Saturday, August 1, 2020

If ONLY this were true!!!

JUN 14, 2020

It is looking like some financial event will happen on Sunday 2nd August 2020, maybe the announcement that Ripple(XRP) will be the new Global Quantum Financial System!

I got this from a very knowledgeable source! While she did not give dates, but said soon. What could be better than the stopping of the false media narrative against Trump and have the truth go out unimpeded!

The shutdown is to remove the spyware and the mockingbird programs from the internet and media. The legal framework for this move is being built and released to the public. Backup your online data just in case.

We have had 10 days of Darkness from Q now.. What is next?

Next potential date is this week..

Need to have 17 days of food, supplies and cash. Credit cards will not work with phones being offline.

During the shutdown we will be shown the 3 reveal movies.

Download SIGNAL PRIVATE MESSENGER as it will be the only communication software that still works during the shutdown."


Greencrow says:  Folks, anyone who has been a regular reader of this blog will remember that I predicted very much what is in the black box at the top of this post.  That the Internet would go down except for the "Emergency Network" the beginning of the "Second Wave" of the attack on Humanity in the ongoing species war.  I compared notes this evening over dinner with some longtime friends and we figured out that - averaged out and extrapolated - about 50% of humanity doesn't believe the CovID bullshit.   Far more than I thought. They must know that only the dumbasses believe their shit. I don't know how much longer the sentients can hang on.

March in Germany against Mandatory Masks and

Covid-19 Measures

Project Fear has been so successful that people think 10's of millions have died from Covid-19

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