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The Canada to Alaska railway takes one more step closer to reality - Matthew Ehret

Canada to Alaska Railway
Could this Get North America in on the Belt and Road?

Greencrow says:  This morning my regular contributor FreakedOut, who hails from the United States, sent me a link from a New York Post article saying that, subsequent to last night's disastrous presidential debate, Google searches for moving to Canada spiked.  I have a feeling that if the Canada/US border restrictions were lifted, Americans would make such a dash for it that the continent would tip, lol.  As a matter of reality, all of us are now looking around for possible escape hatches from where we're the perpZ proceed with their "culling" agenda.

But, here's a small glimmer of good news.  Last week, Trump, in a fleeting moment of sanity, sent out a Tweet announcing the project of connecting The US with Alaska through Canada by railway was being revived--yes a stark flash of the light of common sense against the dark Corona sky.  Here is Canadian blogger Matthew Ehret's article that appeared in his blog Canadian Patriot.  Please read and I will have concluding comments to follow:


The Long Overdue Alaska-Canada Railway Takes One Step Closer to Reality

By Matthew Ehret

In the early hours of September 26, President Trump sent out the announcement on Twitter that a gigantic continental project long through dead and buried will be revived: The 2570 km Alaska Canada Rail connection which will move freight, oil, grains and other goods from Anchorage to the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Northern Alberta.

In his tweet Trump stated:

For those who are not aware, anyone wishing to take rail from the USA north, will only make it as far as British Columbia as a 1000 km gap separates any rail from Alaska. When looking at the post-WWII battles for continental development, it is somewhat incredible that this gap has remained in place for decades with the northernmost rail line extending as far as Dease Lake BC, built over 50 years ago by the great pro-development Premier W.A.C. Bennett. For decades the Dease Lake line was called “the railway to nowhere” and featured a price tag of only one dollar which in fact is today only a relic of a sabotaged northern vision which was always designed to connect Canada and the USA while opening up the north for development. That full story was told in Forgotten Battles Against the Deep State: W.A.C. Bennett vs the Malthusians.

When compared to the robust development of Russia’s Arctic and the new emerging Polar Silk Road paradigm which have united China and Russia ever closer into a long term Arctic growth program, the North American Arctic remains an underdeveloped barren tundra. Despite the bountiful resources in the Arctic, no roads, rail or other development have been permitted to extend northward for decades. Up until Trump’s announcement of Federal support for this new project, the only North American Arctic discussions of note in recent decades have centered on anti-Russian militarization and Anti-ballistic missiles.

Instead of that hoped-for era of prosperity and win-win development envisioned by Bennett, Kennedy or Diefenbaker, what arose in the wake of the 1971 floating of the U.S. dollar, was a 45 year slide into consumerism, speculation, and zero-technological growth at home and abroad which saw all of the frontier projects led by great statesmen during the post-WW2 decades increasingly grind to a halt.

While the Albertan and Alaskan governments have made several small efforts to encourage the plan over the years- very little headway occurred due to the monetarist-rules underpinning Globalization which place supposedly “free markets” on the throne, and nation states in the dungeon of economics. Ignoring the fact that top down national planning has driven all of the greatest bursts of prosperity in history including the periods of rail expansion in the 19th century and post-war period, Globalization’s architects have ensured that nations are to play no role whatsover, while “live in the moment” hedonism runs amok.

In the year 2000 the Alaskan government spent $6 million on a feasibility study followed in 2015 by a similar study funded by the Province of Alberta, desperately sitting upon the edge of total economic despair under the weight of decarbonization initiatives being pushed into law by Ottawa technocrats. It was here in 2015 that A2A was created as a private initiative to advance the plan which the federal government had committed to blocking for far too long. Standing for the Alaska-Alberta Railway Development Corporation, A2A’s CEO Sean McCoshen has stated:

“This is a world-class infrastructure project that will generate more than 18,000 jobs for Canadian workers at a time when they are most needed, provide a new, more efficient route for trans-Pacific shipping and thereby link Alberta to world markets.”

This last concept of linking North America into the Pacific now being increasingly shaped by the Belt and Road Initiative and Multipolar Alliance is vital. Any chance the west has to avoid a total meltdown under an emerging total economic blowout of the system and civil war is premised upon tying our economic destiny to the pro-growth win-win model of the east. The opportunities for war-avoidance both in the Arctic and in the Pacific should be obvious to all.

Although Trump’s announcement is a great first step towards the realization of the long-overdue project, there remains many obstacles that could yet derail it.

For one thing, the project must be vetted by Environmental Impact Assessments in both the USA and Canada. These organizations have developed a well-earned reputations as destroyers of all large scale infrastructure projects since the post-industrial paradigm shift occurred 4 decades ago. These nominally “environmental” organizations have operated since the early 1970s under the philosophical view that “natural ecosystems are fixed and static” while human activity is constantly changing. To the degree that human economic activity impacts the supposedly “natural static equilibriums of nature”, then that activity is “bad” and must be halted. “Good” infrastructure which is permitted to get approval by the Environmental Impact studies involve only such things as our found in things like the “Green New Deal” (ie: windmills, solar panels, and food-burning biofuel programs), or the Asian Green New Deal known as OSOWOG. The sorts of real infrastructure the west used to build during its pro-industrial growth paradigm or which China currently builds under the Belt and Road Initiative are verboten under this logic.

It must also be recalled that Canada’s federal government now dominated by Green New Dealers such as Mark Carney and Chrystia Freeland must still approve the project to the degree that it moves through the Northwest and Yukon territories (Provinces are endowed with vast sovereign powers to determine their own use of resources in the Canadian Constitution which does give Alberta the flexibility to evade SOME aspects of federal sabotage which one might expect to see unfold under a renewed pro-growth paradigm.

