Saturday, November 18, 2017

Separated at Birth?

Hammy the Hammock Deer

From the CBC comes this report:

Hammy, the deer made famous for having a piece of purple hammock stuck in his antlers, is proving tough to find for the B.C. Conservation Officer Service as they try and remove the fabric before rutting season. Hammy made headlines and attracted a large fanbase after photos of him strutting around Prince Rupert with a shock of bright purple on his right antler were shared to a Facebook group devoted to tracking his whereabouts.

A deer with a hammock on his head is Prince Rupert's newest celebrity

Although conservation officers at the time said it appeared Hammy wasn't having any trouble as a result of the fabric, they are now concerned it could get tangled as rutting season begins — a time when bucks like Hammy compete for does by locking antlers with each other in a display of masculinity.


Jagmeet Singh - Canada's Leader
of the Federal New Democratic Party

I'm it politically incorrect to make a joke about a political leader....if he is of a "visible minority"?  Is that now off limits? Probably.  But I will repeat that I am not a fact, I dated a Canadian Sikh man for four years and was engaged to him...when I was in my 20's.  He did not wear a turban or a beard....saying that his family had decided to integrate with the predominant Canadian culture of the day.  In fact, he did not like other Sikh's clinging to their ancestral habits that separated them from Canadian society...but that was only his viewpoint....and each to their own.

What I do object strongly to is how my political party of choice (the NDP) during the last Federal (s)election has since been hijacked by an elite, deep-pocketed faction in Ontario who plucked this guy out of obscurity and crowned him head of a party while the rest of the country did not even know who he was.  His views from what I can tell are not anti-war or anti-globalist...he's just another Andrew Scheer...who was similarly elected head of the Conservative party.  As a result of these two leaders, Singh and Scheer...Canada's democratic system has effectively been neutralized and neutered.  In other words...all the parties have exactly the same geopolitical platforms.

So I am back to where I started when I first began blogging...with NO ONE TO VOTE FOR.  I am back to supporting the "Spoil Your Ballot" and make them count the spoiled ballots movement...that I started myself several years ago.  I call it "NONE OF THE ABOVE".  Or, perhaps if they put "Hammy the Hammock" on the ballot, I could vote for him!


NOTE:  It is always an eye opener to go back and try to find one of your own posts on Blogger.  More often than not the videos have been selectively de-activated.  But this time, I went back to look for a post I did on October 1, 2014 on the option "None of the Above" and the entire post was missing!  So much for blogging for posterity.  The Reality Controllers are editing as we type.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Trump's sick gift to his son

Elephant Trophy Hunting Slaughter

Trump just gave his son a sick gift, changing the law to let bloodthirsty American hunters (like Trump Jr!) murder elephants and bring their heads home as trophies. Let’s build a massive global campaign to shame the US into dropping this disgusting plan -- Avaaz will work with African countries to deliver our call at a major wildlife protection meeting in days.


Folks, just returned home safe and sound late last night from our two week holiday in the Caribbean.  So much to say about what's going on down there.  But just opened my mailbox to the above NOTICE to sign a petition that I received in an e-mail from my sister.  I signed it immediately.  Elephants are one of my favourite non human species on earth.  Their empathy makes us humans look like the savages we are...including "trophy hunting" savages shown in the photo above.  

Once I get settled I will "merge into the heavy traffic" of my day-to-day life, which does include keeping up to date on geostrategic events and commenting on them on this blog.  In the meantime...please consider signing the above petition and with you soon!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Checking In


Just a brief check-in in lieu of "CawRANT Events" which I usually post on every second Monday.  I only have one hour of Internet cruising on a huge ship here in the middle of the Caribbean.  Don't know how much I can fit into this post.  First I want to thank Northerntruthseeker who wished me well on my vacation.  Yes, I know how emotionally exhausting blogging can be, NTS and if you feel you need a vacation, take one!

