Friday, July 12, 2019

Apollo 50th Anniversary??? Russia Rules Space Exploration...and Always Has

Russian 'State of the Art' Rocket Engine Soyuz 5
Hmmmmm.  How does this compare with the
1969 Apollo Lunar Lander....hmmmmmm lemeeseeeeeee
look at photo below for comparison...

This landed and took off from the Moon in 1969
Is that orange, metallic stuff on the legs copper?
I thought copper melted in low heat?
I simply cannot believe anyone takes this seriously

I've been writing about the US Apollo Lunar Hoax for as long as I've been keeping this blog.  It's hard to believe anyone still thinks that man went to the moon and returned in the rinky dink contraption above...but they doooooooooo.  I know, because I'm closely related to some of them [sigh].

Now that we're approaching the 50th anniversary of the perpetration of this massive, and massively expensive [taxpayer funded] global hoax we note with astonishment that Russia not only put the first satellite into space; the first man into space and set up the first and only space station...but it still supplies the US with most of the rockets that the US uses to send its satellites into space. Please read the following report from RT and I will have more comments to follow:


Strings attached: Why US can’t stop using ‘toxic’ Russian RD-180 rocket engines

Risks & benefits

Back in the late 1980s, while US scientists considered the oxygen-rich staged combustion engine too complicated and unreliable, the Soviets ended up creating an operational model of it.
Unlike the gas-generator engines used in the US Space Shuttle program and the Apollo Moon landings, the Soviet ones did not let the exhaust from the rocket fuel go to waste. Instead, the exhaust from the so-called pre-burners (used to send fuel and oxygen into the main combustion chamber under high pressure to burn them there and generate thrust) was re-injected into the main combustion chamber, giving the engine more power....

….Development of such a sophisticated mechanism requires a great deal of experience as well as “intuition,” military expert Mikhail Khodarenok explains. “One cannot just copy an engine – either a rocket one or an aircraft one – even if one has it in possession. To create something similar [to RD-180], one would need at least 10 years and a billion dollars.”
“That intention was never carried out and that leads us to where we are today,” Nelson admitted back in 2016....

….However, none of the US firms have conducted any real test launches using their RD-180 rivals, as development is apparently not finished. Photos provided by SpaceX and Blue Origin show their engines mounted to testing blocks.
So far, the contracts that Russia signed with the US side involve RD-180 sales up to 2020. Whether Musk and Co will successfully meet the 2022 deadline set by the Congress is still an open question."


Greencrow says:  So, the US is still dependent on Russia for the basic rockets to even attain orbit around earth.... but, but, was the US that sent humans extra-orbitally, through the Van Allen Radiation Belts [with no radiation shields on the spacecraft nor protecting the humans via their space suits].  It was the contraption in the photo above, that looks like it was assembled with duct tape [which it probably was] that entered the lunar atmosphere, almost zero gravity and, incredibly, didn't raise a speck of lunar dust when it soft-landed on the moon.  Astronaut Neil Armstrong then placed his space boot in about two inches of soft "lunar" dust [that had not been raised into the gravity free atmosphere during the landing] to make his famous imprint.

Well, Lordy me and Hallelujah!
No Lunar Dust Particles were Raised
in the Making of this Photo

I could go on, and on, and on...with the ludicrous anomalies...and maybe I will in future posts...but, suffice it to say that I'm not so much convinced by the US's 50 year old "fish[y] story" as I am by P.T. Barnam's astute assessment of humanity that explains the success of this massive hoax:

"There's a sucker born every minute".

The guy really knew what he was taking about.

AFTERTHOUGHT:  Do you think all this media fluff surrounding the arrest of pedo Epstein is a pre-emptive measure to distract from the embarrassment to the US....of having to show all those ridiculous photos of the 1969 Lunar Hoax on TV????!!! Just sayin'.


Northerntruthseeker said...

Of course we went to the moon(set) located in northern Arizona!!!!

I have been watching all of the reports over the last while myself about this impending "anniversary" of the fraud of Project Apollo, and I have come under some increasing attacks over the last while on my stance of it being a massive hoax as well...

And you are so right about the superiority of Russian made equipment... And the facts are still the same that the Russians never put men on the moon themselves because of the simple fact that they could not solve the interstellar radiation problem, and did not have the elaborate studios and props available to them in the 60's to fake it as well as the Americans did...

greencrow said...

"...did not have the elaborate studios and props available to them in the 60's to fake it as well as the Americans did..."

Nor were they desperate to distract their citizens from three [government perpetrated] horrific assassinations: JFK, RFK and a beastly war being fought in a South East Asian jungle that was deliberately fought to kill their young black population.