The author can be reached at


Greencrow concludes:  This is exactly the kind of project that will get the governments of Canada and the United States to take their heads out of their own self-serving asses and start doing some practical things for their citizens!  Of course there has been an oligarch/bankster/corporate vendetta against railways for a couple hundred years now, ever since the oil barons decided to pave the continent with asphalt and have everyone in their own cars.  It will take a revolutionary change of government mindset to bring back the common sense of rail travel as opposed to cars and trucks for transport of people and goods.

More importantly, the building of a rail connection between Alaska and the contiguous United States through Canada would not only be throwing a lifeline to our northern communities...but continue the global belt and road transportation link that Russia and China* have been steadily building over the past several decades.  Here is a link from today's RT that announces the completion of a Russia/China Highway Bridge.

It's time to stop the destruction and start the building!!!

* Note from the above link -- that Belarus is crucial in the Russia/China Belt and Road link to Western Europe...Perchance that's why the relentless perpZ colour revolution attempts there [supported by Canada?] The greencrow again flies high and again connects the DotZ!

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

The Crowhouse - The Greatest Show on Earth - Covid-19


The first part of this video is particularly important because a British Doctor, Dr. Mike Yeadon, explains that the PCR test used to diagnose CovID-19 has been producing 90% "False Positives".  I absolutely don't know how this Circus/Charade/Fraud/HOAX/Criminal Scamdemic can continue day after day...but it does.

Monday, September 28, 2020



This is the ultimate clue that the entire CovID-19 is a Plandemic/Scamdemic/HOAX!  No mention in the Mainstream Media of the 40,000 humans who demonstrated at great financial and physical risk to themselves.  Are you seeing a pattern here?  Yes.  This is the proof positive that it is all a HOAX perpetrated by the "usual suspects" who own the news...and the vaccines...and the satellites...and the huge warehouse/storehouses...and the "social communication platforms".


The video above discusses the British media but the same goes for all the Western media throughout the world.  They're all in "Lockstep" as the code name of this HOAX is referred to by them.  They're ALL lying through their teeth.  Any media outlet that dares tell the truth will be squashed like a bug.

And here's another tidbit of truth from The Truthseeker.UK.  Nigel Farage is threatening to start an "Anti-lockdown" Party in the UK.  I say, that any individual or group who starts an Anti-Covid-19 HOAX/anti-lockdown party anywhere in the West will get millions to sign up right away.  Of course, if such a happenstance should take place...what would they dooooooooooo?


The lockdowns would end very shortly thereafter.

Not so bird-brained: Scientists prove crows are capable of conscious thought for 1st time


Photo of Crow from RT Article

Here's an interesting update on the study into birds, crows particularly, that I found in this morning's RT.  Please read and I will have more comments to follow:

It’s news that may unsettle fans of Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds,’ but scientists have proven that crows possess a form of consciousness and are smarter than they’ve been given credit for.

Corvids, or the crow and raven family of birds, are consciously aware of their environments and the short-term passage of time, which in turn, generates subjective experiences, the researchers found.

The team at the University of Tubingen in Germany conducted a series of experiments on two carrion crows (Corvus corone), in which they were each shown some 20,000 light signals over the course of dozens of sessions while electrodes monitored their brain activity.

The birds were trained to acknowledge the visual stimuli by nodding to show when they registered a flashing light.

Some of the lights were more faint and short, making them harder to spot, however, and this caused a divergence in the responses given by the pair, leading to differences of opinion or subjective experience.

“Nerve cells that represent visual input without subjective components are expected to respond in the same way to a visual stimulus of constant intensity,” animal physiologist Andreas Nieder of the University of Tubingen said.

“Our results, however, conclusively show that nerve cells at higher processing levels of the crow’s brain are influenced by subjective experience, or more precisely produce subjective experiences.”

The consciousness in question is called primary, or sensory, consciousness and was previously only thought to exist in primates. This latest research may force us to reconsider our definition of consciousness as well as the complexity of bird brains.

Awareness of oneself, one’s knowledge and the ability to reflect on that knowledge as well as apply it to one’s experiences in the world all fall under the umbrella of primary consciousness and add an extra dimension to problem-solving and decision-making behavior, for which crows are already known.

Primary consciousness is the most basic form as we understand it, and involves appreciation of and interaction with the world in the present, with some indication of a near past and near future.

We previously understood this level of consciousness as being associated with the cerebral cortex in mammalian brains but avian brains are, by contrast, much smaller and smoother.

However, another study which used 3D polarized light imaging Ruhr-University Bochum in Germany found that the cerebral architecture of bird brains is actually more similar to mammalian brains than we thought.

These findings suggest the existence of a pre-existing “ancient microcircuit” in the last common ancestors of humans and crows which lived 320 million years ago, which then evolved and developed in vastly different ways over the intervening millions of years, according to biopsychologist Martin Stacho.

In the meantime, the Tubingen researchers hope to continue their research and examine whether birds in fact possess secondary consciousness or awareness that they are aware."


Greencrow says:  Anyone who has studied birds, as I have, will say that they are in awe at the intelligence of this species.  I have kept birds for over fifteen years now in my home and have raised some since the egg.  Right now I'm down to four birds [two canaries and two diamond doves] but, at one time had more than 20 birds in my solarium.  Additionally, we have at least three families of crows in our neighbourhood and I know them all as separate families--each with their own "pecking order". 

Here are some of the interesting things I've learned about birds in all my years of studying them close up and personal. 

-  Each bird has his or her distinct personality.  Some are outgoing, some are shy.  Some are leaders and some are followers.  Two birds may get along well or they may not...

- The male bird is definitely the leader and there's no "female liberation movement" amongst birds.  They all play their roles according to their gender.  The male is the first to "test" any new food that is put into the cage.  This is to protect the females and the babies from "bad food".