I enjoyed swimming with the sting rays in the aqua seas off Aruba.  This turned out to be one of the highlights of my holidays so far.  The sting rays are highly intelligent and live to be about 75 years!  The females are twice the size of the males and we were allowed to "pet" one. Their skin feels like suede.  They have the most beautiful, soulful eyes...full of wisdom.  Then I saw the headline on the CBC today that 1500 scientists are warning humans about the earthly environment.  I can certainly believe that warning!  Still, inspite of all we know about the sting ray...the sting ray babies are still being harvested by the hundreds of thousands, their spines ripped out and are being used for "bait" by sports fishermen.  I said in a post not too long ago that there needs to be a 10 year world wide moratorium on ALL fishing all over the world!  I wonder if the 1500 scientists cottoned on to this crisis and made THAT recommendation!

The next highlight of our trip was going to the Island of Curaçao and seeing the monument to the African slave trade...which you would expect, hidden away in the bushes on the outside of the capital city, away from any curious eyes.  Our African heritage guide brought us there anyway and the monument was very moving...a large bronze of two African men and one woman cutting their own chains.

Curaçao Monument Re African Slavery

Apparently in the 1800's there was an uprising where the slaves did just that.  Most Readers probably don't know...I certainly didn't...that Curaçao was the destination port of the African Slave traders....they landed there with their "cargo" and then the slaves were kept on the Island for two years while they were "trained" and given "skills" me...they were probably broken like horses.  The slaves were shipped from Curaçao to all over North and South America, as well as remaining in the Caribbean.  Our guide drove us to the upscale "Jewish Section" of town.  He showed us the big houses with the thick walls as fences all around and said this is where the slave traders lived.

Many of the African slaves ended up on the Island of Bonaire...where we just left yesterday.  Bonaire is a great scuba diving destination...but back in the day and still boasts of the best "salt mines" in the world...with the purest salt.  Can you imaging the slaves finding themselves in a new country with extreme heat working those salt mines?

They should definitely move that monument to the African Slaves from the bushes outside the city to the square right downtown Willamstad on the port dock of Curacao....where the slaves were sold at auction.  Why won't they ever do this?  You Readers know why not as much as I do.

I have been reading an excellent biography during this holiday..."Reckless Daughter...A Portrait of Joni Mitchell".  It is very dense with insight into her writings and music.  I didn't know she was such a "wild child"...her managers seem to have preserved her personal "rock star" lifestyle as a well kept secret.  Joni is one of my favourite musicians and poets.  Now that I know her better I want to buy a few of her CD's.

Well I will be home at the end of the week.  It has been a very good holiday so far but I am looking forward to being back with my three dogs and in my own neighbourhood.

That's it for now. Take care and hope to talk with you again soon.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Notice to Readers

Notice to Readers

Hi Everybody.  Just a brief note explaining why I have been away from this blog for the past few days.  My partner and I are on holidays cruising in the Caribbean.  Right now we're on our way to Grand Cayman.  I plan to swim with the sting rays or some kind of big flat fish.  We are "chillin" as we used to say in the 70's.  Before boarding our ship, we spent three days in Miami, which I had never been in before.  I was pleasantly surprised.  The city of Miami is actually many small cities, each with it's own flavor and culture.  It is very easy to get around on the free skytrain.  Traces of the recent hurricane Irma were minimal.  The weather has been balmy.

As usual, going online while cruising is a bit problematic and quite expensive. Last night, our first night on board, the Internet was down and that happens periodically. So I will keep posting to a minimum...seeing how it goes.  As a bonus to readers here is a short video I made before leaving of my most recent wood carvings.  Enjoy!

Two Recent Carvings by Greencrow
Chickadees and a Christmas Cardinal

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Putin: "Let them do what they want and we must do what we must"

CIA plotting Bio War on Russia?

This morning The Duran is reporting that Russia's leadership has remarked on the CIA's recent advertisement asking for samples of Russian DNA.  The theory is that, as per usual, the bio weaponry Labs in know the guys...the ones who came up with the Anthrax terror plot that was implemented right after 9/11...have now been tasked with coming up with a bio weapon that targets the "arch enemy du jour" Russia.

Or, at least this is the take the Duran has on the project.  The greencrow has another theory...this is that America's "scientific community" is no doubt wringing its hands over the increasingly evident "brain gap" between American technology and Russian technology, as evidenced particularly in the weapons race.  The perps are thus hoping they can "replicate some Russians" in the invitro/genetic labs...and thus find a way around the debilitating  "Omadhaun epidemic" in the United States.

