Saturday, August 17, 2019

Ethics Report Reveals Massive Attempt to Deceive/Circumvent Cdn Atty General by Prime Minister Trudeau

Opposition Leader Scheer and 
Prime Minister Trudeau cross paths
at Acadia celebration yesterday

It actually kept me up last night.  I tossed and turned for hours thinking about the shocking revelations of the Ethics Commissioners' Report that was released last Wednesday in Ottawa.  Canadians knew it was bad...but we didn't know how bad.

Now, according to this analysis by National Post columnist Andrew Coyne we see that there was a calculated and sustained criminal attempt by the Prime Minister and members of his office to deceive and circumvent the Attorney General, Jody Wilson-Raybould.  Please read this snippet from his editorial and I will have more comments to follow:


"...What we have learned is that senior government officials were not just pressuring the former attorney general to interfere in a criminal proceeding, by the unprecedented means of overturning a decision of the independent director of public prosecutions: they were deceiving her.

They did so not only by keeping important information from her, but by providing her with misleading information. They acted, not only in concert with each other, but with officials at SNC-Lavalin, and they carried on this conspiracy to, in the commissioner’s words, “circumvent, undermine and ultimately attempt to discredit” the authority of the attorney general even as the company’s appeal of the DPP’s ruling was before Federal Court — a proceeding to which the attorney general, via the DPP, was a party.

It was known before how ferociously the company had lobbied various ministers and public officials, even after it had been charged, to insert a provision in the Criminal Code allowing it to escape prosecution: the famous remediation agreements. It was not known until now that it had been at the company’s suggestion that this was inserted in the 2018 budget implementation bill, the better to ensure that it could not be voted upon separately or even examined by the competent parliamentary committee.
Likewise, it was known that, after the DPP had ruled the company was ineligible, under the terms of the same legislation, for such an agreement, the company had swarmed the government to have her decision overturned. It was not known how fully, indeed eagerly, representatives of the prime minister, the finance minister, and the clerk of the privy council had participated in this campaign — in support, that is, of a private company, charged with serious crimes under the law, against the offices of government responsible for applying the law.

The ethics commissioner’s report describes their many, many meetings, and what was discussed: how the company shared the PowerPoint presentation in support of its case for remediation with Finance officials, who offered suggestions for how it might be improved; how supportive legal opinions the company had commissioned from two former Supreme Court justices, Frank Iacobucci (the company’s lawyer) and Jack Major, were circulated amongst senior government officials; how the company chairman, Kevin Lynch, formerly the clerk of the privy council, solicited the then-Clerk, Michael Wernick, for advice...."

"....This is not some junior clerk they were attempting to hoodwink. This was the chief law officer of Canada. The lawful way to proceed was clear: to respect the independence of the DPP, whose ruling was well within the law but was in any case within her discretion. Had the attorney general instead been bamboozled into overriding [the Director of Prosecutions], the effect would have been to substitute a decision grounded in law with a decision grounded in nothing but the self-interest of SNC-Lavalin and the political interests of the Liberal party...."

Greencrow says:  Yes, dear readers, contemplating the audacious and mendacious nature of the activities emanating out of the Office of the Canadian Prime Minister and directed at the Attorney General of Canada kept me awake last night.  To think that the Prime Minister allied himself with known, serial criminals in a sustained effort [so far in vain] to do an end run around the Attorney General...and around settled law and legal traditions going back shocking almost beyond belief.  Trudeau STILL thinks that his subversive alliance with the criminal corporation SNC Lavalin is the way to go.  If re-elected, he will no doubt consider that vindication...and award SNC Lavalin the "get out of jail free" DPA card that it literally pressured the Government of Canada to pass on its behalf. 

The question that kept me tossing and turning last night is this:  Is the RCMP up to the task of routing out these criminals from our body politic and legal institutions?  Knowing that the RCMP has shown itself to be corrupt in terms of the Nuttall/Korody "Travesty of Justice" here in BC...I have serious doubts on that score.  I am sure that Trudeau Crime Corp is pulling out all the stops as we an effort to derail the RCMP's inquiries in response to the Ethics Commissioner's resport.

Folks, suffice it to say that the Ethics Report has taken me from a place where I thought that le Dauphin was merely congenitally stupid and unfit to be Prime Minister...that he should be forced out of office and condemned to live off his government pension and inheritance..."clipping coupons" for the rest of his a very dark place where I now believe he should be tried on charges of conspiracy to commit corruption and obstruct justice and, if convicted, he should spend an amount of time in jail sufficient to allow reflection on how important the rule of law and the independence of the Attorney General really is in a "democracy".  Maybe that's the only way of getting it through his thick, arrogant skull!

Opposition Andrew Scheer calls for RCMP
Investigation of SNC Lavalin/PMO Scandal


Penny said...

The RCMP will do there best to ensure nothing comes of this..

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

That's my chief concern. After all the endemic corruption in the RCMP the big surprised was their statement released last Wednesday that they were looking "carefully" at the matter. Nobody expected them to even do THAT.

greencrow said...

Hi all:

Here's a comment from an op-ed about Trudeau's serial "apologies" that appeared in today's National Post. I heartily agree with this comment:

|Greg Baynes
1 hour ago
So he’s not sorry to have broken an ethics law. He’s using a reason specifically given as not permissible as well as specifically described as inaccurate. So his justification for breaking this ethics law is in itself unethical."

greencrow said...

"... his justification for breaking this ethics law is in itself unethical."


Now the whole world knows what a pickle Canada is in with this nincompoop.

greencrow said...

Urban Dictionary: nincompoop

A braindead self important little turd given an impressive sounding job title to keep him blissfully ignorant of the world shattering nefarious machinations of his keepers.-derived from army slangnon-com short for non commissioned officer