either he did not tell me about this or I blocked it out for several decades until he reminded me about it. I do remember he became flushed/feverish, had a very sore arm and was lethargic and sleepy within moments of getting the shot. Of course, I was so naive...it never occurred to me that there could be serious side effects from such a universal vaccine. Big Pharma has now come out with studies admitting a link between autism and vaccine...but thus far it's only made the back pages. But, like NASA, Big Pharma has now lost credibility. I would (and do) caution all new parents about ALL vaccines. Unfortunately, at this point in history, parents are still caught between a rock (society's rules) and a hard place (anecdotal evidence of vaccine harm to children). All I can say is...a good law suit $eeking damage$--would work wonders!

Finally, during the summer doldrums...the press also focuses on "hot button" social topics it might otherwise play down...such as the "State of Justice in the USA". The media is again full of stories of police brutality and, in particular, against racial minorities. As Paul Craig Roberts says in the excellent link above, while the press reports incident after incident of police brutality...it rarely analyses the root causes of this trend...such as the training of the police to regard citizens as 'the enemy" instead of people who hired them to "serve and protect". There is a direct line of dots connecting the uptick in police brutality and the deterioration/destruction of the justice system...police know they will not be held accountable for crimes. There is also a direct line of dots connecting the huge increase in the prison population in the US and the "for profit" prison system in the US. Capitalism gone haywire! Connecting dots is what truth bloggers dooooooo.

Monday, July 20, 2015

CawRANT Events #9

UPDATE;  July 20, 2015 - Have to add this update.  Just watched a TV news report about the recent exchange of embassies between the US and Cuba. The Cuban Ambassador said the return to Cuba of the illegally taken land at Guantanamo was a priority for the process to keep moving forward.  Kerry, for his part, said that the US would still be putting pressure on the Cubans about "human rights concerns". Guantanamo?  Human rights concerns? lolololololololol.  You can't make this stuff up, folks!

Caw RANT Events #9

Oh, the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer!  An unprecedented heat wave, combined with only one day of rain in the past 7 weeks...has left the BC forests on life support. Even if we get some rain, as predicted, by Friday a great percentage of BC forests will not recover from the stress this "Level 4" drought has caused. Time for a RANT! I will begin with some good news. Actor Leonardo DiCaprio is breaking the set, literally, of his screen persona and coming out in favour of the environment, ALS and First Nations rights.  

Leonardo DiCaprio working for the environment and ALS

I like that DiCaprio has spent some of his largess and time on bringing public attention to First Nations issues, ALS and environmental issues of the Canadian north. I might just take in one of his next movies...so long as it isn't too jam-packed with illuminati lies and symbols!

Greece has been in the crosshairs over the past month. Prime Minister Tsipras has fallen from grace like Icarus, the Greek god who flew too close to the sun...by allowing himself to be blackmailed and then banishing his ministers who opposed the financial capitulation to the "Troika" set on looting Greece. Paul Craig Roberts has reported Greek pensioners will henceforward be forced to live on $94 dollars per month. "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" author, John Perkins is saying what happened in Greece is a quintessential corporatist economic "hit". I still insist this tragedy has not yet fully played out. Greece is an ancient culture and will not lie down so compliantly as will, say, a South American Dole Banana Republic. What it does illustrate is that you simply can't trust politicians...but then again...we already knew that.

The absolute refusal of Kiev and the NATO countries to tell the truth about MH17 and give closure to the families of the victims proceeds apace. They simply do not care about justice or the legal process ("We don't need no stinkin' badges!). I tend to agree with Northern Truth Seeker's theory about what actually happened. I don't have a problem with any of what he surmises. Only the Russians are eager to even talk about it anymore. The West has it's selective amnesia going on. But even the Russians, curiously, don't ask some crucial questions...such as: Whatever happened to "Carlos" the Spanish ATC in the Kiev control tower when MH17 was shot down?  Russia won't make waves if it doesn't have to...thinking they might morph into a tsunami. The Spanish twitter account owner, Carlos, IMO, was a legitimate person who "Tweeted" about the downing of MH17 before it was publicly reported. Curiously, even Global Research de-legitimized him. Then he disappeared. So, when an event, or evidence thereof, goes down the rabbit hole with the unanimous approval of both East and West...it does make one wonder.

Here's another issue that both the east and west are fudging on...weather modification and persistent contrails. In the video linked in this paragraph...a California activist, a middle-aged woman, is interviewed about the evidence of persistent contrails (she refuses to call them "chemtrails") that she's amassed over the past several decades. While there is some new and essential information in her interview, the video badly needs a good editor. Significantly, she speaks about some of the health risks attributed to the haze that covers the sky for days on end when persistent contrails are sprayed (by military planes--as she says). She speaks about rickets and high blood pressure as two health risks. IMO, this is just the tip of the iceberg of the risks of this diabolical so-called "research".

