Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied....Never Truer than NOW - PLUS Dr. Vernon Coleman on the DANGEROUS PCR Test - Invasion of the Cdn Body Snatchers and Politicians Finally Emerge

Statue Depicting Concept of Justice

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied....never truer than NOW 

Good morning readers.  Today is a cold and cloudy day in the Pacific Northwest.  On a personal note I had some sad news from my family over the past few days and am in a quasi state of mourning.  A sister-in-law passed away suddenly of natural causes and a brother was diagnosed with cancer.  So the grey clouds above match my somber mood.

In terms of geopolitics...again I note that Canada is at the forefront of the Covid HOAX vaccination roll out.  Is that the case or is it just imagination/ethnocentricity?  Are ALL countries being plunged into an insane Fraud-Based Tyranny and controlled Economic/Social Implosion?  Here are a few headlines and snippets that support this view:

First we have Dan Dicks of Press for Truth discussing the recent draconian travel restrictions on Canadians

Dan Dicks of Press for Truth discussing Lyin Lil' Turd Jr's
latest over-dramatically delivered Angry Announcement 

Hilariously, Dicks digresses by showing how the Lil Turd Jr makes a fool out of his own masking regulations by blowing vapours all over the place...Dicks uses a short video to illustrate how freezing breath vapours prove that MASKS DO NOT WORK!

Yes, no matter how many face masks you 

This frozen breath vapor experiment is just one of thousands of illustrations of how the entire CovID-19 psy-op is a complete, utter and sentience-insulting fraud.  But I digress.

Dan does a very good job of reporting on how Lil' Turd Jr. is moving apace to lock us all down and ready us for the mRNA Experimental Gene Therapy Injection.  But wait, the more I think about it and the more my spideys alert me to the concept that the Fraudulently Misused PCR test is also a very dangerous invasion of our sovereign bodies...the more shocked and disturbed I become.  Here is Dr. Vernon Coleman's latest video where he also explores the notion that the Covid PCR test is a physical danger in an of itself:

The PCR Test Can Kill You and Can Be Used to Vaccinate You (

Yes, Folks, the entire diabolical charade is intricately connected and has been planned for decades [just like the 9/11 atrocity (now conveniently forgotten) was] Every single aspect of it is based on lies and chimera...deceptively [TM] cloaked and disguised as "science" and "medicine". Check out the list of lies in the link below...H/T Simon Hicks

10 Reasons that SARS-CoV-2 Is an Imaginary and Theoretical Virus

THE STORY: No record found: the SARS-CoV-2 virus that allegedly causes COVID has still, to this date, never been isolated. Countless governments and organizations worldwide have failed to produce evidence of its existence when challenged.

THE IMPLICATIONS: The world has been shut down and people's lives have been decimated over a lie and a superstition that could well be the biggest fraud ever perpetuated on humanity as a whole.

Theoretical Virus: 10 Reasons SARS-CoV-2 is an Digital Creation (


Greencrow continues:  Using the frauds and lies listed in the link above as "tools of deception", the Canadian Government has announced constitutionally illegal draconian travel restrictions to destroy freedom of travel [and consequently the economy].  As is always the case, they make these announcements by way of their criminally-corrupted paid-off congenitally lying, taxpayer-funded Liberal mouthpiece, the: 

taxpayer-funded liar

Some exceptions to new COVID-19 test requirement at land borders, but details to be announced

As of next week, people entering Canada through land borders such as the Ambassador Bridge will have to present a recent negative COVID-19 test.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the new rule would apply to non-essential travellers such as returning snowbirds. But the government has yet to provide details on who qualifies for an exception.

"As of Feb.15, when you return to Canada through a land border, you'll need to show a 72-hour PCR test, just like air travel," Trudeau said on Tuesday.

A spokesperson for Canada Border Services Agency said that there will be exceptions for commercial truckers, for example, but the details are still being finalized and more information will be released in the coming days.

Windsor is home to Canada's busiest border crossing, and according to a 2017 report from Workforce WindsorEssex, over 6,100 residents work in the U.S., including many health care workers.

Under the current border rules, people who provide essential services or regularly cross the border to work are exempt from the 14-day quarantine requirement for those entering Canada.

Asked if that could be the case for the testing requirement as well, the spokesperson could not comment but reiterated that more information would be announced shortly.

In his announcement on testing, Trudeau said that Canadians can't be legally denied entry but those who don't present a negative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test from the previous 72 hours could face a fine of up to $3,000.

"What we can do is in cases of no test to show [is] apply a stiff penalty, a fine and demand and ensure a rapid and complete follow up to make sure that they are getting tested, that they are being properly quarantined, that they are not putting at risk the safety of other Canadians by returning home without a clear negative test," Trudeau said."


Greencrow continues:  A thought just occurred to me.  Is the Liberal "government" levying these fines to tie up the courts and destroy the justice system through overwork and delay?  As the headline above this post reads:  Justice Delayed is Justice Denied.  This is an old legal maxim that has never applied more than in the present day.  While the Mills of the Wheels of Justice grind painfully slowly...our society and our hard won freedoms are being torn apart like a pack of jackals tear apart a young antelope on the African savannah.  So much damage has already been done and catastrophic mass murders lie ahead if early reports already coming out about the vaccine adverse reactions have any portent:


Dr. Carrie Madej tweets:

"50,000 adverse events from mRNA vax in UK."

