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In Harm's Way: Why is Putin going to Turkey on October 11, 2016?

In Harm's Way
Man Standing in Front of Tank

This post, like almost all the others, started in the same way.  Browsing through the Internet news, I saw a news item that caught my attention.  It was a simple announcement that Putin has scheduled another trip to Turkey for the middle of October, 2016.  As I read it, I formed a question...that ended up being the basis of this post.  The question was:  "Why is Putin going to Turkey on October 11, 2016?

Everyone is aware of the recent history between Russia and Turkey, Putin and Erdogan.  But another trip to Turkey so soon?  With all the crisis going on in Syria and at the United Nations?  The United Nations, by the way, has stopped being an independent body.  We had conclusive evidence of that last weekend. The United Nations now belongs to the evil ones as indicated when the insane harridan, Samantha Power, threatened to kick Russia out of the United Nations Security Council. The United Nations is now, like so many formerly independent States and "international" institutions around the world, occupied by USrael.  Like the WHO, IMF, and even the "Nobel Peace Prize Committee", the United Nations has stopped speaking for humanity.  It now only speaks for the Rothchild Bankster Cabal which is stressed to the max...with all their recent geostrategic failures...and by the relentless US electoral march to the expiration of their "Best Before" date on November 4th.  The Cabal Needs WAR!

All the geopolitical pundits in the alternate blogosphere have been predicting for weeks that WWIII was just over the horizon--mushroom cloud(s) and all. Here's a very good analysis by Alexander Dugin that provides all the gory details.  So, I asked myself, Why IS Putin going to Turkey?

Then I came across Penny for your Thoughts post with a link to an interview with retired Col. Hasan Atilla Uğur, a Turkish ex military officer.  This officer claims as a certainty that the West is planning another coup for beat the Best Before date of the US election mentioned above.  Here's the gist of what the officer says:

....If Turkey doesn't take precaution, a second and deadlier coup attempt could happen before November, a retired military officer says

“Be prepared against the second attempt. And it's going to happen very soon. This is very certain information,” the veteran said.

The U.S. has been hosting FETÖ leader Fethullah Gülen, the mastermind of the coup attempt, and is still providing all support despite Turkey's legal demand for his extradition and detention.

Col. Uğur warned that the second attempt could be more dangerous than the previous one. “We are all in a euphoria of victory. But I am warning Turkey.”

The threat is not over

He cited a recent news published in several mainstream U.K. newspapers, including Daily Express and Daily Star, claiming that 10,000 British Naval infantry forces are on standby in Cyprus to enter Turkey in case of another military coup, under the pretext of evacuating British holidaymakers from Turkey.
The Daily Express reported that the missions would focus on areas popular with tourists and that troops would be cleared to use lethal force if the rescue operations were interfered. While Daily Star said, “If there is another coup attempt then civil war will follow. If that happens there will be a major international crisis.”
The veteran military officer drew attention to the reports saying that the U.K. is working on a chaos plan in Turkey. “And the main aim of the plan is the invasion of Turkey,” he added.

The second [Turkish coup] attempt is coming before November

He warned that if no action is taken, the second coup could happen before November this year: “Non-national elements, the PKK, FETÖ, will all work together for the second attempt. All organizations that have been working under U.S. orders in the Sregion, including even the Turkish military, police and bureaucrats, will attack simultaneously. The structure of the attack will not be same as the July 15 coup ... If we don't end this game, the second attempt will come before November.”

So, after reading the above spine-chilling report, it became clear to me why Putin is going to Turkey in October.  He's going to try to prevent Turkey Coup II, or at least attempt to dissuade the would-be coup-meisters that it probably would be a lot more complicated and risky than they originally planned...given that Putin's in Turkey with his security guard, planes, special brief case with codes, etc., etc.  In other words, just like the legendary man with the grocery bags in the video above...standing defiantly in front of the tanks. Putin is going to place himself in front of the Rothchild banksters' formidable invasion forces (from the UK, the headquarters of the Rothchilds, no less), and all their earthly henchmen....who've been keeping humanity slaves for centuries.  He's going to confront the devil itself.  It wouldn't be the first time he's done it.  Back at the time of the fall of the Berlin wall, Putin was a young KGB agent in East Berlin.  Legend has it he stood with a loaded and cocked gun on the steps of the Soviet Union Embassy in Berlin and dared a mob of looters to push him aside, break past him and trash the Embassy.  The mob asked him who he was. His reply? "I'm the translator."  Well...the translator* is back.

