Friday, May 7, 2021

"These are not temporary measures". Constitutional Law Lawyer gives powerful speech on CovID Lockdowns - PLUS: The Real Reasons for Lockdowns...and MORE

Canadian Constitutional Law Lawyer John Carpay Speaks
at Freedom Rally about how the Government is delaying the
trial of the Resistance Pastor because they have no evidence

Good Friday afternoon Folks.  Wanted to get this important video to you before the weekend.  It's a Rebel News video of the speech recently given by constitutional lawyer John Carpay:

Watch as John tells it like it is--these rotating lockdowns are NOT temporary.  They are a deliberate, sadistic, slow-motion destruction of our economy and our preparation for a future of abject slavery for the human survivors of the Globalist genocidal Covidian project.

The Three Maskers

Yesterday, I was walking home along the sidewalk with my two dogs when I suddenly came face-to-mask with three diminutive male Chinese nationals wearing the blue unhealthy masks that are supposed to have something wierd embedded in the toxic plastic fibers.  As I sometimes do, I confronted them, asking:  "Is there some new law that says we have to be masked outside?" One of them responded.  "No, not outside...I can take it off if I want."  Then I said:  "Well why don't you?  Seeing all these masks scares the shit out of me...I'm thinking we're all soon going to be slaves."  One of the other men yelled at me as I was walking away "I can wear this...I can do whatever I want!"  To which I yelled back:  "No!  You are a slave!  A slave!   I can hardly wait to move over to Vancouver Island.  I am soon going to get a nasty reputation as a "Reverse Karen", if I have to remain in close proximity to "The Maskers" and "The Vaxxers" for too much longer.

Constitutional Lawyer John Carpay said in the above excellent video that the Lockdowns are permanent.  Why?  The Sentients are well aware by now that the Lockdowns [and the "vaxxinations"] have absolutely NOTHING to do with health.  Here are the actual reasons for the lockdowns.  Please read and I will have concluding comments to follow:

The Real Reasons For Lockdown | The Truthseeker

Alexander Page – Shape Your Nature May 5, 2021

~ Destroy small and medium sized independent businesses, in order to strengthen corporate power, increase private ownership and ultimately widen the gap between the rich and poor.

~ Shift the retail landscape predominantly online in order to increase the monopoly of major online retailers (like Amazon) whilst destroying independent retail outlets. The ‘convenience’ of online shopping from the comfort of the home means people will be less likely to pay attention to (or object to) the closure of local/high street shops/services.

~ Destroy jobs, thereby making people reliant upon government handouts. Dish out stimulus checks/furloughs/grants, to give the illusion of government ‘support’, in an effort to increase trust of the state.

~ Drive larger numbers of people into poverty, who then become dependent upon Universal Basic Income for their survival. Hand this out without conditions at first (in order to create reliance and complacency) but then require social compliance (proof of medical poisoning etc.) to maintain future pay-outs.

~ Have an excuse to inject huge amounts of money into the economy (through furloughs, stimulus checks, business bail outs etc), paving the way for unprecedented hyper-inflation which will inevitably render the global reserve currency (the dollar) worthless. Use this as an excuse to restructure entire economies with a Central Bank Digital Currency, which will be fully controlled, regulated and monitored (stepping stone towards a global one world digital currency).

~ Destroy community: pubs, coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, sports clubs/matches, leisure/recreational facilities, cinema, shopping centres and churches are at the heart of community culture and places in which people commune, enjoy themselves and ultimately express their freedom.

~ Limit forms of leisure that are not digital, thereby diminishing face-to-face communication, destroying community and limiting active forms of entertainment.

~ Have people working from home in order to limit direct social interaction and have people feel ‘grateful’ upon their eventual return to office slavery.

~ Increase feelings of isolation so that people feel less connected and less unified with their fellow human beings.

~ Limit mass gatherings/rebellion against draconian measures.

~ Limit religious worship and communion, as part of the agenda to destroy spirituality and further the new religion of scientism.

~ Keep people in front of the TV and video games out of boredom, thereby creating a more passive, lazy and dumbed down population. Use this opportunity to broadcast state sponsored propaganda, in order to perpetuate the mainstream narrative and keep people indoctrinated/fearful (and thus more easily controllable).

~ Get people increasingly addicted to streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney plus. Use this as an opportunity to mind control the masses with subliminal messaging and predictive programming.

~ Increasingly digitize customer services, moving from personal/human interactions towards impersonal/robotic web chat services.

~ Limit face-to-face communication and move us increasingly towards digital communication (Zoom, social media etc.)

~ Increase the addiction and reliance on digital platforms. Use mainstream media and celebrity endorsement to promote social media platforms like Tiktok, keeping people distracted and making house arrest more palatable.

~ Foster a more sedentary lifestyle, where people become passive, lazy and weak and less able to stand up for themselves and their rights.