I have always enjoyed following the US presidential elections. Like kabuki theatre...or synchronized swimming, it is interesting to follow the intricate patterns and movements between the politicans, their handlers and the whore US main$tream media--as they whirl and twirl, flap their arms and kick their feet. Here's a current report:  Trump leads Republican presidential race:

The reaction to Trump’s comments has been instructive. NBC and Univision dropped his Miss USA and Miss Universe contests.Macy’s has dropped the Trump clothing line. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is talking of terminating city contracts with Trump.The reaction of Trump’s Republican rivals has been even more instructive. Initially, it was muted. But when major media began to demand that GOP candidates either denounce Trump or come under suspicion for racism themselves, the panic and pile-on began."

Yes, the longer Trump leads the Republican race...the more frenetic will be the undulations of the corporatist "owners" of the American political system. The a$$ignment of the media is to get rid of all "real" candidates.  So they've already began the brainwashing of the insouciant (I like Paul Craig Robert's favourite description of the American mindset) public with inserts like this. Or the fake "alternative" media with reports like this. I'm going to declare my support (and as a Canadian this support means about as much as Canadian sovereignty) for Donald Trump as future president of the United States.  Like or hate his politics...having an authentic person in the race is a wonderful treat. Watching the corporatist owners of the US political system writhe and twitch--in their furious efforts to de-legitimize and then eliminate him--is worth the price of admission (almost).

On a more serious note. Evidence is in that Monsanto's 'Round-up' agricultural pest control damages Human DNA. Monsanto has apparently known this all along.  How come Monsanto isn't getting its pants sued off? Could it be that Monsanto ('My Satan') is right up there with the untouchable corporatist "owners" of the american political system?  And the other news in this arena is that GMO soy is full of cancerous formaldehyde. Luckily, community and backyard (and front yard) gardens are becoming a very popular trend. People need to know where their food is coming from. Only a massive movement in this direction will wake up the Satanic agri-overlords.

And, finally a couple of last minute notes.  Here is Why I NEVER watch US mainstream media new$:
Stretching out the US July 4, 2015 fear/terror meme

Nobody believes FAUX news anymore. Here is a video about the recent alleged Chattenooga mass murder False Flag Hoax--which shows evidence that it did not happen as CNN and FAUX reported it. Kwick! was there a "drill" going on at the time?

You don't know who (if anyone) to believe anymore. There was a recent story coming out of Dawson Creek in northern Canada about a police shooting  of a man who happened to be wearing one of those "Anonymous" masks.  I'm going on the record to say that I don't trust the "activist group" "Anonymous".  Firstly, it appears to endorse non-peaceful dissent. More importantly, its "anonymous" nature leaves it wide open to infiltration and manipulation.  It's, IMO, just another "Soros-style" device to de-legitimize public protests and demonstrations.

Well, that's it for this RANT...until the next time...

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Who is this man, anyway?

As Barack Obama's two term presidency draws to a close in the next year or so...the question still persists...Who is this man?  I see from the latest headlines he's going to be the 1st sitting president to visit a US federal prison.  As is customary when Presidents reach the end of their term, Obama is commuting the sentences of some prisoners.  Why hasn't he granted clemency to and freed Leonard Peltier yet?  One can only wait and hope.  I would submit that if Obama freed long imprisoned First Nations activist, Leonard Peltier...it might just be the one constructive thing he has done during his presidency.

I was never fooled by Obama.  When he first entered the US political "theatre" more than a decade ago now...I wrote him off as a poseur...a puppet and a completely false personality.  He never looks comfortable in his skin.  His eyes have an unnatural, shifty stare. Obama looks like he was dropped by parachute into the role of President.  He has never said anything remotely authentic or memorable. On the contrary, he's a facile liar. His lies are so outrageous and blatant they grate like fingernails on a chalk board. Remember his two speeches last year?  One, in his "State of the Union' address to the US government and the other at the UN he listed as the three greatest enemies of the US...in order--Ebola, Russia and ISIS. The first, is a man-made false flag terror disease...the third is a US/Israeli
-concocted terrorist militia.  The second--Russia, to be sure, is an enemy of the US...but Russia is not the danger. The truth is in the reverse.

Astonishing, but little known, even though Obama, when a law student, was editor of the Harvard Law Review, during his entire time in that role, he never published a single article in the Review. The only true thing I ever read that Obama wrote was his high school poem "Pop". You need to read this poem in order to understand the true Obama.  It is a homosexual cri de coeur--cry from the teen-aged heart. One of his female former classmates at his highschool in Hawaii came forward a few years ago and said Barry was part of her social group--and known by his peers for two characteristics...he was a homosexual, attracted to older, white and rich men...and he was a chronic liar. For proof of his ability to lie...watch him read from his (phony, ghost-written) autobiography "Dreams of my Father"...watch for the fake tears near the end.

