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MURDER BY INJECTION - RAH Reviews Eustace Mullin's Seminal Work on the "Medical Industry" - PLUS Medicine for Preppers

Good morning Readers:  Today we have a 30 minute BitChute video book review of the 1988 publication: "Murder by Injection" written by early and iconic Truth Movement investigator Eustace Mullins.  If you go to Google and search Eustace will see that the Tycoon [Technocracy]-paid Internet "Fact Checkers" have thoroughly destroyed Mullins' reputation...calling him an "anti-semite" and a "White Supremacist"...Right away, you will begin to realize that Mullins...must have touched a few nerves and must have been "onto something".

What RAH has done is provide an Introductory to the PDF that is linked to in the BitChute video.  RAH dedicates this video to all those (((sentients))) who are being inundated with the MZM disinformation on the Plandemic and the need for "vaccines".  Mullins' exhaustive investigation proved way back in 1988 that the "vaccine" pharmaceutical Industry has always been corrupt and profit-driven.  RAH reminds us several times that Big Pharma wants us to be "patients for life".  He talks about the Polio vaccine and how Big Pharma knew from nearly the beginning that there were cancer-causing agents in the Polio vaccine...but they deliberately left them there...knowing the injectees would develop cancer 20 or 30 years later. 


RAH is speaking as a father--with concerns and anxiety about his own three children taking the CovID vaccine--which [as must be a surprise even for the manufacturers, who likely didn't foresee deaths for at least 14 to 18 months after injection] appears more lethal than even the early smorgasbord of vaccines pushed onto western populations from the cradle. These "older" vaccines have resulted in epidemics of SIDS and Autism in our young. Here is the e-mail I got from RAH with the link to the BitChute video:


Hi gc:

My video producing partner and I just finished this video:  "MURDER BY INJECTION"

IMHO, this is our MOST important video to date as we discuss Eustace Mullins excellent is more timely now as the COVID scam unfolds.  We did an exhaustive amount of research with several LINKS to expose Modern Medicine.

Intro to: "MURDER BY INJECTION": (1988) by Eustace Mullins

Chapter 4 : "Death and Vaccinations"

Eustace Mullins was one of THE best investigative reporters and has written several books, one of which was his expose: "MURDER BY INJECTION". 

The title pulls no punches as he traces the history of Modern Medicine with mind blowing chapters of outright corruption and, as usual, the oligarchs have taken, via backroom manipulation, almost total control another aspect of our lives...our HEALTH...with the apparent blessing of our Governments.

I qualify that we are not condemning all medicine, (such as life saving surgery, etc.) as our focus is  how the Big Pharma system wishes to create patients for life and one major avenue for this is VACCINES. We note in USA by the age of 12 months babies have had 22 vaccinations.


For decades we have been deceived that Vaccines are safe and effective. 

Early examples are Polio Vaccine, one of biggest scams in history. 

Polio was almost eradicated when the Salk and Sabin Vaccine came out. However, in this "witches brew" polio vaccine was the SV-40 virus which has been proven to cause cancer and THEY LEFT IT IN THE VACCINE...creating an epidemic of cancer in future decades ....AGAIN...PATIENT FOR LIFE .

IMHO, this misplaced credit for polio vaccine was a trap--via a plan hatched decades ago to lure us to take the COVID vaxx, THIS WAS/IS THE END GAME which, as has been stated several times, is an EXPERIMENTAL GENE THERAPY never before tested on humans. 

Seriously, how INSANE is this??

Again, the purpose of this video is to make it 100% clear that if we review the history of Modern Medicine via Mullin's "MURDER BY INJECTION" and, specifically,  Chapter 4 re: "VACCINATIONS",  we have had no reason to trust them for decades, and that ultimately NO ONE WILL ALLOW the COVID Death Jab to be performed on them, and to sound the alarm and warn others. 

Please Share this crucial video and info with others!!!

