Friday, August 16, 2019

The Second Assassination of Martin Luther King

Video text written by Matthew Ehret

Today I'd like to present for your viewing edification the above video that objects to the second assassination [reputational assassination] of 60's civil rights leader, the Reverend Martin Luther King.  This 'must watch' video not only makes the case that the self-styled "official biographer", David Garrow, is yet another "usual suspects" liar... and [I submit] probably a MosCIAd deep state asset...tasked with the perennial destruction of one of the three greatest leaders of the US who were assassinated by the Ziofascist Deep State during the 1960's.  President John F. Kennedy and his brother Former Attorney General, Senator Robert F. Kennedy are the other two of the trio of leaders who must be killed over, and over and over again by the Ziofascist globalist cabal that took over and occupied the United States in the 1960s and then, like a metastic cancer, spread to the entire West--now called "Five Eyes" occupied nations--after the 9/11 MosCIAd coup/atrocity.

Why must these three former leaders be assassinated over and over again?  Well, dear readers, watch the entire video above and you will get a major clue.  Listen to the actual words of Martin Luther King as he speaks to his fellow Americans.  The guy was a friggin' genius with words and conveying difficult philosophical and sociopolitical concepts to the masses.  He spoke of wanting to take the US to a higher level...of social equality and justice.  Just listen to him...and you'll know why he had to be killed physically and now his beliefs have to be killed over and over again by the slings and arrows of professional liars like the disinformation asset Garrow.

It's the same with JFK and RFK...they both pointed to an alternative to the military industrial complex road the Ziofacists wanted to drag America down.  Pull up a YouTube video that has either one of the murdered brothers speaking and you will hear speeches like you NEVER hear today...literate, judicious, philosophical, truthful.  The men have respect for their audience--and never sink to the level of name-calling or quasi-racism. They never "Tweeted" childish and provocative concepts in the middle of the night. Compare the words of MLK, JFK and RFK to any of the leaders of today, and especially to Trump, and you'll see why "they" have to keep killing them.

Yes, David Garrow has been tasked with re-murdering MLK--and attempting to bury MLJ's eloquent and inspirational words under a sodden and smelly wet blanket sprayed with Garrow's own piss-like lies.  Under no circumstances should succeeding generations of Americans have access to the WORDS/IDEALS of any of the three martyred men.  Satan says so. 

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