Thursday, July 11, 2019

Say Her Name: Sandra Bland

"Sandy Speaks" -  The Documentary

I chanced upon this documentary while surfing channels the other night.  I watched the whole thing and recommend that my readers do as well.  Sandra shows by her life and words that this is EXACTLY what it's like being black in America.

Some of the alternative bloggers, IMO, have gone too far lately in defending the "under attack" whites in present day society.  Unless you watch what happened to Sandy you'll never understand what its really like to be black in Amerika.

IMHO, Sandra was murdered to silence her.  But not by her Texas jailers.  There's a national/international Deep State/government-run hit squad in USrael that does those kind of things.  They cast a broad net throughout Western nations for "uppity-ness" and those who get caught in this net are offed.  Pure and simple.  Black leaders or potential leaders are their top priority and that's why Sandy died.

I've visited mono racial nations like China and Russia.  I found their societies lacked the cultural enrichment that Western societies gain through their multi-racial populations.  So shoot me.

But, first, watch "Say Her Name: Sandra Bland".

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