Apparently this proposed so historic that it was even predicted and written about in the Koran...according to Sheikh Imran Hosien.

Russia Now Acting Out A Script From More
Than A 1,000 Years Ago - Sheikh Imran Hosein  

Another terrifying indication that something BIG is going to happen is the nonsense that the United States is "giving" the Internet to the United Nations on October 1, 2016.  Now, as I said above, the United Nations is now occupied by USrael, so the US giving the Internet to the UN is a moot point.  But the Obama Regime insists that negotiations re the hand-over have been going on forever. Unfortunately, nobody was aware until this past week about the negotiations. Are we allowed to ask: Who was negotiating with who [from the UN's side, that is?].  What was the quid pro quo?

Secondly, the only way the USrael would give up control of the Internet  would be if they planned to crash it and didn't want to take responsibility for the chaos that will surely follow...."Oh, the Internet? That doesn't belong to us anymore...we have nothing to do with it...ask the UN".  I have always stated matter of factly that, if and when WWIII begins, the first indication you'll have will be that you'll no longer be able to access the Internet. It will be down...indefinitely.  And, if the terrible warning of the Turkish military officer is correct....without a doubt, the Internet will be down for the entire period of time that the second coup has been planned for--the visit of Putin to Turkey notwithstanding--and all succeeding events...up to and including nuclear Armageddon.

So, unless Putin manages to out-wit the devil yet again, we may never know what transpires during his visit to Turkey on October 11, 2016.  The old phrase, often used by lawyers...unless cooler heads prevail...does come to mind.

*"the translator"...originally from German to Russian. In the current instance, from the language of tyranny and war--to the language of multi-polarity and peace.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Duterte: Someone's Not Long For this they say....

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte

As a child, whenever one of us (I was raised in a family of nine children, five boys and four girls) misbehaved, my mother would call out from the kitchen...where she spent 90% of her time...."Someone is not long for this world!"

I used the same warning phrase on my children....and now I'm shouting it out to Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte.  This guy has suicidal ideation for sure.  He's been taunting the Obama/Deep State Regime of the United States for months now.

US playing "Wack-a-Mole" against the International Community of Nations

The Deep State must be feeling like it's playing a game of "wack-a-mole" in the Western Hemisphere these days.  No sooner did they wack Venezuela's Chavez and Brazil's Dilma Rousseff, but this Philippino, Duterte pops up in their place.  I don't follow Philippines politics that closely, but it looks from this vantage point that the Philippines electorate perhaps put the motor mouth in office just to distance themselves from their occupier.  The Philippines has been occupied by the United States for least since WWII.  There are huge US military bases dotting the islands of the Philippines.  The people always gamely try to kick the US bases out of their country but, unfortunately and by pure coincidence...they always get a rash of terrorist militia infesting their remote islands committing atrocities whenever they do.  And, of course, the US then has to come and eradicate the nasty invaders.  Whatever.

Recently, the head of the occupied United Nations Secretariat, Ban Ki-Moon was haranguing Duterte on his harsh treatment of the drug runners that are currently overrunning the island [in place of the former terrorist militia, perchance?].

"I am inviting the United Nations' Ban Ki ... what's the name of that devil? ... Ban Ki-moon

From RT:
"...The Philippines president called his US counterpart a “son of a b*tch/whore” earlier this month after hearing news that the US leader was to address the country’s ‘war on drugs.’ The comment, which Duterte later said was not directed towards Obama, led to the White House canceling scheduled talks between the two leaders.

Duterte says he wants U.S. special forces out of southern Philippines

This outburst was shortly followed by Duterte ordering US troops to leave the south of his country, after blaming them for inflaming tensions with the local Muslim population.
“For as long as we stay with America, we will never have peace in that land,” Duterte said, as cited by the AP.
In his speech on Thursday, Duterte gave a hint of a possible warming of ties with China by telling businessmen from the country, “You will see me often in China." 
He did not expand on that particular point, but did mention that he planned to visit China before the end of the year and would be promoting the rights of fishermen from the Philippines to be left to fish in the Scarborough Shoal without any restrictions.
Duterte has already said that the Philippines will pursue “independent” foreign and military policies separate from US interests in the region and may look towards closer ties with China and Russia."

While Obama has largely ignored the outbursts of the Philippines can be sure that behind the scenes...Duterte is being measured for a coffin.

Duterte ready to "Cross the Rubicon"?

