Thursday, February 13, 2020

"Everyone is out of step except my son John"

Israeli Soldiers on Parade

My mother, like all great mothers, had a saying for every occasion.  She had a particularly good one to comment drily when one of us [there were nine siblings] whined that we were being treated unfairly in comparison with the majority, whether it was at school or in the community.

If one of us asserted, like the mother watching the parade of soldiers go by and who proudly commented on her son's marching abilities in comparison with the hundred or so other soldiers:

 "Everyone is out of step except my son John."

It meant that our self-centred perspective on the situation caused us to skew the reality into a dilusionary, ridiculous and illogical status quo.

This is the situation that Israel is in most of the time vis a vis the rest of the planet but, in particular, in this latest report from the United Nations Human Rights Council.  According to the BBC, Israel is saying that the UN is biased against them because it revealed a list of corporations that support the illegal settlements that Israel is building in Palestine.  Here is a snippet from the report.  Please read and I will have comments to follow:

UN lists 112 businesses linked to Israeli settlements

...In 2016, the UN Human Rights Council mandated the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) to produce a database of companies involved in specific activities relating to settlements. The activities included:
- Supplying equipment and materials facilitating the construction and expansion of settlements and Israel's West Bank barrier
- Supplying equipment for the demolition of housing and property, and the destruction of farms, greenhouses, olive groves and crops
- Providing services and utilities supporting the maintenance and existence of settlements, including transport
- Banking and financial operations helping to develop, expand or maintain settlements and their activities, including loans for housing and businesses..."

    Greencrow says:  I did pull up the list and reviewed the companies on it.  Most of them were companies I'd never heard of, other then Airbnb, General Foods, and some travel app sites.  I have been boycotting companies that I associate with Israel for decades now.  That is my right.  Just like I'm sure that Israelis don't buy Iranian goods and services.

    As usual, USrael--just like the mother at the side of the road watching the parade of soldiers--made the ridiculous assertion that it was all the other countries in the United Nations that were "out of step", not the tiny, borderless entity.  Here's that Israeli gofer, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo refusing to accept the patent reality of the situation:

    Pompeo rejects UNHRC list of companies operating in occupied Palestine, accuses UN of ‘unrelenting anti-Israel bias’ 

    The ROTW [Rest of the World] is perfectly entitled to buy from where and who it chooses.  If a vast majority of countries in the world are choosing to boycott Israel...shouldn't Israel check its own behavior to see whether it's "in step" with normal human conduct?  But, no.  When you have a mother who relentlessly backs you, no matter how out of step you don't NEED to change.


    RickB said...

    Amen. Great stuff.

    Anonymous said...

    Ed(itor) says: "Brilliant. Superb. Beyond your usual ken.

    greencrow said...

    Hi RickB and Ed(itor)

    Thanks for your comments. Everyone has come across at least one of those mothers...who sticks up for her bully child no matter what. It's always somebody else's fault...not Johnny's. These types of mothers are frequently the same mothers who sob uncontrollably in the courtroom when Johnny is being tried for murder--and for being the monster he's turned out to be.

    Penny said...

    Hey Greencrow!

    The UN is the best friend Israel has ever had.
    Ever. It created the state and stands aside while it steals more land and abuses more people. It pays lip service to Israeli crimes in order to maintain it's air of legitimacy.
    But the idea that the UN would be 'tough on Israel' is not realistic. The UN provides opportunity after opportunity for Israel to play the antisemite card.

    greencrow said...

    "...the antisemite card..."

    This card is getting weaker by the day [and by the atrocity].

    RickB said...

    Wowzer! You're right. The way to create a monster is make the subject exceptional, beyond reproach. It's natural. I've said this before. Never thought of the mother of the monster.

    Anonymous said...

    And what I note in all this is the weaponisation of language.

    Hate Speech = What the other hates to hear

    Anti - Semite = Someone hated by the (((self-chosen)))

    and of course the latest one -

    Anti-(((failed state))) bias = telling the truth or exposing what is

    Perhaps it is only my warped view, but if one was the real beacon of light to the world, then one would not have to operate in the darkness.

    But again, it is only my warped view.