Tuesday, April 20, 2021

RAH follow-up on the Dr. Hoffe Whistleblower Story and Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi explains Pathogenic Priming

VHD [Vaccine Hesitancy Disorder] is the duplicitous
 term the PerpZ and their assets use to describe
normal caution about "experimental medicines"
so as to pathologize this normal response

Good afternoon readers.  I am late with posting today due to working on a purchase of some real estate over on Vancouver Island so my husband and I can be close to our son and his family, including our two granddaughters.  This has me very pre-occupied so posts might not be as regular for the next little while.  However I am very aware that we are in an absolutely critical time in this existential war for Humanity so will make every effort to read submissions and keep up with the alternative news that seems to be breaking almost every day.

Speaking of important news.  Penny for your thoughts posted an absolute "must watch" video today...an interview with world renowned microbiologist Sucharit Bhakdi.  This retired professor was the first to enable me to understand the real, underlying terror of these Experimental Gene Tampering injections.  The research history of them includes the process causing a Cytokine Storm, aka Pathogenic Priming, aka Immune Dependent Enhancement in previous animal studies where mRNA Gene Tampering injections were given to animals.  Eventually, within a matter of 14 to 18 months...all the animals died!  Dr. Bhakdi does his usual fabulous job of stripping away all of the Big Pharma hype and gloss...exposing the real agenda here...global genocide via Experimental Gene Tampering!

RAH BC Patriot

Now, on to the main topic of the day.  Regular contributor RAH has provided an update to the matter of the Lytton, BC Dr. Charles Hoffe who became a whistleblower when he wrote an "Open Letter" to unelected BC Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry.  Please read an op-ed written by Franklin Poley and dated April 18, 2021 that appeared in the Quesnel Cariboo Sentinel at the link below


Here is what RAH has to say about the Poley op-ed:

"IMHO..this is AWESOME.  A perfect reply to Lytton MD Dr. Hoffe. We are now into NUREMBERG 2.0 zone.  It's awesome how small town medical doctors like Dr Stephen Malthouse and Dr Charles D. Hoffe can set off mushroom clouds globally.

The saga of Dr Hoffe expose' re: COVID and Vaccines  continues to unfold. 

Dr Hoffe sent a letter to BC Chief Public Health Officer Dr Bonnie Henry, dated April 5, 2021, outlining his concerns re: vaccine rollout in his town of LYTTON BC with several examples of patients who suffered serious health impacts.  See original story HERE. (NOTE: one person died soon after vaccination). It appears that in his almost 30 years of practice he has never experienced anything like what is unfolding. 

Dr Henry's response was to connect Dr Hoffe with a "vaccine specialist" to discuss the matter. We posted his update on this meeting, which he wrote had left him very disillusioned. In essence, the agenda was to convince Dr Hoffe that vaccine are "safe and effective" and any side effects were mere coincidence. After sober reflection, Dr Hoffe remains convinced there are serious problems with the new Covid vaccines. 

However, another open letter, linked above, has surfaced dated April 18 , 2021 authored by Franklin Poley titled:  

"Genocide against Lytton BC First Nations People and the cure for VHD"

Mr. Poley's excellent letter duly notes and exposes what many of us were concerned about, namely that First Nations groups and small communities were given priority for the COVID vaccine rollout. It was packaged as a privilege but many suspect this was simply a controlled experiment using the early vaccine recipients as Lab Rats. Unfortunately, this appears to be exactly what is unfolding.


Could you please investigate the likelihood that genocide is being perpetrated by the Governments of BC and Canada against First Nations people at Lytton, BC? The nightmare which Dr Charles D Hoffe describes on Laura Lynn TV “began with the First Nations members of our community in mid-January 2021 (and) 900 doses (of Moderna experimental drugs) have now been administered”.

Health Care in Canada is jointly a national and provincial responsibility. Combining the wording in the Canada Health Act and Access To Information Act it is 100% certain that all Canadians under the rule of law are granted “reasonable access to medically necessary (information) services”. Those information services are illegally denied when medical data is suppressed. Information which the public needs is in the files of Dr Hoffe and it is under Government suppression.


Mr Poley has clearly done his homework. The law is clear and the law is NOT being followed. Federal and Provincial governments gave Big Pharma the benefit of the doubt regarding an UNtested vaccine--for what many say is nothing more than a  mild flu. 

Time is up and we have a looming medical disaster in both the short and longer term.


Emergency legislation has been invoked in BC under the 100% PROVEN LIE that there is a public health emergency. Dr Hoffe states that “we have not had to give any medical care whatsoever to anyone with COVID-19”. NO COVID MEDICAL EMERGENCY has been proven all over Canada and that means for one person as above to have been falsely induced into taking a dangerous experimental drug which resulted in death is a case of first degree murder. This is first degree murder by chemical roulette--as surely as first degree murder by Russian roulette if the victim is tricked, deceived or forced into participation.


The corruption reeks.  There never was an "emergency".  Proof of this unfolds daily by honest UNcompromised experts. Pure and Simple...It was invoked to allow Big Pharma to  make Billions and concurrently use humans as Lab Rats without any liability.

