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RAH Exclusive: Richmond, BC Armoury "Hardened" for future Internment Camp?

RAH BC Patriot

Readers, as my second and last post of the day I am presenting a crucially important exclusive report by my BC war correspondent, RAH.  He recently did some sleuthing around the Vancouver lower mainland and came up with a discovery that will make the hairs on the back of the neck stand straight up on every sentient who reads the following report.  Please read, watch the video, and I will have further comments to follow:


Hi gc:

Another "Boots-on-the-Ground" report.  I am very familiar with this 130 acre parcel located in Central Richmond, BC, Canada. It is owned by the Federal Government and has been under the control of  The Department of National Defence (DND) for decades. 

First, an exclusive video--showing the Federal Department of National Defense LANDS in Richmond, BC

BackUp link

Next, a local newspaper report: 

"Feds construct fence around DND lands in Richmond"

As the video reveals, it is mostly bush and allowed to grow wild...the exception is the DND military armoury built in the mid 1980's and located at the North West corner of the property.  This is not a small facility, and duly note it serves many purposes as follows:

Colonel Sherman Armoury


The Colonel Sherman Armoury was built specifically for the needs of 12 (Vancouver) Service Company [a Canadian Army Primary Reserve combat service support unit of the Canadian Forces] and was the first armoury in Canada that was built for the needs of a Primary Reserve (Militia) service battalion. The armoury includes:

·      Drill Hall

·      Vehicle Maintenance Bay

·      Vehicle Compound

·      Forest Training Area

·      Quartermaster

·      Officers and NCO's Mess

·      Several classrooms and a conference room

·      Battalion Orderly Room (BOR)

·      Kitchen

·      12 Military Police Platoon office

·      Recruiting Office

·      Driver's Room

·      Museum

RAH says:  Several weeks ago, my investigation colleague and I noticed that the wild bush was being cleared around the perimeter, leaving a wide buffer.  Shortly thereafter, we noticed a chain link fence, topped with 3 rows of barbed wire being built, starting along the Eastern boundary (now completed...and as of this date...the fencing is almost completed along the Southern boundary i.e., total project is near 50% complete. Each side is approximately 1/2 mile long. Entire fence likely to be finished by late March, 2021). 

So...WHY  the need for such a secure fence NOW in 2021?

The newspaper link above and HERE submits that the Federal Government is concerned for "safety".

FYI:  The City of Richmond owns (2) large parcels immediately East of the DND lands, which are also wild bush, but have been a publicly accessible park for decades (as well as owning the Garden City Lands immediately West of DND lands).


RAH now offers his own editorial comment:

Since the COVID S-C-A-M  is now going into its 2nd year, we have even LESS reason to trust Government under the olde sarcastic bromide:  "Hi, I'm from the government and am here to help you". Recall how our [Federal Liberal Lil' Turd Jr.] government scoffed at exposure of their own documents outlining requesting bids for "Quarantine Facilities"?  However, at current count, we now have approximately10 COVID QUARANTINE HOTELS in Vancouver area alone!

When it comes to all governments--I do NOT believe in coincidence and am a big believer in TIMING.

True, this DND two-mile [barbed wire] fence around the perimeter "may" be for safety reasons in the short term TO KEEP PEOPLE OUT. However, one must face reality.  In the longer term, it is also perfectly positioned and permanently set up to KEEP PEOPLE "IN" potential prisoners, "...depending on evolving circumstances", with the on-site military armoury already in place to house any needed "guards". 

Finally, these Department of National Defense lands are situated within a few miles of the Vancouver YVR airport and well-positioned logistically near major highways, etc. should massive transport needs arise. 

Again NO FLUKE?!?  YOU be the judge!!!



Greencrow concludes:  Thanks RAH and colleague for this excellent investigation and report.  Folks, you will not read this story anywhere else.  I have only one question to ask RAH:  Are there any "railway" lines nearby?  In all the old WWII movies about the internment camps...they always show the poor Sheeple being lined up on the railway passenger platforms...waiting for the cattle cars to take them off to the camps...where they will be "de-loused" and...whatever.

Screenshot of Richmond DND Armoury
All it needs now is a sign on the front

Readers, wherever you are...take a look around your own city or town.  Look for signs/evidence such as that described above, that they're planning a massive internment of dissidents and other "undesirables".  Then make it publicly known, as RAH has done. What the people need now is power against the coming oppression and mass cull.  I've always repeated the mantra on this blog:  "Knowledge IS Power".


UPDATE:  OMG!  In my commentary above I asked about railway lines.  Here's RAH's Response:

Re Railway Line nearby???

Excellent question and the answer is YES. The DND lands Eastern Boundary is SHELL RD. A railway line runs parallel to SHELL ROAD directly across the street from DND Lands...approximately 20 meters away. 

As you allude to, DND Lands is perfectly located logistically to an immediately adjacent  railway line for any mass transport of_________????

Railway Routes from greencrow's home--to
the potential military Internment Camp
in Richmond, BC [double click for larger view]


greencrow said...


After watching the video and thinking back to the months-long fire that took place at "Burns Bog" several years ago, I'm starting to wonder whether the fire was intentionally set to "clear the lands". Wouldn't put it past them. After all, we know this CovID-19 Scamdemic HOAX has been in the hopper for at least a decade!


WaffleStaffel said...

When you see a fence go up, you look at which side the barbed/razor wire is tilted toward to determine which side of the fence is meant to be secured.

greencrow said...

I thought about that WaffleStaffel

But the tilt of the Razorwire can be changed...and made higher...later.

We don't want to tip off the Sheeple, now do we?

FreakedOut said...

With Posts like these recent ones Greencrow I'm thinking they're going to earn you and your fellow Canadian war correspondents a long stay at the Colonel Sherman Luxury Spa and Retreat. No worries though, I'll stop by with some bolt cutters and make an opening in the perimeter fence in case you should get annoyed with all the Spa "Treatments". :-O
BTW, I thought the sign at the entrance to the Retreat was supposed to say: "Vaccines Will Set You Free". :-O

greencrow said...


"...Vaccines Will Set You Free"..."

Yep! Free of this mortal coil.