While there can be no doubt, Duterte building a strong, independent image at home thinks he is  helping his future electoral chances, one wonders if there is anything else behind this waving-a-red-flag-at-a-bull posturing.  I don't want to be completely cynical, and speculate that the US has set Duterte up as a straw man or a stalking horse...or both.  But it does seem a bit over the top.  With the US "pivot" towards Asia and its aggressive military stances towards China and North Korea....perhaps this is just a ruse/excuse to invade the Philippines and set up "martial law"....on the basis of the premise that Duterte called Obama “son of a b*tch/whore”.  Unfortunately, many Americans would just consider that common logic and inevitable consequences!

Just the other day, Duterte publicly said he was ready to "Cross the Rubicon", to drop Philipines's association/occupation by the US and garner closer relations with China and Russia.  Well, you know what they say...."If something appears too good to be true".....

WAIT!  Is Duterte's successor already waiting in the wings???

Filipino senator fears for her safety over opposition to President Duterte

Leila de Lima says she has been harassed, threatened since heading inquiry into country's war on drugs

Just this morning the CBC posted this report:

Filipino Sen. Leila de Lima initiated an inquiry into the 'extrajudicial' killings that have taken place since President Rodrigo Duterte assumed office at the end of June (David Doyle/CBC)

De Lima is the Philippines' fiercest critic of the country's new strongman president Rodrigo Duterte, and she says his "personal vendetta" has her scared for her safety.

Duterte, referred to in the media as "Duterte Harry," has implemented an internationally condemned war on drugs in which more than 3,400 alleged drug dealers and users have been killed. But there is also a battle at the heart of government between Duterte and de Lima, stemming largely from de Lima's opposition to the way the war on drugs has been carried out. 

The hearings into the killings took a dramatic turn last week with the testimony of Edgar Matobato, a self-confessed former assassin from the Davao Death Squad vigilante group that has allegedly killed thousands of criminals in the city of Davao.

Matobato said Duterte, who spent more than 20 years as mayor of Davao, had ordered the killings of criminals and his opponents by the group. Matobato also claimed that Duterte had personally killed a justice department official with an Uzi submachine gun and had even ordered a (failed) assassination attempt on de Lima in 2009.

Duterte's office has denied all the claims and says there are inconsistencies in Matobato's evidence. The president has said he does not know Matobato.

though she says friends have asked why she does not stop her campaign, she has no intention of giving up.
"I have a choice," she said. "Surrendering everything and just keeping quiet and probably resigning from this post [as senator] and just waiting for all of those cases to be filed against me — or fight.

"I choose to fight, for as long as I can, for as long as I will be allowed to do so, for as long as I am alive."

Usually, when USrael plans a regime change, they have a puppet already waiting in the wings.  In this case, Sen. Leila de Lima fits the profile.  Already in the government, taking the moral highroad...even against a real and effective war on drugs (actually cleaning up the drug dealers)...and a woman.  Historically, the US likes to choose women puppets.   There have already been two woman Presidents of the Philippines, Corazon Aquino and Gloria Arroyo.  IMO, the reason the USrael prefers women leaders of vassal states, particularly in the third world, is that it knows that there is always a bedrock of sex discrimination in these nations (actually, everywhere) they can depend on...and that if the woman leader steps out of line...or beyond her station...they can easily appeal to and arouse this fundamental discrimination.  It's kind of like the blackmail they have over Obama (never allowed to meet with Putin alone) due to his closet homosexuality.

So, in summary, it looks as though a regime change is imminent in the Philippines.  With the planned "pivot" of the USrael MIC towards China and North Korea, they need a compliant puppet in charge and a state of martial law in this regional vassal, if possible.  They, no doubt, would also like to purge the Philippine government and military of any young upstarts who may gravitate to the "independence" that Duterte appears to proffer.  Duterte is mysteriously courting disaster and reprisal and the main$tream media is already signaling who his successor might be.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Shout Out to Economists....what are we to make of THIS?!

Saudi Arabia Summit file photo

It would be great if someone with a background in economics could watch the video below...or listen to it is more exact...because it is just one guy speaking...quite convincingly as it turns out...about a major event he predicts will happen shortly.  Also, there is some more background on the issue at this link and also HERE.  Not knowing enough about economics...I'm not able to follow all the twists and turns he describes but briefly and as far as I can make out.  He's saying that the whole issue of allowing victims of 9/11 sue the Saudi Arabia government is a false flag.  He says the Federal Reserve Bankers are setting up a Collapse of the economy and are going to base it on Saudi Arabia pulling all their money out of the that the collapse which is coming anyway...can be blamed on the Saudis and on the US lawmakers in the Senate who vetoed Obama's bill.