 COVID-19_mRNA_Pfizer-_BioNTech_Vaccine_Analysis_Print.pdf (


Greencrow continues:  Yes, Justice Delayed IS Justice denied...when the justice arrives after millions of people have been injected with an Experimental gene-destroying toxin, our freedoms have been stripped, our economy in tatters.  But, finally and belatedly, we had some good news on this front yesterday.  In addition to--as I reported yesterday--lawyers finally filing some constitutional challenges--we have some current and former politicians belatedly gathering together to form a REAL opposition to the Satanic Liberal Globalists.  Here is a photo of some of them below:

The Canadian politicians include People’s Party of Canada
 leader Maxime Bernier, [SECOND FROM LEFT]
Hastings-Lennox and Addington
 MP Derek Sloan, and rural
 Ontario MPP Randy Hillier.

And here is the story from Global News: 

Coronavirus: Sloan, Bernier, Hillier among ‘end the lockdown caucus’ |

Coronavirus: Sloan, Bernier, Hillier among ‘end the lockdown caucus’

Over two dozen current and former Canadian politicians have joined forces to oppose COVID-19 lockdowns, intended to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The politicians include People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier, Hastings-Lennox and Addington MP Derek Sloan, and rural Ontario MPP Randy Hillier.

On Tuesday, Sloan and Bernier both spoke to Global News. The pair said that the ”end the lockdown caucus’ is non-partisan, and their role is to challenge current COVID-19 policies, specifically province-wide lockdowns and stay-at-home orders.

“We recognize that things need to be done to protect the most vulnerable, but the idea that everybody universally needs their liberties curtailed and their freedoms impacted and frankly, businesses being shut down and maybe many will not reopen. We just have to rethink that,” said Sloan.

“We want to be the unofficial opposition,” said Bernier via Zoom."


THIS JUST IN:  Conservative Official Opposition MP Pierre Poilievre has just been demoted from Finance critic in the Opposition "Shadow Cabinet" Poilievre is the de facto leader of the Tories because the official Tory leader Erin OToole is just that...a "tool".  Will this demotion force Poilievre out of the Conservative Party--and into the waiting, open arms of the Anti-Lockdown REAL Opposition? Stay tuned! 

O'Toole shuffles Conservative caucus roles, moving Poilievre out as finance critic (


Greencrow concludes:  Yes, one of the most successful plotZ of the PerpZ was to completely shut down the official oppositions everywhere in the so-called "Democratic" West.  They must have spent BillionZ on that.  Now, very belatedly, we have a few voices speaking up....but these voices will be systematically muffled, silenced and denigrated by the can be sure of that.  Here is what the Canadian Parliament looks like now:

Trudeau Big Brother Oversees Empty House of Commons
in Canadian Parliament The Opposition has been
Missing in Action
Throughout CovID-19 Plandemic/Scamdemic HOAX

Folks, we HAVE been abandoned by our leaders...particularly our Opposition Leaders.  They have almost to a person lay down, rolled over and put all four paws in the air during this existential catastrophe.  Now, only a few isolated/systematically silenced/marginalized political voices are starting to speak out for the people.  Will it be in time?  When will our Justice System begin to hear the hundreds of constitutional challenges and Class Action Law Suits that have and are being filed?  All throughout the last year of this nightmare, I've placed most of my hope in the justice system to bring down the criminal House of CovID Cards....and topple the CovIDominoes. So far...with the long delay...justice has been possibly mortally denied to humanity.  THIS MUST STOP!!!

As I said in my post yesterday...Canadians and humanity around the world will soon find out whether the Justice System [the judges] have been corrupted--as have the political, media, medical and scientific classes.  If the Judges deny the constitutional challenges that are now being launched in Canada, for instance, we will then know for sure and forever...that we are well and truly buggered.

Stay tuned.


Reading between the lines said...

Many thanks GC for keeping us abreast of all the recent news including especially the false news by our own Canadian Bullshit Corporation .
So much is happening these days .I am in the process of watching the latest vaccine series at and it is ongoing as we speak with the first of 9 edition already gone.Today was an interview with the famous Dr.Wakefield. What a gem of intelligence / knowledge this man is.

greencrow said...

Yes RBTL...Dr. Wakefield is a very powerful speaker on behalf of CovID/Vaccine sentience. When he said that they will NEED TO WITHDRAW THE VACCINE WITHIN SIX MONTHS BECAUSE THE ADVERSE EVENTS WILL BE SO HIGH...I absolutely believed him. The Adverse Events HAVE skyrocketed [50,000 in the UK alone] but still the PerpZ have not yet removed the mRNA poison from distribution...depending instead on their MZM to cover up the massacre going on world wide....and the cataclysm to come in the next three months after the mRNA Experimental Gene Therapy vaccine "incubation" period has elapsed.