- The male will check over the clutch of hatchlings and if there are any with congenital defects, it is the male that will toss it out of the nest.

- With the Crow sub-species, the families are very close.  The young will hang out with the parents for a couple of years...babysitting the new offspring.  The "teen-aged" crows are just like human teenagers...risk takers and sometimes "going rogue" attacking humans and such.  When this happens, the parents, just like human parents, show their exasperation with the young crow and try to stop the behaviour.

- In the Crow sub-species the female is more dominant than in other bird species.  She will "get the attention" of humans to beg/get food-hand outs for the young.  But, once the food arrives...the male will come and control who gets the food.

- Crows from different families will join together to defend the young against eagle or hawk predators...swarming the larger bird in the sky and chasing/escorting it out of the territory.

- At specific points in the year/nesting cycle, crows will travel across 30 or 40 kilometers to forested areas in parks and near lakes and have huge gatherings "crow jamborees" of thousands of birds. I have seen this happen in early fall and presumably, this is where mates are selected.

-  I have seen dozens of crows circle upwards in the sky in a formation that looks like a swirling tornado...This looks like some kind of a "strength contest" and might be the crow equivalent of elks and reindeer "butting horns" in mating displays.

These are just a few of the things I've noticed from years of watching birds and crows in particular.  Some people go their entire lives being oblivious to bird behaviour...or even that birds are all around along side humans.  I feel sorry for these people.   

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Fight takes place on Vancouver Bus because one rider kept harrassing another who was not wearing a mask

Passenger witness captures fight over face mask on
Vancouver Bus on video

This is bound to happen more frequently since there is such ignorance in the general population about the efficacy of wearing face masks to prevent the spread of the CovID-19 Scamdemic/Plandemic/HOAX.  Please read the story and I will have more comments to follow:

Read the story and see the video from the Vancouver Sun here:

COVID-19: Transit Police search for suspect after mask brawl on Surrey bus

Transit police ask people not to approach others on transit who are not wearing a mask

War on Humanity SITREP - London Protesters fight for all of humanity in Trafalgar Square - Watch the brave Sentients

Video of Demonstrators Battling with Police
In Trafalgar Square on Sunday, September 27, 2020

WATCH: London police slam woman to the ground during anti-lockdown protest in Trafalgar Square

Greencrow says:  You won't see the above video on the Talmudvison or on the CovID Internet channels like CTV which months ago now gave up all pretence of being a "news outlet" and now is solely a propaganda channel for "The CovID-19 Scamdemic/Plandemic/HOAX".  

But RT is where you can still go for good hard news.  Above is their video compilation of the violent interaction between demonstrators and Police earlier today at the "We Do Not Consent" demonstration in Trafalgar Square, London, UK.  Read the whole report from RT below and I will have more comments to follow"

The shocking moment police officers brutally slammed a woman to the ground during a protest against Covid-19 restrictions in London was caught on camera, and the footage is being widely shared online.

The ugly scene unfolded as demonstrators massed in Trafalgar Square on Saturday for a ‘We Do Not Consent’ rally against the UK’s coronavirus guidelines. The video shows the protester standing on a portable chair before police officers arrive and pull the chair from under her feet.

The woman, who appears to be middle-aged, is involved in a tussle with one police officer when the large cop delivers a powerful shove that sends her crashing to the ground. The footage shows the woman in considerable distress on the tarmac as the crowd admonishes the officer.

The footage racked up thousands of views on social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook on Sunday. Several thousand demonstrators attended Saturday’s protest in Trafalgar Square on the second consecutive week of anti-lockdown protests in the UK capital.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan is being blasted for hypocrisy for dubbing the rally “unacceptable,” despite giving his backing to Black Lives Matter protests earlier this year."


Greencrow says:  Humanity will never forget what they did earlier today.  The reputation of the Brits have shot up astronomically in the eyes of the sentients all over the world.  They are standing their ground [literally] in Trafalgar Square against the Satanic oligarchs who have humanity in their crosshairs.  ...Planning on "rubbing out" billions of us over the next few years...and enslaving the survivors. 

If humanity prevails in protecting OUR species and OUR planet from the billionaire demonic gargoyles who openly threaten our very ability to breathe and our very own unique DNA...can you f*cking believe it?!  I can hardly believe myself that I just typed the preceding sentence...and that it's TRUE!

But, if humanity prevails in the end from this existential threat...we will have to give special thanks and gratitude to the Brits. The demonstrators in the above video are truly heroes.  The fines for demonstrating publicly in the UK are astronomical I understand.  Yet they still came and there they stood, shoulder to shoulder.  After all, what is the good of money...or anything else...if you can't breathe properly and you are forced to submit to some strange substance being injected into your body.

Money won't mean a thing if we don't win this battle. And these are our warriors.  Go back to the video and look at them again.  They are our unarmed forces...defending our species.  Bravo!!!

How Dare You Not Let Me Edit Your Genes!
Baal GateZ

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Power Off - Plunged into Darkness - a PLAN called "Black Sky Hazard" - which mimics "Exercise 201" - will be unleashed on Humanity

Must listen to this description by Debbie Tavares
 of  the Black Sky Hazard "exercise" they're
 planning for a Mass "Agenda 21/30" Grid Shutdown

Greencrow says: 
 On Thursday evening I posted a video by The Dollar Vigilante who shockingly showed us a chart where Deagel, a Military Contractor specializing in "forecasting", has predicted that  a massive reduction of population is going to take place, prior to 2025.  Canada, for instance, will lose one third of its current population.  This begs the question: "How is this going to happen?" .  Well, it wasn't too long [two days] before the answer was provided by FreakedOut.  Here is what he said in his e-mail of me this morning.  Please read and I will have more comments to follow:

FreakedOut has a
dire warning for Humanity

 "Black Sky" - involves prolonged massive power outages - another "exercise" like Exercise 201 for CovID-19

We will have cascading failures of all our interdependent electrical systems

FreakedOut just finished listening to a long lecture by Deborah Tavares about a power grid down scenario here in the US and she brings up a wealth of important info to consider for all who want to survive this next/continuing  Perp attack on us. The video is 1 hour 17 minutes long and very thorough. She also mentions an expert on power grid down scenarios named Dr. Peter Pry so FreakedOut did a quick search on ScrewYouTube and came up with an excellent video interview of Dr Pry that’s only about 1 month old. Well worth a watch. Solutions on how the grid could be improved/hardened to attack, AND  warnings about how easy a non-nuclear “EMP Suitcase”[35:20](WTF!?) device could be used against us!  😲 First time I ever heard about this device!

