Monday, September 16, 2019

Can. Fed. Election: Maxime Bernier Will Participate in Two Official Candidates' Debates + Ottawa Spy

Peoples Party Leader Maxime Bernier
outside candidate's office

BREAKING NEWS:  Fellow Blogger Northerntruthseeker and I have both been agitating for People's Party of Canada [PPC] Leader Maxime Bernier to be able to participate in the upcoming Leader's debates.  Finally, this is coming to pass.  As reported in the CBC, the Commissioner for Debates has invited Bernier to participate in debates to be held October 7th (English) and October 10th (French).  He did not participate in the first debate which was a shame...because all of the leaders in that debate [Scheer, May and Singh] said some things which showed that their platforms were extremely deficient.  It would have been nice to see what the People's Party of Canada offers the voters.

We already know what Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have to offer...four more years of peacock-strutting humiliation on the international stage; criminal corruption on the domestic stage. and relentless harmonization/selling off of Canadian sovereignty to the North American Union.

Does Bernier provide an alternative to ANY of us from the pathetic array of leaders we've seen thus far?  Well at least WE will have a chance to judge.

Senior Canadian "Intelligence" [RCMP] Officer Arrested/Charged with Spying for "Mystery" Country

Now, I wanted to say a few words about this Senior civilian RCMP intelligence officer who was arrested last week in Ottawa.  This is a real head scratcher.  The MZM is wringing its collective hands over WHO Cameron Ortis could have been sharing Canadian intelligence with.  There have been hints that it was either with China or Russia.  IMO, it was neither.  If it was either of those two would have been blasted all over the newz wavez by now.  HERE's the latest update on the backstory behind the arrest of Cameron Ortis.  Apparently he was gonnected with the CEO of a cell phone encryption company whose name is Vincent Ramos.  These two names, Ortis(z) and Ramos, are both Sephardic Jewish names.  Looking forward to following the money on this one.

My considered opinion is that it was Israel.  They're the only entity that has carte blanche to siphon off all matter and manner of intelligence from their goyim vassals.  Looky here.  They were recently found to have been "listening in" to conversations in the White House itself.  No brainer, that one.

But the perps are going to use the "mystery" of who the recipient country cast shade on their current "enemies du jour"...Russia and China.

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