Saturday, December 14, 2019

Perfidious Politics - Goodbye, Andrew Scheer; Goodbye Jeremy Corbyn

Canadian Conservative Opposition Leader
Andrew Scheer "stepping away" from Leadership

What happened in politics this past week is a textbook case (or cases) on why no sane person would ever get involved as a candidate in a so-called modern "Democracy".  First, let's look at the case of the sudden resignation of Andrew Scheer, the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada...that came second in the recent election resulting in a minority Canadian parliament.  Here is the announcement of Scheer's resignation and I will have more comments to follow:


OTTAWA (NEWS 1130) – Andrew Scheer is stepping down as the Conservative leader. He told his caucus Thursday morning he will step down when a new leader is chosen. The resignation comes as a surprise, as Scheer has repeatedly said he would stay on — despite the disappointing loss in the last federal election.

He addressed the House of Commons saying this was one of the most difficult decisions he has made.

“Serving as the leader of the party that I love so much has been the opportunity and challenge of a lifetime. This was not a decision I came to lightly,” he says. “This has been an incredible challenge for our family..."


Greencrow says:  The Toronto political scene has been agitating for Scheer's resignation ever since the (s)election.  When he didn't immediately submit it, they resorted to the usual political dirty tricks.  They pretended that Scheer had cheated the party out of funds which he diverted to his children's private school fees.  As if that wouldn't have been an agreement between all the parties for years, ever since Scheer became leader.  This, of course stinks to high heaven as pundit Rex Murphy says in the following snippet from his op-ed on the topic:

"...if there was disenchantment with Scheer’s performance (and there was), with a Conservative convention on the horizon [next April] the proper thing was to wait for it. And at convention allow the membership of the Conservative party — from all corners of Canada, not just the Toronto-to-Ottawa “insiders and activists” — to have a full debate and open vote on the leadership.

I have no inside or privileged insight into the operations of the Conservative party. None. But there is something about Scheer’s abrupt departure Thursday that is very sour. All the criticisms of his performance stand. That he was not aggressive enough in going after the Liberals and particularly Trudeau for their various and multiple flaws. That he was not “inspirational” or that he was “Liberal” lite. Have at him on these points and others...

"...There is something very not right about this whole operation. Something, if I may fall back on the precision of the Newfoundland vocabulary, something “very cute.” You do not position your party to be the ethical and pragmatic choice to replace the Trudeau Liberals by ruthless gamesmanship and insider manipulation. 
I agree wholeheartedly with Stockwell Day on this matter. And even those within Conservative ranks who do feel Scheer was inadequate as a leader should view the matter of his departure as unfair and cold.

Greencrow says:  No sentient human would willingly and knowingly submit their reputation and that of their family to such perfidious political gamesmanship as what was used to pry Scheer from his position.  The only entities who would are febrile and corrupt fly-by-nights...which of course abound in today's political arenas all around the world.

But that IS the way the game is played, folks...and that's why so-called democracies all over the Western world are "led" by puppetry and chancers.

This morning we find that Scheer is facing an "internal audit" "Thanks a lot for your years of service, Andrew!"  Regular readers know that I was not a fan of nor supporter of Andrew Scheer.  He could have easily pulled off a majority government in the contest between him and the reviled Trudeau...but his rigidity and his inability to reflect the needs and wishes of the majority of discontented Canadians--that we desperately want a foreign policy re-set, particularly with Russia and China--meant that he offered exactly NOTHING to the voter.  Sadly, he could not see that. Plus, he was not up front with Canadians about his dual [US and Canadian] citizenship.

But that still doesn't mean he needs to be treated like shit on the Conservative shoe.  I believe the voters will remember this ignominy come the hopefully sooner than later collapse of the Trudeau minority government.

And it still does not change the fact that there are ABSOLUTELY NO ((((LEADERS))) TO VOTE FOR IN CANADA!

The other political seismic shift heard and felt around the world this past week was the (s)election in the UK.  Boris Johnson's Conservatives won a landslide against Labour's Jeremy Corbyn.  This result was effected by exactly the same kind of despicable chicanery as was perpetrated against Andrew Scheer by the Toronto "activists" this past week.  There were relentless unproven charges of "antisemitism" leveled against Corbyn--from the first week he became leader of Labour.  The party split in two--with the Jewish element running a broadside attack against Corbyn throughout his term as leader.