Coincadynkally, fellow blogger James from Australia and I were having an e-mail exchange the other day which went as follows:


Hi Greencrow:

you mentioned a figure in a recent post -

"Of course, the 37% of the human race who are capable of critical thinking will cry "Foul!" to this theft of their right to access their archives."

- and it caught my attention.

I've come across a couple of references to the fact that only people with an IQ of over 115 can do their own research and put together their own conclusions (i.e. employ logic). This amounts to only 16% of society.

I've been looking for any research that backs this claim up. Do you have any links to research that you could point me to or if you have any comments about this topic? I would appreciate either.



Hi James:

Thanks for this information. I did read the statistic of 37% as related to those who are able to grasp the truths related to 9/11. Some "can't handle the truth" due to brainwashing by the dominant culture. It is not necessarily "the ability" to do critical thinking as the "courage" to do critical thinking. 16% able to put together their own conclusions is depressingly low...and does not bode well for the human race, IMO. Hey, I'm just going to put together my "Caw RANT Events" and would like to add these two exchanges. Is that OKAY with you? Let me know.

Hi Greencrow

Yes, that would be fine. It might spark some interesting comments


Hi Greencrow

see you left the IQ stuff out of your rant. Probably just as well. It gets people all upset at first (if not forever). Best to get some solid sources behind you first.

I've attached a screenshot from a video (and no i didn't save the link - duh!). It shows "gathers, infers own information" as starting at IQ 115 - no sources. I came across another graphic like this a few months ago (didn't save it!) showing the same thing except it was closer to IQ 120. Again, no source.

It seems that logic, particularly deductive logic, can be taught to people with lower than IQ 115 (don't know how much lower) but the skill does not cross over into other areas other than the area in which the deductive skills were taught.

Another interesting area of research is the Dunning-Kruger Effect. Well worth looking up. People of average intelligence assume they know far more than they do because they are not bright enough to see that there are things they do not know. High IQ people suffer the reverse. Because they can see that there is much they don't know, they assume they are no where near as smart as they are. The results of these two effects are poor group decisions and poor leadership.

Anyway, I've attached the graph I mentioned before plus a graphic showing world average IQ differences. Rather sobering.


Hi James

I didn't leave it out...just ran out of time and had to publish. I think your question and point deserves its own post and so will do one on it later in the week. Thanks again.

Hi Greencrow:

I encourage you in this endeavor. This is a problem that has been occupying more and more of my thinking lately.

There are two problems that combine in a very disheartening way, in my view. The first one is the relatively high barrier to logical or critical thinking, max 1:6 people, combined with the Dunning-Kruger Effect that says that the other 5 out of 6 people cannot recognize logic for what it is and cannot be made aware of the fact that they cannot recognize nor understand logic.

So those 5 people cannot see the connection between factual premises and the valid conclusion derived from them. To these 5 people, what they are hearing is just a list of declarative statements and therefore indistinguishable from artfully delivered rhetoric comprising of a list of actually disconnected declarative statements.

What is going to influence these people therefore is not going to be demonstrated logic (i.e. truth and reason) but the delivery manner (i.e. perceived 'authority').

When the 'authority' is psychopathic and endlessly lying, we have a problem and democracy is defenseless against it. And worse, Reason seems to be useless against it.

Anyway, good luck with the post.

Thanks, James I will need that luck digesting all the "food for thought" you put into your e-mails.  BTW, folks, the bolding and highlighting is mine, not James'.  What he says at the end of the exchange is fundamental for truthers in understanding why the sheeple (as I call them) will never grasp 9/11 truth, even though the evidence is staring them in the face.  Obviously, the mass murdering perps at the CIA are sleeping soundly at night...knowing they will never be matter how transparently false their false flags are.

But, the bigger issue here, and the one pointed at recently by Putin in the report referred to above about the CIA harvesting Russian DNA is eugenics.  That has always been the Ziofascist obsession.  Now that they have access to some of the biggest and most diabolical "research labs" the world has ever seen...they are not going to let it go to waste.  Russia has been put on notice that it will be targeted with the most Frankensteinian plots the perps can come up with.

