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Apocalypto - Mel Gibson's Futuristic Movie - A comparative analysis


Good morning readers.  I was thinking yesterday about Mel Gibsons movie "Apocalypto".  I don't see many movies but I love Mel Gibson's work, particularly after his landmark "The Passion of the Christ" so I did make a point of seeing this one when it came out a decade and a half more ago.  I was not disappointed.  Above is the trailer and below is the Plot synopsis from Wikipedia.  Please read and I will have more comments to follow:


Set in Yucatán, Mexico, around the year 1502Apocalypto portrays the hero's journey of a young man named Jaguar Paw, a late Mesoamerican hunter and his fellow tribesmen who are captured by an invading force. After the devastation of their village, they are brought on a perilous journey to a Mayan city for human sacrifice at a time when the Mayan civilisation is in decline.

While hunting in the Mesoamerican rainforest, Jaguar Paw, his father Flint Sky, and their fellow tribesmen encounter a procession of refugees fleeing warfare. The group's leader explains that their lands were ravaged and they seek a new beginning. He asks for permission to pass through the jungle. Flint Sky comments to his son that the visitors were sick with fear and urges him to never allow fear to infect him.

At sunrise the next morning, the tribe's village suffers a raid led by Zero Wolf. Huts are set on fire, many villagers are killed, and the surviving adults are taken prisoner. During the attack, Jaguar Paw lowers his pregnant wife Seven and their young son Turtles Run into a pit. Returning to the fight, Jaguar Paw nearly kills the sadistic raider Middle Eye but is captured. When Middle Eye realizes that Flint Sky is Jaguar Paw's father, he kills Flint Sky and re-names Jaguar Paw "Almost." The raiders tie the captives together and set out on a long forced march through the jungle, leaving the children behind to fend for themselves. Seven and Turtles Run remain trapped in the pit.

On the journey, Cocoa Leaf, a badly wounded captive, almost falls off a cliff with the other captives dragged after him. After climbing back to safety, he is killed by Middle Eye, eliciting anger from Zero Wolf, who threatens his fellow raider with death if he kills another captive without permission. As the party approaches the Mayan city of the raiders' origin, they encounter razed forests and vast fields of failed maize crops, alongside villages decimated by an unknown disease. A little girl infected with the plague prophesies the end of the Mayan world. Once the raiders and captives reach the city, the females are sold into slavery while the males are escorted to the top of a step pyramid to be sacrificed before the Mayan King and Queen.

Two members of the party are sacrificed, but as Jaguar Paw is laid out on the altar, a solar eclipse gives the executioner pause. The Mayans take the event as an omen that the gods are satisfied, so the remaining captives are spared. Instead, they are taken to be used as target practice and offered freedom if they can run to safety. Jaguar Paw suffers an arrow wound but escapes into the jungle, killing Zero Wolf's son Cut Rock in the process. Zero Wolf, Middle Eye, and seven others chase after him. Fleeing back into the jungle, Jaguar Paw remembers his father's lesson about fear and resolves to kill his pursuers. The raiders are killed off one by one (Including Zero Wolf and Middle Eye), either by traps laid out by Jaguar Paw or natural hazards, until there are only two left.

The drought breaks and heavy rain begins to fall, threatening to drown Jaguar Paw's family, who are still trapped in the pit, despite their attempts to escape. Seven gives birth to another son, who is born under the surface of the dangerously rising water. Meanwhile, the two remaining raiders chase Jaguar Paw out of the undergrowth towards the coast. As they reach the beach, all three are stopped in their tracks by the sight of Spanish ships anchored off the coast and Conquistadors making their way ashore. Jaguar Paw flees while the raiders starts walking towards them out of curiosity, leaving them to their fates. Jaguar Paw returns just in time to save his family from the flooding pit and is overjoyed at the sight of his newborn son.

Later, the reunited family looks out over the water at the Spanish ships. Jaguar Paw decides not to approach the strangers, and the family departs into the jungle to seek a new beginning."


What brought the movie Apocalypto back to mind were all the elements of this Covidian Cult that were examined in that historical piece.  All the conflicts---man against nature, man against man, man against himself were represented.  The Mayan civilization was in precipitous decline because of "climate change" i.e., they were raping and pillaging one tribe against another.  Some tribes had adopted extreme cult behaviour--human sacrifice in an effort to "placate the Gods".  The main character, Jaguar Paw, is a sentient.  He sees the conflict as a battle for individual survival and survival of his descendants.  He is capable of understanding the global dynamics at play and learned from his father that terror kills and the primary thing he needs to avoid is fear.

