Saturday, March 6, 2021

Librti - Great Reset Summit - Links - SHARE the SUMMIT and Join the Community


Hi Readers:  Below is a notification I received regarding the Librti Great Reset Summit--that kicked off last week right here in Vancouver, BC--organized and sponsored by Librti, the Internet Forum/group that I recently joined.  

Librti - Glorious & Free Social Community

Greencrow encourages all my readers to check out the links below and consider joining Librti.  It is brand new and was set up by Norbert Orlewicz, the husband of intrepid Vancouver activist/journalist/warrior Odessa Orlewicz.  Norbert must be some kind of genius because, not only has he captured the heart of Odessa...but he's set up a very accessible and safe site/forum.  I've been re-posting my blog posts on it every day since I joined...and am amazed at the technological competence in the sites' format/design/security and maneuverability. As my readers are aware my posts are highly combustible...I was recently "permanently" kicked off the CBC forums [again] LOL.  So far, my "style" fits right in on Librti!  And's FREE to join!  Check it out!


Greencrow, the first 3 days of our Great Reset Summit has been absolutely amazing!  Here's what you can do right now to help wake up the Sheeple!

SHARE the Summit and SHARE the videos across your social media profiles, in your social media groups and networks!  All of the videos on Librti for the summit are available to the General Public!

You don't need to be a member or create an account to WATCH these videos.  So please go share these incredible, ground breaking interviews all weekend long and lets bring even more people to learn from our amazing speakers!

Share this link to Share the Summit

Share this link to share all videos on our Librti Page here:

You can also SHARE each individual video, just copy the URL web address for each video. Here's the Dr. Carrie Madej link as an example:

Remember, Day 4 will be LIVE STREAMED on Monday, March 8th at 5pm PST / 8pm EST. PLEASE SHARE!! Get the Word Out!

SHARE the link now:

the Librti Team


Anonymous said...

Thanks GC for propagating this new very important patriotic website.
What an impressive list of heroic panelists driving yet another nail in establishment's coffin.
Some individuals missing are GraceLife Church pastor James Coates who still remains in jail, and perhaps John Carpay of Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms.
Just saying

greencrow said...

Hi S75p

It's a great "out of the starting block" start for the website. Odessa and Norbert are to be commended for completing such a gargantuan task...all the while leading the resistance here in Vancouver.

Paraclete Edward-Jay-Robin said...