But, but but...Putin countered them with a threat of his own...and it's quoted in the headline to this post.  This is probably the most important pronouncement to come out of the Russian leader's mouth in some time.  The West is confronted with the statement that Russia "must do what it must".  And what is that?  When it comes to eugenics and intelligence, come to think of it...Putin has been saying a lot about AI and robotics lately.  He recently told a group of young people that whoever can master artificial intelligence will control the future...for good or for bad.

Whoever Leads in AI will Rule the World:  Putin

We know that Russia has gained dominance in the aerospace evidenced by their unique "thrust-vectoring" jet engines.  What have their superlatively and classically educated technology scientists been doing behind the scenes vis a vis artificial intelligence?  

The above question reminds me.  I've been meaning to update my thesis on extra-terrestrial space exploration.  I have a draft post saved for just that purpose ever since a light bulb went on over my head upon reading what Putin said to the young people about AI.  While I have always insisted on this blog that "Man"--as in the human creature--can never travel to outer space due to the intensively radioactive Van Allen belts that will forever keep us mortals imprisoned on planet earth...that does not mean that man cannot travel to outer space and beyond via artificial intelligence.  I envision an AI so advanced that it can "teleport" the thinking of a mortal man into a robot--that will do his bidding forevermore in outer space....WHEW!

Getting back to the CIA perps trying to get their bloody, grubby little hands on Russian Putin commented on last week...perhaps they are belatedly trying to make up for their generational attack on formal education of the order to field a couple of "scientific geniuses" tasked with bringing their science and technology industries up to par with the Rooskies.  Too late for that!

Whatever the CIA is up to with their DNA collection Putin can't be good. OTOH, Putin has left a clue to what he means by "what we must" in his recent pronouncement--about artificial intelligence being the keystone to the future.

Monday, October 30, 2017

CawRANT Events #56

CawRANT Events #56

Good Morning Everybody!  It is a cool, crisp but sunny day on the West Coast.  There was frost on the roofs this morning for the first time this season.  Harvest time is here. Hallowe'en is tomorrow and nature has certainly done her bit...with colourful fall leaves on the lawns and sidewalks everywhere.  Time for a RANT!

First, a disturbing update on the annual return of the spawning salmon to our streams and rivers here in suburban Vancouver.  Nothing...well, next to no fish have returned to the closest local stream where I walk my dogs several times a week.  So far, deep into the spawning season...I have seen exactly three fish and heard the telltale splashing of two more.  That's about five fish in total.  I asked a neighbour who I met on the pathway if he had seen any and he said there were more in the stream one over...but not in this stream.  Generally, by this time we've seen thousands of fish.

This is very troubling.  It could be that they're late this year...we did have a lot of rain two weeks ago but not for the past week.  The salmon generally congregate out in English Bay at the mouths to the various streams, rivers and tributaries and can tell when to start their final journey by "smelling" the water coming at them from the rivers.  Only when the water "smells" right AND THE WATER LEVEL IS HIGH ENOUGH FROM FALL RAINS...will they then begin their mass pilgrimage to their final spawning grounds in the rivers they were born into.

Another problem for the local stream is that the city built a "sediment trap" on it which regulates the flow of water and does a few other tasks....and also provides a small "pond" for other wildlife, such as ducks, to forage and nest.  Building the sediment trap probably disturbed the water "smell", flow, etc. and may be confusing the fish.  Or...they may not have arrived at all...due to all the environmental issues that we are well aware of.  We know that some killer whales deaths have been attributed to starvation.  There are still a few weeks to go in the traditional spawning season so we will have to wait and see whether they come at all.

UPDATE TO THE ABOVE ITEM:  Having just finished my morning walk along the stream and seen about 4 or five dead fish on the riverbank...far away from their spawning grounds upstream...I can deduce the problem is very low water level.  This could be caused by housing construction up the mountain side.  This kind of disruption caused by construction affecting the mountain flow into the stream has happened before.  It can be devastating.

