Monday, June 14, 2021

NOTICE TO READERS: PLUS Study: One in five Americans self-identify as anti-vaxxers, study finds - Greencrow comments on this "analysis"

Sentients Try and Warn the Sheeple
 Not to Kill Themselves

Good morning folks. It's a grey Monday in the Pacific Northwest. It's not raining right now but we must be breaking some rainfall records for June...although I can remember a few decades ago when June was always a very rainy month. I'm letting readers know that shortly we'll be leaving for another week at our "bug out" pied a terre up on the Malahat on Vancouver Island.  We have another week of intensive painting to do before we can start moving our furniture and other belongings in.

The good news is that our Internet Provider is sending a worker out on Wednesday to hook us up to the Internet so hopefully I will be back online after that...although I will need to prioritize painting the final rooms and setting the place up over blogging.

FreakedOut has asked how my brother Paul is doing.  I visited him yesterday and sadly, he has declined significantly in his cognition.  His long term memory is still reasonable but according to staff, his short term memory has collapsed, and his ability to signal his when he needs to go to the bathroom...has declined as well.  I mark this sudden precipitous decline from when he got the first PfiZer vaccination last March...a few days before my older brother was killed by the hospital system.

Staff told me he will be getting his second shot of PfiZer on Wednesday.  I regard this second shot, as NTS says, as the "Kill Shot".  I do not expect my brother Paul to be around much longer after that.  Interestingly, I tried putting one of my house keys on both his shoulders and neither shoulder was in any way magnetic.  So the staff and I began to speculate that maybe he got some kind of a different concoction than the magnetofected serum.  But it has definitely affected Paul's cognition as only a sister who has cared for him since he was a baby would know and understand.  I knew within one minute of talking with him the enormity of his decline.

Anti-Vaxxer Study Spreads More Lies about Sentients

Yesterday, I came across  one of those concocted propaganda pieces that comes out about Sentients/Truthers when they can no longer ignore and/or laugh at us. When they're finally forced to "fight" us in the MZM always comes off as a bit surreal.  They have no clue who we are and/or what we stand for or believe.  They make it all up as they go along...and it always supports their "official" view of us as "Wacky Conspiracy Theorists."  Only the longer our resistance to the Covidian VaXXine caper goes on...the more they will have to salt their serving of half and whole lies with a bit of "terror".

I have added my commentary below each of the points in green:

One in five Americans self-identify as anti-vaxxers, study finds

One in five Americans self-identify as anti-vaxxers, study finds | The Truthseeker

Experts say attempts by health officials to convince them to receive shots could backfire

A new study found 22% of Americans hold beliefs that are consistent with anti-vaxxers, with 8% ‘always’ identifying with the term. Researchers fear that some hold their anti-vaxx beliefs as a part of their social identity, making it a challenge to convince them away from beliefs. Those who most likely held onto anti-vaxx beliefs were anti-expert, Republican and parents. Vaccine skepticism has caused the Covid-19 vaccine rollout to stagnate recently with shots falling from 3.4 million per day to April to 500,000 per day.

Mansur Shaheen – Daily Mail June 9, 2021

One in five Americans self-identify as anti-vaxxers, or people who disagree with the use of vaccines, a new study suggests.

Probably the numbers are a bit higher than that...because in the US, the ratio of unvaccinated stands at 40% according to THEIR figures.

Researchers from Texas A&M University found that eight percent of Americans actively socially identify as an anti-vaxxer, while 14 percent of Americans identify with the beliefs of anti-vaxxers.

What's with this "splitting hairs"?  Does it make the numbers more palatable to them?

Those who self identify as an anti-vaxxer are more likely to have stronger beliefs in their anti-vaxx stances than people who do not identify with the team, but hold some beliefs associated with it.

Again, silly splitting of hairs...and this allows them to avoid the crucial question...WHY do we hold our opinions.  What is "The Team"?  They have made sure that we cannot have formal political or social representation...we are socially where did we get this ability to form a "Team:?!

The team fears that the large amount on [sic] anti-vaxxers in America makes public health messaging a challenge, and the fact that many even identify with the usually-stigmatized label is a worrying discovery.

This is complete bull shit and makes no sense I will skip on by...

The data reflects an issue American health officials are currently facing with the Covid-19 vaccine rollout, as vaccine hesitancy may prevent the country from ever reaching herd immunity.

