Sunday, December 8, 2019

TMX Opposed by BC Cities of Vancouver, Burnaby and Victoria - So What!?

TMX on Burnaby Mountain - This is the same mountain
that is a home to Simon Fraser University. 
When I moved to BC back in the late 1960's
 the BC government was saying that
Burnaby Mountain was the "lungs"
 of the Lower Mainland and would never
 be de-forested. Just another lie.

My blood pressure went off the charts yesterday.  Not only has my Google gmail gone down mysteriously, but I read and posted about a CTV report on a NANOS poll that said that three out of five Canadians supported the TMX.  I felt like I received a slap across the face when I read in the CTV article about Canadians in several provinces and their views on the pipeline. The views of British Columbians, however, were totally missing!  Like we don't exist!  I noted shortly after posting that article that the offensive CTV article was moved from the front pages to the back pages of the CTV website.  Perhaps I wasn't the only offended person.

Today. I read another article in the Vancouver Sun about the TMX construction that is already going on in the lower mainland and elsewhere in Canada.  "Shovels are in the ground(TM)" is the impression given. It's as if...once that happens...there can be no turning matter what the opposition or how long it has been voiced and expressed in numerous legal actions.

Construction crews remain busy driving piles for new facilities at Trans Mountain’s Westridge marine terminal on Burrard Inlet and clearing land at the Burnaby Mountain terminus of its pipeline, but industry leaders remain apprehensive about the expansion project.

At least the Vancouver Sun article doesn't insult British Columbians--by pretending there is no opposition.  Here are the relevant paragraphs that inform readers that there are serious objections:

Judy Wilson, secretary treasurer for the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs and Chief of the Neskonlith First Nation in B.C.’s interior, said she will “continue doing what we need to do” to uphold the collective rights of First Nations people....

...Wilson argued that Aboriginal title to territorial land still rests with the First Nations families associated with those areas, not Band Councils, and government hasn’t received their consent, under the principles of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Plus cities such as Vancouver, Burnaby and Victoria remain opposed to the project, so “it is a wider issue.”

“They can do all the photo ops they want, but there are substantive issues that haven’t been dealt with,” Wilson said.

Hounsel [TMX project spokeswoman Ali Hounsel] said the agreements that Trans Mountain has with First Nations are for the project’s right of way and “demonstrate the breadth” of support for it. She added that the agreements aren’t closed, the company is in continuing discussions with First Nations.

“We’ll continue to build with the appropriate permits and approvals in place,” Hounsel said. “If there are challenges, it doesn’t negate the approvals we have until such time as they are upheld in court.

The Vancouver Sun report doesn't mention that the agreements TMX has with First Nations are in Alberta--not British Columbia.  The other important point to note is the specific mention by Wilson of UNDRIP, which is the United Nations Declaration of Rights of Indigenous Peoples which BC formally signed onto two weeks ago.  I said at the time that BC signing onto UNDRIP is a huge part of BC's legal strategy to kill the TMX.

Now, all we're waiting for is the Supreme Court of Canada to make its decision regarding BC's "reference" to it.  Now, dear readers, do you really think that the Supreme Court of Canada will contravene/ignore UNDRIP?  If that happens, IMO, the legal system of Canada will experience the equivalent of a tsunami and an earthquake all at the same time.  I don't know how British Columbians will respond to that slap in the face.

All I can say is...however we react...the ROC may not even hear about it by reading their MZM.  Stay tuned here for more developments.


Anonymous said...

Poor Jason Kenney, maybe during his years in federal politics he should have addressed pipeline issues rather than vehemently supporting bombing brown people in the middle east at the behest of Washington and Israel. He is morally bankrupt and been on the wrong side of every important issue during his career as a politician. His political career is dominated by a near constant record of purveying of lies and deceit.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

It was "landlocked" Jason Kenny who first brought up "Wexit" i.e., we'll take our marbles and go home. BC is at risk of being environmentally, culturally and economically destroyed, yet we never brought up leaving...until we found ourselves totally ignored by the MZM.

Anonymous said...

Hi Greencrow,

Wexit supporters forget that BC can survive quite adequately without Alberta's marbles. The Trans Mountain pipeline can be turned off completely and the existing Tanker traffic can be reversed to bring crude from elsewhere to supply the refinery at Burnaby Mtn, problem solved on this end.

Also, the day after Wexit, Albertans can kiss their free healthcare goodbye.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

The Shale mining in Alberta is unsustainable and uneconomical over the long term. Just the waste of precious fresh water to "frack" the oil out of the ground is environmentally insane.

I have believed for many years that Alberta has been infiltrated by those who would manipulate its dependency on unsustainable energy to destroy Canada.