Friday, April 2, 2021

No need to question authority - Everything on TV is always true | Biker smashes passenger window - COVID

Alex the Comic on Robson Street
in the Downtown Vancouver West End
Watch Video linked below

But One Absolutely Insists on Remaining Asleep!

Good Morning greencrow,

I think this video happened in downtown Vancouver? Some of the commenters say they recognized the location, maybe you do too? 

No need to question authority - Everything on TV is always true | Biker smashes passenger window COVID
And I thought I ran into some pretty triggered sheeple!?! WTF!?!

H/T  FreakedOut


Hi FreakedOut: 

That looks like it took place on Robson Street in downtown Vancouver.  "Alex the Comic" is the loud hailing guy who speaks at our rallies.

The Chinese guy who broke the window of the car is just a taste of what we North Americans are going to get at the hands of the millions of Chinese soldiers they’re going to be bringing over in a few years for what I’ve been calling “the mop up”.



FreakedOut says:

Holy shit greencrow! 

I hope I have enough ammo for the “mop up”! 😲


Greencrow says:

I have a reoccurring dream/nightmare.  We are back on the bus travelling through rural central China.  Miles upon miles of countryside...with no birds or wildlife at all.  Cars on the roads but no people walking about.  Far in the distance, like specks on the horizon, on both sides of the highway are never-ending strings of square, identical highrises.  Each highrise must be at least 60 stories high.  There are hundreds of thousands of these strings of highrises.  Some clustered, some spaced out.  Each one of those highrises must contain about 20,000 people.  So many people--warehoused--in identical square concrete boxes with no personality or colour.

What do these people do all day?  Where do they go?  The highrises are far away from walking distance to any city or urban shopping area.  We on the tourist bus are told the high rise inhabitants are not allowed to leave their "Province of Birth" without special permission and need a special "license" to travel.

The inhabitants of those highrises must be an entirely different species from us...never travelling...never knowing what is in the outside world.  Totally brainwashed by their government.  

Their government could unleash them at any time.  Their government could "sell" them as soldiers, aliens, compassionless and without empathy.  They are a commodity...being bred and warehoused...for what purpose?


FreakedOut said...

Both Max Igan and Jeff Berwick talk about the Psycho Biker in their latest videos. Jeff knows Alex very well and shares some interesting info about him. Also, apparently this incident made it onto Global TV and the police where aided in apprehending the psycho by citizens who saw it happen. Charges are pending.

greencrow said...

Hi FreakedOut:

Thanks for this important update on the "Psycho Biker". I thought the VPD would go after the psycho. The VPD attend all our rallies and protect us on our marches. They know Alex. Glad the citizens helped out too. Ironically in this era of Ironies...Alex was performing an "essential service"...more important than an entire staff of mental hospital psychiatrists!

FreakedOut said...

So good to hear about the VPD Greencrow, and Alex seems really great,definitely performing an essential service.
Also, Max shared this website catering to LEO in Canada, not sure if you have seen it:

Looks good to me. :)