Pro Spanish Unity Demonstrator In Catalan

Next on the agenda is an update on the Catalan situation.  Since I did my initial post on this topic, coming out on the side of the Pro Spanish Unity faction,my fellow Canadian truth blogger, Northerntruthseeker, has put up a couple of posts generally asking some questions on both sides of the debate.  Since my earlier post I have looked further into the question of why only 43% of the Catalonian population voted in the Referendum...which decided the question at 90% in favour of Catalonian independence.  Duh!  I found out why the low voter turn out.  The Referendum was ILLEGAL and so most of the Catalonians stayed home.  The only ones who came out to vote (with the exception of 4.3% who voted pro unity) were the pro Independence minority.  Minority is the crucial word here.  Only a minority of around 40% of the population, albeit a very vocal and well-financed minority, are in favour of Independence.  In my mind, that is case closed.  The Independence Movement does not have the support of the majority of the people affected and should, therefore, be wound down.  Why is it not being wound down?  Well, this is where financing becomes important.  Some entity is financing this cause.  Next question is...where is the money coming from?  There are some deep-pocketed sources that need to be followed up and reported on.  I predict, once these financial sources are made public...the independence movement will evaporate like a Fall morning frost.

If the pro separatist Catalonians raison d'etre is because they are dissatisfied with the European Union...they can join the Brits in a "Brexit" movement for Spain (SPexit)?  And see where that goes.  Other than that...the Catalonians really need to find out who is really bankrolling this expensive project...once they find that out...they can decide whether all the instability and potential for violence and destruction of infrastructure...not to mention destruction of iconic worth the effort.

It is exactly two weeks since the Las Vegas mass shooting was top of the headlines.  I wrote about it extensively in my last CawRANT #55.  Now, folks, it is buried on the back pages...if at all.  See how it works?  It's a two week news cycle.  The last bit of information on the alternate blogs was the revelation that video taken the night of the event captured a helicopter hovering over the crowd and firing firing volleys into it.  Upon questioning the Las Vegas Police Department...which would be the only agency with the authority to be in the skies over that venue that night...the police department, incredibly, says that its "radar went dark" in the said helicopter that night. can actually read this stuff and yet nobody is accountable for all the "massive deaths and casualties" of the fact even if you check up on some of the purported are being callous in the extreme.  This is why the United States has absolutely no credibility on the world stage anymore....corrupt to the core.

Speaking of corruption...conveniently synchronized to divert from the "Harvest Festival" Las Vegas shooting...we had the Weinstein "Limited Hangout"...where first Harvey and then several of his pedo/porno/raping/groping comrades in arms were "outed" and brought to account.  It was kind of a "harvest festival" of sexual harassment and perversion.  The Satanists do like their celebrations.  Now, we have Kevin Spacey being accused 30 years after the fact of pedophilia.  And he is apologizing profusely.  When you read the "voice of Satan" BBC about the Spacey Story...the abject apology is up front and in the headlines while the actual deed is minimized and in the small print. Perhaps this is a signal from the perps that this particular "harvest time" is nearly over.

Headlines this morning, on the BBC and elsewhere are all about the Manifort indictment in the so-called Russia US election rigging scandal  Hey, they wouldn't have indicted him if he weren't guilty...dontchaknow.  Something tells me that two weeks from now, this will be like the Las Vegas shooting...minor, if any, headlines.  Because the story will have by then served its a cover up from and distraction from the story that should be in all the headlines--THE DISCOVERY THAT IT WAS HILARY CLINTON'S DNC CAMPAIGN THAT FINANCED THE DISGUSTING, BOGUS STORY ABOUT RUSSIAN PROSTITUTES URINATING ON TRUMP'S HOTEL BED IN MOSCOW.

All the mud-slinging anti Russian stories IMO are really to divert from potential legal fall out from the Hillary loss...all the Clinton Foundation charity fund theft, the vote buying, accusations of murder of Seth Rich...hiring of pedo campaign workers such as Podesta, the use of private servers to transmit confidential State business e-mails, etc., etc., etc.  It has been a magnificent production...if you like to wallow in that kind of sewage.  The entire post election loss has been one of the biggest diversions of our times...a lie lolla polusa.

