Thursday, July 29, 2021

THIS IS THE ENCHILADA!! - Karen Kingston gives the final verdict on the VaxZines - They are bioweapons...they will kill everyone!

Karen Kingston in a video that ends all questions...all doubt.
This is a bioweapon that will kill you and your children
h/t/ FreakedOut

Readers, the evil landscape is opening up.  The horizon is clear against the dark night of enforced ignorance and lies.  What we're seeing is the most diabolical plot ever hatched against humanity by any conservative evaluation.  What they're doing is trying to get this presently neutralized graphene oxide into all human bodies.  Relatively few adverse reactions at this point [according to the MZM] BUT at some point in the future they can "activate" the graphene ozide nanoparticles in all or select groupings of humans.  Then they will be killed.  

Or, they can come "clean" admit to humans what they've done and then blackmail and threaten humanity forevermore with the possibility of activation.


FreakedOut said...

GC Says:
" BUT at some point in the future they can "activate" the graphene ozide nanoparticles in all or select groupings of humans. Then they will be killed."

That's what I'm thinking too. Fine tuning amounts of GO so as not to kill too many at first as it would make it too obvious it's the the jab. Some placebo's in there to get the Sheep to sell the jab...."I'm problems". Next "Booster" then the sheep who had the placebo get "live rounds" but at reduced amounts of GO, misbehave in the future means you "die of a deadly variant"...KAPUT! No hiding from the 5G/Starlink Satellite system.

greencrow said...


Yes, as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said...This is the apocalypse. This is the end of humanity as we know it.

Yet the sheeple continue to munch on the lies like they were new mown hay.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous(X) here:

Given the PerpZ are doubling down and going all in, could Graphene Oxide be a component of CHEM TRAILS ???

My thesis is they may have already "infected " us all ?

Ms. Kingston is simply exposing Graphene Oxide is "programmable" in numerous ways once the human body has allowed entry/infection.( I prefer the term RAPE via UNinformed consent nor permission)

Debating vaccines is now simply a moot point until they pull the potential KILL SWITCH facilitated by possible Graphene Oxide presence in our bodies ?

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous [X]

Re graphene oxide nanoparticles in the chemtrails. Yes, this would seem highly likely. But why bother with the vaccines? IMO they need to inject a certain amount before the electrical connection is powerful enough to kill/control the subject.

You are right. What they have done is actually WORSE than rape...but in some sense rape is the closest we have to compare what they have done.

I think we have only a matter of days before all this blows sky high and I will make two predictions.

1. The sheeple will never admit they've been hoodwinked;

2. They will take out their rage on the unvaxcinated...think Rwanda.

CanadianNotCommunist said...

I'm wondering if the beginning outbreak in Wuhan had a double purpose... it allowed the kick-off to the plandemic, yes, but maybe it was also a demonstration run, displaying how undesirables could be made to simply drop dead in the street; a sales pitch, of a sort.

China could have been secretly sneaking graphene oxide into doses of it's regular flu vaccine for several years prior, then turned on the 5G to the appropriate frequency, and we know the rest - videos of people just dropping dead in the streets. I remember reports of so many bodies being cremated that you could see the pall of smoke from space.
A convincing demonstration, indeed.

So convincing that within a fortnight nearly every government in the world was clamoring for the graphene oxide laced vaccine that gives it that kind of power over it's citizenry, while declaring to the now panicked citizens that the only way out of this apparently highly deadly pandemic is for everyone to roll up their sleeves and receive their dose of the new government approved vaccine.

Trudeau was so elated/power drunk that he rushed right out and placed Canada's first vaccine order with the Chinese themselves.

The Great Reset ?
Everyone who has taken the vaccine needs to fear who has their finger on the reset button !

greencrow said...

Hi CanadianNotCommunist:

What you've described above sounds very plausible. RAH has suggested they could have been putting the graphene oxide in the chemtrails for years. I subscribe to that theory as well as that they've been putting it into the flu and "Shingles" shots for years.

Perhaps they've got enough people full of graphene oxide to have a mass cull...just not the right cadavers yet...meaning not enough of us recalcitrant sentients. Not enough first responders, military and educators...that's why there's going to be "One Last Push".

FreakedOut said...

GC says:
"RAH has suggested they could have been putting the graphene oxide in the chemtrails for years."

Don't miss this one from Dane Wigington: 5 minute 16 second video.

"Graphene Skies?"

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