Sunday, January 19, 2020

Iranians slowly waking up to how they were False Flagged by USrael

Ukraine International Airlines flight PS752 was "accidentally
 shot down" by a missile in Iran, on January 8, 2020. 
"Even the Wreckage Cries
 Out For Justice"....gc

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.  ["I have sinned, I have sinned, I have grievously sinned"].  That is what the Iranians have been saying ever since the Ukraine passenger jet was shot down over skies near Tehran last January 8, 2020.  Western stooge "leaders", such as Justin "larme secousse" Trudeau, have been flagellating Iran with a diplomatic wet noodle ever since.

Now, just this morning PressTV [Iran's national news source] is reporting that experts in the ever-broadening field of USrael false flags [the cottage industry that has sprung up over the past 20 years or so] are saying that the shoot down was not Iran's fault at all.  It was yet another in the endless series of mass murder atrocities performed by the "usual suspects".  I suspected this the very instant that I read the news about the take down on January 8th...but then even I backed off, as Iran gallantly took responsibility for the shoot down, promising an open investigation and compensation to all victims' families.

If PressTV is calling the incident a False Flag blamed on Iran...then that can be considered the new official position of Iran.  Why is the Iranian government not openly blaming USrael?  IMO, it is so tensions will not consequently be raised further in the region.

Raising tensions in the region is the only weapon that the perps have left in their arsenal.  That, and false flags.  Otherwise, they are slowly but steadily losing the "perpetual" war in the Middle East.  What is the real cost of paying compensation to the victims of the latest USraeli crime...when compared with all the advantages of continuing on the steady path to victory [i.e., kicking the Ziofascists out of the Middle East?]  This, no doubt, is what the grand chess master Vladimir Putin has advised the Iranians.

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Karmellis said...

Hi Greencrow! :)

My first impression of this? Iran had struck some sort of arrangement that they would take the fall in exchange for some sort of deescalation. I am not saying I am right, but why would I think this?

- The considerable delay between the incident happening and saying it was their fault. They would known fairly early on if they had committed it (while our bought-and-paid-for Ministry of Truth came out and stated it like it was a matter-of-fact not long after the incident, which made zero sense to anyone that had been paying attention).
- Despite all the rhetoric, things seemed to have cooled off a little bit, plus no one seems to be pushing the whole reparations issue, international criminal proceedings, etc. (Aside from our Ministry of Truth that has yet to demonstrate that right now is a really good time to close their mouths and stop embarrassing themselves).

Now, I could be missing something here, but this seems to have been gone on the back burner.

Is PressTV shooting this off as a reminder of what would happen if this information becomes a lot more mainstream? That Americans (or their handlers) are (as usual) attacking and murdering civilians?

Now, this also has me thinking of something else... If the attack on the airplane did not come from the Iranian missile system, then where did it come from: Outside or within their borders? From outside their borders should raise a concern since that means their anti-air missile system did not stop the incoming missiles from destroying the plane, nor was anything done to the attacker (The same system that can circumvent a larger foreign plane to shoot down a smaller drone, as what happened several months ago). I think from inside makes more sense, given the lack of time any system would have had to intercept an incoming and that Iran has had previous experience with the t-word slipping through their borders and committing atrocities.

Another question: If this gets out that it was the usual handlers and/or their proxy that attacked and murdered Canadians, what will our 'brave and courageous' leader actually do? As tragic as the situation is, I cannot help but internally laugh at his inability to accomplish anything, internationally. He will wiggle around like a wet noodle while the dead continue to have no one to speak for them. Effectively, he will let them get away with murder. Handlers lie, Canadians die. What are lives lost compared to advancing a political agenda, huh? THIS is why I say our government is very much complicit in this tragedy. After all, it's okay to try and act all tough when it's time to accuse Iran of stuff, but we certainly would not want to speak anything bad about those who are busy running us into the ground, right?