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Why Won't Russia Call the US on the Lunar Hoax?

Photo from Article on the "Lunar Landing" in Today's RT

The month long 50th Anniversary Media FrenZy over the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on humanity [that the sentient amongst us are aware of anyway]--the Apollo Moon Landings of the 1960's and 1970's is reaching a crescendo this weekend.  Every major media outlet is following the orderz of its Masterz and publishing lie upon lie upon lie.  By goose-stepping in unison, without a single dissenting opinion, I believe the Ziofascist occupying perps hope that they will "innoculate" yet another generation against the truth. The truth that man is a prisoner on Planet earth.  The bars that keep humanity earthbound in perpetuity are the Van Allen Radiation Belts. If man ever does traverse them and go to outer space, it will be only by way of "artificial intelligence".

One can understand why the Western controlled media allows the fetid lies to ooze from their lips and pores...but why the Russian media?  Here's a "report" from today's RT which parrots the lunar hoax lies and asks who "owns" the moon's resources and those of the other "celestial bodies".  Apparently, hidden the bowels of the European bureaucracy, are "laws" governing the "ownership" of the moon's resources and "protecting" the planets, moons and suns from the wanton claims of the avaricious earthly "major space nations".

I've been reading RT long enough to know when its tongue is firmly in its cheek.  RT can only go so far in telling the truth to its Western reader/viewership.  But if you read this article "between the lines" you'll see that there's a "whole lot of nothing goin' on".  The article doesn't really say anything concrete.  Please read the last paragraph and I will have more comments to follow:

“For now, there is no special legal regime regulating economic activities in space,” Aslan Abashidze, the head of the International Law Department at the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN) and a member of the UN committee on economic, social and cultural rights, told RT. The further development of technology in space resource extraction would most likely require a new international treaty regulating this field, he believes.

The development of a new treaty might be impeded by tensions and disagreements between major space nations, Abashidze said, adding that “the states would hardly reach a consensus on that matter.”

However, if the legal issues are not settled by the time nations and corporations do develop space exploitation technology, there will be the temptation to start claiming not only the resources but the celestial bodies themselves, leading to a situation in which some parts of outer space will not be “free for all” humankind anymore."


Greencrow says:  Lol....and a whole lot of blah, blah blah.   Most of the report is taken up with what the "major space nations" would do...once they've developed the technology.  "The technology" is code for "traversing the Van Allen radiation belts" a technological hurdle that is forbidden to be named in such "science fiction-style" narratives.

No.  You'll never hear or see in print the answer to: "Why doesn't Russia call the US on the gigantic hoax, which is now fouling up the airwaves with its 50-year-old stench?"  But, the greencrow will venture a semi-educated guess--based on history and logic.  The reason amounts to a "double blackmail" situation.   In the original instance, back in 1969, the US paid huge sums in money and food [mainly grain] shipped to the old Soviet Union.  The Russian population was starving from crop failures in the 1950's and 1960's.  I remember how Canadian wheat was shipped to Russia in huge quantities in those years.

Then, when the Russian Federation [thanks to Putin] finally got back on its feet in the 2000's, got its superior space technology up to speed again...Americans bought Russian rockets.  Now, there are not a lot of buyers for Russian least those with the capacity to pay in American dollar$ anyway.  So a deal was struck...Russian silence--in return for Russian Rockets going to the US...the sale of which funded the Russian technological explosion--which resulted in Russian space and military superiority in all spheres.  To this day Russian rockets are decades in advance of American rockets.

But the blackmail goes both ways.  Were the United States to finally get its rockets program up to speed and wean itself off Russian rockets...then Russia would have no further incentive to perpetuate the Apollo hoax lies...and could "leak" the truth...perhaps in snide remarks buried in RT reports, like the one linked above.  So, in point of fact, the United States MUST continue to buy Russian keep the Russians quiet.  But astute readers will see where this double blackmail is going...once the US economy has tanked completely and Russia has amassed so much gold it no longer needs the petrol dollar.  Once Russia has pivoted completely towards China and the belt and road economy...once all the militarily vulnerable nations have screwed up their courage and, like India and Turkey...begin to stock up on superior Russian defensive equipment like the S-400....

Then the double blackmail situation currently in place will degrade and break down.  Perhaps when my grandchildren are adults [if the planet is still viable for life] then they will be allowed to make the logical, common sense deductions to the questions framed on the top right of this web page.  In the meantime, sentient humans are condemned to furiously surf/scroll through all the Talmudvision/AND Russian Internet channels...searching in vain for one that is not lying to our faces.

Here's the very good video on the Apollo Hoax that Northerntruthseeker and What They Don't Tell You have already posted.

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Laika von old Monkshusen said...

I definitely liked your posts about the "moon landings," Greencrow. It is not often you read such common sense.

By the way, if you want to know (the truth) about the Soviet Union/Russia you should ask East German intellectuals (for instance: ). East Germany (until 1989 that is) was far less affected by the subversion, treason (including big lies), and sabotage (those crop failures in the 50s and 60s were for instance because of this subversion and sabotage) than the post-Stalin Soviet Union itself, where the main CIA/NWO takeover took place.

What many Westerners do not know is that since the 1953 coup d'états the Soviet Union at the very top was run by with the West collaborating NWO agents who did all they could to bring down the Marxist-Leninist Soviet Union by way of subversion, mismanagement, sabotage, teaching of big lies, and so forth.
These NWO agents still have a lot of influence in only partly sovereign Russia (apart from the oligarchs, esp. in its media and 'educational' system) which is also a reason that the truth about many (Trotskyite) big CIA/NWO lies (not only taught in the West but also in the post-Stalin USSR) are a taboo in Russia as well.

The "moon landings" lie-propaganda was made in furtherance of their desired unipolar NWO at the time, and the "liberal Trotskyite" crypto-fascists in the Kremlin and the Zio-fascists of the West were very much collaborating.

greencrow said...

Hi Laika von old Monkshusen:

Your comment is a valuable addition to my post(s) on this topic. I tried to look up the Russian crop failures of the 50's and 60's but couldn't find anything at the time so had to rely on my memory as a young person hearing of how Canada was "helping out the poor, starving Russians by sending them our wheat".

The capacity of the Zios to drill their Big Lies into our human brains is as powerful as a Russian rocket blasting off into outer space. It's their equivalent of that technical know-how.