Friday, May 7, 2021

Turdblossom to go on TV to distract from Chris Sky?

Lil Turd Jr. and "Turdblossom" Katie Telford

Good morning Readers.  It is a partially overcast day in the Pacific Northwest.  What I call a "doable day".  My partner and I plan to go down to the Marina and visit our third child together--our aging sailboat, "Limerence".  My husband has been working on it all's his hobby...and we're getting it ready for another summer of sailing.  After we move to Vancouver Island we will also move "Limerence" over to a nearby marina on Vancouver Island.  

I have a couple of posts in the hopper for today but first I want to make one of my spidey speculations.  I see in this morning's headlines that the "Turdblossom" Katie Telford--Lil Turd Jr's chief henchperson--is going to testify before the absolutely useless Canadian Senate this afternoon.  She's going to pile more feces on the recalcitrant military [Link:  Commander of Special Forces to be replaced early after mishandling sexual assault case (] in an effort to damage them so badly that when the Lil Turd government calls in the UN [foreign soldiers] to bring down the hammer on democracy...the sheeple won't even look up from their grazing.  It's a complicated and dirty job...but someone has to keep doing it.

Occasional commenter Garuda alluded to what's going on in his comment yesterday.  The militaries of all the western governments are being systematically striped of power and authority in preparation for the Globalist Technocratic takeover.

What I'm questioning most about this sordid plot is today's timing.  In politics, timing is EVERYTHING Is the Turdblossom's testimony being timed to distract from Chris Sky's interviews with the flank of ethical whistleblowing doctors who are going to come out shortly in interviews with him to tell the truth behind the diabolical genocidal "vaccination" scheme?  I don't know exactly when Chris' interviews will be published Online.  I am sure they NEVER will be broadcast on the MZM.  Maybe Rebel News will broadcast them.  Anyhooooo.  Please read the following story from the CBC today and I will have concluding comments to follow:


"Trudeau's chief of staff to appear before defence committee

Decision to appear comes after Conservative motion calling on Trudeau to fire Katie Telford failed
Trudeau's chief of staff to appear before defence committee | CBC News

Left: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Right: Trudeau's Chief of Staff, Katie Telford, who offered to appear before the National Defence committee Friday. (Sean Kilpatrick/The Canadian Press)

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's chief of staff Katie Telford will appear before a parliamentary committee Friday afternoon, CBC News has learned.

Telford offered to appear before the standing committee on National Defence after a week when she was the target of Conservative attacks over her role in the military misconduct scandal rocking the Canadian Forces.

Last week, the Conservatives asked the defence committee to vote on a motion that would compel Telford to appear and testify but the committee was filibustered by Liberal MPs.

The Liberals balked at the notion of calling another witness when the committee had decided already to move on to the report-writing stage. Another committee meeting was cancelled earlier this week.

Telford's appearance is just the latest development in a drama that began three months ago, when allegations of inappropriate behaviour involving the country's former top military commander — now-retired general Jonathan Vance — were published in the media.

Telford's testimony is considered significant by both the Conservatives and New Democrats, who want to know how an informal allegation of misconduct involving Vance — which was raised by former military ombudsman Gary Walbourne with Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan in 2018 — was handled.

Sajjan handed off the allegation to both the Privy Council Office and the Prime Minister's Office, but a review by federal officials went nowhere because the complainant refused to step forward and had asked to not be involved.

Former PMO top adviser Elder Marques previously told the committee he was notified either by Telford or one of her staff members of an allegation of "personal misconduct" against Vance. He also said he didn't believe the prime minister was briefed about the matter.
Motion calling on Trudeau to fire Telford defeated

The Conservatives have been pressing the Liberal government to fire Telford for what they say is her failure to report the full details of the allegations against Vance to Trudeau.

"If the prime minister is telling the truth, and he wants Canadians to believe that he had no knowledge of the evidence of sexual misconduct against Gen. Vance, he will fire his chief of staff," O'Toole said earlier this week.

A Conservative motion demanding the prime minister fire his chief of staff was defeated easily in the House of Commons Thursday when the Bloc Québécois sided with most government MPs in voting down the non-binding motion. The final vote tally was 209 to 122.

One Liberal MP — Bob Bratina of Hamilton East-Stoney Creek — sided with the Conservatives on the vote. He said later that he'd accidentally hit the wrong button when casting his vote.

"I am pretty sure that I am not able to ask the House at this point to change it, but I do want to publicly state that I have the highest respect for the chief of staff of the prime minister," Bratina said. "My intention was not to vote with the Conservatives, and I apologize for that."

Greencrow concludes:  The CBC calls it a "drama".  It's really a highly-staged Kabuki dance, tempest-in-a-teapot.  General Vance even if he IS guilty of some trumped up reputational long retired.  We are in the middle of a existential war between the forces of good and evil...a genocidal attack on all humanity...and yet our entire Political landscape---every single elected so-called "representative" in the Federal Parliament on both sides of the aisle--is arrayed in lockstep on the side of the Forces of Evil.  Canada has never been in more dire straits.

The Turdblossom is happy to provide the sideshow distraction to the real opposition--the Truther resistance, led by Canadian hero Chris Sky.  Is that what's going on?  Stay tuned.

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