An EMP "suitcase" attack?

So, Folks, let’s stop and consider ALL the things we’ll have to do without in a prolonged (up to 1 year!?) power down scenario. Maybe folks can list out items needed that’ll be hard to obtain with no power in the comments section so a list can be posted. How about solutions to doing without some everyday items we’ve gotten used to having? Work arounds? Tips? Tricks?

RichieFromBoston has tested a significant amount of survival gear and it’s available through Amazon HERE. Folks in the northern “colder” latitudes take special note on how to survive extreme cold. I’ve been hiking/camping in cold weather and it’s a challenge!

About all I can say is,  “People Get Ready”!  

People Get Ready - Jeff Beck

Good luck Sentients!



Greencrow concludes:  The above e-mail from FreakedOut closes the circle that opened when I posted the video by The Dollar Vigilante with the prediction of a catastrophic "cull" of humanity.  The above video links flesh out how the cull will occur.  I do have some qualms about posting a video from a group that calls itself "Israeli News Live".  This adds yet another layer of fear and trepidation...I believe you know what I'm saying.  But it also, ironically, adds a layer of hope.  Because perhaps this is all just another flim flam "usual suspects" deception...we can only hope.

Unfortunately, all of what Debbie says is supported from other sources.  I have already bought a generator and am setting it up...but now Debbie says they will be removing gas and propane from availability.  They don't want people to survive on their own.  They want us all to be moved into cubicles in the "smart cities".  Folks, all during this Covid-19 economic collapse, [the great reset] the developers have been building "rabbit warren" three story condo buildings all over our community...putting them up like crazy.  Who's going to be moved into these "tooth-by-jowl" apartments?  Well, in light of the above information, this frenzied building now makes perfect sense.

Our survival depends on what we do today.  Oh.  I had a second thought after I posted this...the only entity that can possibly save us from this is Putin/Russia.  I very much doubt that he's on board with this for his people...or humanity.


As FreakedOut suggests, I will start a list below of the things we need to get in preparation.  Please add your suggestions to the comments and I will put them here:

* Fill your bathtub up. 55 gallons. Fill up all plastic milk jugs and all containers with water. Get rice, oatmeal, ramen noodles. Easy cook food.

* Sodium salt batteries - not Lithium ion batteries - which can blow up and cause fire

* Solar panels with Sodium salt batteries are the best source of energy

* Metal trash cans can protect vital electronics against EMP events by acting as a Faraday cage.

* Self Defense!! Firearms, if obtainable, Chemical/pepper sprays, especially ones that reach out up to 15 feet/5 meters. "Fox Labs 5.3" really burns! Amazon carries it.

* Homeowners, secure all weak potential entry points into your home with extra lumber/bars...etc. Plan/create a "choke point" for only one way in so you can defend against raiders/looters.

* Walkie-Talkies for constant communication with others, coordinate defense and security operations. Like greencrow recommended...get to know your neighbours.

* Vapor barrier clothing for cold weather survival. I have some VB clothing and it works!

Rose Fox has so many good ideas in her comment that I added the entire thing. 

Rose Fox said...
I lived through the three day blackout that happened to half of North America in the early 2000's. Now I live in an old slum building where we're always getting unexpected water and power shutdowns. My first suggestion to anyone is to buy a good prepper book or start poring over the numerous prepper websites.

So far I've been prepping for "shelter in place" because if there's a prolonged electrical outage I will be stranded in my apartment with no water and potentially no heat in winter. So I buy long shelf life foods every time I go somewhere that sells groceries. If you have pets, don't forget pet food! Keep an inventory of your food including expiry dates. Stock up on candles.

I bought a wood/bio fired small camp stove (NOT butane, alcohol or propane), and I collect bits of wood from popsicle sticks to scrap lumber to small dead branches whenever I get a chance. My bio stove will burn anything organic including dried poop (I tested it with rabbit poop). Speaking of burning wood, get waterproof fire starting materials (ferro rod etc.)

If you're sheltering in place in an apartment, don't forget to secure your balcony. I'm looking at getting some barbed or razor wire for the railing. If not, some broken glass glued on the railing with Flex Seal or caulking would do. Speaking of balconies, you can use tarps to collect rainwater. It must be purified before drinking. It can also used for toilet flushing.

You mentioned saving water in a bathtub. I highly recommend that you buy a liner for the bathtub because tubs aren't the cleanest for drinking water (they get dusty) and the water evaporates and/or leaks through the drain. You can get food grade tub liners which are covered on the top and are made for tub drinking water storage. I use smaller plastic buckets because they're easier to move or tuck out of the way. They can be stored in different parts of the apartment like the bedroom, in case I have to barricade myself somewhere. Never store all of your food, water etc in one place, even in an apartment. One disaster could wipe you out. Get water purification equipment as well. Be prepared to boil water.

Whatever you do, get or collect a good first aid kit. You will have no access to medical care. Medical equipment and canned goods could also potentially be good for bartering.