I wonder what Mel Gibson thinks about the Covidian Death cult...with the masks and the gloves,  I wonder what he thinks about the vaccinations to come.  Is this the human sacrifice?  We'll likely never know because Gibson has largely been "cancelled"/hounded into silence by the "Gods" of Hollywood/MZM.

Blue hands Screen shot from "Apocalypto" trailer

Blue Gloves during the Covidian Death Cult

Instead of dragging the human sacrifice up to the altar and tearing out his heart and eating it...the victims are lining up at "clinics" eager for their initiation into the life beyond.  Only the sentients grab their kids and run off into the jungle, seeking refuge/safety in remoteness.  At the end of the movie, the Spanish ships wait quietly and ominously at anchor off in the distance.  The irony of it all is that the banker/owners of the Spanish ships that finally destroyed the Mayan Empire were the ancestors of the Rothchilds--who are now controlling the Great Reset behind the scenes in the present day Global Apocalypto.

Max Igan suggests that perhaps "they've done this before", when he discusses the Apocalypse we're living through now.  He cites all sorts of clues...evidence that in the far-gone and covered-up past there were also "billions" of people living on earth at one time--who suddenly disappeared in great "die-offs".  We read about "Atlantis", the biblical "Flood" and other curious "fables".  Perhaps the "drought" that weakened the late Mesoamerican civilizations was "geo-engineered".

Whatever the truth, they appear to know exactly what they're doing and are definitely following a set script.  The element that runs as a very strong thread throughout the Fin de siècle vis a vis the Mayan civilization and the Covidian Death Cult is "fear".  They need to incite fear and terror in the population--to get them to flee towards death--and to indulge in patently insane and self-destructive behaviour-- such as human sacrifice [mass injections]  and cannibalism [infusion of foreign DNA into our bodies].  It is a set script, and they're following it down to the line.

H/T Simon Hicks for this link:

Simon Hicks


Anonymous said...

Anonymous(X) here:

Intriguing re the Mayan culture collapse:

If one follows hidden history or diffusionism..the collapse of nearly every great culture and civilization can be traced to the (((usual suspects))).

Example is the Bronze Age.. and scholars agree that it collapsed with a 15 year period but attribute this to "usual excuses" like natural disasters etc. Bronze creation require copper..and they have found that the Sea Peoples...(likely the Phoenicians) were master mariners and accessed copper deposits from Great Lakes area...samples found in Europe match those found in Great Lakes .

Hence, North America was known and visited by other groups for thousands of years. As is their norm the (((usual suspects))) inject themselves into such ventures and leech off and manipulate them. Bronze Age trade flourished in the Mediterranean area.

However, the secret of North America began to leak out and the (((usual suspects))) began to loose control of the market. They then began their usual tactics of vengeance pitting one group against the other, the Bronze Age collapsed and the archaelogical record shows massive destruction, slaughter and carnage.

China had a (((usual suspect))) ingratiate themselves into the Emperor court, and 250,000 Chinese left and ended up in Mexico area..the Olmec culture.

The Hittites were one of the first cultures in the Iron Age...same problem...they were attacked but many escaped...they appear to be the ancestors of the Germans.

Back to Mayans:
The archealogical records shows evidence of many Jewish symbols aka Jewish presence 100's of years ago.
Mayan human sacrifices appear to be Jewish inspired(blood libel).

Further to this is the historical pattern outlined above..the Mayans success made them a target for collapse , which like the Bronze Age occurred relatively quickly, and based on
(((usual suspects))) pitting other tribes in the area against the Mayans. Surviving Mayans apparently ended up in the South East USA.

I have referred to this group as Histories Hells Angels.
Nothing new here, but lots for sober reflection as history seems to be repeating itself only this time a one fell swoop Global cull.

This is precisely why the globalists say they are waging a "war on carbon." All humans are made of carbon. All humans must die, they believe, in order for their own lives to achieve immortality via silicon.

Covid-19 vaccines are the perfect weapon to achieve mass extermination because stupid, gullible people line up and volunteer to commit "vaccine suicide." This is the ideal scheme for globalists because they don't have to bother with shooting people, gassing people or even rounding them up. The cattle / sheeple will volunteer for suicide, thinking they are "smart people" who have "done the research" and are trusting "authoritative sources" when they decide to engage in vaccine suicide.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous [X]

Your comment is an excellent footnote to my analysis...fleshing it out with more details. Thanks.

