Thursday, January 9, 2020

SITREP : Iran’s IRGC Aerospace Chief on US casualties/damages/future retaliation steps--plus another False Flag?

that took Place in Philadelphia

The truth is as ugly as Sheldon Adelson's face.  The truth is that a small "tribal" group has taken over and occupied its American host.  This group has the historical ability to blackmail/shekel/deceive the nation/host and its "allies" [vassals] into all sorts of perpetual wars and hollow out all its institutions--but nobody can say anything in opposition--or they will be accused of racism.  This is the trick they always use:  You see, the tribal group is opposed to all humans outside its own group so it can't be racist itself.  Anyone who opposes it, however, because they don't universally oppose humanity...but only a tribal group...are deemed racist.  Watch the video linked above and see what their behaviour is like when some (((woke))) anti-war protestors try to "name" the cause of the next upcoming war on Iran.  They absolutely go ballistic!  No wonder Americans are terrified of their occupiers!  In the second of the two videos some of them are actually spitting--like reptiles...that's a typical cultural reaction of them when they're confronted with their deeds/plans.

Here's the current sitrep on what actually went down in Iraq when the Iranians fired missiles at a US base the other night.  It's copied by The Saker from the Middle East Observer.  Please read and I will have more comments to follow:


Commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Force General Amir Ali Hajizadeh reveals key details regarding the recent retaliatory Iranian ballistic missile attacks on US bases in Iraq.

Source: Iranian media: Al-Alam News/Fars News Agency

Date: 09/01/2020


– We struck with our missiles areas in the American airbase (in Iraq) that was used for equipping attack helicopters

– We were able to target the barracks of US soldiers in airbase but we avoided that because our aim was to target the command center

– We struck the US command center of the Ain al-Assad base and images reveal the extent of its destruction

– US President Trump use to visit Ain al-Assad airbase when he visits Iraq

– Our aim was to create terror and panic in hearts of US forces (in airbase)

– US forces transported its injured soldiers to Zionist entity (Israel) using 9 airplanes

– We have not heard of any targeting of American military bases without subsequent US retaliation ever since WWII

– What we heard from Trump is nonsense, America could have attacked Iran yet it was focusing on media action

– There are many targets in Iran yet America is unable to carry out such operations

– The world now knows who is the one that lost the battle

– US forces will inevitably leave the region

– The Resistance Axis is the one that will kick out American forces from the region

– There is no doubt that there are dead & injured among the US forces even though we targeted the base’s command centers

– The next step (of the response) will be carried out by the factions of the Resistance Axis

– The next response will not be merely a ‘slap’, but rather a step that will transform the situation of the region entirely

– Our first operation does not equal blood of the martyrs, the leader has announced that the retaliation will be achieved with the full withdrawal of US forces from region

– We are not criminals like the Americans, we could have targeted the residential buildings within the US base

– A new phase of the Revolution has begun with Soleimani’s martyrdom

– What’s important is we managed to break prestige of America

– We were expecting a response from US and we were prepared to respond to their response

– I tell the states overlooking Persian Gulf: America will not move to rescue you

– This is the first time that US bases are targeted since WWII

– During the operation targeting the US base we were expecting to receive a response, and we were prepared for all-out war

– We decided to target the largest US base and the furthest away from Iranian borders

– We were not looking to kill US soldiers with our missile attack, but surely many were killed

– We could have designed operation to kill 500 in the 1st step, & if they responded, we could have killed 4,000-5,000 in 2nd & 3rd steps."

Greencrow says So according to the Iranians there was massive destruction and many casualties resulting from their missile strike on the American base in Iraq.  IMO, this [damage to and casualties at the base] is not being talked about by Trump because he made a deal with Putin to de-escalate the rhetoric--in return for a "minimal" strike from the Iranians.   That was supposed to stave off WWIII.

But now we have another crisis brewing.  There are claims from the US that the Ukraine jet that went down outside of Tehran, Iran the night of the Iranian response was deliberate.  Well, for once I agree.  I do believe the jet was brought down as a false flag to be blamed on the Iranians.  Who was behind the false flag?  Qui bono?  Who wants to set USrael against the Iranians and destroy them?  IMO, the usual suspects.

There is a small chance it was Hezbollah...but I doubt that. Hezbollah would not set Tehran up like that.  It seems most plausibly a Ziofascist strike on the plane--in order to snatch war from the jaws of peace. Stay tuned for more developments in this fast moving crisis.


FreakedOut said...

Hi GC, seeing people act like the ones in the videos is proof they are part of a criminal tribe. They maybe sayanim(jewish helpers). The collective. Just proves everything I've been reading about "the Tribe".

greencrow said...

Hi FreakedOut:

It's always a shock to see them in action. I understand they're taking over entire communities in that region of the US and pushing all the goy out. This does not bode well for the US when it comes time for the inevitable reckoning.