Don't rely on electronics or waste too much money on solar battery chargers. They're only good for charging small items like a cell phone. Bigger solar collectors are a lot more expensive. Cell phones are already being used for covert surveillance (check your Google settings on your phone if you don't believe me). They will be used to track your location as well, even if your GPS is turned off, in which case they will connect to other phones in your area to pinpoint your whereabouts. You're better off getting a little emergency crank operated radio if you need to know what's going on outside.

Get and fill a bug out bag. Prepper websites/book will tell you what to include in a BOB based on your situation.

Weapons. Bear and other such sprays can blow back in your face. You can get "training" bear spray to practice with. You can also use wasp spray or even spray cleaner, straight vinegar, hand sanitizer or Febreze in someone's eyes. Better yet, hold a lighter to the bottom of a spray can stream and you've got a flamethrower. Get a stun baton with removable/exchangeable batteries. They're only supposed to be used on animals, but hey if some ahole breaks in to your place, he just became an animal! I use a "hike and strike" hiking stick, you can also get stun batons. Your toolbox contains some good weapons, like a hammer, a small wrecking bar, etc. Also - get a good survival knife. They have many uses besides as weapons.

to be continued....

Friday, September 25, 2020

Shut It Down!!!?! Chinese Huawei 5G Plant goes up in Flames - Signal to the Cabal?

Building Housing Chinese tech giant Huawei Technologies
in the southern city of Dongguan goes up in Flames

Folks, this report coming from RT about a huge fire destroying the building housing the Huawei plant manufacturing the 5G antennas could be an illuminati signal to the rest of their cabal that the 5G caper to kill billions by "microwaving them to death" [and calling it CovID-19] is now off the table.

This is how they do things.  What?  Did you think they would notify all the players around the globe by e-mail or text to shut the evil caper down?  NO!  That's not how they get their messages out.  They do it by inserting it into the MZM newZcycle--setting huge fires, staging a mass casualty "lone nut" shooting, blowing up buildings, even having catastrophic "weather" events.  Read the entire report from RT below and I will have concluding comments to follow:


A research and development lab of the Chinese tech giant Huawei Technologies in the southern city of Dongguan caught fire, producing large clouds of thick grey smoke. Locals caught the incident on camera.

The videos show plumes of smoke coming from the building’s top floors, and largely obscuring the sky above the facility. According to the local fire department, the flammable sound-absorbing cotton which the facility was using may be the main source of the blaze.

The fire was put out by the Dongguan city fire rescue department, city authorities say, and no casualties have been reported.

Huawei has yet to comment on the incident. 

The Dongguan laboratory mainly does testing for 4G and 5G antennas, as well as materials research, according to Reuters’ sources."


Greencrow concludes:  There's an old expression/meme to cover what the greencrow thinks is happening here.  It's called "Shut It Down!"  What that expression means is that the Satanists realize half way through one of their evil plots that the Goy are catching on and the "surprise/deception" factor has largely been eliminated.  So they simply call off the heist--for now.  Doesn't mean that they change their overall agenda.  They just step back for a while to re-tool, re-program and re-schedule it.  

What I'm hoping is that is what is being signaled by the unbelievable, huge, black smoke fire in the Huawei Building.  Perhaps Huawei is signaling to the others that it is bailing out.  If I'm for a [temporary] de-escalation of the fear porn terror.  Perhaps the Satanic minion, le Dauphin, will even take off his mask.  That drama stage prop never worked for him anyway.

Shut it Down.

Countries Lockdown in Lockstep - Just as designed in the 2010 WHO/UN "Exercise" - There MUST be a 2nd Phase with the "release of a Lethal Pathogen"

Folks, I just finished watching Dr. Andrew Kaufman's address to the brave demonstrators at Trafalgar Square, London, UK last weekend.  I have copied the BrandNewTube link above and recommend that you watch it because he totally encapsulates the existential war that is now going on between Humanity and the Satanic Elite and their minions who currently have us under Lockstep Lockdown.

Last night I posted the latest RANT by the Dollar Vigilante [see previous post] wherein Jeff Berwick provided us with some estimated numbers of people they want to kill on this planet.  He got the numbers from Deagel, a Military Contractor forecasting site.  Using my country of Canada as an example, they want/expect 10 million Canadians to die between now and four years from now, 2025.  That's an unbelievable number...nearly one in every three people!

I want to ask that Satanic minion Le Dauphin what he thinks of those numbers and how he can even show his face [partially] in public.  Jeff also thinks that the Tampa Bay Lightning are going to win the next two games against the Dallas Stars and get the Stanley Cup.  If THAT happens, I'm gonna REALLY panic...because it will support his accuracy at sourcing predictions.

In spite of alternative leaders like Dr. Andrew Kaufman, above, calling them out publicly in the middle of Trafalgar Square, no less, the perpZ brush off the truthtellers like flies and are proceeding relentlessly with their "Lockstep" agenda.  All of the countries are now ramping up the Second Wave.    All of them, including Canada, are "reporting the highest rise in daily Covid cases"  Tam the Man is beating the "Second Wave" drum and Trudeau is ordering vaccines for the mandatory vaccinations...once they start microwaving us with the newly installed that people start falling dead in the street as "proof" of the "CovID-19 Pandemic...those who survive will clamor for the DNA/RNA/Digital "mark of the beast" Luciferase vaccine.