Here's where the lies start in earnest.  What does herd immunity have to do with vaxxinations?  People have always built up herd immunity by exposure to the "virus".  Since this "virus has never been isolated in a lab nor has it been subjected to Koch's does not even officially EXIST!.  But this is the stance they're going to take to threaten and bully us into "doing one for the "Team" and submitting our bodies to the mutilating magnetofection mRNA Spike Protein creating gene tampering injection(s).

For the study, published in the journal Politics, Groups, and Identities, researchers conducted a survey of 5,010 American adults and asking them a series of questions about vaccines, and finally whether they personally are an anti-vaxxer or not.

I would have liked to see what these questions were.  Were they "leading" questions?

Researchers then used an algorithm to adjust scoring for race, gender, income and other factors that could sway results.

Who designed the "algorithm"?  Did that make the analysis any more creditable?  I would think not...Not if the designers of the "algorithm" slanted, biased OR FILTERED the scoring.

The ‘anti-vaxx’ label not only had stronger beliefs in the ideology, but also that they were less likely to be reached by health experts to change their minds.

Being "Reached" by health experts seems to be the message here...What about the alternative "health experts" thousands of them, who have tried to "reach" the "health experts biased towards Big Pharma???

Those who identified as an anti-vaxxer were most likely to be anti-expert, a Republican, a parent with a child at home or someone who considers themselves to be in good health.

What a load of bull crap!

Women and older people were the least likely to be anti-vaxxers.

Again...a load of bull hooey.  Where are the numbers supporting this?  I go to the resistance rallies and most of the marchers are young working people.  Does that court?

Many who identify as anti-vaxxers see themselves as part of an in-group, and health officials and others who receive vaccines as part of an out-group.

This is an outright LIE.  We truthers and anti-vaxxers see ourselves as outsiders...being forced into smaller and smaller "boxes" of limited freedoms.  We see those who receive vaccines as sad, hopelessly stupid Sheeple.  We are terrified because most of them are our friends and family.  This is causing intense grief and bereavement as we contemplate their deaths in the future.  This is mixed with guilt because we were not able to reach them in time.  We regard the vaccinated as the "walking dead".

Efforts to reach these people, and attempt to convince them to receive vaccines by health officials could even backfire, as they may become more resolved in their beliefs when facing the out-group.

It could backfire because we may gain in number and bring the entire genocidal HOAX crashing down.  They need to proceed with caution...and slowly build up the Zombification of the Sheeple so that it is THEY who will attack us and/or drag us off to the gulags...not the perpZ themselves who are very small in number and for the most part have already gone into hiding. [i.e., Baal GateZ]

‘The fact that significant proportions of self-identified anti-vaxxers embrace the anti-vaccine label as one of their social identities presents a major roadblock for health communication and efforts to correct vaccine misinformation,’ the authors wrote.

This is the main point of this article.  We are a "roadblock" and we are "spreading misinformation".  We do not embrace the anti-vaccine label as one of our social identities...we are rather saddled with it in our desperate attempt to preserve our health and the health of our loved ones.

‘If anti-vaccine beliefs were grounded in the rejection of science alone, then simple health messaging strategies might be able to overcome this rejection to improve vaccine acceptance.


‘Our results however paint a much different picture. For significant portions of the anti-vaxx population, vaccine opposition may be the result of deeply held social ties and a sense of collective identity with other anti-vaxxers.’

We are forced into close collaboration with other anti-vaxxers for sheer self preservation...not out of any desire for "collective identity".  This is what humans do when they are threatened and isolated!

‘Changing a core feature of an individual’s underlying social identity is a much more difficult task than overcoming the simple rejection of scientific consensus.’

People who are skeptical of vaccines, but do not consider their anti-vaxx stances as part of their identity can be reached, though.

‘Individuals who do not see the anti-vaccine movement as central to their sense of self but nevertheless remain skeptical of vaccines might be easier to push towards vaccinating,’ researchers continued.

Vaccine hesitancy has become a point of concern in America.

Health officials believe that around 80 percent of Americans will need to get fully vaccinated in order to for the country to reach herd immunity.

Around 60 percent of American adults have been vaccinated and, according to data from the Kaiser Family Foundation, 20 percent of American adults will not get vaccinated if they are not required to do so.

Many of these people will be hard to reach to convince to get vaccinated.

President Joe Biden had previously set a goal to get 70 percent of American adults at least partially vaccinated by July 4.

However, as demand for the vaccine plummets around the nation, the odds of reaching that mark are falling as well.


