Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Chrystia Freeland as Canadian Deputy Prime Minister

Chrystia Freeland during Recent Election Campaign

Canadians are rightly concerned about Trudeau's upcoming cabinet shuffle.  According to rumours in the mainZtream newZ, le Dauphin is going to switch Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland to a domestic portfolio and make her "Deputy Prime Minister".  During Trudeau's first mandate there was no Deputy Prime Minister. Here is what Xymphora had to say the other day:


Tweet (trapdinawrpool):

"Freeland drives this government's foreign policy which has seen it not only offer support for right wing coups but at times be an active participant instead of the media calling this out they call for her to become deputy PM and opine that she is Trudeau's natural replacement"

and here is an e-mail I received from a concerned reader:

Hi Greencrow,

Have you heard the latest unsettling news from Ottawa. It's rumored that Trudeau is being urged to make Freeland deputy prime minister. This fits in with what you have been saying all along.

*groan!!* According to the article, Freeland "enjoys her role as Foreign Affairs Minister". I would say she does! And that's not a compliment.

Please keep up the good work. So many Canadians seem "asleep", so it's nice to find one who stays on top of geopolitical events."

[a reader]


Greencrow says: One thing for sure, they're not responding to my recent post saying that the Liberals lost their majority due mainly to the degradation of Canada's place in the world caused by Chrystia Freeland's Sorosian subversive influence on Canadian foreign policy.

It never works like that anymore.  Used to be, if Canadians didn't like something and exerted pressure...the government would respond.  Now, the people behind the curtain who REALLY run Canada from south of the border don't give a flying hoot about what Canadians think.  So the PTB have obviously assessed that Freeland has made an "indelible" mark on Canadian foreign policy that cannot be changed [i.e., rectified] and so she must move on to do the same job in domestic policies as a prelude to taking over the prime ministership when the inevitable chickens come home to roost on Justin re all the corrupt carryings on in the SNC Lavalin affair and the Meng Wanzhou Travesty of Justice.

I STILL maintain that there was an effort towards regime change in Canada just before the last (s)election and Freeland was suppose to take over after a "surprise" resignation by Trudeau.  What I suspect happened is that an assessment was taken amongst the Liberal MP's and party bigwigs and there was found to be significant opposition to this strategy, ostensibly based on Freeland's lack of experience in domestic matters.  In fact, the MP's opposition to Freeland was probably founded on her unpleasant strident personality and her dirty Sorosian coattails dragging across the border.

So, the perps backed off and went ahead into the election with le Dauphin with the notion that there would be a minority government [they would have lost with Freeland]. With the usual two year shelf life of a minority government...that would give Freeland time to build up her domestic experience/public profile which she will take into the next [s]election in two years.

The push to make Freeland Canada's PM is supported by the exact same cabal as pushed for Hilary Clinton to be US President.  Freeland is the carbon copy of Hilary in Canada.  I understand that Hilary may be considering running for the Democrats in 2020...if they can destroy Trump in time.

Can you imagine what it would be like with those two in power in North America?  Beam me up, Scottie!


Karmellis said...

Hi Greencrow!

To paraphrase something I said in 2016, "30+ million Canadians and this is the best we can do?" A criminal cartel of warmongering psychopaths hell-bent on enriching themselves while our entire nation is at risk an annihilation due to their immature, poorly planned and poorly thought out policies? Ohhhh boy. If we thought it was bad before, it will be peanuts compared to what is coming up.

I think there are a few well-deserved thank-you's to go around to everyone involved for allowing this theatrical farce to be permitted and encouraged by moral cowardice, bribery and outright corruption by our usual sources (And I can tell you, they are not Pro-Canadian).

Thank you to Scheer for demonstrating such a level of incompetence and ignorance of our collective political situation and demonstrating how you allowed your political opponents to walk all over you to the point that you practically let your opponents 'win' the election.