Hope this understanding reaches the people before they rush to the mRNA Experimental Gene-altering injections cliff and, en masse, throw themselves off!

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Excellent movie, GreenCrow. I am also a Gibson fan; I will watch almost everything he has done if it appears before me. One of my favourites is The Patriot.

I just wanted to thank Anonymous for that excellent little history lesson. It is good to know there are others out three thinking along the "Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt' reincarnational aspect. Few folk today look past the "history" we have been taught.

This results in "coincidental theorists" as opposed to "conspiratorial theorists". The folks who just think everything is happenstance and the product of immediate circumstances rather than see patterns throughout the past. I saw this coming when they pulled history from the educational system; made it an option. They might have taught falsehoods but at least they taught about something other than NOW.

And here we are. Fighting for our very existence because (((their))) strategies have been so successful over millennia.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous(X) here:

Further to (((usual suspects))) "Histories Hells Angels".

In their relentless goal to rule over the world..they had tried pitting Religion versus Royalty, but found that this simply increased nationalism and hence greater resistance.

These PerpZ then realized the 3rd way/3rd wave would have better chance of success...basically creating secret societies and infiltration to subvert from within each nation/culture.

This is what Bezmenov warned of...Cultural Marxism etc.

greencrow said...

Hi Noor al Haqiqa and Anonymous [X]

Both excellent comments! I and the readers are fortunate to be able to access such timeless wisdom in these comments forums.

The tangential good news in all of this is that SOME of humanity has always survived these cullings. They've NEVER yet been able to fool all of us. And, as Mel Gibson said in Apocalypto--our greatest enemy is fear.

Anonymous said...

There is a book dead mans secrets by Jonathan Gray. It describes highly developed societies and their demisse.
It does help to understand our current situation and where we are going. It was writen pre covid.
I think a key to understandig today is to be open minded and broad visioned, knowledge of history is a must.


CanadianNotCommunist said...

Hi Greencrow;

CBC news is now reporting 40 cases of people suffering from a neurological disorder of unknown origin in New Brunswick. The disorder is said to be similar to Creudzfeldt-Jakob (Mad Cow) disease.

Ring a bell ?

greencrow said...

Hi CanadianNotCommunist

I saw that and have been keeping an eye on it. IMO it's a response to the J. Bart Classen research paper that came out about the Vaccines causing "Prion Disease".

The Internet is all about algorithms. They wanted to insert something about prion disease into the search engine that was not related to Classen's paper so that it would come up instead when searched by the sheeple.

Also, they never say whether these people had been vaccinated or not. Perhaps they had.

In any's just more smoke and mirrors so that, when people who WERE vaccinated come down with Prion Disease...they can point to this "news story" and say...yes, it happened in New Brunswick before and it's unrelated to the vaccine. That's how they work.

greencrow said...

Hi S75p

History is our greatest teacher. And, as I frequently say on this blog, "history is a race between knowledge and catastrophe".

Anonymous said...

Anonymous(x) here:

Thanks CanadianNotCommunist

GreenCrows excellent website has discussed this issue whereby a study of peer reviewed studies re the negative impacts of the vaccine....err experimental gene therapy ...will create "PRIONS", which can lead to Creudzfeldt-Jakob (Mad Cow) disease.

I read the CBC stories
and it appears the 40 cases are the total since 2015.

"....A first case was diagnosed in 2015, according to the memo. Three years later, in 2019, 11 additional cases were discovered, with 24 more cases discovered in 2020 and another six cases in 2021. Five people have died...."

First COVID vaccines in NB were given Dec.19, 2020. So, what to think ?
Not sure. Time will tell but six cases in 2021 Creudzfeldt-Jakob (Mad Cow) disease so far pro rates to almost 30 for the year.

Perhaps they are trying to prep people for collateral damage from COVID vaccine and
pre-emptively deflect attention away from the likley source which studies have shown.

greencrow said...

Hi [X]

Great fleshing out of this NB story and analysis...particularly the pro-rata of 30 cases of PRION disease CJD for the year!

This is very important red flag...and should be a post on its own. People need to be WARNED!!!

As if I haven't spent 7 hours a day minimum warning them little or no avail.