Saturday, August 3, 2019

UPDATED: Someone better have a closer look at these violent video games - another "gamer" involved in mass shooting

UPDATEDAugust 4, 2019 Aangirfan has an update on this shooting which s/he calls a False Flag.  There's also been a second shooting in the US this morning.  Keeping the "Terror Perps" busy and employed during a warmongering "dry spell".  We urgently need to know all about the "violent video game business".  Who owns it [the "usual suspects"?] is it subsidized by the military?  But most importantly...what messages and mind control is it perpetrating on our children?!

Yet Another blurry photo of another
 "lone nut" mass-murderer

Already the latest mass shooting in El Paso, Texas has many of the tells of all the other ones who have gone before.  A kid with a military-style gun.  Mowing people down for no reason. Published an online manifesto beforehand.  Arrested without a struggle.  At first there's reports of multiple shooters but now it's firmly focussed on "one lone nut"(TM). While there are plenty of descriptions of "bodies everywhere" there is no actual photographic proof that anyone actually died.  Here's a snippet from RT.

As many as 18 people are feared dead after a man armed with an AK-style rifle stormed a Walmart in El Paso, Texas. One man is in custody but police are searching for more suspects. An alleged manifesto of the shooter has emerged. 
The suspect has been reportedly identified as 21-year-old Patrick Crusius, though police have not officially released his name yet...

Alleged manifesto: Anti-Hispanic, mentions Christchurch shooting

"...Meanwhile, a relative of a shooting witness told KTSM-TV that the shooter was raving about “gamer revolution” – a reference to an obscure online meme – during the rampage.


Greencrow says:  "gamer revolution"?  Perhaps the killer was shouting the name of a popular website:

Perhaps these kids are being recruited/brainwashed in some way by these video game websites.  Perhaps the designers and manufacturers of these violent games anonymously propel the child towards wanting to bring his impotent juvenile obsession with blood and gore, control and power, to life.

NOTE:  Quick...Was there a "drill" going on???

Answer:  Boiler Plate report from CNN doesn't indicate yes or no.

Or, perhaps he's just another perp proxy, recruited via the Internet and promised that this is just a "drill", that he can assume a new identity afterwards and fade into the so many of his predecessors have done.  The photos of the shooters in some of the mass murders that took place in Toronto, Ontario over the past couple of years were so blurry and contradictory that the shooters could well be back out on the streets now and nobody would be any the wiser.

Speaking of the Christchurch mass murder.  Remember how they actually CONCEALED the murderer from the cameras after his arrest?  The guy is probably sunbathing on the Rivera as I type,

But if there's only one thing new about this latest mass shooting...this may be it....the shooter outed himself as a "gamer".  Someone who spent his formative years in his mama's basement filling his brain with shit, blood and gore.  This "tip" should be followed up IMO.

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