Two weeks before she suddenly died, Joan Rivers came out and said that Obama was the 'first gay president' and that his wife Michelle "is a tranny". I believe this is true, and I think that's why the whoring US main$tream media is relentlessly pushing and dinning the public with how great transsexualism is. I believe one of the perks that motivated Obama to accept the puppet position of US President was the promise by his ziofascist handlers that, by the end of his tenure, he could (by coming out) radically and forever change the social culture of the US--and the world--to accept openly homosexuals in high government positions (many high government positions are now filled by closeted homosexuals) and that Michelle ("Michael", as he once called his partner) could also come out as a transsexual. Together, they would start a "new era" in civilization. This "new era" was going to be Obama's legacy. Somewhere, along the line, the grand plan got derailed.

I believe the grand plan got derailed because Obama's handlers came to understand that they had mis-read the mood of humanity. Vladimir Putin came to power in Russia--and presented humanity with an alternative, diametrically opposed cultural morality. Putin's machismo, his religious leanings, his open opposition to the homosexual agenda, combined with his overwhelming world-wide popularity rendered the putative Obama "coming out party" fraught with political risk. The comparison would have been "odious" as the old saying goes. So, I believe the puppet masters shelved the open homosexual agenda, for now.  I do believe the passage of the gay marriage legislation in the US was a sop to Obama for not allowing the great "revelation".  One reason I've never written on this subject previously is because I don't ride any hobby horses against homosexuality.  I regard it as a natural tendency in humanity and it does serve a useful role in evolution. Like heterosexuality, it's a private and personal preference.  I just can't abide the "homosexual agenda" as it is constantly being used for political blackmail and control.

In conclusion, denied his ambition to be the "First Gay President", Obama has been left a man without a legacy. The achievements that took place during his tenure, like the Iran nuclear treaty, are fundamentally due to Putin laying the groundwork and maintaining the focus (not allowing the US to have it's wars in Syria, etc.) on negotiations. Obama is and always has been an "empty suit"--almost a cyborg or a drone.  So far as I have observed, because he has no genuine loyalties....Obama is hated by both the right and the left in the US. "Texas", the US soldier fighting in the Donbass...said on video recently that he didn't think there could be a worse president than George Bush...but Obama proved him wrong.

I have a suggestion for Obama: Free Leonard Peltier! --and get yourself a real legacy!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

When the truth accidentally slips out....

Vancouver MP Wai Young...inadvertent truth teller

Conservative Vancouver Member of Parliament, Wai Young, recently mis-spoke herself.  She told a church congregation in her riding that the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS) knew about the "Air India Bombing" (a plane departing from Vancouver Airport on  23 June, 1985 blew up killing over 300 passengers off the Coast of Ireland) ahead of time.  According to what she said in church...CSIS knew there was a bomb on board the plane but was prevented by rules and policies governing the CSIS at the time, from telling the RCMP.  Then she made a hasty retraction of what she had said. 

IMO, this is a classic case of a neophyte public official accidentally stumbling on some huge truth and, not really understanding all the implications, blurts it out as if, well.... as if you can tell the truth anymore. The Air India Bombing police investigation was a farce from beginning to end...and a very expensive, ($130 million) farce at that.  The Vancouver trial of the putative bombers was also a huge farce. I followed the trial at the time and was almost amused (if there hadn't been so many murders involved) at the keystone cops level of performance by all the players. Truth kept leaking through all the carefully crafted lies...like blood seeping up through the floorboards, or dropping in bright red globs from the ceiling.

Once during the trial, a witness testified that a CSIS member told him that the bombing was a false flag to ensure a whopping CSIS budget in future. This piece of steaming manure is something I have always actually believed. Compare the similarities between the Air India Bombing and the recent Canadian Terrorist Patsies Trial held here in Vancouver.  There is the same "Yes, sir, No, sir...after you sir!" interplay between CSIS and the RCMP. There is the same dynamic of CSIS putting the RCMP into the humiliating position of having to investigate a false flag.. but make sure never to solve the mystery! And finally, the same haughty refusal by CSIS to co-operate with the justice system of Canada.

According to the CBC Report, Ms Young seems to have come in contact with one of the CSIS assets without being aware of who he was...and picked up some "inside" snatches of information from him. This is what she blurted out in church. Can you imagine a Canadian Member of Parliament naively re-gurgitating the nonsense that poor, benighted CSIS was aware of the terrible truth of a bomb having been loaded onto a passenger jet but then, unfortunately, due to rules and regulations...was not able to tell the RCMP?!  Think about that for a minute.  Never mind that she retracted...think about her (a sitting MP) actually mouthing the words describing such a blatant travesty of justice which renders justice (and "security") itself a cruel joke in Canada!

It was the Air India bombing that first convinced me that CSIS is what I have continually said it is. CSIS is a foreign mole burrowed deep in the bowels of the Canadian government, military, security, policing and legal institutions...a metastasized tumour if you will...eating away at the last vestiges of Canadian sovereignty. I will add to that, IMO, it is the Canadian cell of a nefarious, murderous, international criminal gang.