Monday, November 4, 2019

UPDATED: I Lied....The United States will NEVER stop Lying!

UPDATED: November 6, 2019 RT has an update on the US occupation of Syrian Oil Fields.  Please read the details HERE.  Only when Syrian President [and legal landlord] Bashar al Assad begins to send US soldiers home in body bags will Americans even know, much less object, to the daylight robbery going on by USrael.

A Syrian boy on his bicycle looks at a convoy of US armored
 vehicles patrolling fields near the northeastern town
 of Qahtaniyah at the border with Turkey,
 on October 31, 2019. (By AFP)

In my previous post on USrael's fucking around with the sovereign state of Syria and stealing its oil, I alleged that USrael had lied its last lie.  After over 300 years of constant lying about everything, including its foundation, its history and all of its accomplishments...the BIG USrael lie that it could steal Syrian oil with impunity would be its "last lie".  I based this assertion on Russia's recent threat to intervene to protect Syria's sovereign right and the rule of International law.  I lied.

Even when writing that post I knew that the United States of Israel would...nay, COULD never stop lying.  I wrote that post as sort of a planetary "dream/prayer", that the nightmare of the United States of Israel in this galaxy could finally end.

On the contrary, according to thetruthseeker, USrael is rebuilding one of its earlier, demolished, military bases in Syria.  And according to an article in RT, the US is violating its own anti-Syrian sanctions by smuggling crude from oil fields it seized from Damascus.  Please read the following snippet describing the extent of the USrael "daylight robbery" of Syria and I will have more comments to follow:

A supposed champion of the rule of law, the US is violating its own anti-Syrian sanctions by smuggling crude from oil fields it seized from Damascus, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova has said.

Each month the US smuggles crude worth $30 million out of Syria,
according to Zakharova. The fuel comes from fields in the northeastern part of the country, where the US maintains a military presence after pulling its troops back from the Syrian-Turkish border.

“A nation that repeats ad nauseam that it sticks to democratic values and rule of law in international relations, is pumping oil… under a pretense of fighting ISIL,” the official said, using an outdated name for terrorist group Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL).

Oil fields in the Deir ez-Zor governorate, east of the River Euphrates, were captured by US-backed Kurdish militias as they advanced on IS forces. Washington makes no secret of the fact that it keeps an illegal military presence in the area in order to deny Damascus access to the natural resources that it has every right to possess under international law.

The US considers the Syrian government illegitimate and has used various means to attempt to topple it over the past eight years, from imposing harsh economic sanctions to arming and training whoever was willing to fight against Damascus. The fact that the US banned oil trade with Syria and is now smuggling oil out of it is particularly ironic, Zakharova said.


Greencrow says:  The most diabolical thing about the United States of Israel is that it gamely lies--even to itself.  It says it will remove its illegal military from Syria...even as it builds more bases and steals the property of the sovereign nation of Syria.

Nobody believes anything it says anymore.  Syrian President Bashar al Assad gave a recent TV interview expressing his belief that the USrael-created ISIS will come back, in some form or other. Even I knew that the United States of Israel could never stop more than a python snake can  willingly unwrap itself from its victim.  No...once the snake has coiled itself around a victim, its very nature compels it to start constricting the coils ever tighter, cutting off the blood supply to the the victim. That's what's going on as USrael steals the oil [economic life blood] from Syria.

That is the way snakes operate.  It's nature.  Russia--and the rest of the world--knows there is only one way to stop the snake.  Only when THAT happens will the lying finally stop.

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Anonymous said...

Syria and Iraq both have their oil smuggled by the "Steady State", Big Oil. First it was supposedly ISIS trucking it up to Turkey, now they don't even bother with a 'cover story' they've exposed themselves as pirates without shame.
While they are at it they have used the jihadists to annihilate the Yazidis a Christian/Zoroastrian sect.
They are Kurdish but don't buy into SDF socialism or Arab Sunni Islam.
Speaking of ISIS did you hear Tulsi Gabbard's take on them;

"End Our Unholy Alliance With Saudi Arabia"

Read a great piece in that is right in your field of knowledge.

Garuda sending blessings.