Friday, April 9, 2021

Midwin Charles: 47-Year-Old MSNBC Legal Analyst DEAD After Experimental mRNA COVID Shot.... other Vaccine Horror Stories...and doing a Costco run

She was a "Karen" for the "CovID"
And now she's Dead

Good morning readers.  While the perps are preparing their giant False Flag to cause another Civil War in Ukraine and thus threaten Russia...we will wrap up the soon-to-be-surplanted Covid HOAX with a round up of Vaccine Horror Stories.  First, we have the "Karen" who gave her life for the CovID Hoax.  Please read and I will have more comments to follow:

Yes, it is particularly satisfying when someone who bragged and crowed about getting the CovID vaxx ends up dead.  I don't know why that is...guess it's ona mona that couldn't be it.  Must be some other dramatic interpretation.  

Here is a very good article about the Vaccine that for some reason I cannot copy and paste.  Must be very "dangerous":

Here's a comment from the latest article in the Vancouver Sun reporting on Bullshit Bonnie's latest lies where she says with a completely serious face...that there are now 100 variants of the fact that she's not even going to bother testing for them anymore...she's just going to ASSuME that if you've been around someone with a covID variant...then you MUST also have the CovID [variant].  But here's what "Peter" has to say:

“I'll resist arrest before I let anyone jab me with anything I don't want. Most polls show that 30-40% of Canadians have no intentions of getting any of the vaccines. In their infinite wisdom, the government that loves playing the blame game will make the next five years about 'us' vs 'them'. Divide and rule, the most basic rule of governing.”

Here's some twitter news from yesterday from Ontario.  The Ontario Natives are getting very restless under the THIRD complete lockdown.  Harsher than anywhere else on the Planet, apparently...according to RT at least:

Penny for your thoughts Blog

Penny for your thoughts: Doug Ford, Ontario’s Legal Drug Cartel Boss, Puts the Province Under House Arrest (

Parler: @ChickFromOntario


·Apr 1

The US CDC just came out and said that the reported vaccine deaths for 2021 is 1,755. The total number of reported vaccine deaths in the entire DECADE prior was 994. In 3 months time they have just about double the reported deaths from a 10 yr span #JUSTSAYNO

Chris Sky #JustSayNo

Here we go. Leamington OPP not only supporting but encouraging businesses to open up! #LockdownsAreOver #OpenUp #CovidHoax #FordOnNotice
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The WEF is going to rob you blind -
 And Then You WILL "be Happy"!?  

Yep!  It's almost time for them to pull the plug and plunge us into darkness, folks.  They've played this string for just about as long as they can.  They have completely fooled the top 60% of the braindead sheeple in society...but are now starting to hit bedrock as they work their way down...or up...from the low hanging fruit to the cream of the crop.  They're starting to run into sentients...sentients who are running small businesses.  Sentients who have churches with worshippers every Sunday.  Sentients who maintain blogs and have readers who are sentients contributing links and information to share and mull over.  These are some tough nuts to crack. So it's almost time to douse the lights and move onto the next Act in this Farce cum nightmare...cum Apocalypse.  It's now time to steal ALL your money and assets.

WEF Warns Of Cyber Attack Leading To Systemic Collapse Of The Global Financial System « Aletho News

By Whitney Webb | The Last American Vagabond | April 7, 2021
They are working so hard to destroy the economic engines of Canada in Alberta, Ontario and BC....but the people keep resisting.  So why not just douse the lights and say the Rooskies did it  
The Curtain Has Drawn Down on America’s Day in the Sun -
... in an attack on Kiev and NATO bases in Europe? 
War in the Black Sea?

The Sheeple will never know who's really behind it. Over and done with...bring on the Great Reset and the digital, biometric, Luciferase currency!
Oh, BTW, I'm doing a run today out to Costco to stock up on TP...anyone need anything?
NOTE: This just in from may or may not have anything to do with the upcoming False Flag:

I happened to notice Dutchsinse has been MIA for OVER 2 weeks now!? Kind of unusual. His last video was an emergency broadcast in the middle of the night(4:22AM) because of a M7.2 earthquake near Japan!

3/20/2021 -- Large M7.2 (M7.0) Earthquake strikes coast of Japan -- Felt across region

I seem to remember over the last year the Japanese government was NOT enforcing all the COVAIDS restrictions/lockdowns everyone else was. Things that make you go …hmmmmmmm…


Greencrow comments:  James Corbett of The Corbett Report who blogs from Japan says that Japan is fully on board and is going to introduce new draconian vaccination passports for anyone coming to the 2021 Olympics this summer...this is going to be the big initiating showstopper for the "vaccination passport" dontchaknow.  But I don't think the Olympics will go ahead.  Too many recalcitrants amongst the athletes, as I've written about re the Vancouver Canucks Hockey Team.  I believe the young athletes are super suspicious of poisoning their bodies and would rather take a pass on the vaxx...which the PerpZ are terrified might get out and become public knowledge.  So they'll find some pretext to cancel the Olympics...perhaps a devastating earthquake [near Fukushima?] will do the trick!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous "X" here:

IMHO Olympics will be a bust, now and in the future.