Thank you to Jagmeet for worrying about all the wrong things, playing the racist card when it suited you and focusing on propping up this criminal cartel so that Canadians can continue to suffer, and yes I meant 'suffer' in a bad way.

Thank you to Lizzie May who was so obsessed with getting into the house she concentrated all her party's effort to make sure she got elected so she could enjoy that sweet, fat pension cheque and permitting us to pay for her existence for as long as we lived (Which is what it was all really about, anyway).

Thank you to Elections Canada for demonstrating your pro-Liberal bias back in the early summer, demonstrating that not only are you incapable of running a unbiased election, but that you could have easily contributed to the Liberals winning (Anyone noticed how fast the report came out about there being no foreign interference? Curious to see how that would have played out if someone else had won).

Thank you to our Ministry of Truth-- I mean, mass media, for doing everything you can and then some to make sure our criminal cartel remained in power, including: rigged debates, pro-left and anti-right 'everything' reports, the list goes on...

What a joke this all is... If it wasn't so real, it would make for great TV.

On that note, I would like to offer a more sincere and genuine thank you to Maxine Bernier. While I did not agree with all of his policies, he came across as someone that was far more sincere, had a much better understanding of the political situation in Canada and wanted to do something about it. I also appreciate the fact he has not given up the fight and will continue to keep going. All the best!

Anonymous said...

Ed(itor) suggests a trade: Freeland for Schiff.

greencrow said...

Hi Karmellis:

I am again going to post your comment as a post. You really should have a blog!


greencrow said...

Hi Ed(itor)

Done! I would take the devil herself if we could get rid of Freeland.


PS: she's worse than Trump.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Honestly, Crow, I shudder to think what will happen to Canada if this sickening and heinous Jewess bitch is made Canada's deputy Prime Minister... That would leave her one step away from actually running this country (into the ground..)...

And I agree with Karmellis in terms of that horrific Canadian federal election campaign that we just endured... And Karmellis does miss the point that the communist aka "Liberal" media was absolutely biased and worked so hard to throw Maxime Bernier under the bus and to destroy his campaign from the get go.... It was so sad to see the lying scumbag "liberal" news here in central Canada make it appear that the People's Party did not even exist.... That alone helped to ruin any real alternative party's chances..

Anonymous said...

Freeland is just Trump in high heels. Both answer to Israeli gangsters.

greencrow said...


There was next to no mention in the MainZtream media that Canada even NEEDED an alternative from the "traditional" parties. Canadians are yearning for a political voice not bought and paid for and not just a pantomime of democracy. But they pretend that we're quite content with the status quo.

Karmellis said...

Hello everyone! :)

Greencrow: So you are saying she is worse than someone who:
- Completely (or almost completely) passes all the requirements for total Narcissistic Personality Disorder
- Requires a 3rd party to certify themselves to be sane
- Takes all their marching orders from lobbys and 3rd partys on what to do so they are enriched at the continued expense of the general population
- Throws temper tantrums on social media since they know the regular media will not properly report on what was said/done
- Backstabs you while both looking you in the face and looking the other way
- Enjoys/obsesses over political theatre and being at the centre of attention. "It's all about me!", after all...
- Thinks he is the smartest guy in the room...

Yeah, you're right. She is worse than that. :P

NorthernTruthSeeker: Thank you for you comments. I was keeping my comments a little more generic and you reinforced what I was trying to say. You are totally right; he was completely thrown under the bus for simply existing, from the blatant media bias to the paid for demonstrations that resorted to harassing an elderly couple to make themselves feel all 'tough and butch'... Being someone who has been threatened and hated on for simply existing, I feel I can relate to that. How sad, right? :(

NTS: I totally agree with that, though I would take it one step further and say that our "Ministry of Truth" is there to establish 'what' our public opinion is supposed to be, rather than just simply pretend that we, as a population, are content with the status quo. I recently caught an excellent video of George Galloway ripping the BBC a new one and calling them out on their b.s. in their blatant attempts to manipulate public opinion on the issues with Lebanon.