So listen to the video and see if it makes sense if you believe such a scenario could occur.  Comments are appreciated.  Thanks.

MH17: The West "Goes for the Goebbels"--The BIG lie!

Joseph Goebbels:
On the "Big Lie"

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

When the West, through its bought and paid for criminally culpable Main$tream Media, lies its @$$ it does on a daily's like the oil oozing from the Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill....spreading and contaminating everything it touches.  Very hard, if not impossible to clean up the sheeple brains after exposure to the black, sticky goo.

Sometimes, however, the West detonates a Thermonuclear Lie Bomb.  One that explodes into the atmosphere and radiates entire hemispheres.  The damage is irreversible and generational...DNA is destroyed by these Lie Bombs.

Today, the West detonated such a Lie.  The lie that blames Russia for the MH17 shoot down over Ukraine.  Everyone with two brain cells to rub together (unfortunately a minority of 37% in Western Society) knows that Russia had NO reason to shoot down the plane and that the plane was likely (according to satellite evidence produced by Russia) shot down by two war jets who were seen by eye-witnesses on the ground tailing MH17 shortly before it crashed.

No matter.  The Perps are winning the Lie Bomb Race and they have the capacity to destroy entire nations with their lies...witness Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Syria...and now their lie guns are aimed directly at Russia and Putin.

Here is a very good summation of the BIG LIE by Stephen Lendman.  Thank gawd Stephen put up this shows that not all Americans are being suckered.

The trouble with the LIE BOMB is....with regular nuclear warheads--other countries can build bigger and better bombs as a deterrent.  What does one do to defeat Lie Bombs?  Build a better Lie?  No.  The only antidote is the Truth.  But the truth requires brain cells and not just adrenalin.  And there lies the rub.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Insane Mind

Middle East expert Udo Steinbach:
To tolerate Assad in the future would be absurd

It used to be rare that one would get an opportunity to look inside a totally insane brain/thought processes aka mind. Now, with communication happening at the speed of light, it is, unfortunately, all too common.  Here we have an insane mind laid bare...for all the world to see...and it is as recent as September 26, 2016...that's just yesterday.

To assist my readers navigate through the rocky shoals of the truly insane mind...I have bolded the insane markers along the way.  The truly insane signposts have even been italicized.  And I inked in red, bolded and italicized the insane conclusion drawn from all the insane markers.  My own definition of insanity is "telling yourself lies...and then believing them".  This poor soul has obviously been insane for a long time.  In fact, he appears to have built a flourishing career as a professor in Hamburg, Germany, primarily on the strength of his insanity.  I have put my comments in green and hope you can see how prevalent and acceptable insanity is in our society.  The MIC, a multi-trillion dollar industry, is based solely on the foundation of the psychiatric condition called insanity.

Syria: 'Weighing the military options'

Should the West take military action against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime and the Russian forces supporting him? Middle East expert Udo Steinbach makes the case for just such a course of action.

It might sound macabre, but is there at least some hope to be gained from the warring parties growing weary with fighting?Yes, but not today, and not tomorrow. And really, only one party is fighting. It's mainly just the Syrian air force and the Russians who are supporting the air force who are fighting. The opposition is fighting a bit, and the West not at all. As long as that remains the case, those who opt to fight will always have the upper hand. So the question is no longer, diplomacy, yes or no? The question now is, military engagement, yes or no? A few days ago, people were talking about a no-fly zone again for the first time in a long time, and that would be the first step. It would also be the right step and an important step.

Only one party fighting?  what about the myriad of kaleidoscopic, ever-revolving proxy terror militia?  The West is not fighting at all?  C'mon....First Lie.   No-fly zone for the first time?  this has been pushed for years....constantly being sent up as a trial balloon by Kerry.  Second Lie.

That means, if the political will were there, that could be a solution?

Of course. Not a solution, but it would be a first step toward a solution, a first step in making the Russians and the Syrians understand that we are finally ready to do something, that we're prepared to give a military answer to the military violence. That's something that we haven't done up to now. We've always backed down, retreated to these formal agreements. And the other side fought, and you have to admit, won. And now, right before the end game, they're not just going to roll over.