Why Corbyn Lost UK Election and What Role Antisemitism Played

So, in truth, the UK  (s)election was more like the ones being held in Israel these days--Jewish factions battling it out for the corpus delecti.  In Israel, the charged-with-corruption Netanyahu has been running the government literally for years without a democratic mandate...while an endless series of (s)elections are called...each one ending up in a "tie".  The Israeli regime continually slipping its democratic veneer [three elections in a year] like a snake sheds its skin.

Perhaps that's the future of all democracies in the West.  Minority government--or "Jewish majorities" like the one just (s)elected in the UK.  Or continual, hung or "minority" parliaments.  The structure of Democracy no longer allowed in its true form...only a horribly distorted/mangled version permitted anywhere.

Yesterday, I saw there was fighting in the streets of London between the anti-Brexiteers and the police. I wondered...if it was such a "landslide victory", why are they fighting in the streets?  Why did Boris get a landslide if the numbers between the pro and anti Brexit supporters are so close?  What happened? Did the anti-Semitic accusers of Corbyn drown out the anti-Brexiteers? And what about the potential break-up of the UK--with the departures of Northern Ireland and Scotland...which will result from this "landslide"? Was this potential break-up an intended consequence?!

Is that the future of Democracy?  Every single election in the West will be a vote based on proving support for the Jews and their policies of Ziofascist neo-liberalism...such as transgenderism, LGBTBQ and the like.  We know that was at the heart of the problem with Scheer.  Yes, he was hopelessly backward when it came to foreign policy and Canada's role on the international stage. THAT didn't bother them a whit. The thing that really caused the Toronto "insiders" to turn on him last week--like a pack of jackals bringing down a wounded gazelle on the African savanna--was his visceral rejection of the Ziofascist "divide and conquer" LGBTQXYZ agenda.


wallflower said...

Well written post GC. I wish your articulate wording could be blasted in a major newspaper...but nooooooooo! :)
As I was reading your post I couldn't help but think this: With all the jew 'dual' citizens in every nation, I pictured in my mind them running back and forth from israel and 'other' nation when voting comes around. Running all of them to vote in their 'other' nations voting scheme and hijacked citizenship bs. Not discounting the absolute FRAUD and "chicanery" and "chancery" leading the pack. This is what happened in the Wiemar Republic before the rise of Nazi Germany. The goy Germans were sick and tired of the absolute corruption that took Germany completely down. Now we are all in that same 'Wiemar' corruption. Combine that with the murderous total take over of the Bolsheviks in Russia...and we see the complete picture. History repeats...if one knows the true history. I would love to see you run for a position GC, LET THEM HAVE IT!!!!

wallflower said...
The (((Frankfurt School))) Plan to Subvert Morality & Destroy Nations

...another spot on post by Greg Bacon

greencrow said...

Hi Wallflower:

Thanks for your comments and "vote" of confidence:

"...I would love to see you run for a position..."

I think I've told readers the story about my one brush with active politics in the late 1980's and early 1990's. I was appalled by the ruthlessness of it all. I worked for a couple of years with my MP on a stand against the Meech Lake accord...only to find out by watching the newz that he had switched his position at the last moment to being in support of the doomed accord. He was never elected to any office again. If he had remained against the accord he would have had a much longer career.

Seeing how politics operates up close and personal reminds me of a place I visited when we toured China. It was a huge subterranean shop where they kept all sorts of live fish, snakes, rabbits and other creatures...only to butcher them on the spot if a customer picked one out for his dinner that evening. They killed the snakes by turning them inside out while they were still alive. Seeing that is as close as you will get to politics without actually being

Penny said...

Scheer was forced out- no doubt of that.. dirty tricks.
Trudeau has appointed Freeland minister of pretty much everything- making her the PRIME Minister- he'll continue being the pretty face/distraction- what evil they will get up to...... It's going to get ugly. Far quicker then were ready for.

Corbyn was never going to win.

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Freeland is certainly taking over the reins of power in Ottawa...even though she's reviled pretty much everywhere else. Ziofascist politics are, necessarily, bubble politics.


Anonymous said...

We're not there yet, but I do wonder when we actually hit "peak zionism". The hubris is near crescendo and these controllers do not even make the slightest attempt to hide their actions as well as their contempt for humanity.

I would like to be proven wrong but I fear the ultimate outcome is not going to be a pretty sight.

greencrow said...

Anonymous says:

"...the ultimate outcome..."

You mean the same outcome that has happened over 900 times in recorded history?