The Manafort indictment by the corrupt US Department of "Justice" also comes at a convenient time to bring down President Donald Trump in public opinion right at the time when he is setting forth on his Asian tour.  You can always count on the M$M to hobble the US leader and basically kick the slats out from underneath him when he is trying to appear "presidential".  

Finally, as I always like to do....I will end on a positive note.  Russia Today put up an excellent video showing the superior Russian Jet Fighter, the SU30SM.  As an artist, I can appreciate the graceful loop de loops that this product of human genius is able to carve in the Russian Skies due to its unique thrust-vectoring engines.  Just shows what can result from an effective science and technology education system (in Russia).  The engineers who devised these engines were NOT taught that the laws of physics no longer apply...and three skyscrapers can be reduced to dust and molten steel...due to impacts from two planes and local office fires.  I always say that the West is in the "Post Scientific Era"...while Russia and the East is still enjoying the cutting edge of the "Scientific Era"...and these jet fighters are the result!

Russian SU30SM

"The Russian Defense Ministry has published a video showcasing the capabilities of the Sukhoi Su-30SM, an advanced multipurpose fighter jet. The Sukhoi aircraft are shown in detail performing aerobatics maneuvers and deploying weapons. The highly-maneuverable generation 4+ warplane is the modern variant of the design equipped with thrust-vectoring engines. It was based on the Su-30MKI."

Well, that's it for this CawRANT Events...time to get out and enjoy the invigorating Fall Sunshine!
Bye for now.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Social Worker Helping Troubled Teens Loses Job For Questioning Gardasil Vaccine During Planned Parenthood Required Training

Michelle Snyder and her 12-year-old daughter Ashley
talk about the devastating effects of the Gardasil vaccine.

As a retired social worker (I worked in Child Protection) this was my worst nightmare...having an "ethical dilemma"...where my own personal ethics were in conflict with government policy.  Actually, in my career I had many ethical dilemmas...almost on a weekly basis.  It's part of the job.  In the end, your employer hires you because of your "gut instincts" which the employer uses to base decisions on...yet, your "gut instincts" can get you fired if they conflict with/irritate opposing power structures.  This is what the social worker discovered and expresses in his letter below.  I can feel empathy for him..."There, but for the grace of God go I..."

One time I even had an ethical dilemma regarding the Gardasil Vaccine.  One of my "children in care"...a teenaged girl...was given the vaccine at school without my being told or providing my is usually the case.  When you are the legal guardian, you are like a parent and need to sign permission slips for field trips, vaccinations and so forth.  I found out at a "parent/teacher meeting" attended by my child in care that she had already been vaccinated with the Gardasil vaccination without my permission.  I asked why I had not been informed and was told by both the teacher and the 15 year old that the girl had made "her own decision" and had opted for vaccination.  I looked at my child in care and told her that I wished we could have had a conversation about the vaccination prior to...because there have been some concerns expressed in the media, on the Internet about it.  The moment passed without any further repercussion.

I have written about my concerns about vaccinations before on this blog.  I have told about my own experience with my then toddler son who, after having a mega dose of MMR booster-whatever shot, could not feel his legs for a brief period of time when he woke up the next day.  I did not find out about this until he became an adult.  I knew he had some "reaction"...sore arm and lethargy after the shot but was told this was "normal" by the doctor.  Only after he became an adult did he tell me about this experience that was so traumatic that it had stuck in his mind all those years.  This is the same son who suffers from ADD.  He started showing symptoms of the condition around the time of the shot.  I have no idea whether there is a connection or not.

Please read the following article from Geoengineering Watch and I will have final thoughts in comments to follow:


Comments by Brian ShilhavyEditor, Health Impact News
A Portland-based social worker working for a non-profit organization has contacted Health Impact News about how he allegedly was terminated from his job after attending a required sex education class by Planned Parenthood in Seattle.

Paul Haeder alleges that during the training, where class members were encouraged to write down questions and concerns anonymously, he was told not to come back to day two of the training and also told not to come back to work, because he wrote and submitted (anonymously) concerns about the Gardasil vaccine. He writes:
The creators and distributors of Gardasil are directly tied to my sacking from, get this, pennyante wage slaving job as a social worker. Imagine, Merck and Planned Parenthood, both having their hands on my future.
The charge? I dared to voice some concerns (anonymously) that already have been voiced about this vaccine for 10 years on so many platforms, including by medical authorities, international science panels, and the individuals who are suffering disabilities directly associated with the vaccine.