That's something that's been talked about: A no-fly zone for Syrian fighter jets. You'd have to shoot down the planes that violate the zone, and then you'd see what the Syrians would do, what the Russians would do. And then, should the bombing continue, you'd also know who was doing the bombing. Right now, you don't know. Is it the Syrian air force? Is it the Russian air force? Who attacked that convoy recently? A no-fly zone against the Syrian jets would make it possible to separate the wheat from the chaff.

"...We're finally ready to do something."  Like you haven't been waging a proxy war since 2011?  "We're prepared to give a military answer to the military violence That's something that we haven't done up till now."  Poor baby, such an haven't been having your paid and equipped jihadists beheading and torturing Syrians.  You haven't been using the US TOWS missiles to reduce all the Syrian cities to rubble and cause the inhabitants to flee for their lives.  No, you're just a regular "Nobel Peace Prize" are.  "You'd have to shoot down the planes that violated the zone."  Note how the insane mind grapples with a sure declaration of WWIII.  Merely asks:  "What would the Syrians do?  What would the Russians do? "  Then with the other side of his mouth...he asks..."Who attacked that convoy recently?"  The evidence was clear as of yesterday that the rebels who were in the area did....perhaps with the help of a US hellfire missile.

In Libya, for example, the West saw what happens when a head of state, who may have been autocratic but who nonetheless held the country together, disappears. Could the West therefore be willing to tolerate Assad in the future?

That would be absurd. It would be absurd, after everything that's happened, to tolerate a head of state who has massacred hundreds of thousands of his own people, who has caused half of the country's population to flee. It's absolutely unthinkable. There's no way there can be a diplomatic solution with Assad. And since the Russians and the Iranians and others are clearly still dreaming of such a solution, this solution will not be possible. In the end, it can only come down to an escalation, including a military escalation.

No evidence is ever requested to back up the mantra of false accusations against Assad/Saddam/Gadaffi/ad infinitum.  No journalist would ever dare interrupt the Gregorian chant to slide in such an impertinence.  Lie number three....Massacred hundred of thousands of his own people.  Lie number Four...Assad caused his population to flee.  The truth is that the perps themselves caused both of these catastrophes, and now they want to stage a casus belli for WWIII

On the other side, a lot of people say the rebel groups, which had been partially supported, have practically no moderate negotiating partners.

That's simply not the case. There are obviously very radical people, there are very moderate people and in the middle there are a multitude of organizations which in one way or another we say: They are half-radical, they are Islamist. And if you were willing to make the effort and if there was the political will and also the military will behind it, you could very well forge an opposition front that could be sustainably supported and would be strong enough to bring about a change of power in Damascus. Now the excuse is used: These are non-profiled groups, they are radical. Those are all excuses, because you are shying away from the logical conclusion, namely, risking the military option with military support. If you shy away from military support, then you are also degrading the political option.

If Kerry was not able to identify the "half radical Islamists" then I think we can safely conclude that this is Lie number 5.  There are no moderate rebels.  This individual is only imagining them, as part of his florid psychosis. 

Middle East and Islamic Studies expert Professor Udo Steinbach has led the German-Orient Foundation in Hamburg for more than 30 years.


I would like to express my gratitude to Professor Steinbach for loaning us his brain for the purposes of this seminar.

UPDATED: The Smoking Gun....aka TOW Missiles....but it's 'Water off a Duck's Back' to USrael

UPDATED:  September 28, 2016 - in a telephone call of today's date, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov told US Head of the State Department, John Kerry about the smoking gun video below.  The video confirms that the US is directly supplying al Nusra with TOW missiles and expertise.  The report did not say what John (never let the facts get in the way of a good ultimatum) Kerry's response was.

Smoking Gun Video of al Nusra
admitting America directly supplies them
with Missiles

Al Nusra says that America supplies TOW missiles (the difference maker according to this commanding jihadist) directly to them...along with specialist American trainers to help them learn the complicated satellite/weapons system.  HERE is a link to a NEO article from December 2014 regarding the TOW missiles being given to al quaeda.  IMO, there really is no difference between any of the western proxy fighters in the Middle East and the media and everyone should stop the stupidity that there is!

Lemmeeseee.....who's gonna pay for this black swan truth bomb.  Will it be the American/Israeli suppliers of the weaponry to al Nusra in Syria?  No. Will it be the politicians and so-called "diplomats" who lie about it at the UNSC? No.  Will it be al Nusra itself who is using the American weaponry to murder Syrian men, women and children?  Absolutely NOT!

It's gonna be that German interviewer to the left in the video above.  This guy better take public transit from now on.  His car's gonna be rigged with explosives and he's going to have an "unfortunate accident" just like Michael Hastings.

