Thursday, September 12, 2019

Canadian Federal Election 2019 #1 - Off and Running

Canadian Federal Election 2019 "Some" of the Leaders
Why is Everyone so Blurry? - Photo from CTV News

The greencrow has returned from a whirlwind trip to the BC Interior to visit family.  Time to get back to blogging and, in particular, to begin following the Canadian Federal Election which has officially been called.  The voting will take place on October 21st, 2019.

I predict this election will be one of the sleeziest in Canadian memory,  Not that they're not ALL sleezy.  They are.  That's what politics is...canned concentrated sleeze.  But this one promises to be a very close vote. The two front running parties, governing Liberals and official Opposition Conservatives are "neck and neck' in the polls.  The mud slinging between the Libs and the Cons has already begun.  But the two smaller parties, the NDP and the Greens are also right in there, wallowing in the mud bath.  Due to the unprecedented unpopularity of BOTH major parties, the NDP and the Greens stand to gain a large number of seats, resulting from a protest vote.  One of these smaller parties could join with whatever major party surfaces from the form a minority government.

Tonight, there is the first of several leaders debates.  The Munk Debate is supposed to focus on foreign policy.  Canada?  Foreign policy?!  Let's get that embarrassing/meaningless side show out of the way first. Trudeau isn't even going to participate in the Munk Debate.  He doesn't want to be drawn into a debate on his government's deplorable non-foreign policy.  Prior to the last election in 2015, Trudeau promised a "re-set" of Conservative Harper's disgusting foreign policy...which slavishly followed the American foreign policy of Israel First, Russia baiting and world-wide warmongering.  Canadians were fooled into voting for Trudeau.  But not little moi.  I knew he wouldn't deviate an inch from the Obama/Democrat foreign policy.  And he didn't.

Most Canadians will not be influenced by Trudeau's non-participation in this debate. Most Canadians are unaware that a sovereign country usually has its own foreign policy.

During the upcoming election I'll be watching for a few interesting variables that may or may not emerge to disrupt the otherwise plodding march to a Liberal minority [with the Greens] government.  Here they are in no particular order.

1.  I will be very interested to see what People's Party Leader Maxime Bernier says and does.  He has the potential to be an applecart upsetter.  His party is so new and his candidates so potentially "fresh" they're free to say basically whatever they want and get away with it.  He has a few "truthers" amongst his already full slate of candidates.  Some are 9/11 truthers and some are climate change truthers.  Bernier himself has said some shockingly truthful things about the Carbon Tax scam.  ALL the other parties and the controlled MZM will be working overtime to ignore Bernier, shut him up and shut him out of the debates.  Why, he didn't even make the group photo at the top of this post, which I took from CTV News.  Instead, there's a photo of the virtually unknown (across Canada) of the leader of the Quebec-only party, Bloc Quebecois.  IMO, that party should not even be included in a National campaign!  The elimination of Bernier from the political debates is a shame...because if he were allowed to participate and drop some "truth bombs"...that alone could reveal some flaming hypocrisy amongst the other leaders.  Bernier is being shut out of the debates for the same reason that Tulsi Gabbard is being shut out of the debates in USrael.  She likes to talk real issues...which is exactly what the top contenders DON'T WANT TO DISCUSS.

2.  It's interesting to watch the New Democratic Party implode under the "reverse" leadership of Jagmeet Singh.  In elections past, the NDP party could be counted on to gain enough of a protest vote to form a sizeable minority in government.  The left-leaning NDP normally takes votes away from the Liberals...which is why, IMO...there was a plot hatched in Liberal Ontario several years ago to get Singh chosen as Leader of the NDP.  He was unknown outside of Ontario prior to his election.  Not only is Jagmeet Singh too exotic-looking to be a national leader in Canada [religious headgear such as turbans is banned by law in Quebec for persons in authority like teachers], but he's been a weak leader...not even visiting all the provinces thus far--although he's been NDP leader for over a year.  Just what the Liberal Party political machinators ordered!  The NDP is poised to implode [barring some unexpected occurrence] with most of its votes going to the Liberal Party.

3.  The Conservative Leader Andrew [Banned from going to Russia] Scheer is also, unfortunately, a weak leader.  Not only does he have a terrible platform to work with [pro-oil, pro-business, anti-social programs and anti-Russian] but apparently he's dragging a lot of old personal baggage...which the Liberal political machinators have gleefully dug up and flung at the press like dog food.  The facts that Scheer was once anti-Gay-marriage and anti-abortion have been resurrected from the CBC video archives and flung across the TV screens.  I have a sneaking feeling that this ploy may actually inadvertently help Scheer.  People are fed up with "Identity Politics" - the politicization of sex [Gay Pride] and abortion...and the oppression of those holding conservative views.  I am pro-choice but I respect those [some even in my own family] who oppose abortion.  There is room for both views, so long as a woman's right to choose is not affected.  Overall, Scheer has been his own worst enemy by not being flexible with his platform--in an effort to draw in a larger number of Canadians across the political spectrum.  He has also boxed himself into a corner vis a vis forming a minority government with the Greens or the NDP.  Neither of these parties could work with the Conservative platform as it now stands.  Sad, because I like Scheer much more than the arrogant POS Trudeau.  I would love to be able to vote for him...but alas and alack I cannot.

4. Which leads me to the Greens, under the long-time leadership of Elizabeth May.  This is the party that will likely get my vote.  I have never voted for Green before.  I never had to.  I never felt so threatened by the major parties or by the NDP that I had to vote Green.  Elizabeth May has been a strong leader...particularly speaking out against the TMX pipeline that threatens to destroy the lower mainland Vancouver waterways...and against Trudeau during the SNC Lavalin Corruption Scandal.  She has proved herself to be a national leader in every way.  I would like to see her elected as the first elected female Prime Minister of Canada, but that's not going to happen.  She does, however, have the potential to be "Kingmaker" in a minority government....which is HUGE.

5.  The last thing I will be watching for in the upcoming election is the potential for the SNC Lavalin Corruption Scandal to suddenly rise up and take down the thoroughly corruptible and corrupted le Dauphin Prime Minister.  The guy wouldn't know an ethic if it slapped him in the face!  How did this happen?!  I well remember his deceased father Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.  The two are polar opposites!  One had ethics, the other doesn't.  One had brains, the other doesn't.  I saw in the Globe and Mail Newspaper yesterday that the RCMP have interviewed the sacked former Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould again.  Could this mean there's yet more meat on the chewed-to-death bones of the SNC Lavalin attempted-obstruction-of-justice scandal?  Apparently we'll have to wait until we're well into the campaign to find out...if then.  Wouldn't it be a shocker if le Dauphin was charged with attempted obstruction of justice DURING the campaign?  What would happen then?  Who would take his place as leader of the Liberal Party?  The neo-Nazi, SorosCIAn, subversive mole in the Canadian Federal government--the thoroughly obnoxious Chrystia Freeland?????

Stay tuned....

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