How Planned Parenthood Demands a Vow of Silence as it Pushes Universal/Forced Inoculations

by Paul Haeder
LA Progressive
I’m writing about this forced paid leave (suspension, administrative leave) leading up to my termination within the last hours of Monday, because speaking up about injustice is a core belief.
Plus, the loss of a job, (one of the big TEN life altering and trauma inducing events), ties into who I am in my life, and for God’s sake, this is my livelihood, and my reputation is on the line, and my word is being maligned, and my caseload of youth-in-crisis is now being given the short shrift from a very big Portland non-profit.
This is also a case of the non-profits in social services here or anywhere that have a super high turnover rate, pay rates that are obscene, worker respect that’s non-existent, and a general feeling that clients are the money trough, and the more on our caseloads, the merrier.
I also write this piece because mine is a tale of many perspectives, (or as the psychologist I am seeing because of the anxiety due to this administrative leave says, “…we all use filters and have confirmation biases”).
It’s a tale of three cities, many cities, really, tied to a huge national birth control and abortion services company–Planned Parenthood–and an even larger player is Big Pharma and its attendant actors.
The creators and distributors of Gardasil are directly tied to my sacking from, get this, a pennyante wage slaving job as a social worker.
Imagine, Merck and Planned Parenthood, both having their hands on my future!
The charge? I dared to voice some concerns (anonymously) that already have been voiced about this vaccine for 10 years on so many platforms, including by medical authorities, international science panels, and the individuals who are suffering disabilities directly associated with the vaccine.

Questioning a Vaccine in an Anonymous Forum Comes Back to Bite Me

I learned yesterday (Oct. 23) that Planned Parenthood told my HR Director that I questioned vaccines – a much different question along those lines was scrawled on the paper PP gave us all to write down issues we wanted addressed, as the trainers emphasized throughout the seven hours. We were told “…anything you write and put in a box is anonymous.”
Comments were wholeheartedly solicited by the trainers.
Imagine this, I didn’t even get to ask the question in the class:
“Why is Planned Parenthood so hooked into the corporate and Western Medicine line about Gardasil being safe when there are countless stories of harm done to young girls by this vaccine? Just look them up on the web!”
I gave the trainers the benefit of the doubt and expected my anonymous critique of Planned Parenthood to be taken with an adult attitude, with an open mind and with some sense of the issues of the day – that not everyone believes one hundred percent of the time the efficacy of Big Pharma’s products. Imagine that!
Instead, I was called on the carpet for my behavior (based on my anonymous comments) and now I’m on the ropes because Planned Parenthood has contacted my employer saying I am incorrigible. All three trainers are colluding to say that I am not capable of “giving evidence based birth control information to clients using the Planned Parenthood curriculum” (to 16 to 21 year olds!)
This is what I found out in my half hour visit with a driveling HR person for (the employer I work for), a woman clearly not in the game to help an employee or ally his fears of retaliation, but rather “in it” – this investigation of my behavior — to validate an outside agency’s spurious charges against me.
“You don’t go up against Planned Parenthood,”
is the message, and if you are being trained by them, and even if you are as level headed as anyone in the training, if one iota of doubt leaves the mind of anyone, in my case written down on unsigned notes, (supposedly protected space with no fears of reprisal) (that’s what the trainers repeated several times), you will be subject to not only censoring, but termination.
This was all carried out through the sacred safe space of a learning environment, in the terminology of social workers, “safe space where what’s said and expressed there stays there.”

