Friday, April 16, 2021

CovID-19 Plandemic HOAX Update - Including: RAH Report on UK Whistleblower, Claudia from "Cabin Talk" and Absolute Canadian obstetricians want to prioritize those who are pregnant for vaccines

Claudia from "Cabin Talk" with some Positive News --
The Scam is imploding...particularly in her
 Homeland of Germany

Good Morning Sentients!  We have some good news today...We are Winning this Existential War.  First, above is a BitChute video sent to me by war correspondent FreakedOut.  It is Claudia...who hails from the New England States like he does.  She is giving some good news from her native land in Germany which has always been a main battlefront of this CovIDian War on Humanity.

Next we have an illustration of how, as Claudia says, desperate the PerpZ have become.  I found this headline in yesterdayZ news and it is truly shocking.  So Shocking, in fact, that I doubt it is even true.  I take it as just another indication of sheer desperation:

Coronavirus: Canadian obstetricians call on feds to prioritize those who are pregnant for vaccines | CTV News

As many truthers have asked:  Why would a pregnant woman EVER subject her fetus to an "Experimental' Gene Therapy Injection!?

Finally, we have the "Main Event"  The BitChute video of the UK Whistleblower who came forward yesterday with a "tell all" about what is actually going on at the "vaccination roll-out" front lines.  RAH believes, and I agree...that this disclosure is such a seminal event that it needs to be reposted from yesterday...with a deeper analysis of what this courageous woman is actually saying.  Here is BC war correspondent RAH with the details:



RAH says:  "I would add that this excellent video should be listened to by everyone. I would consider it another benchmark victory for our side as the truth keeps oozing out.  The UK nurse is apparently a deep insider and provides some very troubling information. She is clearly in fear for her job if exposed, yet has taken the high road.

She is a vaccine specialist who has reviewed Big Pharma studies, or lack thereof, and finds them seriously lacking...if not outright corrupt.  She smells a "rat" via lack of Lab Rats. 

Early on she states she refused to be on front lines giving the vaccine jab and being on record as doing so..thus, IMHO, "EARLY HINT RE NUREMBERG 2.0", this segues into her exposing the Health Board created a policy to NOT provide Patient Information Leaflets (PIL) to vaccine patients.

This is a major violation of Nuremberg Code aka "INFORMED CONSENT".

The UK nurse goes on to say she is being blackballed by management and ostracized by peers and then ...drummm rolll.....says the "G" word...what is occurring is "GENOCIDE". but the message from the top, including Gov' Put up...shut up...and get it done!

Reaching out to others in health system has been met with indifference and fear, many of her peers are very stressed, many have retired.  She relates an interesting anecdote: an MD who admitted taking the Pfizer jab and the nurse asked the MD if they knew PEG is in the jab, and the MD was clueless as  to any of the vaccine ingredients and the nurse again mentions INFORMED CONSENT is required for all vaccine recipients. The same MD didn't know the vaccine jabs were NOT approved and were still in clinical trials. WTF???  [gc comments:  Sounds like my MD...who ALSO took the jab!]

The nurse goes on to say this ignorance re these vaccines appears common amongst many MD, nurses, pharmacists, health board these "insiders" are ignorant re vaccines...HOW is the Public to know?  [gc answers: They are NOT supposed to know!]

The nurse then pulls no punches re this self-imposed ignorance amongst health care professionals who violate many codes of conduct, Hippocratic Oath, etc. Again, the whistleblower recruiting like-minded peers has been futile, not even one,.. even her UNION offers no support. She acknowledges career risks, but is determined to continue on her current path.

Then she makes this promise...that if this GENOCIDE ever came to light, and if this matter ever came to trial, she would not hesitate to testify against those parties who could have made a difference but didn't. Finally, she doesn't fear if she is also held as a party responsible for what she calls a "horrid act of human annihilation". This nurse is brave and honourable, rare commodities these days.

In conclusion, these revelations are quite shocking 

There is an "epidemic" of sheer ignorance, corruption,  indifference, incompetence etc. etc. The front line troops don't even have a clue what's in the vaccine and its legal status (i.e., NOT approved, still in trials) what hope does the General Public have?

The nurse is realizing that, however we got to this point.. we are in the midst of GENOCIDE...i.e., mass killings of great numbers of people. At some point in time there must be an uprising and the PerpZ be brought to justice via NUREMBERG CODE. 

We've seen even lowly accountants and guards charged with crimes against the PerpZ should be wary when...not if...JUSTICE IS NOT ONLY DONE...BUT SEEN TO BE DONE.

Many thanks to this brave UK nurse, another sign/indication that there are still good people in the system and even better, they are speaking out more and more. 

Watch the Tsunami of Truth explode.

Stay Tuned!!!"

RAH - BC Patriot

Finally, a brief musical interlude, dedicated to all the sheeple who have already been vaxxed!


FreakedOut said...

We have to win this war if only for all the brave morally competent Freeple like this Nurse Manager in the UK who's risking so much.
A big shout out to this wonderful warrior lady!! Love from the States. :)
Thanks for re-posting this important whistleblower info.... a MUST listen to!

greencrow said...

Hi FreakedOut

Hopefully, the links are all working now. Yes...we are keyboard warriors with no careers at the nurse who is sole support to her children. Did you read about Chris Sky this morning reporting that a gym in Mississauga [suburb outside of Toronto] has vowed to remain open...and some police who were sent to close it...announced they "stood with Chris Sky" and refused to do so. I am going to give the link to my favourite music video to watch when something like this happens.

FreakedOut said...

Crumblin' Down by Mellencamp, has a nice ring to it and perhaps very fitting for a Plandemic/Scamdemic IMPLOSION.
Yeah, I saw the Chris Sky report on the gym...very nice!! Keep it coming!

greencrow said...

My latest Tweet on Chris Sky:

Ontario is shutting its interprovincial borders to keep Chris Sky from traveling! Is this Insane or What?!