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Yet another artist's rendition of Covid19

noun [ U ]
knowledge of an event before it happens

uncountable noun
If you have foreknowledge of an event or situation, you have some knowledge of it before it actually happens.
She has maintained that the General had foreknowledge of the plot.

In the days when sentience ruled [pre 9/11 atrocity], foreknowledge was one of the most powerful pieces of evidence outside of forensic evidence.  If a prosecutor could prove that the accused had pre-knowledge of the criminal event,(i.e. planned ahead for it), then that was often sufficient for conviction.  Independent researchers looking at the 9/11 atrocity discovered many instances of foreknowledge which, added to oodles of forensic evidence...led us to the inescapable conclusion that the monstrous mass murder was an "inside" government job with the collusion of Israel, Saudi Arabia and perhaps other elements.  There was the foreknowledge evidence of "insider trading" of airlines stocks, there were at least five military "drills" that took the air force far away from the "scene of the crime" on that day.  There was the FEMA drill that took place the very morning of the crime right at ground zero. There was the "warnings" delivered to select groups, that allowed them to escape the fate of the unwashed masses in the WTC.

But, as one consequence of the Ziofascist occupation/coup that took place on 9/11, "foreknowledge" was stripped of its legal power.  The entire human concept of "knowledge" was, itself, stripped of its previous meaning.  Now, instead of "knowledge" we have "Narratives" and "Official Versions".  Law became so corrupted that justice relying on the tool of foreknowledge became a thing of the past.  Western judicial systems adopted a form of  legal "dementia" which prevented them from even remembering, much less applying, evidence of "foreknowledge".  So, that's the state we're in today.  It doesn't matter how much evidence is revealed that people in power knew beforehand about this Covid 9/11 Planned-emic Pavlovian Experiment/Hoax...and that they flout in our faces...and rub our noses in...Justice has been and will forever be denied and the new Aristocracy based on "foreknowledge with impunity" has risen and will from now on rule humanity!

Here are some examples of "foreknowledge with impunity" that I gleaned just this morning from  Xymphora.  Please read and I will have more comments to follow:


"..."Senator Loeffler's COVID-Related Stock Trades Looking Even Worse, While Feds Start Investigating Senator Burr's" (Masnick) (also):

"So, to recap: they sold somewhere in the range of $20 million worth of mostly stock market and retail companies -- and bought into videoconferencing and protective health gear. All while telling the public that the government she's a part of has everything under control." [NOTE: It has subsequently been revealed that the US elected officials voted themselves to be immune from prosecution for insider trading years ago. gc]

Tweet (Emily Baumgaertner):

"NEW: Two months before the novel coronavirus likely began spreading in Wuhan, the Trump administration ended a $200-million program aimed at detecting — well, novel coronaviruses. The staff had been working with the lab in — well, Wuhan. w/

"China Rolls Out the Health Silk Road" (Escobar).  We have to consider that the reason Italy was so brutally attacked was that China has identified Italy as the gate for the Silk Road to Europe..."


Greencrow says:  Paul Craig Roberts is usually a latecomer to the "Conspiracy Banquet" that inevitably follows these False Flag/Hoaxes.  I don't know why that is.  Perhaps it's due to age [same age as me]...or perhaps a legacy of his career as a member of the aristocracy.  But, the other day, even he began to consider that the Planned-emic might be a hoax...based on his residual understanding of "foreknowledge":

"...Others have circumstantial evidence—for example, a meeting of the global elite conducted a simulation of a pandemic a few weeks prior to the outbreak. Why? And some of the circumstantial evidence looks more real than circumstantial. For example, this:!msg/newsfromunderground/24dOim8rSvc/8zEtMrmcCwAJ

Event 201 - Rank Evidence of Foreknowledge

Yes, the Event 201 is a stunning example of foreknowledge.  Here was a "table top" exercise that took place in New York City on October 18th [coincidentally, the same day the World Military Games (Oct 18-27, 2019) began in Wuhan, China] where all the minions of the aristocracy sat around and "gamed" a pandemic.  The most outrageous evidence within this exercise was the unanimous agreement amongst them to "flood the media" with propaganda...exactly what has come to pass!  The entities who control the media are the primary owners/controllers of the "foreknowledge"....yet they remain anonymous.

Even today, activities are taking place which, no doubt, we will eventually regard as evidence of "foreknowledge".  Here we have some UK soldiers being moved around in spite of the universal public decree to shelter in place.  Keep your eye on this bouncing ball, folks.  It is my opinion that the military front lines are being used [perhaps unwittingly] as carriers of the bioweapon.  It is most certain to have happened in Wuhan, as alleged by the Chinese government, and most likely happened in Italy which has numerous US military bases.  The US navy ships seem to be hotbeds of the "virus" as well and no doubt have spread it throughout their ports of call.

In conclusion, so long as some members of humanity still possess an intellect:

  1. the faculty of reasoning and understanding objectively, especially with regard to abstract or academic matters.

[which may not be open-ended, the way the perps are pushing vaccines/AI] some sentient remnants of our species will regard and investigate "foreknowledge" as evidence of criminal activity.

Before this capacity is eliminated from humanity's "toolbox"...I invite readers to read another link I gleaned from Xymphora this morning. It's called "All Roads Lead to Dark Winter" and is a lollapolusa of "foreknowledge" about US culpability in deliberately spreading bioweapons dating back to before the 9/11 atrocity.  Here's the trailer:

"The leaders of two controversial pandemic simulations that took place just months before the Coronavirus crisis – Event 201 and Crimson Contagion – share a common history, the 2001 biowarfare simulation Dark Winter. Dark Winter not only predicted the 2001 anthrax attacks, but some of its participants had clear foreknowledge of those attacks."


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Ed(itor) says: As I previously noted and wrote about in 2004, prominent CFR member Laurie Garrett (still in the news on coronavirus) projected a pandemic in remarks tin a Boston Globe article. Is the CFR a globalist think tank? Yes. Tapped into the Venn diagrammable pattern of "circles" from the Weishaupt/Rothschild/Marxist club in Germany that taught eugenics, Malthusian doctrine, and the use of secret societies that shared educational treatises and a policy curriculum, that overlap the Biilderbergers and the Rockefeller-supporrted institutes and his use of scenario0-based planning? Is this something not unlike Dick Cheney's use of "lessons learned", and his complete control of and use of military exercises? I'm sure I could dig a juicy quote or two out of the book "Perfectibilists"but let this suffice: "The best way to predict the future is to create it."