Sunday, May 2, 2021

TWO Exclusive RAH Reports, Greencrow Reports on Yesterday's VAG "Freedom" Rally and The Manufacturing of Mass Psychosis and More!


Good morning readers.  Little "gaslighting" going on this morning.  My computer appeared to have been hacked when I turned it on this morning.  Very slow and sluggish. "Blogger" would not allow me to "compose" and was extremely slow.  Then I followed our standard protocal when we bloggers have problems...I notified my two Canadian compadres...Northerntruthseeker and Penny for your thoughts.  No sooner than I put comments on their computer started to rectify itself.  

But my computer has not been performing well since the last "automatic" Microsoft Update a few days ago.  I had a look at what Microsoft had uploaded without my knowledge or "informed consent" and it was Gaming apps...and other crap that I neither want nor need.  I am going to have to take my laptop to a computer store and get it professionally "cleaned".  But, enough of that ca ca.  Lots of information to share today.  I do believe the Alternative Truth Blogs will soon be eliminated...probably before the end of the summer.  I had predicted that we would already be gone by now.

Above at the top of this post is another Exclusive Video Analysis by my blogging lieutenant here in BC...RAH.  It's all about the Canadian Judas Goats who are leading our fellow Canadians, friends and family members to the Vaxx Slaughter House.  Where did they find these creeps anyway?  Why are there so many of them strategically installed in all governments both federal and provincial willing to sacrifice their fellow human beings for a few shekels--or are they all being blackmailed and threatened?

The Manufacturing of a Mass Psychosis

Yes, we are under a "Reign of Terror" such as happened during the French Revolution.  Only this is mostly so far a psychological reign of terror.  Remember what happened to the leaders and nobles during the French Reign of Terror?  They were all executed for their oppressive treatment of the citizens.

Greencrow Reports on Yesterday's Freedom Rally at the Vancouver Court House

Below are a few photos I took at yesterday's Freedom Rally at the back side of the Vancouver Art Gallery yesterday, May 1, 2021.  We moved from the front to the back but that was a good thing because we were in the sun rather than the shade...and it was a cool but sunny day.  I consider this ninth rally to probably be the last one I will attend in Vancouver due to my move to Vancouver Island over the course of the next few months.  I will definitely get involved in the resistance over there...once I get settled.  But I will always miss the compadres I met and made during my year+ association with the Vancouver Resistance.  We are a tightly knit core of dedicated warriors for Truth, Peace and Freedom...and none so committed as the man standing beside me in the photo below:

Greencrow With Vancouver Resistance 
Organizer and Local Hero "Roman"

I am extremely proud to be photographed standing beside Roman.  He is the true heart and soul of our Vancouver movement.  A quiet-spoken gentle man...I only heard him speak publicly once a few Rallys ago.  He told how he became motivated to act over a year ago after he was laid off from his job, travelling the world for an Airlines company.  He has been at every rally I have attended and all the dozens I have not attended...always quietly on the sidelines...a steady and determined force that keeps us moving forward and not getting mired in petty squabbles and issues.  Bravo Roman!
Setting up for the Rally

Greencrow with Reverse Side of Sign which reads
The Covid-19 mRNA Vaccine
will cause Pathogenic Priming
aka a Cytokine Storm

Crowd returning from Downtown March

Greencrow Left her Sign on the Pile to
be carried by someone else next Rally

I did take a short video of the crowd but since my iPhone was also "automatically" updated in the last week...I have lost my ability to upload to YouTube.  Apparently I have to purchase an "app" to do that now!  Well, knowing how undependable YouTube it worth the effort?  I think NOT!  So that's the end of YouTube for me.

While the crowd was not the biggest we've seen...there are so many resistance gatherings now that the core movement has the luxury of picking and choosing which ones they will attend.  There is another rally in the same spot today, for instance.  But yesterday was a glorious day to go marching down the main streets of Vancouver, Police at our sides...and chant the rallying calls that our leaders yell through the loud hailer.  At one point, returning down the middle of Burrard Street, the person shouting through the loud hailer wanted us all to sing the Canadian National Anthem.  Problem was, she didn't know what key to start off in and she was unsure of the lyrics.  So, finally, I took the loud hailer from her and led the crowd in singing O Canada! perfect key and I know all the words too!  What a hoot.  As I gave her back the loud hailer I laughed and told her I never thought I would ever walk down the middle of Burrard Street singing the national anthem through a loud hailer.  Just NEVER know what is going to happen in life...if you live long

Here's someone who never knew his house would be raided if he stood up for the rights and health of children:

German Judge Ruled Compulsory Muzzling for Children Was Unconstitutional. Then His House Was Raided – Anti-Empire

Here's another Canadian hero pointing out how the ba$tardZ use the fraudulently mis-used PCR technique for their lies...inflating...then deflating the needed:

Rocco Galati
"More fraud. Test the unvaccinated at 43-45 cycles= 96.5% FALSE positives. But now they will test VACCINATED people at 28 cycles and poof! The vaccine magically works because the false positives come down. Really? Born yesterday but very early in a.m."


