Wednesday, March 17, 2021

UPDATED: The World has a new "President John F. Kennedy" as Globalist "Deep State" Assassinates Tanzania Leader John Magafuli

UPDATED:  March 18, 2021 President Kenyatta declares 7 days of mourning following death of Magufuli. Kenyatta is president of Kenya - .President Kenyatta declares 7 days of mourning following death of Magufuli - YouTube  H/T FreakedOut

Tanzania President John Magafuli
didn't buy into Globalist CovID Scamdemic
and paid for it with his life
HT FreakedOut

As I said in my earlier Post...Tanzania President John Magafuli was treading on dangerous ground by defying the Big Pharma Tyrants who are about a quarter way through their massive project of culling 90% of humanity and turning the 500 million anticipated survivors into biometric Operating System-controlled Zombie Slaves. 

Amazingly, President Magafuli was one of less than a half dozen world leaders who recognized the Global Crisis "War on Humanity" which is the CovID-19 Plandemic HOAX--and tried to spare his people from the ravages that other countries are now suffering with economy destroying lockdowns, unhealthy death mask cults and now lethal Experimental mRNA Gene-Altering injections.

Here is the "Official Story" from the Globalist "head liar"....Best British Calumny...the BBC
Here is the US "Official Story" from CNN - "Criminal NewZ Network" Yep...all the important "talking points" covered.  I just hope they didn't torture him.  The man had five children.
Finally, here is the truth.  It's to be found in Health Impact News.  The truth is that President Magafuli disappeared suddenly after announcing publicly his government had no intention of forcing the CovID-19 Experimental Gene-Altering injections on his people.  His decision re CovID was based on expertise...his own:

"...He had masters and doctorate degrees in chemistry from The University of Dar es Salaam. In 2019 he was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Dodoma for improving the economy of the country..."

Perhaps President Magafuli's covert assassination will finally wake up Russia to the diabolical brutality of this Existential Threat.  RIP President Magafuli.  I didn't know you at all...yet I now know you VERY well because, like you were, I am an endangered sentient.  May you live forever in the hearts of your people you died to protect.

Stay tuned.

Well, looky here...look who's the new Tanzanian President.

New Tanzania President  WEF!!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous(X) here:

All I can say is...
Those of us with Germanic descent warned you.

Welcome to HELL

Anonymous said...

Anonymous(X) here:

TOPIC: How Workers Compensation adjudicates COVID claims

Will dissect this " Worksafe BC " website more tomorrow....

My experience is these types of "insurers" are very resistant to claims and subsequent payouts, hence may be good "terms -of- reference" re: the validity of COVID and how they assess COVID claims.

Quite intriguing what I have found so far....

greencrow said...

That's a good angle [X]. But harken back to 9/11, which had a huge insurance component....what with the WTC buildings and the planes, etc. We thought then that the truth would out via the insurance claims. Sadly, not so. The insurance companies did some under-the-table dealings with the perpZ and the entire thing was covered up....forever.

The thing I learned from 9/11 is that everyone in a position of potential power gets either paid off--or eliminated.

FC said...

The Australian health minister that is pushing the poison vaccine was chairman of the WEF in 2001....The WEF put their own genocidal maniacs in position of power to push the poison... BTW why is Assad pushing this covid scam on his people?

Anonymous said...

They dont hide their intensions anymore. They have stellar confidence in human stupidity, blindness and ignorance.
Replacing murdered president who was elected and popular with their operative is ourages to me and it should be to every human.
Their past demagogy worked well on masses and they know it.

greencrow said...

Hi S75p

IMO this was a direct warning to the handful or so of world leaders who are not going along. People even like Putin who manufactured his own vaccine so his people wouldn't be killed by the mRNA vaccines.

There will be more deaths. The assassination of President Magafuli...which I predicted...can be compared to the assassination, just prior to WWI, of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand. This assassination led directly to the outbreak of WWI.

This was a very historic event.