The good news is that my "litmus test" husband is finally starting to wake up and doesn't dismiss my doomsday scenarios quite so out-of-hand.  He's working hard at setting up the kick-ass generator, in case they pull the plug.  We're stocking up on staples.  These are steps that I encourage everyone to do.  For God sake.  Try NOT to wear masks.  Every tiny effort of resistance helps humanity at large.  And spread the word.  Send the link of Dr. Kaufman's address around.  Speak out in groups.  Time is running short.  Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Dollar Vigilante "Goes Dark" talks about - The Great Gaslightenment... Leading Soon to Straight Up Gassing Of The People

Dollar Vigilante - Warning - This
video talks about "the cull"

The End of Days - Mother watching Son's Football Game gets Tazed and Dragged Off For Not Wearing Mask

How do you know it is the End of Days? Football

mom gets Tazed in bleachers for not wearing mask

H/T FreakedOut


Ohio Woman Arrested and Tazed For Not Wearing a Mask at Son's Outdoor Football Game

"Alecia Kitts traveled to see her son play football in Logan, Ohio. Footage shows her seated with her family at the proper social distance from other families without a mask on. A police officer approached her and arrested her. After she struggled and resisted arrest, the officer in the video tased her into submission in front of children.

One witness, according to the Ohio Star, said that a child sitting on the metal bleachers got shocked when the charge traveled through the metal.

According to Tiffany Kennedy, the woman who shot the above video, Kitts had not been warned for not wearing a mask prior to the officer approaching her.  Kennedy also said that Kitts has asthma and that’s why she was not wearing a mask.

“There is no reason to tase someone and arrest them for not wearing a mask,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy also pointed out the female officer who is shown running toward the Logan officer and Kitts at the end of the video was not wearing a mask – pulling one out of her pocket as she was in pursuit.

“Alecia’s mom said that when the officer tased her, the current went through the bleachers and zapped the kid sitting there too.”

Kitts appears to be socially distanced from others in the crowd and sitting with her family. “There were only 25 or 30 fans from our town on our side,” said Kennedy. Police declined to comment.

There are two important facts to sort through. First, Ohio has a mask mandate but only when you are indoors or cannot socially distance. The school might have its own rules on masking, but it is unclear whether they could have someone arrested for not following policy. Surely, it would have been less traumatizing for the children who witnessed this or were hurt by it if they had just escorted her out instead of having her arrested.

Secondly, there’s no excuse for resisting arrest, even when it’s an unlawful arrest, which this may be. Resisting arrest leads to getting hurt. It’s always a better strategy to go with police willingly while retaining a good lawyer who will fight it out for you in court. Resisting arrest puts lives in danger. Don’t do it."


Greencrow says: I don't agree with the last paragraph. I do think it is wise to resist arrest. This is the only way we can attract attention to the injustice of what is going on in this Draconian, Illegal Totalitarian Takeover. Until the lawyers get off their asses and start working on getting some injunctions to prevent the so-called "law enforcement officers" from attacking us, some of us may have to sacrifice our safety during this war that is being waged on humanity.

War for Humanity SITREP: James Corbett starts calling it the "War for Humanity" The belated awakening of the Sheeple

James Corbett on #Propaganda Watch"
"The Pandemic is just the Beginning"

As James Corbett of says in the above RANT, anyone who thinks that all the mask-wearing "Death Cult" social programming is going to eventually go away is dreaming in technicolour. No. It's only going to get worse. One of the things they want to do is to get some of the "Conspiracy Theorist" non-believers to fight back...then they can eliminate us with their "Growler" technology. Don't know what that is yet? Watch the previous posts' video interview with Dr. Barrie Trower, who tells us that 5G is really a "military weapon level" of microwave radiation.  The "Growler" is directed microwave energy strong enough to "cause neurological damage" and it will be used in "crowd control".

What's now being imposed on humanity by the puppet government leaders is just the beginning of the global equivalent of the medieval torture "The Rack"--where the torturer fastened the victim to a two-part wooden rack and then with screws and wheels...slowly separated the two ends of the rack until the victim was torn in two.

In medieval times, they tortured individuals on the they're doing it to humanity. They're dividing humanity in two--the sentients and the sheeple. They're feeding the Sheeple all the garbage scare-mongering about the "Plandemic", forcing face-masking, social distancing and the lot. The Sentients, in the meantime, are getting more and more furious--as they read the truth of what's going on, like this that my colleague, Northerntruthseeker put up on his blog. A recent CDC report that shows the real death tolls in this scam:

Age 0-19 — 99.997%

Age 20-49 — 99.98%

Age 50-69 — 99.5%

Age 70+ — 94.6%"

The release and publication of the above statistics is just a bitter's just them rubbing our noses in it.  It's them telling us that IT IS NOT ABOUT THE "VIRUS", THAT'S JUST AN EXCUSE FOR THEM TO IMPOSE GLOBAL TOTALITARIANSM.

Releasing the above numbers will not end their's just a cue to them to escalate it.  The coming three months will see things like have never before happened on Planet earth. There will be massive blackouts.  The Internet will go down [perhaps selectively for certain countries/groups]. There will be rounding up of individuals and groups in the middle of the night. The long prepared FEMA camps will be filling up. There will be cataclysmic "weather" events.  There will be extreme food shortages.

At the end of this "phase", the sentients will either be exterminated...or reduced from public view.  Satan and his minions, like Justin Trudeau, are on the march.

Early on in this struggle, I recognized it for the existential War for Humanity that it is.  I even designed and raised a battle flag.  See the top of this page.  At the time, others may have thought I was over-reacting.  Now it is very slowly dawning on them that this is the war that has been described in many pieces of literature, not the least of which is the Bible.  This is the Armageddon.

Here James Corbett is interviewed and again elaborates on the seriousness of this war in a podcast called "The Future of Humanity".  He mentions the small things we can do to save humanity...such as revive the ancient "barter system" to avoid their coming global tyranny through digital money connected to biometric vaccines.

I will close this rather disjointed post with a prediction.  It's no secret that the alternative news is going to be soon eliminated.  I don't expect this blog to still be up in 2021.  But, here's something else. The last group to finally wake up will be the "talking heads" on the MainZtream media.  Finally, one by one, they will slowly realize that, as much as they have prostrated themselves before Baal and his minions, they and their families will NOT be protected from the hell that is to come.  Perhaps some random newZcaster will unexpectedly go "off script" and blurt out the truth during the nightly news.  Or, perhaps an entire TV Channel or Network will suddenly "go rogue".  But, again, the PerpZ expect and are prepared for this belated non-compliance.  They will simply shut down the airwaves--as they've been planning to do anyway.

