Saturday, May 1, 2021

War for Humanity Sitrep - Battlefield UK - Massive Demonstration in London goes completely Unreported in MZM PLUS: Police attack Demonstrators in London Park

Million person March in London, UK
Goodmorning readers.  Before I start today's postings I want to take a moment or two to state what we're doing here with this blog now.  Greencrow As The Crow Flies has always been a truth blog.  For years, I parsed the 9/11 atrocity and the War on Afghanistan and then the trumped up wars on the "seven countries in five years"---aka Middle East Wars for Israel.

Just over a year ago now, however, the focus of this blog shifted dramatically as I realized, to my absolute horror...that the perpZ were going to go after us as a human species...they were hell-bent on genociding 90% of humanity and transhumanizing the survivors into operating-system-controlled zombified slaves.

At that point, I hoisted my battle flag--which I designed myself--and became a "forward base in the resistance".  I tried to adopt the terminology of war...calling us few sentients warriors; naming generals and lieutenants and so forth.  This blog transformed from a debate forum over conspiracy theories in general, i.e., whether there are aliens and whether they will attack earthlings shortly.  In that regard "project/operation blue beam" has been on the planning books for decades. I warn my readers to keep an eye out for that...especially later on in the summer.  The PerpZ might try to pull off an "Aliens" False Flag in utter desperation you will see in the Twitter video above and in the video linked below...the resistance is growing by leaps and bounds.  I am not going to get sidetracked by speculation over the rumblings about this...because in a war we have to be very selective about our battles and battlefields.

The PerpZ have hit bedrock in terms of the massive vaccination/genocide program and, because they have now gone WAAaaaay too far to turn back...are cornered like a wounded tiger...and very dangerous.  So, please, watch the two videos in this post as evidence of a very recent dramatic escalation in the awareness and determination of humanity to escape the bloody fangs and claws of the perpZ.

Police fight with protesters in London, UK park

NOTE:  The above two videos came from one of Jeff Berwick Dollar Vigilante episodes.  Linked HERE:-  Covaids 1984 and the Kill Gates Globalist Dictatorship (,  I highly recommend that readers watch the first 2/3rds of the episode at least--because it is historic in its implications.  The last third, as usual, is about bitcoin and you can skip that.  Jeff has really dedicated his videos (the first 2/3rds at least) to presenting rare, difficult to access, War Correspondent Reports from the front lines.  Thanks Jeff!

Now, I am going to get ready to go downtown and attend the Vancouver Art Gallery Anti-Lockdown Rally scheduled to take place there starting at noon today.  Hope to bring back some great photos and news:  I will have a very important exclusive report to present later on

Stay tuned!


Nova Sceptical said...

Thanks for the herculian effort over the pass 15 days to flatten the human sprit I will be going down like James Cagney in one of his gangster movies... all guns blazing

Penny said...

GC- can you do me a favour
I don't have a twitter account and there is a pdf I'd like from the information left by a commenter brian- it's excellent stuff, really

threadreader- if you could get it can you email it to me?

would appreciate that so very much!
PS I'm hoping to have my weekly death and injury post done for tomorrow
thanks again

greencrow said...

I will have a look for it, Penny. Looking forward to your death and injury report tomorrow.


The Stark Raving Viking said...

I believe that all these psy-ops, election rigging, and excuses for lock downs are for the Communist UN working for the World Bank is having China as their worldwide muscle. We can all be taxed by the World Bank to breathe.

I found videos that broke this down in my last SRV post. Australia and Canada are showing what China is going to do to the entire Free World. The World sees Biden isn't legitimate and the election was stolen. Trudeau knows he screwing average Canadians as does the alleged Child Molester most likely also of his children, who now illegally occupies the White House in regards to average Americans.

Aaron Russo broke down what was going to happen well in his 2006 film, Freedom to Fascism. Rockefeller, CFR, and World Bank had already launched their plan to reduce the world population by at least half. So, here we are.

US police and military are stripped of weapons by the Chinese. That is why the World Bank, B.A.R. Association, UN, and China installed Biden. Since we are owned by the World Bank electronically, and it costs them money that they stole from us to govern us, it is cheaper to kill the majority of us, rather than govern us.

All the elite need is a support staff. Most of us are already on the slaughter house ramp waiting for out turn inside. Sheep are easy to identify, they are wearing masks. No mask, go straight to UN re-education camp? Keep up the good fight.
The SRV.