Thursday, July 4, 2019

Reproductive Thoughts and Nightmares...continued

Sperm and Zygote

Every so often the bile in my throat rises to the point where I have to say something about the travesty of nature that's going on in the so-called "artificial reproduction industry".  One quote from the sperm donor below is that "The industry is broken."  Well, IMO, it is not an "industry" it is a subversion of the human species by a group of entities who are out to destroy humanity for perversion, deviency, power, greed and profit.  Please read the following snippets from the report in the National Post and I will have more comments to follow:

'It keeps me awake at night' sperm donor believes he's the father of at least 50 kids

'I would never have agreed to it if they had told me it was going to be 50 to 100 ... I am in therapy'

He is probably Canada’s most prolific sperm donor, but nobody can tell him how many children he has fathered. That keeps him up at night.

The businessman, who is not being identified to protect his privacy and that of his biological children, says he was misled by the Toronto sperm bank he visited regularly over a period of five years more than 20 years ago.

“I was told a donor would never have more than 10 or 15 children.”Among his offspring are children whose parents were patients of Ottawa’s Dr. Norman Barwin. They were inseminated with the donor‘s sperm without their knowledge. 
The fact is, there are no regulations in Canada around how many times a single donor’s sperm can be used, something donor-conceived adults and families say is crucial. Many sperm banks in Canada and the U.S. have voluntary limits of around 10-15, but there are no standards for monitoring births resulting from donor semen, so it is likely they don’t know.

….Although it began as a way to help, he acknowledges the money — $75 a visit, meant to cover expenses — became his ultimate motivation.

“That was, in hindsight, my biggest motivation.” He says he likely earned $25,000 as a donor — enough to install new hardwood floors in his suburban home.

Now, he says, he is undergoing therapy to deal with the fallout from that decision to be a donor and the way the fertility industry in Canada is run.

He notes that the breeder where he recently bought a Labrador retriever puppy is required to keep better records than sperm banks using human semen.

“The big issue is that this industry is broken."


Greencrow says: As I have said in previous posts on this topic...I've been following this issue for decades now and have never seen an instance where something like the above...rampant malpractice and greed by a doctor...have NOT involved a Doctor who was Jewish.  Just sayin' and it must be said if we're going to "name" the problem.  It's always Jewish doctors who egotistically inseminate goyim [and Jewish] women with their sperm.  How insanely perverted/deviant is that???

It's because they're insane and hallucinate that they're God.  They think they're doing the poor shiksa a favour. They don't believe that the rules and ethics of medical practice apply to them.  Not only do they inseminate unknowing women with their sperm...but they substitute one man's sperm for another...after all, we're all just cattle...and that's how cows get pregnant, isn't it?

The poor schlep in the story above says he's now "in therapy".  Cry me a river.  What about his slew of biological children who just found out they were conceived so he could buy hardwood?  IMO, it's all about responsibility.  A real man is [or should be] responsible for his sperm.  He should ensure that his most precious natural gift to posterity, his DNA, is used responsibly.  It shows a fundamental lack of self respect, borderline perversion and dangerous biomedical recklessness...for a man to give an anonymous sperm donation.  The practice should be outlawed.

But I've been following this issue for decades and there's no fixing the broken "industry". If anything, it's getting worse.  And all because of who's running it and why.

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