Sadly and ironically, folks, when you finally, after all these decades since 9/11, start hearing the truth from the talking heads on will know that the END is very near.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Satanic Canadian Parliament bows down to Luciferase - this photo shows the lowest point in Canadian History...SO FAR.


Like a Scene out of Kubrik's last movie, "Eyes Wide Shut"
the Prime Minister and the Governor General Convene
 a coven of Satanic, Illuminati PUPPETS AND STOOGES

Earth to Justin.  Nobody believes a single thing that comes out of your mouth anymore.  You're an Idiot Puppet and wearing that bacteria-laden, oxygen-depleting face mask in Canada's Parliament makes you a f*cking disgrace to the history of this country.  If you can't stand up to the world-wide network of Communist oligarch/liars who want to enslave humanity via their Plandemic Luciferase vaccine...then get the fuck out of the way and call an election.  Canadians are fed up to the gills with you and your pack of spineless nincompoops on ALL sides of the Parliament!  What we need are some Independents who will stand up for medical choice!!!

You don't give a shit about the vulnerable elderly and the developmentally disabled who you and your criminal accomplices kidnapped last March under false pretenses--remember? "...only 15 days to 'flatten the curve'."--and have now been holding illegally and immorally in a phony, senseless, endless lockdown FOR SIX MONTHS NOW!!!  You followed your handlers' directions in order to use the vulnerable to further the diabolical project of extortion and blackmailing the general public into taking a biometric enslavement vaccine. The only thing we DON'T know is...what's the kickback?

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

MUST WATCH: Dr. Barrie Trower on 5G - Microwaves - "It's a Good Way to Kill People"

Dr. Barrie Trower on 5G February 15, 2019

Dr. Barrie Trower tells about his background, what 5G is, as well as details relating to how microwave frequencies harm the human body.  He says that perhaps only 20 people, representing the big electronic/technology corporations, are in charge of facilitating the spread of 5G throughout the world.

All microwaves will cause low level inflammation in the body.  Over time, this inflammation will affect the immune system and cause illnesses and birth defects.  This risk of physical damage is higher for children.

There are little known laws that are supposed to protect people from damage due to microwaves...but nobody knows about it.  The cover-up extends to the remediation that has been allowed by the law.  I.e., if someone has a transmitter that is affecting you [devaluing your property] then you can sue them.  Insurance does not cover microwave damage.  Nobody knows what legal protections they have because there is official silence about this in the mainstream media.  

All radiation is cumulative.  When it reaches a threshold, then the damage is done. The pineal gland and the sides of the eye [in an adult but not in a child] have systems that can detect microwaves and send messages to the body and to the brain to protect the body.  Cancer can be programed into a fetus by exposure to microwaves on the 15th day after conception and then the fetus will have cancer later in life.

Dr. Trower calls it "Industrial Genocide supported by Governments".  Genetically, all life forms have the same four chemical bases.  Any and every living thing will be subjected to microwaves.  If microwaves can harm humans they can also damage every living thing...every arthropod like bees...the birds, the plants, the soil micro-organisms are being killed.  In Australia, in a span of 18 months, an entire mountain range was killed or the organisms (that were able to) left...down to the soil.  The entire mountain range is now dead...all because they installed transmitters.  We're not going to have a planet.  [ed., Just today hundreds of whales have beached off Australia.]

We're even killing the ocean organisms that produce the chemical [a form of sulphur] that produce clouds....which produce the rain...we are killing the planet...yet the governments and the so-called democratically-elected "representatives" will do NOTHING to prevent it.

Folks.  The above interview with DR. Trower provides the last, big, missing piece of the puZZle of why they're perpetrating the latest CovID-19 Scamdemic/Plandemic Hoax.  They need a "disease"--that they can later blame the coming genocide on--a global genocide that will actually be caused by the roll-out of 5G microwaves.  They need to hide the existential danger of 5G to Planet that people will not demand that they shut the God-damned things off!!!

Tam the man Ratchets up the Fear Porn Today Blaming Canadians for the Fake Pandemic/Scamdemic/HOAX

Tam the man Ratchets up the Fear Porn Today --
Blaming Canadians for the Fake Pandemic/Scamdemic/HOAX

It's difficult to find words that adequately describe my disgust at the man to the right in the above photo.  Lying to the very depths of his being, Tam is now ratcheting up the fear port exponentially as he blames Canadians for the phony rise in the phony statistics for the phony Plandemic/Scamdemic/HOAX CovID-19.

Here is a the so-called "report" from the Official Liar CBC.  I have added my comments in red below:

Canada's top doctor warns of sharp rise in COVID-19 cases if Canadians don't follow guidelines

Dr. Theresa Tam says Canada is at a 'crossroads' and can avoid 2nd lockdown with good behaviour

Canada is at a "crossroads" in its pandemic battle and the actions of individual Canadians will decide whether there's a massive spike in COVID-19 cases coming, [Blaming the victim is a staple tactic of the Bully] according to the latest projections from the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC).

Federal health officials presented new modelling today [are these "models" like the UK Neil Ferguson models that started the whole plandemic?  Lies made out of whole cloth?] that shows the epidemic is accelerating nationally. They warned that if Canadians don't step up preventative measures, the virus could spread out of control and trigger a wave of infections bigger than the first one. [Bigger so that the Lockdown can be bigger...and so that the DNA altering vaccines can be rolled out "sooner"]

"With minimal controls, the virus is capable of surging into a very sharp and intense peak because most Canadians don't have immunity to the virus," [Most Canadians don't have immunity to the "common cold" - and we've never had lockdowns over that.  Such facile lies that they know the Sheeple will gobble up like turkeys just before Thanksgiving] Chief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam told a news conference in Ottawa today.