The Secretive Planned Parenthood of America – Free Speech Not Allowed

It’s my word against the behemoth’s word: the secretive Planned Parenthood of America. In my case: the secretive Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and another branch, the Oregon one, the secretive Planned Parenthood of Columbia Willamette. How is it that my job is on the line because of three trainers colluding to make up a story of my supposed intransigence at a training?
I am being sacked because of the technicality that I did not complete a two-day training because the company, the secretive Planned Parenthood, dis-invited me from Day Two.
So, without day two completed, my place of employment states that I am both out of compliance and also suspect because the trainers for Planned Parenthood told her that I am unable to deliver birth control, family planning, STI and contraceptive advice complying with the secretive Planned Parenthood curricula.
Imagine, a society – the secretive Planned Parenthood – telling me that I am incapable of talking about condoms, the pill, and STDs because I dared question the efficacy of Gardasil. Imagine, this dark society, the secretive Planned Parenthood, telling me and then others (my supervisors) that anyone on our caseloads who might question this vaccine for themselves or loved ones will be told that this vaccine or any product promoted by the secretive Planned Parenthood is beyond reproach or criticism, the evidence be damned!
Imagine, Big Pharma driving this paranoia by my non-profit through the draconian approach of teaching, which is not just a dictatorial pedagogy by the secretive Planned Parenthood but an outright fascist way of dealing with individuals, trained in fields of social work, way beyond the pale of these trainers’ expertise: I’ve worked with homeless, with re-entry adults, with U.S. military, with alternative high school students, with gang-influenced youth, with myriad of youth and adult learners as a community college teacher in five states and two countries, with PK12 rural youth as a substitute teacher, with adults living with developmental disabilities, with agencies managing group homes for youth and adults with developmental disabilities. I have been a journalist with seven daily newspapers and with a monthly magazine and several weeklies. I have traveled and worked in every state in Mexico, every country in Central America.
I am fighting for my job in a universe created by the secretive Planned Parenthood that is not governed by the laws of physics or humanism or fairness. My driveling HR Director failed to see this revelation. Instead, she has told me that, after I asked her how I might make up the second day of training, “I do not have an answer to that, Paul.”
Imagine, no other way for me to sit through another training that would keep me on the job, in compliance.
I never thought that an insipid training in Seattle at the secretive Planned Parenthood would open up this Pandora’s Box of a vaccine that is beyond a doubt the cause of many lifelong incapacitating diseases and deaths according to many who tie the HPV vaccine to their pain and relatives’ deaths.
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Source: Medical Kidnap

My sympathies are definitely with the social worker over this.  He should NOT have been fired.  This situation coincides with another of my work Non-Profit Societies.  These agencies have a reputation for infighting, poor employer/employee relationships and power politics in the boardrooms.  I initiated and ran a non profit when my kids were small (a parent drop-in) and created a board of directors...which was over time infiltrated by some proxies from large charities.  They wanted to absorb the small non profit into their super-structure and forced me out through their board.  That experience taught me a lesson about non profits that I will never forget.  After that, I vowed never to work for a non profit society...or a non union shop...again.  And I never did.  Non profit societies are magnets for power hungry psychopathic personalities.  This is actually fairly commonly the point where books have been written about it.

The social worker should look at the bigger picture and know that he can get another job (hopefully) but he will always have to live with himself... and so he will rest easy knowing he made the right ethical choice.

The final point to be made here is that vaccinations are dubious.  Some are legitimate but many, many, many are not.  They are money-makers for big pharma.  I stopped getting the "yearly" flu shot many years ago after having come down with the flu several times following vaccination.  Other have related the same history.  Same with the "shingles" vaccination they are peddling to seniors.  If you read the small only protects against "50% of the shingles viruses" in any given year.  So, you have as much protection against shingles after vaccination as you had before.

The same "law of averages" applies to the Gardasil vaccination as to the shingles vaccination as they are both basically vaccinating against the same herpes virus.  Most women will never come down with cervical cancer (and it is one of the more treatable cancers) but there is a strong possibility of having negative symptoms following this draconian vaccination.  And the worst part of it is...young girls may have negative outcomes many years down the road....that they will not connect with having the vaccination...such as sterility.  I won't even get into some of the "hidden history" related to vaccinations such as how the AIDS virus spread and "Dr. Mary's Monkey".  There is something innately dubious and suspicious about protecting a human from something they haven't contacted yet.  There is a immensely powerful license that is given to the provider of such a substance...a license to inject millions of humans with.....what?  And what safeguards are being set up to protect society from these all-powerful entities?  In the case above...the only safeguard was the "gut instinct" of a single social worker...and even THAT was too much!