Monday, September 26, 2016

UPDATED: The First Presidential Debate - Thoughts off the top

UPDATE: |September 28, 2016 Another good analysis by Andrew Napolitano
September 27, 2016 - I have embedded some new links below where other sources back up my real time stream-of-conscious notes on the debate.  Also, here is a very good analysis by Pepe Escobar.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Not watching full time but checking in every few moments.  It's excruciating, but whatever doesn't kill you....Here are a few impressions off the top...

Question about the Economy

Clinton has Trump right where she wants him...narcissistically talking about his businesses.  She pressed him on his Income Taxes and bankruptcies and he fell right into the trap.  He should have answered briefly and moved on.  Note that Hillary Clinton had one thing to say about her e-mails..."It was a mistake"

One annoying thing is you can hear Trump's breathing. You can hear him taking loud breaths in between statements. Is this deliberate [sound editing]?  I think so.

The Birther Issue - another non-issue

The Birther issue is another trick question.  The alternative community (who are completely dismissed by the PTB...we don't exist) still believes there is a discrepancy between what Obama says and the facts surrounding his birth.  His birth certificate was actually a "registration of birth" not a birth certificate.  The hospital in Hawaii has no record of him being born there.

Donald still going on about opening his clubs and his businesses.  The guy just doesn't have a debating background.  He does not have a debating "parlance" and understanding of the nuances if you will. 

Cyber Security

Another Putin attack from Hillary.  This is her Ace card on Trump.  Trump's answering this question well....turning the focus on the way the DNC treated Bernie Sanders....saying nobody knows whether it was Russia who hacked the DNC.


Hillary going on about defeating ISIS on she's saying "our friends the Kurds"  Yes, don't we know about that...."squeezing them [ISIS] in Syria".  What a liar!  She knows exactly WHO is behind ISIS.  One of ISIS's leaders said just today that Americans are funding and giving military weapons DIRECTLY to ISIS.  She is lying directly to the American people about ISIS.

Trump is getting back on this point (the creation of ISIS). 

Hillary deviously turning the topic back to domestic terrorism...another governmental creation.


Hillary going on about Trump's dissing of Muslims. This is a weakness on his part and she knows it.  Now he's going on about NATO and how the member nations don't pay their share.  The fact is that NATO has been co-opted by the USrael in order to build its hegemony around the world.


They tried to get Trump on being in favour of going to war on Iraq.  He seems to have successfully defeated that argument.  She immediately changed the topic.

She gets him on temperament when she says he said he would "blow some sailors out of the water"  Donald's loose lips coming back to haunt him.  Neither of them makes any serious or credible statements on nuclear proliferation.  She wins the debate point on temperament when she mentions "Twitter".  Case closed.  I've said forever that everyone should get off that silo form of synthetic communication.


This is a topic that Trump knows nothing about.  Money given to Iran?  First of all the US froze all Iran's bank accounts in America at the time of the hostage crisis and they have been frozen for decades.  Doesn't the US owe Iran interest on these accounts?  Now I hear the US is taking this money to pay victims of 9/11.  Did Iran have anything to do with 9/11?!

She's walking all over him on this issue.

Hillary's Stamina

This question seems to show that the moderator is pro Hillary...The way the question was phrased.  Now, Hillary's playing the feminist card.  This is not going good for her.  It is making her look petty and the question IS petty.

He's going after her on the negative ads.  This was a good strategy.  Point for Donald.

Final Question

Support the people's choice?  Hillary says she will.  Trump wants to "Make American Great Again".

END OF DEBATE  - Thank heaven no one got hurt,  Hopefully Trump will get some good advice how to improve his performance.

Final thoughts:  Whew! Neither of these candidates is very smart.  No wonder Hillary hates Putin.  He's going to run intellectual rings around her.  But she'll get along with le Dauphin just fine!  Hillary has the advantage of her legal background.  She talks like a lawyer.  Trump doesn't and it's hurting him in the debate.  He has to have more facts and more relevant points to make on each issue...not just meandering around, talking about opening a club here and there.  When he said he was opening a club on Pennsylvania Avenue near the White House and so would "get there one way or the other" I cringed and turned off my computer for a break!

Donald is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Unfortunately, Hillary is the sharpest knife in the every sense of that metaphor.  She's scary how she can gloss over all the blood dripping from the Clinton/Bush/Obama era.  It does NOT bode well for the future.