Thursday, September 12, 2019

Greencrow Analyses First Cdn. Fed Election Leadership Debate

First Debate was, IMO, Opposition
 Leader Andrew Scheer's Political Graveyard

I watched the first TV leadership debate tonight.  You know, the one that Trudeau decided not to participate in.  I thought it was going to be the "Munk debate" but it was the McLean/CityTV Debate.  Here's how the Conservative leaning National Post covered it.   Here is my very brief analysis and conclusions:

Green Party leader Elizabeth May would have won the debate if she had just toned down her strident voice and allowed the other Leaders space to give full answers.  She was clearly the best prepared can I say it...the most intelligent of the three.  She was able to describe complex issues [like the official theory on climate change] in words that the average person could understand.  The other two leaders either avoided in-depth answers to complex issues or simplified matters to the point where they were an insult to the intelligence.  A prime example was NDP leader Jagmeet Singh who kept repeating, no matter what the question:  "The NDP supports the worker while the Liberals and Conservatives only support the rich."

I was kind of leaning towards Andrew Scheer as winning the debate until he JUMPED into a huge cow paddy.  He was asked a question about NATO.  Scheer then BRAGGED about being banned from travelling to Russia.  He said it was because of Russia "annexing" Crimea.  Not altogether true.  But I would not brag about being banned from travelling to a world power country if I was campaigning to become a nation's leader.  France and the US are thinking of inviting Putin back into the G7.  What would Prime Minister Scheer dooooooooo if this happened and Russia hosted a future G8 meeting?  Well, I don't want to be around when that happens.

For some reason, Scheer then went off on a tangent about Israel.  I couldn't believe my ears.  He said that Israel was the peacemaker in the Middle East.  He said all the violence in Palestine was the fault of the Palestinians.  He said that those who think otherwise are "anti-Semitic".  OMG!  I wasn't going to vote for Scheer...but now I don't even LIKE the man.  Elizabeth May just stared at him with her mouth open while he spoke.  She had said earlier that she supported the Palestinians and that that Scheer wanted to move the Canadian Embassy to Jerusalem.  Not sure whether this is true.  Scheer denied it.

All the pundits said that Jagmeet Singh won the debate.  I don't know what they were thinking.  Sure, he may have exceeded their very low expectations of how he would perform...but he certainly did NOT win the debate.  So far as I heard him speak...he spewed generalities, platitudes and clichés.  Where he outdid Elizabeth May was his overall demeanour.  He was respectful and gave more space for the others to speak than did May.  This is where she did herself in.  Hopefully, over the next few debates she will back off a bit and redeem herself.  I still think she won the debate...Singh second and Scheer third.  Scheer spoke much better than Singh but his unquestioning support of Israel and his close-minded approach on a few other issues cost him the debate.

Canadian Federal Election Leaders Debate
with empty podium due to Trudeau non-show


Reading between the lines said...

Scheer is another Harper .Hells bells ,he even has Harper campaigning for him as I get requests for funds almost daily ,often narrated by Harper .

greencrow said...

Scheer's performance in the First Debate will, IMO, go down as one of the biggest political mistakes in Canadian history. We will see whether he can redeem himself in the upcoming debates. I highly doubt it because one of his revealed in the that he is dogmatic.