Sunday, March 14, 2021


The Banner being carried by Resisters in The Hague
It was the grabbing of this banner by the Police
that started the violence

UPDATED: March 15, 2021: Part Two:

JM🌷🌷 says:  "I have seen your post, the first half of the video is from yesterday in The Hague the other half, from 2.45 mn. is from a couple of weeks ago in Amsterdam.

The Foto's and video here are from yesterday in The Hague on a field called "Het Malieveld". A couple of miles away from the centre. You can clearly see that the day begins peaceful, people only seek for connection in a peaceful way. People are chanting; "Love, peace, no dictator"It all escalates when the police removed a banner with brutal force (see my former email). 

In the video above called "Only nice people" you can see who the "Romeo's" are. They were jumping out of the police-van straight into the crowd. With sticks in their hand ready to strike!  [gc comments:  The video linked above and again below is a must watch.  This is coming to your town soon!]

There is much violent from the side of the police, so, obviously people use strong language against the police, you can hear that to.  

One such a romeo (scum) pushes a woman against a police-van then of course, the indignation is great and is accompanied by cursing. It's better not to translate that 😳

On the photo with the dog attacking the man: the man already laid on the ground, then the Police hit the man hard on his head. They also put the dog on his body and for the sake of clarity they incited the dog to bite. 

Now it is clearly that (if it wasn't already) we are governed by a bunch of psychopaths. 

This is our world today!

I hope this answered your questions.

Kind regards,"


Greencrow comments:  Thanks again excellent coverage. This is exclusive in North America. It should be watched by everyone as a "cautionary tale" to what they're planning for here.  Here are more videos and photos from Europe Renaissance.


Good morning readers.  Just heard from JM🌷🌷 our regular Granny war correspondent from The Netherlands.  Her report on the brutal attack on the Dutch Demonstrators follows:

Part One:  JM🌷🌷 says:  "Good morning gc:

Yesterday, as usual by now on Sundays there was a protest in The Hague on the field called "Het Malieveld". There were thousands of people who were peacefully protesting. And I mean really peaceful, I know because I saw it with my own eyes.

There were lots of police and military police, the ME, and Romero's (the troublemakers or scum). [gc wonders whether the "Romero's" are what we call "provocateurs" or, infiltrators sent in by the "authorities" to deliberately provoke the police and give them a pretext for violence?]  Suddenly, with brutal force, the police took a banner out of the hands of the protesters.

Some people resisted of course and that was the beginning of a performance from the police, so brutal and vile I had never seen before. Today in the media the protesters get the blame of course, they totally reverse everything. 

I'd like you to see it for yourself but I don't know how to send you the pictures, So,  please go to FB page of Johan Meijboom, who posts a lot of photos of the event.

Let people see that The Netherlands is now not only a dictatorship but also a fascistic state. 

Some good news; The so called vaccine. from AstraZenica is on hold for the coming 14 days. They were not as good as they thought they were. 🤪 Too many people died of this shite and that became too obvious, I suppose.

That's it for now,


I like your posts and your personal response to it.

Hellas my English is not that good."🤪

Greencrow comments:JM🌷🌷's English is a lot better than my Dutch! Thanks very much and we look forward to more information on this singular event as it becomes available. The Netherlands is the only place where the people are pushing back publicly against the vaccine/lockdown tyranny as a nation.

March 14, 2021  RT is reporting that The six or seven other European countries before it...has suspended vaccinating citizens with AstraZeneca, due to the tendency of that Experimental and largely untested substance to cause blood clots in its victims.  Timing is everything in mass culls.  Do you think the PerpZ are trying to distract from the PR disaster  caused by their goons attacking the Dutch resisters earlier today?  You know, the ones who were only exercising their constitutional, democratic rights.

BitChute Video from March 14, 2021 in The Netherlands
Shows what will be coming to Your City Soon as The PerpZ
Pull out all the Stops to Bring
 Full Blown Communist Tyranny/Occupation
 To The Netherlands
H/T Freaked Out

Greencrow Comments:  I am looking forward to hearing from JM🌷🌷 my war correspondent Granny who writes from The Netherlands.  She will be able to view this video and fill us in on the background and what the resisters are saying/chanting in the video.  In the meantime, thanks, FreakedOut!

NOTE: IMO, this is why every single day we see fake newZ in the Canadian MZM making our Canadian military look bad/corrupt--because, so far, our Military leaders are enduring Media reputational assassination...rather than perpetrate the above criminal behaviour on citizens exercising their lawful/constitutional right to resist illegal tyranny!


FreakedOut said...

Looking forward to hearing JM's report on this absolute police brutality on peaceful protesters. Things are really getting crazy!

greencrow said...

JM said at the outset that her people [the Dutch] weren't fighters. Well, they sure are fighting now...and setting a courageous precedent for the rest of us...when our time inevitably comes.

FreakedOut said...

They need to rally everyone together in groups and start using brutal tactics in return. Bum rush the thug cops in large groups and bloody them up.

greencrow said...

Hi FreakedOut

They need to identify, then "out" the Police in their own neighbourhoods. Let's see how strong and intimidating they are then!

FreakedOut said...

GC says:
"They need to identify, then "out" the Police in their own neighbourhoods. Let's see how strong and intimidating they are then!"

That works too! I like it!
The Dutch need to start hitting back hard! They have more than enough video proof of criminality from the thug cops. Get some pepper spray, conceal some quick deploy batons, start slashing police vehicle tires. Put masks on and GO NUTS....or ....this is going to end badly for the Dutch.

Anonymous said...

To let a dog onto a person is a despicable, heinous act and there is no law on the book to justify it!
If the establishment even tries to find any excuse for such act the law is null and void so is granted powere to the authorities. They want civil war.

This is definitely upping the stances.

Since Novorussian war started they keep a tally book of all of the crimes ukros commited.
To keep similar record and serve a copy to criminal officials and their thughs from time to time would make them think snd also provide evidence for hopefuly soon coming field court prosecutor.

greencrow said...

With all the cell phone cameras at demonstrations these days...the evidence of genocidal behaviour will be overwhelming should this ever come to trial. I do see the similarity between the Ukrop thugs and the Dutch police.

A whistleblower within the police department is required to get these thugs [and their commanders] identified.

Anonymous said...

Identified is a key word. Anonymity gives them strenght and confidence, most of those people are remorsless psychopaths and they fear of being exposed.
They usually try to preted to be good neighbours and citizens.
That very screen shot with thug's name printed and posted on his front yard would do wonders and of course one for his chief's lawn. What about a cargo van with full size banner of his atrocity parked in front of his house?