Saturday, March 20, 2021

Freedom Day Around the World - Stand Up! Speak Out! and Defend Our HUMAN Rights!

Veterans in The Netherlands Guarding the Protesters
Veterans in The Netherlands Guarding the Protesters
Hospital Workers and Veterans in The Netherlands
guarding the Protesters

Good Morning Readers.  It is a cool and rainy day on the West Coast on this soon to be infamous Day March 20, 2021 in History! First, to go along with the stunning photos above...that I just received from my Dutch Warrior Granny in The Netherlands, here is her message:

"Hallo gc:

This afternoon in Amsterdam museumplein.

Caretakers and veterans standing on the frontline to protect the protesters. ❤️ We are one!


JM 🌷🌷"

Congratulations to JM and to all the courageous Dutch!  They are truly setting an example for the world.

I cannot write a long tome today because I have to get ready and be at our Vancouver Art Gallery Freedom Demonstration at 12 noon.  It's going to be raining but warriors can't put down our arms for a few drops of H2O.

To that end....and to show the world who we are fighting's another sad Obituary sent my way from FreakedOut...also this morning.  May these two innocent human beings, cruelly murdered by Big Pharma and their criminal government of in peace.

Monica Vásquez Bardales 

May they Rest in Peace

53 year old Nurse from Lima,  was vaccinated on February 11, 2021. and died from complications of the vaccine. This is a very sad story as her mother Isabel Bardales also died with days of her passing. I am not sure if her mother’s death was caused by a vaccine or not, but if I learn anything I will update the story. I feel for her son who had to bury both his mother and grandmother so close together."


I woke up this morning thinking about our own Canadian hero, Chris Sky.  What he did yesterday, sitting in his car in his own driveway, was monumental and historical for Canada.  It proves once again what I've always said...One Person Acting Alone CAN Make A Huge Difference!  He took on about 30 police in the dark and came out on top.  What did it cost him?  Probably he'll be a basket case for a few days, or weeks at least.  Talk about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  I have it today, just from watching that video!  Bravo again, Chris.  Canada owes you Big Time!! 

My next post will hopefully be photos and a report on the Rally Today.

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Thx GC,
Grave situation for sure.
So, if we allaborate on overall global situation and say humans by some mirracle fend off the current attacks (covid, geoengineering, heavy handed agendas, economic problems, elitists) what will the humanity learn? Will we listen to any prophetic voices of "conspiracy theorists" or as always ignore them?
If demons are defeted they may take just a short live refuge in their swamp and come out again as they always do.
Society would have to change every brick of its foundation, mission impossible!

Ps: i hope your brother is fine

Reading between the lines said...

"Hospital Workers and Veterans in The Netherlands
guarding the Protesters"
This was sooo good to see.It gives me hope for humanity .