Thursday, July 11, 2019

US Submarine in Canadian Waters reminds me of a couple of things....

US Submarine in Canadian Waters 

According to a CTV report, some tourists on a whale watching boat got an unusual experience recently.  They caught on camera a US submarine travelling through Canadian waters just off Victoria BC on Vancouver Island.  The American officials, when asked, only responded that they had nothing to say due to the "return to the Great Power Competition with Russia and China." NOTE:  The CTV report has since been edited to remove the reference to the "return to the Great Power Competition with Russia and China".

So. In other words, Canadian borders don't mean shit anymore.  Disgusted yet?  Well, I can say that the greencrow immediately harkened back to two mysterious incidents in relatively recent BC history.  The first was the sinking of the "Queen of the North" ferry more than a decade ago [March 22, 2006],that destroyed the vessel [it was never replaced] and killed one passenger.  The "official cause" of the sinking was that the two commanders of the ferry [male and female] were making "kissy face" on the commanders bridge after dark...when the ship ran into some rocks.  Only problem with this romantic tale...was that weird, unexplained photo of a round torpedo hole in the submerged hull.

The second event was the capsizing of a whale watching boat Leviathan II off Tofino, Vancouver Island on Oct. 25, 2015.  During the hearing into the matter, the crew of the boat could only recall a huge noise from the stern seconds prior to the capsize. A description of this "huge noise" was never asked or provided to the hearing.  Was it a tidal roar?  Was it the sound of an engine?  We were never told.  The incident, that killed six, was blamed on a "rogue wave".  This was a "rogue wave" that came out of absolutely nowhere in calm, sheltered waters. Well, I never bought either of the "official" stories above and always wondered whether the true cause in both instances was an American sub.

American subs have been the cause of collisions with other vessels all over the world...yet the possibility of this was never brought up in either investigation.

A couple of things.  First, as a Canadian, I vociferously object to an American sub plying our waters without express permission.  Any Canadian government and military that permits this should quit right away!  YOU ARE NOT DOING YOUR JOB!!!!

Secondly, What about this policy: The USA's return to the Great Power Competition with Russia and China."?  This is total bullshit.  The world is tired of your insane, megalomaniacal war-mongering. Canada needs to sit down with the US and draw up some perimeters for this insanity.  As I have said before on this blog: Canada is going to become the main battlefield for a nuclear WWIII. I can see it coming down the pike...particularly with the infestation in our Federal Liberal government...of US State Dept. flunkies and moles like Chrystia Freeland.

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