Thursday, October 31, 2019

Happy Hallowe'en! - With Choice Selections from the Family Costume Album

Neighbourhood Hallowe'en Display

Good Morning Readers.  I've been taking a short break from my usual geopolitical ramblings to present some material that's a bit closer to home.  Yesterday I posted an album of photos and writings regarding our recent trip [I won't call it a vacation, as it was very strenuous] to Costa Rica.

Today I'm celebrating one of the biggest occasions in the West--Hallowe'en This is the day when we remember the dead....and consider our own mortality.  We feast on the sights and sounds of "the dark side" of life.  Skeletons and ghosts...screeching and howling.

Kids roam the streets [usually with an adult guide] after dark.  They go door to door "Trick or Treating".  Neighbours hand out candy at the door.  The universal sign of a celebrant willing to hand out having a lit pumpkin at the door or in the front window.

The above video shows the display put together by two adjoining neighbours.  I went there after dark last night with my small dog Maki and videotaped the elaborate display.  Below is a photo I took of our own front door with its 30-year-old decorations still being put out after all these years.

Hallowe'en Decorated Front Door

My husband will be handing out the candy.  I got fired from that job years ago for being too "subjective".  I was giving out extra candy for "great" costumes...and interviewing the wearers about their the extent that, in the view of my partner, it dragged the process out and we ran out of candy early.  Running out of candy early is the biggest No No of Hallowe'en.  Then you have to turn off all your lights and pretend you're not home.  Not good.  So I was fired, and now my husband plops one handful of candy in each child's bag with very little fanfare.

When my boys were small, I made all their costumes.  Below is a selection of some of them from our special Hallowe'en Costume Album.

Younger Son's first Hallowe'en
he's dressed as "Peter Pan"
Older brother is "Captain Hook"



Grim Reaper and Sylvester Stallone

Older Son as Genghis Khan

Yes, I sewed/put together all the boy's Hallowe'en costumes until they were about 11 to 14--when they gradually insisted on making their own.  My last costume for my older son was actually part of a school presentation he and I made together for his history assignment on Genghis Khan.  I made the costume and he made a dioramic scene of a desert with a Yurt and Genghis Khan's horse "Busphalus" as well as the written Essay.  He got an "A" on that assignment...which was one of the academic highlights of his grade school career.

Now that older son is making costumes for his own two girls--and "grandma" can hardly wait to see them in this year's choices--which will provide their future memories of Hallowe'en.


Penny said...

Love the costumes greencrow-

The first costume our daughter wore was a butterfly- I did do some hand sewing on it including the mask, but it was a simple cut out type thing and I did all the edging by hand- she was as cute as a button. She went to the Halloween party at the local farmers market and took second prize for her costume and extreme cuteness-
good memory :)
as are yours.

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Thanks for sharing the memories of your daughter on Hallowe'en. I always wondered whether you have kids. : ) Found out today what my granddaughters are wearing...the older one will be a "Vampire Princess" and the younger one...only four months going to be a "Unicorn". I can hardly wait to see the pics!