Friday, May 29, 2020

The Covid-19 Care Home Scandal - Nurse's Aid Risks Exposing the Truth about Covid

"Lenaya" - a Nurse's Aid Speaks
Out about Covid-19 Care
in LTC Facilities

Nurse's Aid Risks Exposing the Truth about Covid

Watch the video in the link below and learn the extreme stress and frustration that nurses' aids have to deal with every day while trying to do their jobs working in long term care homes.  One of their biggest frustrations is with the very unhealthy demand by the medical authorities that they all wear "masks".  Listen to what Lenaya has to say about wearing masks.  Listen to what she has to say about "getting the flu shot" and her suspicions that flu shots lead to flu/viral outbreaks in the care homes.  Listen to what all three participants in the interview say around 35.00 in the video about British Columbia's chief medical officer...WHO alumni "Bullshit Bonnie", lol.  Thanks goes to Lenaya for providing the public with this crucial "front line worker" insight into what are looking more and more like government/medical community sanctioned "culling" factories. As Brian comments at the end, she's truly a hero.

This video was made available by Vancouver activist and videoblogger Brian Ruhe. Thanks Brian.  It was sent to me by regular contributor RAH. Here is what RAH has to say about LTC facilities:

"...Re my you have experience with elderly parents, the hospital system and care homes? I sadly have...but this is a huge topic.

What is going over most peoples head is that , IMHO...seniors are being culled as a primary goal....but of course we have this COVID-19 as a convenient excuse for their demise and the health care system considers them an expensive nuisance.

I recall several years ago a BC MD stating that over 80+% of an individual's fiscal impact on our (Public) Health Care System is in their last 2 years of life.

I found out that NY Gov't Cuomo had an order that:

(i) Recovering COVID-19 patients be placed in seniors homes( to allegedly free up hospital beds)


(ii) Each COVID patient admitted to seniors home was to have (3) body bags accompany them.

WTF? What I have come across is more evidence BC is knocking off its seniors...just more subtly.

Back East...IMHO the military was sent into senior homes because they are used to death, was quasi war zone... and the "blame game" gets very diluted aka 'legalized murder'."


Greencrow says:  I have my own views why the Canadian military was used to go into the senior's care homes in Quebec.  I believe the military...with all their mandatory vaccinations...was being used to incubate and spread the virus.  Just like what Lenaya says above about the "yearly flu shots".  Of course, I don't know exactly how it works but it certainly does not pass my "sniff" test.  Here is an article recently published by the CBC:

"Why the military was the right tool to rip the lid off Canada's long-term care crisis

Sending soldiers to long-term care homes seemed like a strange idea — until they told us what they saw there...

...When Quebec made the initial request for troops to backstop its failing long-term care system, many in government and the defence establishment questioned whether the military was the appropriate institution to tackle the job. "In Canada, we shouldn't have soldiers taking care of seniors," Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said...

...Quebec's premier has made it clear he wants the troops to stay until September. That drew an uncharacteristically clear and frank answer from Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan.

"I can assure you we can't. We can't do this for long," said Sajjan, who noted the military has stripped its own medical capacity to the bone to meet the demand.

"We will not be able to go that duration just because we don't have the number of personnel, and when you have our people working seven days a week, it's just not sustainable."

Will said he hopes politicians are paying close attention to the military's example.

"It's very easy to take a look at this in the context of, 'COVID hit and we didn't know it was coming and it's terrible what has happened, but we couldn't avoid what happened here,'" he said. "We had all of the information about the breakdown of the system and it needs to be fixed."


Greencrow:  The military, IMO, were being exploited menial care home workers, vaccination guinea pigs, and "incubators/vectors" of the virus.  In the dystopian future planned by the Globalist/Eugenicist/Fascists...soldiers, like doctors and teachers, will no longer be essential workers...all to be replaced by AI and robots.  Interesting, though, how that "September" date keeps popping up.  Something is definitely going to happen in September.  After all, Bullshit Bonnie and many others have predicted a "second wave".  Here is a report from RT about the Nursing Home Scandal in New York.  Please read and I will have final comments to follow:


Cuomo blames nursing homes for following his Covid-19 order that KILLED PATIENTS - after removing it from website 

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has stealthily attempted to rewrite history, deleting his controversial order requiring nursing homes to admit Covid-19 patients from the state health website and blaming facilities for obeying it.

After being lambasted in the press for the March 25 executive order that forced New York elder care facilities to accept patients infected with the highly contagious virus, Cuomo attempted to blame the nursing homes for not disobeying his orders during a Wednesday press conference...."

Greencrow concludes:  Folks, it's CYA [cover your ass] time for all the puppet politicians during this phase of the Plandemic.

Penny for your thoughts has an excellent analysis of what went down in the care homes back East:

Part I: Ontario & Quebec Killed Their Seniors In Long Term Care In a Manner Suspiciously Similar to Other Places"
Part II:  In this Three Part Series 
Part III:  In this Three Part Series 

Greencrow:  Finally, whatever the details and finer points and strategies from one region/nation to another it's evident that, across the board, seniors' deaths are being systematically used to fudge the numbers upwards...justifying the Covid lockdowns and other socioeconomic distruction.  The LTC centres themselves are being criminally used to seed, incubate and spread the virus.  Cutting the seniors off from their families was the final coup de grace.  IMO, there must be some monetary reward for "PIC's [persons in charge, i.e., doctor and/or LTC home management] for every LTC resident that "dies of Covid-19" Just like we discovered earlier in this manufactured crisis that hospitals got "bonuses" for diagnosis of Covid-19 and the use of Ventilators on the patients.  Now we just need to learn the details.

Tell me, readers, would you want to grow old--with such policies affecting you in your "golden" years?  IMO, these manufactured "cautionary tales" will cause a skyrocketing rise in the suicides of older people.  Qui bono?


unknown said...

this nonsense has to stop and here's the scam!
In 2017 the world bank issued the worlds first pandemic bonds. They modelled that on a Corona virus outbreak in China!
Recipients get different interest rates dependent on certain criteria, for instance, if there are more than 8 countries involved then the premium goes up!
The bigger the spread, the more growth rate and the more money.
The money does not get paid till the pandemic has lasted for more than 12 weeks! This seems to be a carrot for poor countries to make false claims about numbers and also any efforts to curb any problems. (Which we know are from other factors!)
The countries that are eligible for this funding are part of the IDA and are poorer countries.
The return for bonds has been 11% annually and the bonds are due to mature in July 2020.
This is a big insurance scam and clearly 'claiming ' that it has spread means more £ and $... Not to mention the fact that only paying out after a pandemic has been ongoing for 12 weeks means it pays countries to make false claims of its growth and intensity!
Un bloody believable!
Oh and the 33rd International vaccines and Immunisation conference is due to go ahead in the UK 16/17th March 2020." MOTIF

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

Thanks for your comment. I am very suspicious about what the financial "incentives" are for the "players" in this gig. Politicians, medical authorities, even carehomes and hospitals. Everyone must be getting a piece of the action for the roll out to be going so "smoothly".

Penny said...

thanks for linking over to my first part
there is now a second and will be a third- I've been gathering info for a while now.
It seems someone has to ask the tough questions. Might as well be me.
Help me get it out, please and thanks!

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

I was planning on adding Parts II and III. Great series.