Greencrow continues:  Last week I said I would hold off coming to a conclusion re the veracity of the new theory about "cross contamination" between vaccinated and non-vaccinated people until my top experts had time to assess and then state publicly their opinions on these controversial theories.  Well here is one of my top experts, former Fort Detrick researcher Dr. Judy Mikovits with her view of the "Spike Protein" Shedding crisis.



Greencrow says:   Whatever the final conclusion by alternative [non Big Pharma-owned] researchers on the Shedding crisis...I do not want to be around vaccinated persons. Whether or not I could become ill is somewhat beside the point at this stage. I don't want to be around them for the same reason I don't want to be around members of the "Hell's Angels".  They just have diametrically opposed value systems to mine.  Sadly, every single day I hear about more and more of my friends and family lining up for their "kill shots".  I can't save everyone!

Finally, RAH also sent me a video with his views of what's going on in India. Here is the link to his well-researched BitChute video:

RAH:  Our analysis of what is going on in India

BC Patriot RAH


Greencrow concludes:  for the edification of my readers, here is a video taken in a village in India where the locals know more about what's going on than the so called Civilized First World...and they also know exactly what to do about it!


Watch as it appears this courageous village tells a #COVID19India test & vaxx brigade to go pound sand:


This is likely the REAL reason that the MZM is desperately creating Fake NewZ about what's going on in India!

Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

How does catapulting infected body over castle walls in medieval ages differ from giving people "shedding vaccine"? This is open biological warfare and sadly only few understand that.


Anonymous said...

if enough resistance is present, the controlling ‘elite’ through their political enforcers may actually release targeted bio-attacks on the citizenry in order to create enough new fear to corral the public into even more compliance.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous S75p

Good comparison! The biggest "tell" of all is the absolute silence about this "shedding" possibility from the MZM. They could at least come up with a big whopper of a LIE about it...but no. Mum's the word.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

Thanks for the link. We already know they have released at least three forms of bioterrorism so far...i.e., first, the 2019 World Military Games released some sort of jacked-up virus/bioweapon in Wuhan, China and pretended it was from bats. Then they brought it home to their countries and spread it around selectively.

Then, second, they installed 5G towers all over the West under cover of the first "lockdown". The 5 and possibly 6G emanating from those towers IMO could already/will activate nanobots injected into humans from the test swabs and the "vaccines". This could already have caused some physiological damage to the populations exposed.

Finally, third, the "vaccines" themselves are prion-creating mad cow disease + Pathogenic Priming/Cytokine Storm inducing bioweapons. The deaths immediately were shocking in terms of what our alternative researchers already told us...but the prognosis for the future is that...within 14 to 18 months after the injections started...there will be mass deaths at a catastrophic level...leading to the permanent destruction of society as we know it.

Anonymous said...

Truly so GC. I also suspect that certain geographic areas were attacked to promote fear. Example would be NY which I have very good sources of info.
My biggest concern is that if the scale of lies tips over and people start to get really ticked off and establishment gets worried, they may start aerosol bio warfare against masses.
This would bring masess to their knees. It's a good idea during the rallies to watch for strangely behaving agents with cans of "mosquito repellant".
And yes I agree, when the jabs kick in, it will be biblical.
It's amazing on how many fronts the darkness is descending, this planet is finished together with humans.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous S75p

When I am attending the Rallies I am always scanning the crowd for saboteurs. They usually come equipped with expensive cameras and take close up photos of demonstrators. You mentioning cans of aerosol is definitely something to look for. When I was at the demonstration last Saturday, two middle aged well dressed men came up to me and asked me where I got my sign...did I make it myself? I told them yes, I designed and made it myself from a photo of Turdeau on the Internet. The men definitely looked like agents of some sort...not demonstrators...but who knows anymore?

Anonymous said...

For genuine activist to dresses well for such event or brings expensive camera is too much risk of damage to personal property. Those two well dressed men have clothing allowance, you should have ask them for easy to spell business card.


greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

You're right. For the seasoned activist...and I have been attending marches and demonstrations all my adult is not difficult to spot the saboteurs. Sometimes they can just look like weirdos and/or be dressed as clowns...sometimes they're on bicycles weaving at high speed in and out between the marchers...sometimes they deliberately insult the bystanders...alienating the sheeple...sometimes they're marching while smoking very stinky marijuana. All kinds of tactics.