Monday, January 27, 2020

Chinese Coronavirus Perp Drill/Hoax/Distraction but from what?...the Iraqi Effort to dislodge Occupiers?

Chinese Coronavirus Booghah Booghah

Another slow newz Monday morning and more of the latest perp drill...the Chinese Coronavirus Booghah, Booghah.  Anybody who doesn't recognize the done-to-death signature signs that this is a huge drill/global distraction is a Sheeple [which make up about 80% of humanity].  Here in Canada, one of the control hubs of the perps, we have the following ridiculous [to the sentient brain] headlines.  The first is from the CBC:

Second presumptive case of coronavirus diagnosed in Canada; first case confirmed

Folks, consider this.  You go into your doctor's office to get the results of a lengthy series of tests done on you to detect a serious disease like cancer.  The doctor sits you down, holds your hand and in a sonorous tone tells you that you have a "presumptive" case of cancer.  What would be your reaction?  The use of such a pathetically unscientific term should tip everyone off.  But nooooooooo. Here's another headline:

19 in Ontario being investigated for coronavirus after 1 case confirmed, 1 presumed

Lol.  Why didn't they say 19,000 being investigated for coronavirus.  That would have been impressive.  The first number is supposed to scare the reader and distract from the second number [one confirmed case] or the third [one "presumed].  Why would you "presume" that a case is the coronavirus?  Why wouldn't you confirm if confirmation is such a serious bidness with this disease?

Only a very few sentients see this farce for what it actually is:  a World wide drill of the bioweapons labs including the CDC and the WHO to make sure there aren't any "off message" types working there or reporting in the MZM.  In order for the parade of False Flags to continue manipulating humanity, they MUST have regular drills to root out any truth tellers who might have seeped into the system by accident.  Even the supposedly uncorrupted media like RT are on board with these drills for whatever reason.  I guess if they're not they risk being "sanctioned" off the Internet completely.

Here's what my intrepid truth-telling colleague, Northerntruthseeker

Northerntruthseeker in Natural Habitat

is reporting about the drill/hoax from the depths of the frozen boreal forests in north/central Canada:

The Corona Virus Hysteria: 8 Things To Consider Before Panicking About The Coronavirus!

The point out of the eight things to consider that I like the best is that this is just the latest of a never-ending series of terrible diseases that come and go like the winter snows.  H1NI or whatever was the last one...long gone now.  This one will disappear soon as USrael finds another "enemy du jour" and leaves China alone.

Cryptogon reported the other day that there was a mysterious incident at a Canadian Infectious Disease Lab last summer that may have some gonnection with what's going on now.

July 2019: Chinese Researcher Escorted from Canadian Infectious Disease Lab Amid RCMP Investigation

There certainly is a mystery surrounding why there are/were so many westerners living in the "ground zero" Chinese city of Wuhan Give me the answer to that question, and I'll tell you a lot more about this latest hoax/distraction/drill.  But, in the meantime...another clue is that somebody is also making a quick buck off the "presumptive" pandemic.  This from CTV:

Pandemic video game 'Plague Inc.' surges in popularity as coronavirus spreads

Well, they made big bucks off short selling on airline shares before 9/11 didn't they?  There has to be a money angle to it.  The perps particularly like it when the taxpayers shoulder the cost of the entire 9/11.... or in this case when the "governments" are all running around at taxpayer expense along with government funded international agencies like WHO.  Gotta pay those high salaried pseudo-scientists in those bio-weapons labs, dontchaknow.

But, what geopolitical situation is in need of distraction from?  Just look around....we have 2.5 million Iraqis marching to city centre Baghdad demanding that the Satanists leave the country.  Then we have a steady stream of bombs going off in "The Green Zone".  

"Trump’s Katyusha Conundrum: Unguided Artillery Deployed by Iraqi Insurgents against US Occupation Forces"

This is BIG newz.  But, did any of it reach the tiny, microscopic brains of the USraeli sheeple who have their mushy little minds pummeled daily with a relentless diet of celebrity/sports/hoax/celebrity/sports/hoax/celebrity/sports/hoax. No?  Well then, mission accomplished!

Can you imagine the MZM getting away with having NO coverage at all about the above two developments [massive opposition to occupation and emergence of counter attacks] in Iraq?  Hey, that's what pandemics are FOR.

Finally, I have a few words from a regular reader who sent this brief commentary to my in basket yesterday:

I believe everyone should pay at least a little attention to Armstrong.

Once head of Princeton Economics.
Genius in his own way.
Advisor to all, but also to governments and largest investors .
Theory of cyclical events.
Hated by many.
Once imprisoned because would not co operate with corruption

No matter how drowned/drenched humanity sinks into the black sewage of perp lieZ...the truth will emerge, rise up and shine out of the darkness. And, so I carry on, waiting for the coming of the 100th monkey messiah.


Northerntruthseeker said...

THANKS for the link to my article about this Corona Virus hysteria..

And your picture of me caught me on an off day... I had just finished a fine meal and was awaiting on my next victim to pounce on when someone took the picture!

greencrow said...

Yes, NTS, you DO look like the cat that ate the canary ; )

Anonymous said...

Stay away from Chinese establishments
Sanctions from the people
No more Chinese food

Anonymous said...

If they are gonna alarm us on some manufactured virus
Let us play along
Stay away from all Chinese
Then let us start shipping all Chinese out of our country or quarantine them
After all we do have this China sancations or whatever the Trump says about China
The manufactured fight while we let Chinese buy our country out
If it is sooooooo bad
Get them out of here
Trump and others say they laugh at us
Let us take action now and make Amerika great again

FreakedOut said...

I think clean healthy living(exercise and whole foods) will protect one from the "boogah...boogah"! No vaccines!
Check your vitamin d3 levels!

Jody Paulson said...

How many of these dumb hoaxes have we had to put up with in the past several years? Swine flu, bird flu, smallpox, H1N1, Ebola ... thanks for posting this, Greencrow.

Reading between the lines said...

They will not be able to contain this virus .I have alerted my children to stock up on antivirals ,such as echinacia , olive leaf extract and others .Also immune system boosters such as Astragulus and others . We will just have to weather whatever is coming . Also for children with fevers it will be important that the fever is monitored but unless the red line is crossed ,let the fever do what it is supposed to do and that is to kill the virus .
Am not a doctor by any means .Just have done extensive research on natural health therapies with all it encompasses.
To your good health.

greencrow said...

Hi RBTL and all:

The real mystery is why there have been no REAL pandemics...given the access the perps have to germ warfare and other biological weaponry. It's a tribute to the intrinsic health of the human body that we've withstood their regular assaults.

Anonymous said...

It is job creation
This is a new field of operation
I just watched a soundbite from the talking heads
We are setting up quarantine stations and screening people coming from China
I yell at the TV talking head
Some female in charge of this
Let us ban all Chinese people entering our country
Let us send them bag
We do not need more duel citizens making money and going back to the motherland
Keep them out
It started in China
Case closed
Job creation is more important
All these geeks in there crazy suits
It looks like a movie
It is no different than 911
Airport security and job creation
Now germ threat
Make shift hosptals to check them out
Stay away from Chinese establishments
Case closed
Making Amerika great again
Man is that a pipe dream
That solution is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy to obvious
Job creation