Thursday, December 12, 2019

Well I guess I won't be watching the 2020 Olympics EITHER. WADA ban on Russian Athletes

RT Explains the WADA SCAM 
Attack on Russia

The faux Sports Organization/Ziofascist Intelligence Attack Tool on Russia is at it again.  WADA, which stands for World Anti-Doping Association or, more accurately, "Western Attack on Democratic Athleticism" is back playing political games with the Olympics and other international sports events.  The West is terrified of the allure of Russian sportsmanship.  It is particularly afraid that the Russians will win some Olympic or other world class sports event and, horror of all horrors...the Russian National Anthem will be played on the Western mainZtream media.

The West is Terrified that the Beautiful
Russian Anthem Will Hypnotize
 Western Sports Enthusiasts

The Russian National Anthem is universally stirring and the perps don't want Western slaves/sheeple to hear it--and thus be less inclined towards Russophobia(TM) which is the latest globalist cabal caper.

So they've endowed this WADA with the power to be police, judge, jury and executioner of Russian international sports participation.  Nobody is to question this weird power...not even the Olympic bureaucrats themselves.

The West has chosen international sports as the new battlefield of the latest manifestation of the cold war that has been simmering against Russia ever since Russia kicked out the Bolsheviks...which of course were the forerunners of the ziofascist parasitic occupiers currently hollowing out the United States.

WADA has set up a typical "no win" situation for Russia.  It says it must get the authentic evidence of doping results from the Russian lab...but then when Russia says it has already sent the evidence...WADA declares that that evidence was not the "real" evidence. And so the ban is put into force.  It's a variation of the old "prove a negative" scam.  "Tell me when you stopped beating your wife"...kind of thing.

The proof that the entire production is a scam is in the timing.  The announcement was timed to coincide exactly with Putin meeting with the "Normandy Four"...France, Germany and forge a lasting peace in one of the most recent wars being fought for the Jews...the Ukraine Civil War that began in 2014 after the US State Dept. spent 4 billion fomenting unrest in Ukraine and paying the snipers that shot at both sides in the Maidan Square in Kiev.

This is really what its all about...political timing.  Please read the following report from Iran's PressTV and I will have more comments to follow:


Moscow, Kiev agree on ‘comprehensive ceasefire’ in Eastern Ukraine 

The leaders of Russia, Ukraine, France, and Germany have agreed to implement a “full and comprehensive” ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine after top-level negotiations.

The deal was declared on Monday, December 9, 2019, in a joint communiqué issued by the four leaders after a summit in Paris.

"The sides commit to a full and comprehensive implementation of the ceasefire, strengthened by the implementation of all necessary ceasefire support measures, before the end of the year 2019," said the final communiqué.
The summit, brokered by the French and German leaders, will result in the release and exchange of all "conflict-related detainees" by the end of the year.

The two sides also pledged to disengage military forces in three additional regions of Ukraine by the end of March 2020, without specifying which regions would be affected.


Greencrow says: GAWD! It's awful when you've spent billion$ of taxpayer dollars setting up one of those delicious permanent wars--when suddenly peace breaks out!  What's a Satanic entity to doooooooooo!???  So all they can do is quietly gnash their blood-soaked fangs--and rub their hands with glee when their owned and operated MZM reports, on the very same day, that Russia is banned from International Sports Events for four years!  That's four years of no Russian National Anthem!

But wait!  Russia will appeal Olympic Ban - Putin  Oh no.  That will mean another whole sh!tload of bribes and bullying necessary to defeat the Russian appeal.  Drat!

I didn't watch the winter Olympics last time because the Russian flag and National Anthem were banned.  The only event I watched was the final game of men's hockey which Russia won.  If the ban is not successfully appealed I guess I won't be watching international sports events for at least four years.  I absolutely refuse to watch a sports event that is so blatantly politically discriminatory.  Now, that's cheating!!!

In the meantime, here's my readers and my fix of the Russian National Anthem...for now.

Russian National Anthem


Northerntruthseeker said...

Heck, the Summer games in Tokyo will be the radioactive games of course... Thanks to the still ongoing disaster at nearby Fukushima..

Maybe this is actually giving the Russian athletes a break, for they will not have to go to Tokyo and leave that radioactive hell with a "healthy glow"!

greencrow said...

Russian athletes CAN go to the games and participate in them, they just can't wear Russian uniforms, fly the flag or play the anthem. It's an Assholian attack. The Assholians should be made to fly a flag that is truly representative of THEIR culture. One with a big @$$hole on it! lol I made myself laugh.