Maybe this is why Vancouver is floating the idea of hosting them again based on leftover country will build new and risk cancellations.

Athletes may be the current canary in the mine...Vancouver Canucks issue is "interesting".

Northerntruthseeker said...

What about the COSTCO run, young lady????

Northerntruthseeker said...

And... I cannot figure out why you have been 'blocked' from posting up that GLOBAL RESEARCH article, young lady...

I want to post that one up at my site, if you do not mind..For it falls in line perfectly with my relentless attacks on this entire scam-demic as well.....

Keep up the good work... I have had some emails asking me about you, and I said that "she is a 'warrior' with a heart of gold living in southern BC"......

And keep in touch, my friend... You know where to find me!

greencrow said...

Hi NTS I tried cutting and pasting it on my blog but it always "mutated" into something Why don't you give it a try.

Here's what I said about the "Costco Run"

"...Oh, BTW, I'm doing a run today out to Costco to stock up on TP...anyone need anything?"

I want to get there before the TP runs out. Another False Flag is coming, dontchaknow.

greencrow said...

Anonymous [X] says:

"...Athletes may be the current canary in the mine...Vancouver Canucks issue is "interesting"..."

Glad to see you're finally getting the gonnection between the Canucks "all coming downs with the CovID at the same time" and the current vaccination terror porn...being whipped to a frenZy by the criminals in the government and MZM.

Anonymous said...

Based only on my anecdotal evidence, "lockdown fatigue" is setting in here in Doug Ford's wonderland.

The traffic to recreation/cottage ville is about 50% of normal for a friday at this time of year. If this were a true lockdown, the percentage would be much lower.

At some point, the world governments will be kicked to the curb en mass. Then and only then will this nonsense end. Sadly. a significant portion will have permanent health damage and the declining birth rate will help those whose agenda is to replace the current majority with groups who have no connection to our home and native land.

The worst part of all this is the criminal SOB politioians will escape any deserved punishment.

Anonymous #6

Not a free man, but a number.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous #6

Thanks for the report from Ontario cottageville. I wouldn't want to be a politician, "journalist" for the MZM or a HELLth official when the Sheeple finally wake up to the fact that they and/or their family members have been seriously mRNA-injured during this Scam.

FC said...

The only thing that the vaccine gives immunity to is law suits for pharma companies

Anonymous said...

Anonymous(X) here:


'....Sadly. a significant portion will have permanent health damage and the declining birth rate will help those whose agenda is to rep ace the current majority with groups who have no connection to our home and native land. ""


Yes, my colleague and I discussed this today:
Even if the vaccine agenda stopped NOW....there are millions who have taken the JAB and face a very dubious future.

Here in BC I think about 20% have been JABBED...which works out to approx. ONE MILLION citizens. If 10% of these suffer adverse reactions...the hospitals will be overwhelmed.

A little research showed as BC has a TOTAL of:
206 ICU beds
5610 Acute Care beds

This is likely why the ramped up MAiDS( Medical Assistance in Dying)legislation...literally legalizing assisted suicide with few if an limits.

Wouldn't be surprised if PerpZ "Plan B" was simply to cripple society and families with this burden.

However, I have also heard some parties are warning others re vaccine and if they STILL take it and adverse reactions DO occur, don't expect any are on your own.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous [X]

It will be tragic for those who have been warned...but still fell for the Snake Oil Salesman Schstick. But, as NTS always says: "You can't fix stupid." And in this case, it will be taken literally...nobody will be able to "fix" their mRNA-destroyed bodies.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous(X) here:


I am noticing that I am becoming more "hardened" by all this....preparing for the this year + of Fear Porn either :
(i) takes you down or
(ii)you ,ironically, build up an "immunity" in your psyche.

The same parties we would normally have empathy for could be the same parties that not only turn against us but also hold us down for the JAB.

They call the JAB an Operating System, so in essence, others are no longer the SAME person you once knew.

Tough Calls we may all have to make....

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous [X]

I know where you're going with this...those you love who take the jab will no longer be the same as before the jab. Their DNA will have become "modified". Perhaps like Dr. Carrie Madej keeps telling us...they're going to remove the "God gene" from humanity.

Here's some good news:

Apparently the rejection rate is as high as 57% at some bases. And there are still thousands upon thousands who have not had an opportunity to "accept" or "reject" the vaccine. It's like I've been saying about the professional athletes. They're likely rejecting it in droves and as soon as THAT gets over!

I know my two sons would not take the vaccine if they heard that sports athletes were rejecting it. Simple as that!