Friday, February 7, 2020

CHEK News--BC's ONLY Independent News TV Channel

I found it quite by accident.  CHEK news is the Victoria, BC based TV channel that I watch every evening now.  It has "Jeopardy!" on it, which is why I watch it most evenings at 7:30 p.m.  But then I started watching the 6 p.m. news on it as well and, low and behold, I wasn't nauseated by the newz... as I've been for the last 40 or so years.  I was actually able to sit through the entire half hour news broadcast...and even enjoyed hearing about all the parochial Vancouver Island issues...dogs allowed off leash by their asshole owners and chasing sheep around the pastures, that kind of thing.

As I watched it regularly over the past year and a half, I learned why I enjoyed the channel so much.  The TV station is employee owned and is the only independent TV channel in BC...perhaps in North America, for all I know.  I have since done some fact checking and according to Wikipedia, there are 108 channels in Canada, only eight of which are independent.  Now, how many of those Independent TV Stations are EMPLOYEE-OWNED, I can't say.  [LOL, checked again and, yes, CHEK is the only employee-owned TV Station in North America!!!]  The CHEK news is similar to the newZ on other stations...the same issues...but without the relentless, Ziofascist drum-beating.  The emphasis is on the people...the loggers embroiled in a battle to the death--six months long strike with the big Forestry Company; the First Nations trying to protect their lands and convince Big Oil that they don't always HAVE to go through First Nations lands.  There ARE other routes, dontcha know.

Amazingly, this rare find TV station, this jewel in a manure pile of dung, has been allowed to exist independently for 10 years now.  Ten years ago, the original CHEK station was owned by a major network that wanted to pull out of the small Victoria market.  The employees then banded together and bought the station.  Now that the market is growing there are now two other major networks doing local news and trying to drum the small independent CHEK TV channel out of bidness.  Three TV channels are currently therefore covering the same stories about dogs chasing sheep and the like.  That's how important it is for the Ziofascists to get and maintain control of EVERY SINGLE TV CHANNEL IN THE WEST.

Watching CHEK news could have been the reason that Harry and Megan decided to settle just outside of Victoria.  CHEK news has an official, stated policy of not covering the SussexRoyals and protecting their privacy from the paparazzi, who are now 24/7 skulking around the area...trying to hire boats to go out and photograph their home from the water and hiding in the underbrush of the nearby trails.  Perhaps Harry and Megan find CHEK even more rare and refreshing than I do...given their horrific experience with the mainZtream media.

So, I've added CHEK news to my Blogroll of favourite blogs and websites.  It's the only mainstream media TV channel on my blogroll.  Enjoy...while it lasts.

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