~ Limit sunlight, fresh air and exercise, thereby creating a more sick population reliant upon the medical establishment and further lining the pockets of the pharmaceutical industry

~ Target the elderly who are seen as ‘expendable’ and a drain on resources/finances. Keep them locked up, leading to ill health (and death) and ostracizing them from society and their family members (leading to further death).

~ Increase police power and presence, paving the way for an Orwellian police state, which creates tension between the public and the authorities. Use this as an excuse to take away more freedoms and rights, in the name of ‘safety and security’.

~ Install increasing amounts of surveillance cameras in cities, paving the way for total Big Brother monitoring of populations, under the guise of ‘safety’. The aim is to move us towards the Chinese model, where almost every action and move is monitored and recorded.

~ Install harmful fifth generation cell phone towers/lamppost antennas unnoticed and unchallenged.

~ Restructure the urban landscape to become more systemized, robotic and impersonal (one-way systems, glass shields etc.), thereby facilitating a move towards a more disconnected and synthetic society.

~ Claim that lockdowns have helped to facilitate an improvement in greenhouse gas emissions, giving the excuse for further removal of freedoms, all in the name of ‘saving the planet’.

~ Normalize the reduction in passenger airline travel, in preparation for the the planned reduction (and potential elimination) of passenger flights (justified on the basis of meeting the 2050 goal of ‘absolute zero’ emissions).

~ Break the human spirit to such an extent that people willingly queue up to receive untested and unapproved medical procedures, on the ‘promise’ of a return to ‘normality’.

~ Test the waters for obedience. See how many people willingly place themselves under house arrest and who are therefore at the mercy of government control."


Greencrow concludes:  The above reasons/agenda for the permanent lockdowns are quite comprehensive but I'm certain other reasons will reveal themselves as the lockdowns move into their third and fourth years.  Russell Brand has another reason in the video below--the elite crave Power and Control!  But I am sure as the Lockdowns escalate and move into years three, four and beyond, the majority of humanity, aka sheeple, will continue to chew their cuds they stare into space, eyes half-closed.

Here is an interesting link I saw late last evening.  It's from the MZM Vancouver Sun.  Is the link still working?  Does it actually say anything important?  I don't know because it's hidden behind a pay wall.

I would like to think it is a tiny glimmer of hope...that the MZM is finally waking up and that some real investigative journalism into this noxious, psychotic HOAX is finally taking place.

Finally, here is a short video by Russell Brand who asks that most penetrating question of our times:  Is Baal GateZ after your money--or your health?

Russell Brand on Baal GateZ


Anonymous said...

Ed(itor) says: Bravissima for the Truthseeker article. Bad choice on the Russell Brand piece; he's from the other side and the very thought that Bill Gates needs more money rather than putting forth the truer insight (which you have done) which is that Bill is evilly intent on the destruction of humanity for the sake of his psychopathic perspectives. Russell's intent (he is allied to the Rothschild's) is to lessen our negativity about Bill.

Penny said...

Greencrow: It turns out BC has not one but two cases of Thrombosis
One they are acknowledging and the other they aren't.
Which begs the question what else is being ignored, downplayed or just plain hidden.
There and in all the provinces?
It's a big read, but, worth it. In my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to comment on "3 maskers" by quoting Goethe
There are none more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.
Trouble is they drag rest of us down to their self induced hell

greencrow said...

Hi Ed(itor)

While I have had a lot of trouble with Russell Brand in the past I thought this was one of his better efforts. He really does expose the distain that Baal GateZ has for humanity.

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

"...Which begs the question what else is being ignored, downplayed or just plain hidden.
There and in all the provinces?..."

Yes, I suspect that the adverse events are over the moon. But they want to sucker in as many Sheeple as possible before the truth becomes self-evident. People really do start to drop dead in the streets.

greencrow said...

Hi S75p

"...There are none more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free..."

It really was a hoot when the young man yelled that he was "free to wear a mask".

Note that I only confront those who I think I can handle physically. These guys were all shorter than me and quite slight. Still, I kept my distance...and kept walking away as I spoke. This is a very dangerous hobby I've gotten

Anonymous said...

I generally try to avoid confronting maskers, but I get triggered by 'The Nose Sir!'.

A manager at a local store went out of his way to nose me! My reaction sent him tumbling over a display of canned peanuts. And then I took their hand sanitizer and threw it across the floor. I regretted this but I have a slow but very bad temper.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

As much as we hate doing so...we MUST stand up to the Maskers. This is the edge of Infinity for Humanity. Even dogs don't wear masks!

Anonymous said...

'The Nose Sir!'
I hear you anonymous, them naturally born dogooders just cannot resist can't they?
Fig leave is coming off our "canadian politeness" isn't it? This short lived empowerment gives them big chest but remorse will come providing they can grasp what their complicity caused to them and their cohorts.