Thursday, May 27, 2021

Edge of the Wedge News.....Citizen Journalist takes unusual step to discover...THERE'S BEEN NO PANDEMIC IN CANADA!!! PLUS: Proof of the Perp Fall Agenda AND - New Rap Song "Just Say No!"

Criminal CDC Caught Manipulating Data Again – Canadian Woman Calls Funeral Homes who Admit 2020 Funerals Were “About the Same” as Previous Years (

Good morning readers.  It's a very rainy "inside day" here in the Pacific North West. Luckily, I have a lot of inside chores to keep me occupied...packing to move to our new home over on Vancouver Island.  We have the whole summer to complete the move in stages.

This morning I feel the CovID noose getting ever tighter around the neck of humanity.  The massive indoctrination program regarding the Experimental mRNA Gene Therapy Injections has been a resounding success.  Led by the WHO Judas Goats in every the Bullshitter here in BC, the Sheeple have marched gullibly and uniformly up the slaughter-house ramp.  Only a few isolated resisters, like little moi, my sentient readers...and the woman in the photo above...have hung doubt to be mopped up in the coming Fall crackdown.

Watch and listen to the video in the link above to see how this Canadian resister gets the idea, all on her own, to phone up numerous Funeral Homes to see if their "numbers" have gone up at all during the past year and a half of the Plandemic.  Uniformly, the response from the funeral homes is "No" the numbers of dead brought to their funeral parlours has remained stable.  Do you think this will put a chink in the armour of the fucking liars?  Not on your life.  Their mantra has always been [and we've seen that it is successful] "If we don't say it on the boob tube or on the MZM...It didn't happen!"

Oh! there are a few other resisters. Here's a story about a US State Governor outlawing the coming "Vaccine Passports" in his state.  What they'll do here is isolate him, slander, villify him and defeat him in the next (s)election...or get him kicked out of office for some "sexual" malfeasance...if they can pull that one's their favourite.

US State of Georgia Governor Brian Kemp

Georgia governor bans state COVID vaccine passports -- Society's Child --

They HAVE to get rid of him.  If they don't...anti-vaxxer Americans from other states could flee to Georgia to escape the diktat to have a Luciferase biometric marker [nanochip] installed in their body?  What to dooooooooo???  Yes, it's a corralling process...a herding process.  The outliers MUST be cut from the herd being relentlessly funneled up towards the ramp.

Since the CovID bullshit began in January, 2020, I have been following what's been going on in Russia.  I know that Putin considers the Globalist Plandemic HOAX, amongst other things, an existential war on all sovereign nations that do not want to be subsumed under the UN/WHO [Bankster] Technocracy.  In other is yet another war on Russia.  But it also includes all Russian allies including China and India.

Putin: Mandatory vaccination INAPPROPRIATE & can’t be introduced in Russia — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

Russian President Vladimir Putin has played the Globalist CovIDian subterfuge like the expert chess player that he is.  The attackers have used stealth--Putin has responded with stealth.  He has seemingly gone along with the CovID scam...agreeing that there's "a pandemic" and even wearing a mask and haZmat gear in public.  He got his microbiologists to invent a Russian vaccine, Sputnik V which he offered to Russians and Russian as to build a protective barrier---a biological fortress protecting Russia and its allies...from the Globalist "soft kill" biometric, mRNA gene therapy vaccines.

He has been massively successful.  Countries such as Venezuela, India, Syria, Iran, Belarus and others have protected their people from the dangers of sterility, Zombification [Prion/MadCow Disease] and all the other "adverse effects" that have been built into the Western so-called "vaccines".  Ironically, even though Putin protected his Russian citizens by mandating a placebo injection, still...only 4% of them have been "vaccinated" so far...a testament to the innate intelligence of the Russian people!

Pushing the CovIDian Envelope in Australia Again

Back in the captured and occupied West...the agenda proceeds.  Sentients in North America are not fooled by the current "benevolent dictator" diktats that have temporarily and miserly opened up our economy and "permitted" social interactions for one last halcyon summer.  No.  Sentients are not terminally stupid like the Sheeple.  We can see what's going on at the end of the chain gang...Australia.  Australia is now entering into the seasons we know as Fall and Winter.  It is four months ahead of us in the CovIDian scam.  What's going on there now foretells what will be going on here in September, 2021.  Read the following links:

Australia puts 7mn people under strict lockdown after 26 Covid cases in Victoria, allowing travel for food, work & vaccinations — RT World News

Melbourne lockdown: Fears over outbreak sparks restrictions - BBC News

Yes, Australia and New Zealand are entering into the next phase.  Watch both countries closely over the next weeks and months folks.  Watch for military round-ups of resisters and forced vaccinations.  That is what is scheduled to take place here in September.  That is why Lil' Turd Jr. has been pooping and peeing his pants trying to whip [threaten, slander and forced resignations] the Canadian Military into "shape"--for the future Medical Martial Law home invasions and dragging off of Canadian resisters to remote gulags.  He has to weed out ALL the sentient/ethical/patriotic soldiers from the military lickety split!