Greencrow concludes:  Folks as you can see towards the end as the propaganda and lies became more comments became less.  I ran out of ways to call them liars and Satanists.  Here is another local BC link about the effort to "incentivize" the so-called "vaccine hesitant" which term is in itself a gross lie:

Finally, here is a good summary by Blogger Stephen Lendman.  I will end with this encapsulation of what's going on.  So see you again on Wednesday folks...when I will be blogging from the top of Mount Malahat!  The air is better up there!!!


Karmellis said...

Greetings to most wonderful and amazing Greencrow! \o/

Sorry to hear about the decline of your brother. As I understand it though with the whole magnetism deal, you need an actual magnet, not a piece of metal to stick to him. I could be wrong about that, but that is how I understand things.

Saw the synopsis on the survey. What a load of loaded garbage that is. On the plus side, this means 60-70 million Americans are likely to survive this genocide campaign against humanity, provided they are extra careful to avoid the spreaders. Still, the whole article is a total hit piece to coerce people into believing the b.s. narrative and has absolutely nothing to public health or the usual garbage they are trying to sell. ([{You}]) are not promoting public health when you only tell a fine line narrative while burying, suppressing, censoring, etc.'ing all other information that disagrees with what you are trying to push. That is not health. That is not science. That is not debate. That is not open-mindedness. That is 100% ideology and agenda; your way or the dead highway.

There is also this: In short; it's this rabbi's 31 reasons he refuses to get the jab and I find I cannot argue any of those reasons.

They also stopped using the passport agenda in that obscenity in the middle east. The claim was it wasn't really being enforced. The reality is this was these passports can be used to identify those who attempt to change their names and other data about themselves (as part of the usual group of suspects that do this when it's time to defraud someone else in their little schemes). Someone woke up and realized this could backfire in their money-stealing scams, so much like the biometric data in passports, it's getting shelved.

Amanda said...

Just passing this along:

Steve Kirsch says deaths from injections are 25,800
Inside source that can confirm over 25,800 deaths from the vaccine. I’ll be making a video soon showing how you too can extract this information from government databases. This will be a huge embarrassment for the Biden admin, CDC, FDA, and NIH. Info has been in plain sight.

To see the proof and 4 independent ways to get the data, see vaccine victims group on I posted to YT but they removed it. One hour video. If you think I made an error, tell me the correct number and what mistake I made.

So, I joined his group:

And he says:

We now know from 4 different ways that over 25,000 Americans have been killed by the vaccines. I have a whisteblower inside HHS helping me collect data.

The CDC is focused 100% on getting more people vaccinated. Few resources tracking adverse events.

Brian Tyson says vaccine victims now outnumber COVID patients 10:1 in his clinic!!

Now we need to 10X our size. And do that a few more times.

If each of you posts to your twitter or facebook account urging people to join this group, we can increase our mass exponentially. Then we can put pressure on the system.

Two requests:
1. Please ask your friends to join the fight by joining:
2. If you can help get me mass exposure, please facilitate an intro. You can message me here.

Here’s why this is important. This is a draft video I did to show how we get the death numbers of 25,000 dead. I will redo it to be less emotional and more “matter of fact”.
(I haven’t had time to watch his video)

Anonymous said...

" I tried putting one of my house keys on both his shoulders and neither shoulder was in any way magnetic."
Often keys are made of brass which is non-ferrous metal thus non-magnetic.
Even ferrous metals need to be magnetized to be magnetic meaning that ferrous particles are polarized in one direction.
Body is biological matter and it doesnt have such properties not to say that somehow vax can't trigger some unknown to me phenomena.
Probably a permanent earth magnet would be the most effective to use to verify what's being reported.

Penny said...

Why does it struck so few that this incentivizing of an experimental vaccine is highly unusual?
Suspect? And desperately desired by the servant classes (political bureaucracy)

Why the coercive measures? None of these important questions are being asked.

Anonymous said...

In regards to vaxed bodies magnetofection there is interesting faustian scientific discovery and further development named "Superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles" (SPION).
A simple search brings on plethora of references where:
"Moreover, they have been used as nanocarriers for vaccinations"
Above linked article opens up large source of info to study.

Piecing together technical data gives me goosebumps, I was bit hesitant to accept all those 5G and similar theories and now I am starting to understand the possibilities.

On different but related note the 5G enrollment and its purpose is closely coupled with nanoparticles in vaccines.
Why, higher the electromagnetic frequency smaller the antenna needs to be. There is possibility that 5G network will be media of communication with nano particles injected into human bodies as vaccines with unlimited potencial.

So, final question, is vax magnetism real? Yes it is very possible and real till dispproved.

Like I said, Faustian science!

Anonymous said...

Some more info about fridge magnets