As Mr Poley states, we are being subjected to a chemical version of Russian Roulette...and I agree, this is First Degree Murder.


 An investigation as OHCRH might conduct would I expect lead to the conclusion of culpable homicide and injury inflicted on the First Nations people in Lytton undertaken with full knowledge of both provincial and national governments. This gives every appearance of a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY centered in Victoria and Ottawa. It gives every appearance of genocide, proscribed under the Criminal Code of Canada and proscribed by international law.


As noted earlier, this is what many of us feared--that  First Nations groups would be the first Lab Rats for these UNtested vaccines.


 The Nuremberg penalties for medical experimentation causing death and injury included capital punishment so therefore we would expect the most extreme and desperate efforts by genocidalists in Victoria and Ottawa to falsify the data.


More and more people are calling for ALL the guilty parties to be tried under the Nuremberg Code for Crimes Against Humanity

May they all rot in hell AFTER sentence passed and true justice meted out.


If someone questions whether the food I serve is poisonous I will gladly eat it myself to prove it is not poisoned. Will MP Strahl and Prime Minister Trudeau et al likewise prove that these experimental vaccines are not causing neurological and other injuries? 


Exactly...Many of us are extremely skeptical re the photo-ops of politicians...Dr Fauci..famous people etc. taking the "jab" when numerous videos show how this can either easily be faked, or at minimum inert placebos are used in syringes.

In Summary

Mr Poley's excellent letter  makes the case that Dr Hoffe has sounded the alarm that the current COVID vaccine (i.e., Experimental Gene Therapy) roll-out has negatively  impacted the health of numerous patients in his small town, yet he is being ignored. I agree with his thesis that First Nations groups are being targeted. Not only is this "vaccine " UNtested, but there is no "informed consent" being provided.  In the midst of overwhelming evidence of dire health impacts including death this global vaccine rollout is indeed a Crime Against Humanity subject to the Nuremberg Code. 

 Addendum to Mr Poleys letter


Footnote – My career included 10 years of full time work on a multidisciplinary medical psychology team which used DSM and many standardized psychological tests to make diagnoses. How did I miss, on the pages of DSM, “vaccine hesitancy”disorder (VHD) a psychological illness so important that a physician like Dr Hoffe could lose his livelihood if he does not take the cure? Do the health administrators in Victoria who have put this absurd diagnosis of Dr Hoffe on paper happen to know? 


VHD Epidemic (Vaccine Hesitancy Disorder)

Also known as Common Sense, part of one's primal survival instinct. When in doubt, at minimum "stop", if not outright flee, at first sign of danger.

Clearly it is US versus THEM and time is long overdue to bring THEM to justice..

Thank you Mr Poley!

Cheers..Our side is starting to win!!!



Greencrow comments:  Thanks very much RAH for updating us on this simmering fiasco/potential huge lawsuit by the First Nations against the governments involved...and yet another tragic stain on the troubled history of the colonizers and the indigenous peoples of Canada.  One only has to look at the list of recipients of Mr. Poley's letter, to see how incendiary this issue is.  And one only has to watch the video interview with Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi referred to at the top of this post--to know the potential for genocide in the Goverments' criminal behaviour over this Globalist Agenda.


Penny said...

While I get the native issues and why they would frame the experimental vaccine use in the way they do... it's clear the Canadian government is okay with experimenting on all of us-

The reality is government has allowed medical experimentation on each and every one of us- by approving meds that should not be approved. The free pass for opiate producers, which has largely been a "white" issue.

Through prior contaminated vaccines (polio) this is nothing new and is not unique to one specific group of people.

We need unity between us all.

greencrow said...

Hi Penny

When the government came out and said it was prioritizing First Nations for the Experimental Gene Tampering Injections I was absolutely shocked. Having been specifically trained to work with First Nations I was taught the details of the systemic genocide they were subjected to during colonization...I refer specifically to the "small pox blankets" they were given in exchange for furs and other items. I visited the small museum in the First Nation community that was decimated by Small Pox and read the testimonials.

That the government would so blatantly use the same method of mass murder [a virus] again was literally beyond my ken. We cannot separate the history of what went on before to what is going on now. It is all one river.

Yes they are doing the same thing to all of us...but they are PRIORITIZING the first nations...that is unspeakable.

Penny said...

Believe me, I completely understand what you are saying.
It's still to me a time for all of us to stand together. We with the natives and them with us. They prioritized the elderly as well and everyone was okay with that.

The other thing that always bother's me about the native issue is they have their own leaders willing to go along. I've seen them in the media pushing for the vaccinations.
Pushing for that prioritization. All groups have their traitors. Sadly. That's why it's better we all stand together on this issue.

greencrow said...

You're right Penny.

You can't BE a leader of an Indigenous community these days unless you have already proved yourself to be blackmailable and extortion prone...as well as being corrupt in every way. But that's the same for all politicians...which is what the FN leaders are.