Meanwhile, we have that boondoggle called the Olympic Games.  This is a dinosaur relic holdover from the days of pseudo liberty of humanity.   Like all aspects of human culture, the perpZ are doing a "soft kill" on it:

Tokyo Games could create ‘Olympic’ Covid strain, Japanese Doctors Union warns — RT World News

The idea originally was, as alternative journalist James Corbett warned us, the 2021 Olympics would be a roll-out of the global vaccine passport.  Only those who have been thoroughly vaccinated into their pre-death status would be allowed to attend.  It would seem, however, that the universal vaccinations have not gone quickly enough for this agenda to proceed.  The United States, as an example, is far behind on the Vaccine Passport grid...and in fact, as we saw in the link from Georgia above, certain States have dug their heels in and will need to be targeted with all sorts of False Flag terror activities to bring them into line.

So, I believe the Olympics will be again cancelled, this time saying there has been a virulent "variant".  If they do proceed...they will be used [like the World Military Games held in Wuhan, China were used back in 2019]--as a launching pad for biological terror--spreading out from Tokyo across all the participating countries.

No, it's definitely NOT rocket science, folks.

Stay tuned.

YouTube Video - "Just Say No"
Watch it before it "disappears"

Great New Rap Song Based on Chris Sky's Campaign to "JUST SAY NO!"

Greencrow comments:  The PerpZ must be terrified of Chris Sky.  When I tried to take a photo of the video with my IPhone the screen went all blurry.  That's the first time that has ever happened.  Finally I got a photo from a distance but then Blogger refuses to upload it.  Chris is Dyn-O-Mite!!!

Chris Sky: "Just Say No!"

Yes, This Rap Song is like waving Garlic at a Vampire!!! Watch it!

There is hope for rap.

H/T John Kaminski


FreakedOut said...

Hi Greencrow, welcome back!
Hope the family is good. :)
Word has it, in the States FEMA is anticipating a NATIONAL lock-down some time around the end of July and into August due to those who have gotten the mRNA jab getting the Annual toxic flu jab and dropping dead due to toxic overload(cytokine storm?). :-O
Saw this report about a Canadian soldier with strong moral competence trying to save Canadians from the kill shot:
"Soldier who called on troops to refuse vaccine distribution faces mutiny related charge"

And the battle rages on...

Anonymous said...

Hi GC, good to see you back!

"Russian President Vladimir Putin has played the Globalist CovIDian subterfuge like the expert chess player that he is.  The attackers have used......"

That is very corect observation and if we consider that RF has been under emminent threat of bio attack from bio labs in it's surroundings Mr. VVP is a really good chess player.

"only 4% of them have been "vaccinated"" I cannot say how I feel about being canadian.

PS: June 16th, Mr. Putin with biden will be "fig leaf" off event!


Northerntruthseeker said...

Geez, young lady... You beat me to the punch in terms of posting up that video about the young lady down east of here doing her research and discovering that the funeral homes have seen ZERO increase in work due to the entire scam-demic..

In fact, I forwarded the same video from BRANDNEWTUBE to both John Kaminski, and Charles Giuliani, earlier this morning....

Great minds do think alike, so it seems.... Great job on this article and welcome back from vacation and now returning to hell on EARTH with this fight for all humanity!

greencrow said...

Hi FreakedOut:

That's very interesting information about what might go down in the US in July, August. Guess they have to start right away to concoct a cover story for when the Sheeple start dropping like flies from Pathogenic Priming. We sentients have predicted this all along.

Keep us advised if any more info about this as it has the potential to be catastrophic. Probably will happen simultaneously in Canada as well.

greencrow said...

Hi S75p

"...PS: June 16th, Mr. Putin with biden will be "fig leaf" off event!"

LOL! IMO, only Putin will need a fig leaf. He's the only one with anything to cover. lololol.

greencrow said...


I agree the young woman who phoned the funeral parlours to check the numbers was a real "Keeper".

Also, BTW the Rap video "Just Say No" at the bottom of the post. I never liked Rap music until NOW. The youngsters have finally captured the "ragin' grannie market" with this video.

greencrow said...

Greencrow comments about the Chris Sky inspired Rap video:

I wonder how many young lives this video will save...not only those who refuse the genocidal jab...but all the suicides of despair amongst the young who have no real leadership!

Bravo to all those involved in the making of this fantastic music video!!!