Saturday, January 11, 2020

Nincompoop Genetically Unable to Reflect Nuanced Canadian Response to the World

Trudeau "Outraged and Furious"
[also eager to show off his new beard]

Le Dauphin continues to embarrass Canada on the world stage by publicly operating in the intellectual vacuum of his own vacuity.  He's genetically unable to respond in a nuanced way to what is, to any sentient person, a very complex set of facts.  I am referring to the shoot down of the Ukraine Jet over Tehran--which occurred subsequent to the USrael assassination of Iranian General Quassem Soleimani.  Trudeau simply cannot [or won't] connect the dots from one event to the other.  So he gives the world the unfortunate impression that Canadians are all superficial numbnuts.  Please read the following recent post from Paul Craig Roberts that contextualizes the tragedy as an example of such a nuanced analysis...and I will have more comments to follow:

The Danger In Threats

The high tensions caused by Washington between the US and Iran are to blame for the Ukrainian airliner that was shot down. “Human error at a time of crisis caused by US adventurism led to disaster.”

Just as the Iranian commander misinterpreted the airliner’s maneuver as a strike on a military base, an American or a Russian can conclude that a false warning of incoming ICBMs, of which the Cold War had many, is real. During the Cold War as each side was working to reduce tensions, there was no hair-trigger in place. Now that the US has caused high tensions with Russia as it has with Iran, false alarms are extremely dangerous. This is the message that Stephen Cohen, myself, and others have continually given. Hopefully, some good will come from the loss of 176 lives by sobering up the warharks in Washington who are forever issuing threats. The responsibility for raising tensions to such dangerous levels in both Iran and Russia is entirely Washington’s. This reckless and irresponsible behavior must stop before the unnecessary tensions cause Armageddon.

"Outraged and furious" is the one-dimensional, cartoonish role that Trudeau can play with ease.  All he has to do is completely ignore Iran's response to the realization that their missile brought down the plane.  Iran has publicly accepted responsibility, apologized, offered compensation to the families of the victims and made immediate offers to include other affected nations in the investigation process.  These inconvenient responses by Iran can simply be brushed aside in Trudeau's headlong race to "make political hay out of the situation--while the sun shines".

Folks, Canadians are capable of feeling empathy for the victims of the crash, while at the same time acknowledging the series of events that preceded and allowed the tragedy to unfold.  We have the capacity to understand that this plane crash did not occur under normal circumstances.  Iran was being threatened, targeted and attacked by USrael at the time the alleged misstep occurred.

Trudeau, once again, shows why he was reduced to a minority government leader in the last (s)election.  Le Dauphin cannot miss an opportunity to stick his foot in his mouth and/or take the low road when it comes to international relations.


Anonymous said...

I love that new look
He looks like he went to manhood and looks like a character in a movie
He will get away with everything
Waste of time
Something to be learned here

Reading between the lines said...

"sobering up the warharks in Washington who are forever issuing threats"
I seriously doubt this being possible and with Trudeau trying to change his image by growing some facial hair ,it is really still the same old who has become very much like Stephen Harper's double .