Tuesday, December 31, 2019

New Year's Greetings from Greencrow

Winter Solstice Crow

Good morning Readers.  This is a very busy and special day so I will make my New Year's message short.  Today is my birthday and I am expecting family to arrive shortly.  We are not only welcoming a New Year tonight at midnight but we're welcoming a new decade.  I never thought I'd live long enough to see the 2020's!  But here we are.

Things are heating up once again in the Middle East, particularly Iraq which I wrote about yesterday.  Today some headlines are reading that the US has "evacuated" their Green Zone Embassy in Iraq.  I doubt that.  This Embassy is a hardened military barracks...built specifically to withstand assaults from the locals.

But, the writing is definitely on the wall.  USrael is hated throughout the Middle East and the Iranians and their allies [notably the Russians] are moving into bases that the US has been forced out of or abandoned.  The circle is closing.  Weirdly, Americans are absolutely in the dark about the impending implosion of their Empire.  Clutching their IPhones and glued to their Jew Spew Media [as my blogging colleague Northerntruthseeker calls it] they have been swaddled in cotton batting and "protected" [actually left abandoned and exposed] to the coming Armageddon.  I see the ignorance up close and personal with my own younger family members and their friends.  They see all the political correctness as a step forward--and not the leap backward into rigidity, isolation and a Victorian-style anti-humanism....the laws of LGTB are not the laws of nature.

But, in the end it's all a distraction from the impending collapse...the sexual bullshit and the climate bullshit.  I'm still waiting for SOMEONE to ask what the hell chemtrails have to do with climate change.  Are they connected?  Whoever is ordering them...is that entity also behind the climate bugaboo?

But, I digress.

All I really wanted to do in this post is to wish each and everyone of my readers a Happy New Year 2020 and a Healthy and Prosperous Decade to come!


wallflower said...

Well Happy Happy to you for double wishes GC! I agree with you 100%. To see the writing on the wall concerning the smokescreen the masses live by...it will be all too late to question anything like with all the past atrocities too numerous to count. We don't have an excuse anymore not since 20 years at least because of the Internet. Grace will certainly leave this nation as expected by myself. So until then we keep the crows fed and their habitat hopefully sustained. I have to say on behalf of watching those very intelligent birds at length, they have an ability to survive great odds. They warn. They protect. They are always united with a mission. And never are they cowering in fear. I've even witnessed them standing by whilst smaller birds can get their fill before embarking the leftovers. If only humans could be more like the kingdom that was made before them, we would all be at peace. See you in 2020!

tsisageya said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GREENCROW!!! Thank you for everything even if sometimes I think you're wrong.

HAPPY 2020!!!

I love your carvings and other crafts. I admire you.

Anonymous said...

If Amargedan comes
Pleazzzze make sure they stay away from innocent sheeple and go after the real tyrants of this sick country of freedom
Every town hall around here persecute and condemn people with there oppression and tyranny
In my opinion
Those are the ones that need a lesson
Those are the ones who serve for freedom then oppress and intimidate the rest of us under there guise
Those are the ones who say we are a nation of laws
Under my breath
I say a nation under oppression
But I think the greencrow will be wrong
It will be business as usual
And the machine will still keep a rolling
But if it is to come
Pleazzzzze do not be like our country and kill and mame innocent sheeple
Go after the true scumbags that go through life delusional and think they are law abiding citizens when all they really are is just law abiding crooks
Those are my wishfull thoughts to the make believe god in the sky
Funny after being persecuted
I always wished to the gods for annihilation
I wanted to see it happen for I saw the truth of the sickness of this land
At times it seems like it is coming
I have seen players or delusional scum go down in flames and I thank the imagery god
Gee is that coindidence or the answer????
Who cares
Justice wuz served
Be above us and go after the real scum
Avoid the slaving sheeple
If they act like us and eliminate the sheeple
They did not cure the disease
Every day is the same
Who cares It is just another day
Your prediction sounds kool
But in reality
It will be just another year
Plenty of issues to type about
Plenty of stories to gossip about
In at the end of next year I will still say
Great entertainment
Better than watchin a movie
That is what it is to me

Penny said...

Happy Birthday GC as well as best wishes for 2020

FreakedOut said...

Happy New Year GC!
Thanks for all the great blog posts!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, New Decade, and Happy Birthday, GC!

Like you, I never thought I would make it this far given many challenges I have faced.

May God grant you many years!(as we Orthodox Christians say).

Thank you for your blog, please continue.


Anonymous said...

What Russia is doing in Syria
No different than what we did in Iraq
All countries are the same
Innocent people are dying from the stuff they are dropping from the sky
I call them sky fairies

Reading between the lines said...

All the best to you crow also for the new year and to all the contributors to your blog.
I'm with you also on the connection between our climate and the chemtrails also but few are asking the question ,let alone acknowledging the chemtrails to begin with.

Reading between the lines said...

@ anonymous"What Russia is doing...."
Except that Russia was asked to come and help Syria in supporting the annihilation of ISIS and the socalled mild / moderate cut throats vs no one asked the US to come and help for anything in Iraq .The destruction of Iraq caused by the US speaks for itself.
You are either a troll or very ignorant of recent history.So don't even try to compare
Russia to the rogue administration of the United States government .

greencrow said...

"...What Russia is doing in Syria
No different than what we did in Iraq..."

This is the spew that results from Western media newZ.