Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Yet another biologist murdered. Bio-Warfare False Flag on the horizon?

Suzanne Eaton, Molecular Biologist
murdered while attending work-related
conference in Crete

This has been going on for about twenty years now.  All over the world, biologists have been systematically murdered...seemingly randomly.  There are over a dozen that I've heard about. But during the past few years, the coinkydynks are becoming a bit too obvious to ignore.  Here are the details from the BBC surrounding the murder of the latest victim, Suzanne Eaton, a 59-year-old American woman, who was working for the "world-renowned Max Planck Institute in Germany".

…..her expertise in microbiology and developmental biology to investigate how the cytoskeleton helps cells attain their polarity in tissues, using the fruit fly as a model system.[4] In 2000, Eaton became a group leader in the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics in Dresden, Germany, where her group investigated how signalling molecules and mechanical properties of cells act together to shape tissues in the fruit fly.[2][5] In 2015, she became professor of developmental cell biology of invertebrates at the TU Dresden.[4]…"

NOTE:  Here is an update on the murder claiming Eaton was suffocated, stabbed and had one ear cut off.

Using Occam's Razor or common sense logic as I call it, the murderers are most likely the same cabal [aka "usual suspects"] who do all the False Flags. This makes the most sense because the targeted murders seem to be some kind of evil preparation for a world-wide plague...pre-emptively eliminating those with the expertise to know what's going on during a plague...and how to stop it.

The professional way the murders are carried out is another clue.  They run assassination squads to execute murders all the time, all over the world. Or, it could be a form of blackmail/extortion...against biochemical kowtow....or go under due to lack of staff. Sometimes *their* evil stinks up this entire planet.

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Anonymous said...

greencrow said...

Oh. Anonymous suggests that the murder of the American who is working for a German company in Germany is somehow punishment for Germany doing the joint exercises with the Chinese army medics.

Quite a stretch, but we've [sentient humanity] learned never to put any motivation, no matter how remote, past the perps. After all, why did they kill 3000 New Yorkers on 9/11? So that perpetual war could thereafter be waged in the Middle East. Insane, but true.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Garudha sends bows to all;
When Trudeau kidnapped Sabrina Meng, we considered that as the least intelligent act of a Canadian politician.
See today's news, Scheer claiming McCallum, the former Ambassador,
"was inviting Chinese interference in Canada's elections", because he suggested more retribution for the kidnapping would help elect the Conservatives.
Lack of intellect on the part of Canadian politicians, must be by order of The Office of The Privy Counsel, this can not be natural.

Mary's Monkey said...

The news never mentioned anything about her ear being removed. Why the big secret?
I figured it to be some low-life scum as her sneakers were stolen.

greencrow said...

Hi Mary's Monkey

The reports never said her sneakers were "stolen" they just said that she must have been wearing them because they were missing from her room.

greencrow said...

Hi Garuda:

Yes I saw that headline and meant to capture the link for a future post. The Liberals...who are under the control of the US State Department...are going to do the same thing as the Democrats did after they lost the US elect to Trump. They're going to claim outside interference. Then they're going to hobble the next government administration with law suits to further destroy the Canadian (((justice))) system.

It's all about "harmonization" prior to the NAU.