Preventative measures include physical distancing, wearing masks, enhanced sanitization and hand-washing.

Short-term projections show there could be up to 155,795 cases and up to 9,300 deaths by Oct. 3.

If the current rate of infection is maintained, the epidemic is expected to re-surge — but if that rate increases, it is expected to surge "faster and stronger." [Fear porn spread thickly and indiscriminately...this Bastard has absolutely NO conscience!] That has been the experience in other countries, Tam said.

Rapid detection of new cases and a swift response to outbreaks are both key to controlling the pandemic, PHAC modelling documents show.

Tam said there has been a significant demographic shift in the caseload since June: instead of the virus disproportionately affecting elderly Canadians, most infections are now being reported in Canadians aged 20 to 39. [This is the age they want to target for the vaccinations--no point in vaccinating the elderly...just kill THEM off...but we need to vaccinate the young--so that we can get started tracing, tracking and harvesting their data (and infecting them with diseases that won't show up for years)]

Deaths and hospitalizations are also lower. [We can't completely ignore reality, but we can manipulate it so it supports our lies] But Tam warned that people must take collective action to prevent the spread to more vulnerable populations.

"People don't exist in age group cohorts from morning to night," she said. "In a community, that is going to spill over into high-risk populations. And how we protect those populations depends on all the lessons we learned that we had in the first instance in looking after long-term care facilities."

Tam and her deputy, Dr. Howard Njoo, held a news conference today to present the updated modelling. They were joined by Health Minister Patty Hajdu and Minister of Public Services and Procurement Anita Anand.

The modelling shows that increases in the caseload have occurred in regions west of the Atlantic provinces — but there is still a lot of variation across the country.

In Ontario, the most populous province, three so-called "hot spots" — Toronto, Peel and Ottawa — have been ordered to follow more restrictive measures on the size of gatherings, for example.

Asked if there could be another round of lockdowns, Tam said that will depend largely on the behaviour of Canadians now. [Folks, it doesn't matter how often you wash your hands, how long you wear your health-destroying masks for, or how much you stay at home...YOU WILL NEVER ESCAPE OUR CLUTCHES!...We will vaccinate "the entire world"--as our leader, Baal GateZ, has threatened.]

Tam:  You Must Wear Your Mask
While Having Sex

UPDATED: Video by David Goldberg, the deceased (2015) CEO of SurveyMonkey - who discloses coming American/Global Armageddon

David Goldberg's last Video

Folks, watch the above video with caution.  It could be dysinfo entirely.  Before watching it this morning, I did not even know who David Goldberg was. Apparently he was the CEO of "SurveyMonkey".  Goldberg died in Mexico on May 1, 2015. 


I e-mailed Simon Hicks and asked him to explain the death date discrepancy and received this link in reply.  Interesting revelations in terms of Mark Zuckerberg...but still not illuminating as per the question I asked about the two conflicting dates of death of David Goldberg.

Another concern is that I compared David's voice in the video above with David's voice in an interview with him years ago and there is no similarity in the two voices!!!

Here is the e-mail I received this morning from one of my regular sources, Simon Hicks, who said:


"Have you seen this?

david goldberg's final words youtube  there have been prophetic words that Trump will end up in Israel in the midst/after the chaos that will be coming to the US in Nov/Dec."


Greencrow says:  This could be a hoax but, given everything that has happened over the years ever since David Goldberg "died" on May 1, 2015, (even that is under dispute) it is worth a listen.  Goldberg talks about all the documents that he has received, ranging over decades, that he says come from a "Whitehouse source".  He says that the documents say that Trump is in deep cahoots with Israel and is going along with Israel's leaders--to the point where "they" [Trump's head writer Stephen Miller] even script all his "Twitter flubs" for him.

GoldBerg then says that Israel's leaders have, over a long period of time, become concerned about the number of Americans who have woken up to Zionism and who are opposed to it.  Goldberg says that Israel's leaders [hereinafter called the PerpZ] have come up with two plans to oppose these "woke" Americans.  The first is called "Operation Pogo" which apparently only involves setting up "gatekeeper" Truth sites on the Internet that will attract--then track and trace all these "woke" Americans.  The second plan is called "Operation Zypher" which will "eliminate" all the opposition to a World Government with it's capital city in Jerusalem.

Operation "Zypher" involves a series of electrical "blackouts" in America lasting days, during which they will "round up" all the woke people for elimination at night under cover of darkness.  Some of the higher quality targets will be eliminated outright [the word "guillotine" was used - Remember what Dana Ashlie said in her video last weekend?] but, due to the overwhelming millions of woke Americans, many will be eliminated via "viruses" over time.

Goldberg says that the PerpZ have told Trump to ridiculously call himself  "The King of Israel".  And the link that Simon Hicks sent from the Washington Post has Trump, in fact, following those orders shortly after Goldberg "passes away".

Greencrow concludes:  What do I think of this tip?  I think it's very well-timed, during a period in the US (s)election campaign that has the hapless, demented Trump forging out ahead of the hapless, demented Biden. It stokes the flames of all the rumours that have been flying around, about what might take place in the months ahead...both before and after the US (s)election.

I did read recently that the Jews have, themselves, been divided in conflict - between the Zionists and the Globalists.  Perhaps this rumour stokes one side or the other of this internal conflict.  I would therefore be interested in hearing what readers think about this WARNING from the "crypt".

Another thought that occurred to me was that this David Goldberg, RIP could be a metaphor for Emmanuel Goldstein from the dystopian George Orwell novel 1984. Whatever the truth about the above YouTube [suspiciously undeleted] video message by the deceased David Goldberg's my mother used to say..."Grist for the Mill".