RAH - BC Patriot

Screen Capture of the Chapters in "Murder by Injection"


Greencrow comments:  In the video, RAH also touches on why our medical practitioners meekly follow along in this top-down conspiracy to "Do Harm"--instead of following their Hippocratic oath to "Do NO Harm".  He says Medical Doctors are Captive from their days in Medical Schools [controlled and operated by tycoons like the Rockefellers] and are terrified of losing their lucrative careers should they, as RAH says, "stray off the reservation".  But, below, is a warning for all the doctors who are injecting their patients with the "Experimental Gene-Tampering mRNA/drug cocktails:

To ALL medical practitioners giving
 the Injectable mRNA “Therapy”:

H/T FreakedOut

Greencrow continues:  I would really like to know whether those receiving the CovID Experimental Gene-Tampering Injections are being required to sign papers indicating their INFORMED is required by the Nuremberg Code.  Can some one please advise?  If not...then ask yourself, dear readers, WHY NOT?

As is often the case when I am working on a post...I get one link/topic and then...almost by magic...I get another link that supports the first link or answers the question/problem posed by the first link.  This post is a case in point.  When I was Skyping with regular contributor FreakedOut the other day, he told me about a combination of medicines that should be in everyone's home medicine chest.  I am going to order these medicines [linked below] today.  FreakedOut told me how they work, who discovered them  [Jim Humble] and the history of these common over-the-counter remedies.  I wish I would have recorded what FreakedOut said during our conversation and could put the link to such a video here.  But, instead, I will just suggest that readers search the name Jim Humble and then look into the medicines linked to below.


FreakedOut says:

"Subject: Link to the MMS kit on Ebay I showed you...

Greencrow says: A reader contributed this information:


"This might be what you are looking for (the PDF files)

Then you could go here :

I read this :

What is MMS

In 1996 a man named Jim Humble discovered that a simple water purification substance (which at the time was used worldwide) was effective in eradicating malaria. After the first cases of malaria were recovered, Jim went on to develop a formula using this substance mixed with a food grade acid—he called it MMS (Master Mineral Solution). Since that time MMS has proven to restore partial or full health to hundreds of thousands of people suffering from a wide range of diseases. MMS is a weak oxidizer that when used properly can run through the human body destroying disease pathogens and the poisons that they create, while doing no harm to the body. It is estimated that more than 20,000,000 people have used MMS to date and there have been hundreds of thousands of lives saved and many more improved. Up-to-date and complete detailed information on MMS and how to use it to recover health is found in Jim's latest book, The MMS Health Recovery Guidebook

I ended up downloading the book from :

MMS Health Recovery Guidebook

I hope all this is helpful.  Thanks for your continued work on spreading information and knowledge.



Thanks Ian!  Here's another e-mail on natural remedies I recently received from FreakedOut:

FreakedOut says:  "Hi gc:,

Some possible solutions for those who take the death jab?


 She DOES mention prion disease.

Very smart nurse here, I can vouch for Chlorine dioxide as I’ve used it successfully to heal with.

Starting around 44:00 MM she gets into possible natural and safe remedies.

Let’s hope these remedies work!"



FreakedOut advised that just a drop of each of the two part solution in a glass of distilled water will, in a very short period of time, cure virtually any common bodily ailment--from a cold, stomach complaints, to prostate issues, to sepsis.  I will always wonder whether, if my two-years-older brother would have taken the above solution--instead of going to a CovID-Protocol corrupted Hospital Emergency last February...would he still be alive now?  Frankly, In my heart, I know he would be alive.  The reason I feel that way comes from my own personal experience described below:

One time many years ago, as I told FreakedOut, I came down with a dire stomach complaint while travelling in Northern Sweden.  During an outdoors smorgasbord buffet in honour of my husband and my visit to his home town, I felt compelled to eat a Swedish fish dish called "Surströmming"...which is literally translated as "rotten fish". I have never felt so ill in my life...and was sick and running to the bathroom [alas, an outdoor toilet...across a field of tall grass] all night.  In the morning, my host gave me a glass of water with two drops from a small dark medicine bottle put into the water.  Within an hour, I felt completely back to normal.  I have never forgotten that experience and have always wondered what that "magic potent" was.  Now, I believe I know.  I believe it was the simple remedy in the two bottles linked to above.

So now, I recommend all my readers do as I am doing...slowly weaning myself off of the "medical industry" and relying on and learning about ancient and common home remedies--that anyone can get--without feeding the Big Pharma maw of the jackals who are trying to wipe out our species!

H/T FreakedOut

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